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Another tales of.....serise

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Alex Bock, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. There has been an announcment for another Tales Of ..... serise called Tales Of The Tempest. The cool thing is this Tales serise will be on the DS! With this and Tales Of Legendia coming soon die hard fans...or just fans will be very pleased. It has been revealed that it will be in 3D and the battles will be in linear motion. The stylus will be used for the battles and there has been rumours that wireless play might be included. There is info at ds.ign.com about the story and J pop theme song for the game. I haven't seen any actual pics of what the game will look like but if you do tell us where you found them. There hasn't been a release date for any other part of the world yet besides Japan, whichi t will be out in 2006.
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    I was recently skimming the DS release date lists at IGN and saw something about a Tales game. Nice to have confirmation of its existence. This is awesome ^_^

    Tales of Legendia isn't the only other Tales game on the horizon, though. Tales of Phantasia for GBA, incorperating aspects of both the original Tales of Phantasia on SNES and the Playstation remake, is set for a US release March 6th, '06.

    I'd hope that wireless play is included in Tales of the Tempest because it's always fun playing a game like that with friends. I doubt it'd be over the WFC, though, but you never know... Using the stylus for battles also sounds interesting ^^

    The future of RPGs on handhelds looks brighter than ever with DS' 2006 release list. I can't wait until they start getting actual dates/hitting the shelves.

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