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Announcing PokkenClub.com

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    This March, Pokecharms will be expanding into brand new territory as we launch a whole new website dedicated to the upcoming release of Pokken Tournament.

    PokkenClub.com will be launching the same week as Pokken Tournament and from that week on will be the premiere source for news, features and all the vital stats on the Tournament’s competing Pokemon. In the coming weeks and months we will also be launching two more brand new features on the site:

    The PokkenClub Community:

    At launch the site won’t be open to new user registrations, but in the weeks after launch we will be opening the site up to begin building what will hopefully be the biggest and best dedicated Pokken Tournament community on the web. As well as a more typical forum discussion area, you will be able to create your own profiles on the site, complete with your own personal space for uploading screenshots, videos and personal blog posts and status updates. All of which will automatically be shared with your friends and followers on the site in their own personalised feed of content.

    We’ll also be looking at setting up local tournaments in the UK and running online global tournaments and leagues.


    Soon after the game’s launch we will be launching our own official Twitch.tv and Youtube channels with dedicated shows and live streams providing us with exclusive video content of the game in full action. We will feature these alongside the community’s own videos and streams on the PokkenClub website in a section called PokkenTV. Our eventual goal is to provide you with a constant source of new streaming or recorded Pokken content on demand whenever you want it.

    And More:

    At launch, we will be covering all the latest news about Pokken Tournament as well as featuring exclusive in-depth feature articles about the game and our official review of Pokken Tournament Wii U. We’ll also have our expansive PokkenDex - an in-depth repository of each Pokken Tournament Fighter’s fighting abilities as well as other information on the game. We’ll also bring you up-to-date meta-game analysis of each fighter in the coming weeks after the game is live.

    We’re launching PokkenClub as a completely dedicated resource to Pokken because, as we’ve said before, it may just be the most important thing to have happened to this franchise in a very long time, and there’s so much to cover that we could never do it justice within Pokecharms itself. We hope you’re as on board with that as we are and will be there in March to join us in celebrating the launch of both Pokken Tournament and PokkenClub.com.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Feb 11, 2016.

    1. _Umbreon_
      Cool! I want pokken so bad now! :)
    2. Burgundy
      ooo exciting~
      Definitely signing up for this once it's available~
    3. Curtkid
      Wow, this certainly looks like it's going to be a big deal! Looks like I have yet another reason to get a Wii-U. Though I am curious to see how you guy's handle treading into new territory like this, should be interesting.
    4. Thieving Fox
      Thieving Fox
      I'm gonna be a champ with Pikachu in this game!
    5. hackmaster
      Will Pokecharms accounts be carried over, or will these sites require new logins? Just a curiosity.
    6. Bluefeather
      Looks so wicked! Can't wait! Does anyone know what day in March it'll be released?
    7. Steel Seth
      Steel Seth
    8. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      How connected or not will Pokkenclub and Pokecharms be?
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    9. EspeonTheBest
      Yes, I'm quite interested in that as well. Will accounts be connected? Will the two sites interact with one another at all?
    10. _Umbreon_
      Omg I thought that the Pokemon company was making PokkenClub. Lel.
    11. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Because the software of the sites is completely different, accounts won't carry over.

      In the future there may be a way to connect the two accounts but for now you'd have to register separately. You can choose to log in via Google, Twitter or Facebook if you'd rather not have to worry about another password, though.

      In the longer term, PokkenClub is stage one in a long term plan for revitalising Pokécharms with new software and features and as we get further down that path we can begin connecting the two more on a technical level.

      On a more general level, the sites will be relatively separate. Some news will be shared between the two and Pokécharms will push to PokkenClub for its features while PokkenClub will push towards Pokécharms for its features. Again, as we go further down the path of our long term plan, you'll see the two carve out very different and specific roles in the wider Pokémon community. Hopefully the communities of the two sites will be quite close but that's up to you guys, the users, more than it is us.
    12. NocturnalNetwork
      And this is the reason I need to get a Wii U. Smash 4, Splatoon, and now a forum for Pokkén Tournament. Looking forward to it.
    13. Aaronimations
    14. Bluefeather
      @Icy Aaron YES! ME TOO!
    15. Mechanist Gamma
      Mechanist Gamma
      This. Looks. AWESOME! I'm not really in to much stuff involving Pokken, but this might just change my mind. If this site becomes as great as Pokecharms, I hope the game will live up to the hype.
    16. MegaBlastoise15
      Now I really want a Wii U. I might be missing out on possibly the greatest fighting game yet.
    17. Pokéfan35
      Oh this sounds nice. News to keep me up to date, a twitch channel, a PokkenDex, and a meta-game analysis for each fighter? I'm actually getting excited.
    18. _Umbreon_
      A twitch channel. My brother is in.
    19. Zealous_Zenith
      Cool! Another site for me to go on with my favorite games. I'll sign up soon as possible
    20. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      Definitely will be giving PokkenClub as much support as I do here! Best of luck in launching the site, you guys. :)
    21. Hernan23Pro
      everytime i want a wii u more than before :V
      especially now
    22. Lizzie101
      Man... It's would be so cool to try a pokkenclub account if only my parents would let us get a wiiu.;_;:'|:(>=O:@
    23. Hernan23Pro
      Talk to yourself,some people don't have a simple ds :?
    24. Lizzie101
      Did ya know I had to buy all my electronics? I'd say about over 500 bucks worth. My parents also hate video games.:(
    25. Teapot
      Alright guys, enough with the pity poker. Back onto the subject of PokkenClub, please :)
    26. Lizzie101
      Sorry... As I was saying... I WISH I COULD JOIN THE CLUB!!!;_;:(:down:
    27. Sylvious
      Unlike everybody in the comments, I still can't choose between what website I'll stay on. I feel like Pokécharms would be better for me as I'm not planning to get Pokken Tournament any time soon. Although, if the community lowers in Pokécharms and goes to PokkenClub, I'll probably go to PokkenClub despite my knowledge of the game.

