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Open Another Pokemon Journey!!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Firetamer123, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. So in this rp we'll be traveling through all regions. I know it seems like a lot to travel through all regions but I know everyone has their favorite pokemon and I didn't want them to leave it out if the pokemon wasn't from that specific region so this was my solution XP. You can have a maxed out team or start as a rookie. However we'll be starting in the Unova region. From there we'll explore and move on to where ever the rp takes us. I don't like to plan out everything because that takes the fun away. Since we are starting in Unova NO one has mega bracelets yet, though you can find mega stones as we explore!

    Quick rules:
    -Hate the character NOT the person
    -follow as Pokecharm rp rules
    -Romance is allowed
    -Drama is encouraged to keep things interesting
    -Do NOT write one liners
    -Do NOT start with any legendary/rare pokemon (Shiny are ok)

    How to introduce yourself:

    Appearance: You can use an image
    Starting town/city:
    Badge(s): If any

    Then type your reply underneath the form.

    Name: Layla Wright
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Appearance: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/6c/7e/08/6c7e089a920db9d6d7c41352dacc51fd--anime-girl-cute-anime-girls.jpg
    Personality: Kind, Gentle, proper (totally changes when in battle)
    Pokemon: Sawsbuck (Forest), Treecko (Ace), Chimchar (Vulcan), Sinvy (Lulu), Houndoom (Danger), Charmander (Kin as in 'And these are my kin)
    Starting town/city: Accumula town (second town i believe)
    Badge(s): None

    Layla yawned tiredly as she got out of bed. She had stayed the night since she had arrived at Unova late the day before. She was still building the perfect team but for now she was happy with her six buddies. Danger being the aggressive and over protective of her pokemon had gotten a permanent spot on her team. He also liked to be out of his pokeball and stay at her side. He was also the most loyal. Though she had to be careful who she paired him with since he didn't play well with others. Oh well. She headed down stairs and thanked the lady for letting her stay. "Thank you once again." she smiled hugging the elderly woman. "Any time deary." replied the woman. They hugged briefly before Layla and Danger went out the door. She was going to head to the poke center but her pokemon were already nice and healthy. So her next stop would be the poke mart but sadly they didn't have on in this town. Oh well. Though she didn't mind. She loved to travel.
  2. Name: Six Garcia
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Has shoulder length silver hair with amber eyes. She wears an electronic Litten headband, black with red stripe sweater, maroon midriff shirt, camo short parka, camo tiered skirt, black pantyhose, brown vinyl messenger bag, and black riding boots.
    Personality: Will be reveal in the rp (since my characters tend to change personalities so...)
    Pokémon: Frogadier«Poseidon», Lopunny «Anim» (Shiny), Elgyem «Dorthy», Popplio «Ran», Swanna «Decim», Morelull «Lumin»
    Starting Town/City: Accumula Town
    Badges: None

    Arriving at Accumula Town without any trouble is a miracle for Six as she normally attracts trouble itself. 'Nope, dont Jynx it.' She shook her head as she walked in the town, Lumin on her shoulder as it looked around in curiosity this made Six frown "Don't you dare." She mumble as she sent the Morelull a stern eye, the Morelull looked at her, she blinked before it hopped off her shoulder. "Lumin!" She shouted in distress as her Morelull skedaddle away from her, she run after her. "Lumin, get back her!" This only fueled the Pokémon to go faster much to Six's dismay. 'Stupid, I told you not to jinx it.' She scolded herself as she continued to run after her Pokémon.
  3. Name: Platinum Hakobe
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [Similar to profile picture] Light blonde hair, along with deep brown eyes. He usually wears a white and black hooded jacket that splits in color right down the middle, along with tan shorts.
    Personality: Being an aspiring Pokemon Coordinator, he is someone who always seeks the thrill. He loves to put on a show, and a smile on people's faces. He gets along well with those around him, but can be a bit air-headed at times, not really thinking for himself most of the time.
    Pokemon Team: (So far) Axew, Gabite, Togekiss, Prinplup
    Ribbons: 1

    "Thank you!" Platinum told a PokeMart employee as he had finished up his purchase. It was a calm, sunny day within Striation City, so the trainer had decided to take a walk and absorb it all while he had the time to. His newly found partner, a mischievous little Axew, rode securely on Platinum's shoulder, looking around, appreciating the scenery as well.

