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DPPt/HGSS Another 4th Gen Wi-fi Team Rate

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Ash Is the best, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. How about mine???:-
    Ice Punch
    Night Slash
    Brick Break

    Flash Cannon
    Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam

    Energy Ball
    Wood Hammer

    Petal Dance
    Energy Ball
    Giga Drain

    Brick Break
    Psycho Cut
    Close Combat

    Close Combat
    Fire Punch
    Drain Punch

    I modified The team....
  2. Eermm... well to be honest, its a bit uneven, three Pokemon (weavile, Abomasnow, and roserade) are weak to fire, i would first try to do something about that, because Charizard (A Standard and common Fire type) will most likely wipe out Roserade and Ambomasnow, No challenge (Weavile will most definitely get a hit in, but unless the attack is a critical hit, or a super effective, charizard will wipe him out next move) and, though its true that you have two water types, and may not have to worry about some fire types, all I'm saying is, you may want to round out your team a bit more. Might i Suggest a blaziken? it would help even out your team, and it can be used to double sweep! (Though, thats not AS necessary now, it can still come in handy)
  3. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Get rid of Shadow Ball, it's literally utterly useless on Weavile as it can't Special Attack for crap, it has a 120 Base Attack, use it. Ice Punch, Night Slash and Brick Break are all good, replace Shadow Ball with X-Scissor and you even have a strong bug attack on board your team with the power of the Pokemon to back it up.

    Weavile's pretty fragile though, and will drop fairly easily, so make sure you focus on attack and speed - I'd say just EV train those instead of bothering with the defenses and build yourself a quick striker that can - hopefully - take down most of its problems in one go.

    Surf and Hydro Pump together are a bit useless. Hydro Pump has the power, but lacks the accuracy and PP of Surf. If you were only planning to do one on one battles, I'd reccomend Surf over Hydro Pump - but if you plan to do 2-2, you should take heed that Surf will hurt your ally as well, in which case you may want to stick to Hydro Pump (PP should be less of a problem in a 2-2 format anyway).

    Empoleon's Steel type betrays its stats - it's built as a Special Attacker, so using Steel Wing isn't much use - swap it with the Special Steel attack Flash Cannon. It's more powerful anyway, has better accuracy and is better suited to Empoleon.

    Ice Beam is fine.

    Use Empoleon for Ice attacks in Ice Beam, focus on Abomasnow's Grass type instead. Since Abomasnow has completely balanced Attack and Special Attack, you have a pretty big free range of attacks as neither will be better or worse on it, so try it with:

    Energy Ball
    Giga Drain
    Wood Hammer
    Avalanche (Power will double to 120 if Abomasnow is attacked in this turn, it only has mehish defenses, so use it early and back it up with Leftovers or something)

    Make Roserade more of an annoyer, it's got pretty unbalanced stats (favoured heavily in the Special area), but it's got good speed and you don't really need another main Grass type after Abomasnow.

    First off, make sure it has Poison Point. You don't really want to be getting hit too much, but the ability is more useful in this case than Natural Cure.

    Then try this moveset:

    Giga Drain
    Toxic Spikes
    Leaf Storm

    Giga Drain and Ingrain should ensure that Roserade lasts a bit longer than its weak Defense would generally allow, Leaf Storm is practically built for Roserade to kill things with and Toxic Spikes will help you with all the rest of your opponent's Pokemon. Could be good to send Roserade out first.

    Drop Psychic, Gallade is a physical attacker, not a special attacker. Use the practically invented for Gallade move Psycho Cut instead. Brick Break and Toxic are fine, but get rid of Strength and chuck in Close Combat instead - a good finisher.

    Just drop Floatzel all together. Grab a Blaziken or something as said above and try that instead. A fire type thrown in would be a good idea overall.
  4. as far as surf goes, it doesn't hurt your team-mate (as far as i can tell) if it does, then just rebreed for muddy water, which i KNOW doesn't hurt your team-mate, has the same power, and although it has reduced accuracy it has an added effect. floatzel is kinda mediocre, so i wouldn't use it anyways. also, i would like to suggest luxray:

    thunder fang
    discharge/charges/shock wave (discharge if you're using 2vs2, and partnering it with a swampert/quagsire is wise; discharge hurts everyone but the attacker)
    swagger (for those double teamers)
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Except Luxxy is a physcial attacker, so Discharge and Shockwave would certainly not be good. If you don't keep Charge, go with Iron Tail. You'll find it usefull. :p And that's if you even decide to use Luxray.
  6. luxray is AMAZING. i'd almost say you'd be a fool not to use it =]. almost. for that matter, luxray's sp atk is high enough to be effective, but not effective enough to be incredible. so go with thunder fang, i s'pose.

    off topic: woot past the 50 post mark
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Aye, Luxxy's Special Attack isn't that bad, but giving it a special move would hinder it I think. Iron Tail would be so much more effective and usefull in a lot of places.
  8. also, (you haven't posted what kind of battles you hope to be participating in) if you're in double battle and you have a swampert, discharge is amazing. all of the opponents instead of your guy, and then you can use surf/muddy water or whatever move you can think of to hit both of the opponents too

    so basically 4 attacks in one =]

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