      I still want to convince people to stay on this website, but I think I can't get through to everyone. The only thing I can do is to tell everybody to switch between websites. I don't want Pokécharms to become trash over PokkenClub, as it probably will.

      Anyways, I'll just see what happens. I can't predict the future, but I know there is a chance that Pokécharms will end. After this huge rant, I have one other prediction; the Trainer Card Maker will save us all. This is because a majority of you started Pokécharms because of it's beloved Trainer Card Maker. If there is a chance, Pokécharms will stay with it's big and awesome community, while PokkenClub will also have a big community. It will be a balanced two websites.

      Enough of this rant and obvious predictions, I'm just stating my opinion and my knowledge of both sites. I'll just say what everybody else wants me to say: I can't wait for the launch of PokkenClub! With my knowledge, PokkenClub will be very popular at it's launch, and I'm sure it will be just as good; or even better than Pokécharms!
    28. Lizzie101
      I choose poke charms! I started with the trainer card maker. I've been on this website ever since! It would be cool to join the Pokken tournament though.
    29. Sylvious
      Even if you don't have the game, you can still join and familiarize yourself with Pokken Tournament and PokkenClub. On another note, thanks for taking my advice!
    30. Teapot
      I'm baffled as to why anyone would feel the need to choose between the sites! Why not visit both? Pokécharms and its community are not going anywhere, and it's going to carry on getting the same attention from its community and staff. PokkenClub is going to be great, but it will not make Pokécharms "trash!"
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    31. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      There are no choices to be made. Both websites will exist side by side just like any other website on the Internet. PokkenClub will grow with Pokecharms, not replace it. It's not as if by joining one website you delete your membership with another after all.

      Given that I am pretty solely responsible for PokkenClub at the moment, while Linkachu and Teapot have been, and will continue to be, managing Pokecharms fully without anything more than general oversight by myself, there's definitely no risk of PokkenClub drawing attention away from here in terms of staff.

      Really, the goal is the complete opposite of your doomsaying. With any luck, if PokkenClub is popular with a new audience it will help to grow Pokecharms by association. And the software development for PokkenClub, which should give it some very exciting new features down the road, is all - in effect -beta testing for an eventual relaunch of Pokecharms.

      At any rate, Pokecharms isn't going away either way.
      Last edited: Mar 2, 2016
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    32. Teapot
      I'd like to reiterate this so it's absolutely, utterly clear: In terms of actually writing code and adding features, @Doctor Oak is working on PokkenClub, and I am working on Pokécharms.

      Both sites will continue to receive the same care and attention that Pokécharms has enjoyed up until now. I am entirely focused on improving Pokécharms – indeed, I have some new stuff that I'm excited to show off soon, and I hope to step up my efforts in the future to build new things for you guys more frequently.

      More than that, a lot of the efforts that go into building PokkenClub will directly benefit Pokécharms down the line. Eventually, we hope to have similar foundation code on both sites, so when either me or @Doctor Oak make improvements, both sites benefit. This means Pokécharms will benefit from the work done on PokkenClub, rather than suffer for it.

      So, yeah, Pokécharms is not going anywhere. Not if I, or @Doctor Oak, or anyone else here have anything to say about it.
      Last edited: Mar 2, 2016
    33. NerdyNinja
      @Teapot would people have to make new profiles on Pokkenclub?
      dumb question... Let me rephrase.
      would people have to use different usernames or not?
    34. Teapot
      @SuperYang10 They'll be completely separate, at least to start with. :)
    35. NerdyNinja
      @Teapot Oh, I was just wondering because if that was the case, we would have no complete idea who was who.
    36. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      It shouldn't be an issue assuming that people who want to be recognised use the same details on both. If there happened to be any cases of stolen identity we can work it out with the users involved.

      Registration on PokkenClub won't open for a number of weeks after launch, so it's possible that during that time we can come up with something to at least confirm someone as being the same on both sites so long as they have the same email address.
    37. NerdyNinja
      Ph, I just wanted to know, just in case you know :)
    38. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Will PokkenClub and Pokecharms share at least some members of staff (besides yourself, Alex)? I'm a little confused who's gonna be a part of the management team and stuff and I'd imagine running a new site and community by yourself could get exhausting.
    39. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      The short answer to that is "yes", in the sense that certain members (who I'll leave to them to clarify if they wish) have said they'll take up full staff roles when the community opens and that most, if not all, of the Pokecharms staff will participate and assist at least to begin with.

      The long answer is "yes, but eventually, not really". The two sites will evolve down relatively separate paths and the staff/moderation requirements of PokkenClub will not always align with Pokecharms given the very different kinds of content and the fact the communities will likely be comprised of different kinds of people (as well as those who are members of both). We'll obviously be as strict with staff roles on PokkenClub as with here on Pokecharms, though.
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