    The two had only been in Striation for two days, practicing for an upcoming Pokemon Contest within Castellia City. Platinum was originally from Hoenn, and had begun pursuing his goal of becoming a competent Coordinator - able to show off his Pokemon in majestic and eye-catching ways. He had managed to enter his first contest within his home region and actually win it with his Togekiss - the oldest pokemon in his arsenal. He had been captured by Contests after that point, and would train daily to create dazzling and crowd-pleasing move combinations with his pokemon. However, he was granted the opportunity to travel all the way to Unova in an all expense-paid trip, and he absolutely couldn't turn it down. So here he was, continuing his dream in an unfamiliar, but interesting setting.

    Contests seemed to be fairly new to the Region, as he hadn't heard much talk about it at all since he got there, besides small talk in the local coffee shop or so. But that wouldn't stop him, he would still do his best, and hopefully become the most qualified Coordinator in Unova. A dramatic goal for the beginner, but he aimed for it anyways.

    Platinum took the specialized brush, in which he had just purchased from the PokeMart, and began stroking his Axew with it. It was rumored to be the best tool for making your pokemon's coat appear shiny and healthy, so he figured he mine as well try it. He took a seat at a nearby bench while he polished the dragon-type, and looked around at the locals. Unova was a beautiful Region for sure, but also incredibly large. He could only hope that he wouldn't get lost during his travels.
  4. Name: Halt Willow
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Tall and slender. Decent fit. Wears black team flare glasses, a red jacket with a blue undershirt. He also wears a fedora.
    Personality: very upbeat. He likes to joke around when nervous, but will do anything for someone in need.
    Pokemon: Monferno, Rampardos, Glaceon, Grovle
    Starting town/city: Accumula Town
    Badge/ribbons: N/A, but is open to most competition, wanting to experience everything.
    (OOC it's late and will do first post soon.)
  5. Bandit being the easily annoyed pokemon that he is he watched eyes narrowed as a trainer chased it's pokemon. "Don't even-" Layla started but before she could finish Bandit took off after the Morelull called Lumin. "Don't you dare hurt that pokemon!" Layla called as she took off after her own. Bandit had no intention of hurting the pokemon. He used roar just to get it to stop running but was ready to use an attack if needed. "I'm so sorry!!" Layla exclaimed as she finally caught up to her pokemon. "Your Morelull isn't hurt is it?" The annoyed houndoom rolled his eyes and stood defensively at Layla's side. "He tends to do whatever he pleases." She put a hand on his back and got his pokeball ready in case he did anything else.
    (I feel like its short)
  6. Six sigh as Lumin ducked and cover from the Roar, the Morelull shook like a leaf before it looked around again. Six stopped as she tried to catch her breath while she eyed her rogue Pokémon, Lumin's nature was Naughty her father warned her about it when he gave it to her as a temporary partner when she was seven until she eventually get to keep her, and true enough Lumin rose from its stem and tried to hopped away again "Oh no, you don't!" Six doved down and captured the Pokémon in her hands.

    Knowing this Pokémon for almost half of her life she knew that it will release its sleeping spores soon, so with a blinding speed she snatch a spicy Pokebean in her pocket and crushed it in her hand. When she reopened her hand, the scent of a spicy treat filled the air it calmed the Pokémon down as it eyed her hand. "I'll give if you behave." The Morelull didn't do anything it only stared at her hand like a statue, Six gave it another minute before sighing giving the crushed bits on her Pokémon who ate them happily.

