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XY/ORAS Singles Another Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by FalChromiforme, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

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    I am creating a second team for pokemon y-hopefully better than last time.

    1.) Charizard @ charizardite Y
    -fire blast
    -Dragon Pulse

    2.) Mantine @ no item
    -hydro pump
    -air slash

    3.) Noivern @ Life Orb
    -dragon pulse

    4.)Metagross @ leftovers
    -meteor mash
    -hammer arm
    -zen headbutt

    5.) Tyranitar @ expert belt
    -stone edge
    -dragon tail

    6.) Furfrou @ muscle band
    -sucker punch
    -cotton guard
    -wild charge

    I realized that this team also had many mistakes. So here it is!
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  2. Shocari

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    Even though this is for ingame and you can use literally anything that isn't 6 Magikarp, there's still a few issues.

    Charizard does not need two Fire moves. Considering it's also Mega Zard Y, drop Flare Blitz for something like Air Slash. Definitely Air Slash.

    Why doesn't Mantine have an item? Considering what you're running, an Expert Belt or Life Orb would help. Also, Mantine's Attack is so low, good luck killing anything with a Physical move. Drop Acrobatics for Air Slash. Trade Bullet Seed for Ice Beam. Swap Earthquake for something like Psybeam. Trust me, you'll actually beat things.

    Noivern is way too fast to need a Quick Claw, so I'd switch that out for something like Wise Glasses, Expert Belt, Life Orb, etc. Moonlight can be diminished depending on the weather, making Roost a far more valuable option. Speaking of Roost, that can help solve Life Orb recoil.

    Metagross seems decent enough. Zen Headbutt is a fine alternate to Psychic if you feel that a physical Psychic move would help more. Earthquake is a fairly standard move as well, and could probably serve better than Hammer Arm in the long run.

    Tyranitar is also without an item. Again, something like Leftovers or Expert Belt, judging by how you want him to work. Drop Giga Impact. No questions. Just don't. Being 4x weak to Fighting means that you can die fairly easily on the turn needed to recharge from Giga Impact. Dark Pulse can similarly go in lieu of something like Payback or Crunch, for similar reasons as Metagross with Psychic.

    Furfrou should lose Retaliate. That move is nothing but gimmick. Return is far superior STAB. I guess you can keep Double Team, but you can also use maybe U-Turn for scouting or Cotton Guard to abuse Fur Coat making your physical Defense even more of a hassle to get through.
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  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Taken from the board description, so if this is an in-game team, it doesn't belong here.

    Also, yeah, best tip for in-game teams: Don't be shit.
  4. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

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    is a competitive, @Shocari just made it seem like in-game. Mantine has no item for the purpose of the use of acrobatics, and Tyranitar . . . maybe I'll give him the quick claw, and give Noivern a life orb. Good. As for Furfrou, the only other move I'm even thinking of is Take down, with, of course, decent STAB
  5. Shocari

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    To be completely fair, you did say "it's for pokemon y" without actually specifying anything. But an honest mistake.
  6. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    God-damnit Nappa.

    - Drop Flare Blitz for Fire Blast on 'Zard Y.

    - Offensive Mantine is garbage. Some combination of Bounce, Air Slash and Confuse Ray to slowly wear down the opponent could work, Haze and Mirror Coat are pretty nice too I guess, but overall Mantine really doesn't offer a whole lot.

    - Switcheroo Noivern can be quite tricky for the opponent (no pun intended) if you give him Choice Specs/Scarf. Boomburst, Draco Meteor and Hurricane/Flamethrower/U-Turn are the best move choices for him really.

    - Drop Psychic for Earthquake and Hammer Arm for Stealth Rock on Metagross and you have a set.

    - Quick Claw is shit on everything so never use it. Drop Dark Pulse for either Crunch or Pursuit and a move like Roar or Dragon Tail is worthy of consideration as well.

    - Double Team is illegal in every singles format known to mankind. Cotton Guard works nicely over it and, yes, Return is far better than any other Normal STAB Furfrou could hope to get. Also Leftovers for the item.

  7. Jeydis

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    Furfrou would be better off with Return over both Retaliate and Take down. At max happiness it hits hard enough and still works for STAB of course.

