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DPPt/HGSS Another team. Please rate!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Pokemon_knowledge_tycoon, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Another team that I made. This team's not as important to me as the other ones I have. I will be more open to suggestions this time. But please bear in mind that it took me a hard time to make this team. ;D

    My team for, for, for? Well it's ok in both styles single or double.

    pokemon: Gallade
    item: Muscle Band
    moveset: Psychocut
    Leaf Blade
    Close Combat
    Night Slash

    pokemon: Arcanine
    item: Zoom Lens (Really bad, but I've got nothing that I can work with at the moment) :D
    moveset: Agility
    Thunder Fang
    Heat Wave

    pokemon: Salamence
    item: Dragon Fang
    moveset: Fly (Please give me some more moves to work with. I'm lost. If it helps, he is Lv.100. I migrated him from Ruby. I worked on this
    Dragon Claw one for four years. Very close to my heart. I would very much like to keep Fly though. Please respect that. Thanks.)
    Draco Meteor

    pokemon: Rhyperior
    item: Quick Claw
    moveset: Rock Wrecker
    Poison Jab

    pokemon: Roserade
    item: Spooky Plate
    moveset: Aromatherapy
    Energy Ball
    Shadow Ball
    Sludge Bomb

    pokemon: Octillery
    item: Scope Lens
    moveset: Flamethrower
    Charge Beam
    Energy Ball
    Water Pulse
  2. Ruko

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    the only immediate suggestion I have is to switch your Arcanine's Zoom Lens with Octillery's Scope lens. Octillery will be slower and not often moving first, so I think it'll work better that way.

    Fire Fang instead of Crunch on Salamence and you'll be able to hit Steel's
    Draco Meteor can mix things up since that's its only special move, just know you'll probably only be able to use it once. I'm not as against two attacks of the same type as other people are, especially when STAB is involved.right

    Consider Flare Blitz on Arcanine in place of Heat Wave, or even keep Heat Wave and just get rid of Agility for Flare Blitz.

    I know you can't respond, but you can still see the advice
  3. Also, no point now since the person is now banned. Locked up for good.
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