    Six scratched her head and mumbled "How can they eat without a mouth?" She absentmindedly asked before turning to the Houndoom, who stopped Lumin, to thank it only to see that its trainer was already beside it. Six frozed 'Damn, already. Um, Six say something and be friendly.' She chided herself as she opened her mouth only to closed it again 'Which one? I can't do both.' She panicked before bowing down "T-thank you for your help. And no Lumin seems fine." She said as she stared at the Houndoom's trainer. "And don't worry, I know how you feel. As you might have already witness with this troublemaker." She gestured at the Morelull.
  7. "I'm glad." Layla smiled. Bandit relaxed and snorted. "This guy doesn't like chaos as much as you'd think. Again I'm so sorry." Before she could say anything else two of her pokemon released themselves. Kin her charmander and Vulcan her chimchar. Vulcan jumped onto the houndoom's back and smiled. Charmander waddled up to the new trainer and hugged her leg. Layla laughed. "Kin you little hugger. Let her go." she said. "Charmander!" replied her pokemon as he continued to hug his new friend. Vulcan waved and then jumped onto Layla. "I'm sorry. He's a huger." she laughed. Vulcan rested on her shoulder's like a little kid on their parent's shoulder. She normally let Vulcan out since he was so nice but he was always too playful. He liked to jump around on people and their pokemon. Kin liked to hug people more then fight.
  8. Name: Lucan Vanison
    Title: Mystic Explorer
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Has Long Red Hair with yellow eyes. Wears a Blue robe covered in ancient markings, Wears black pants and shoes. Has a Circle shaped scar on his right shoulder.
    Personality: Secretive, Kind, Smart-Alec, Anti-social
    Special Abilitlies/Skills: Excels at Double Battles, uses Combined Moves to destroy opponents.
    Extra: Doesn't Like to Battle much

    Nickname: Emalion
    Species: Typhlosion
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Burn Up
    Flame Thrower
    Shadow Claw
    Extra: Likes to Battle

    Nickname: Risu
    Species: Pachirisu
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Thunder
    Hyper Fang
    Gunk Shot
    Extra: Likes Hugs and TV

    COMBINED ATTACK: Typhlosion + Risu
    Burning Thunder
    Attack: 150
    Accuracy: 95
    Effect: Attacks All

    Nickname: Sara
    Species: Absol
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Night Slash
    Psycho Cut
    Play Rough
    Perish Song
    Extra: Keeps Erin under control

    Nickname: Erin
    Species: Gardevoir
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Destiny Bond
    Shadow Storm
    Extra: Hates Everyone Except Lucan (More in RP)

    COMBINED ATTACK: Sara + Erin
    Dark Moon
    Attack: 100
    Accuracy: 90
    Effects: Traps Pokemon in a Nightmare

    Nickname: Myrna
    Species: Spiritomb
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Destiny Bond
    Shadow Ball
    Dark Pulse
    Shadow Sneak
    Extra: Loves to Nap

    Nickname: Aliscaban
    Species: Mismagius
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Destiny Bond
    Mystical Fire
    Pain Split
    Dazzling Gleam
    Extra: Likes to wonder around at night

    COMBINED ATTACK: Myrna + Aliscaban
    Fairy's Shadow
    Attack: 85
    Accuracy: ALWAYS HITS
    Effect: Guaranteed Critical

    Birth Town: Phenac City (Orre)
    Starting town/city: Undella Town
    Badge(s): 19

    Trainer Badge
  9. Lucan wonders around Undella Town with Risu on his shoulder as a Wingull flys past his face. He sighs and looks up at the flock of Wingull going out into the ocean. "Ok, Risu go look around if you want. I'll find a place for us to stay." Risu hops off his shoulder and runs off. "Ok lets see here...where is a good place to rest...." He walks around and sees a city in the far off distance. "Well, I guess that is where we are going next." "Risu, where are you!" There is no reply. "Jeez..." *sends out Aliscaban* "Hey can you go find Risu. Meet me at the Marine Tube." Aliscaban floats off as Lucan walks toward the Marine Tube. People are laying around on the coast and some are coming out of the Pokemart. He gets to the tube as Aliscaban flys toward Lucan with Risu on his back. "Thank heavens you two are safe. Ok time to go to the next town."
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Alright, folks. Stopping this now before it deteriorates more.

    First of all. Posts that are character bios and nothing but belong no where in the RP forums. That is what discussion boards are for.

    Second, posts here should be third person, PAST tense, story format. None of this present tense nonsense.

    Third, the rules directly state that any art used in the RP forums should either be your creation or something created for you by commission or request and that this should be proven. There is unsourced art here, and the original poster seems to be encouraging this strictly forbidden practice.

    Also, no, you can't randomly find Mega Stones without staff permission either.

    Did none of you read the rules? You really should. As in "If I see this sort of stepping out of line again, there will be harsh warnings."

    Thread locked.
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