    Are you reconsidering the move pool for mantine? Its attack stat is really quite low :(
  8. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    Kind of repeating everyone else here, but drop Flare blitz for something else as Charizard-Y is a substantially stronger special attacker than physical. Air slash will work great here, but you can also make an option out of Roost and Will-o-Wisp to aid with longevity to some extent. Both of them should be reserved for a predicted switch, since aside from relatively weak special attacks, Charizard does not have the bulk to be taking hits.

    Gonna have to partially disagree with KoL here. Fully offensive mantine -IS- bad, but Mantine brings plenty to the table if you use it right. I have to follow this up by saying you're doing it wrong.
    Mantine has no physical attack power, but boasts amazing special defense and at least moderate special attack. I'd suggest giving it full HP training for sure and then basing the rest of its training on your move choices, these are my suggestions to mix/match
    • Scald - is an amazing choice of STAB for something with Mantine's stat distribution, as physical attackers will fear a burn on switching in
    • Icy Wind - lacks in power, but has a nasty bite in the form of a speed drop. The speed drop won't likely help mantine outright, so you'll have to use it with some degree of predicton
    • Air Slash - Provides a valuable flinch chance on slower, bulky attakers, especially those you may have already burned or slowed with Icy Wind.
    • Ice Beam - is almost twice as powerful and definitely worth use over Icy wind if you would prefer to keep Mantine on the offensive side.
    • Toxic - will do more damage over time to special attackers and would work great in conjunction with Scald's burn chance
    • Protect - should only be considered if you're using toxic, and again will aid in the stall as well as scouting for specific attacks, like hidden power electric.
    • Confuse ray - More time-stall and residual damage, and also a safe bet if you're not sure on a switch, since very few things are immune to confusion.

    Roost can be used over moonlight to negate your flying type for the turn it's used, but Moonlight is not a bad choice with Charizard Y on the team. Just watch out for your own sandstorm crippling your healing.

    Drop Psychic for a physical attack, as all others have said so far - Zen Headbutt makes a good replacement. Hammer arm can be replaced with earthquake or left as it is, but if you leave it as is I've got to suggest Gyro Ball as a possibility over Meteor Mash, since the two synergize well. Most of the time, Meteor mash will remain the better option however.

    I've once again got to disagree that quick claw is garbage, although it's more of a "rolling the dice" item than one with consistent results like leftovers would have on the same pokemon. I would suggest leftovers as an alternative item here, but I think Tyranitar is a good candidate for quick claw given its slower speed.
    Dark pulse should be replaced with Crunch, as crunch will more often than not hit harder. You could even move Pursuit to this slot instead of, or as well as having it on Metagross.
    Giga Impact is just outright bad. There is nothing Tyranitar can use it on that is worth giving your opponent a free turn to set-up afterwards. The only types it can hit harder than Stone Edge, Tyranitar should be switching away from anyway. You can replace it with a support move like Stealth rock, boosting move like Dragon Dance or, if you want to retain your mixed pool, something like Fire Blast.

    Furfrou has never been one of my strong suits, but it takes physical hits like a champ and can make a decent switch-in partner for mantine in theory. The first thing I'd have to suggest is leftovers over the muscle band, as Furfrou work best as a tanky attacker.
    Sucker Punch and Wild Charge are great, Sucker punch again especially helpful if you keep the EVs out of speed, as it will allow Furfrou to strike first when needed.
    Retaliate isn't the most reliable of moves, but can have its moments. I would suggest either Return [if slow] or Headbutt [if fast, or paired with thunder wave].
    Double Team is, again, banned in almost every competitive environment. I'd suggest U-turn here as it can be a good scouting move, especially if you opt not to defensively train Furfrou instead of speed. This would, in many situations, let you take a physical attack and then send your switch in, and alternatively allow your opponent to switch first so you know who to send in.
    Other moves worth noting for this slot on Furfrou are Cotton Guard, Thunder wave and Confide, the latter of two can be used on a predicted switch, and the first if you just really want to focus on Furfrou's physical prowess.

    Honorable Mention on Furfrou - If you take U-turn, assault vest is another possible item, and will make Furfrou quite the balanced tanky attacker.
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  9. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

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    There we go. I consider this team much better.
  10. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    Uh.. Mantine can't learn roost and bounce is still physical and only worth using if you're going for KoL's whole strategy, Charizard still has two Fire STABs and no flying and Furfrou now lacks a STAB altogether :x

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