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Anime Bloopers & Jokes

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Meowth_Queen_101, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. All these are bloopers from Iunyasha bloopers from another website.

    Most Recent Bloopers:
    In the middle of an intense battle with Naraku... Inuyasha is wounded. Miroku springs into action.....
    Miroku: Wind tunnel!!!
    *no sound or sucking comes*
    Miroku: *ahem* WIND TUNNEL!!!
    *Sango and the others start laughing*
    Miroku: I said wind tunnel!!!!
    director: Sorry, forgot to turn the fans on!
    Miroku: *sigh* Not again!
    Sent in by: Sami-chan

    Inuyasha: Kikyo!! KIKYO!! Kikyo: WHAT?! Inuyasha: I have great news!!! Kikyo: You broke up with Kagome?? Inuyasha: No! I just saved money on car insurance by switching to Geico!! Kikyo: *falls to her side* >.> Sent in by: Ilyssa H.

    Sesshomaru: Well well well Inuyasha, we meet again.
    Inuyasha: Sesshomaru!
    Sesshomaru: Inuyasha...
    Inuyasha: Sesshomaru!!
    Sesshomaru: Prepare to DIE Inuyasha!
    Inuyasha: Not likely Sesshomaru!
    Kagome: Wait! You two are brothers, you're SUPPOSED to love each other, I mean... can't we all just get along?
    Sesshomaru: ......um.....
    Inuyasha: ......
    Kagome: PLEASE!!!!!
    Inuyasha: .......NO!!!
    Sent in by: Danielle

    Inuyasha: Kagome, you little flench!
    Director: CUT! *sighs* Inuyasha, baby, it's wench, okay? WENCH! W-e-n-c-h!
    Director: Flench is fine.
    Sent in by: Candace

    Inu: -_- Why do I have to look after the short kid?...
    Shippou: Im not short..Im, Verticaly challenged. ^^'
    Sent in by: Dave

    Director: Cut!Take 5!
    Miroku: *rubs Sango's butt*
    Sango: Eeep! *slaps Miroku*
    Miroku: Yow!
    Sango: You DO know we're off set, right?
    Miroku: Yeah!
    Sango: *sweatdrop* And you do know it's NOT true about co-stars falling in love!?
    Miroku: Awww man!
    Inu-Yasha: Hahahaha!
    Miroku: You do know this Wind Tunnel IS real, right!?
    Inu-Yasha: *backs away*
    Sent in by: Sailor Kikyo

    *Inuyasha is sniffing the floor*
    Shippou *talking to himself*: Inuyasha, sometimes you really look like a mut.
    Inuyasha: I HERD THAT, NOW YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT! *raises fist*
    Shippou: KAGOME!!
    Kagome: SIT BOY!
    Shippou: Now, what were you saying?
    Sent in by: animething

    Kagome: Oh no, this fight looks big! Come on Shippou, lets go over there and let Inuyasha take care of this. *grabes inuyasha's arm*
    Inuyasha: Kagome...
    Kagome: Yes...
    Inuyasha: I'M NOT SHIPPOU!!
    Kagome: ...........dangit!
    Others including bad guy: *doubled over in laghter* Wahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
    Sent in by: Devon

    *Keiko's from YYH*
    Keiko: WHAAAAHHHHH!!!! *falls down the well*
    Inu-Yasha: WHAT THE...WHO ARE YOU?!
    Miroku: Hello there young maiden...
    Keiko: *involuntary slap*
    Miroku: Ow!
    Songo's mind: ALRIGHT!!!! some one who finaly knows what to do so I don't have to slap him!
    Sent in by: chibi

    Every one is asleep except Miroku. It's pitch black and you see Miroku's hand reach for something and rub it.
    *Growl* *Songo gets up and stretches*
    Miroku: Huh?
    Songo: Miroku what are you doing!?
    *InuYasha smacks Miroku upside the head with his sword*
    Sent in by: The Mad Scientist

    Scene: When Kagome first see's InuYasha...
    Kagome: Woah, what cute ears! *stars feeling InuYasha's ears*
    InuYasha: *twitches and tries to pretend he's dead*
    Kagome: They're sooo cute! *pulls headband with the ears off* Oops... 0_o
    Sesshomaru: Ha! I KNEW those ears were fake! I'm the one who's supposed to be cute!
    Sent in by: Black_moon

    Miroku: Will you.. bare my children? *gropes Sango's butt*
    Director: Okay! That's a wrap!!
    Miroku: *Keeps groping*
    Director: O.o ..Uh.. Miroku?
    Miroku: ^_^ Oh, we're rolling?
    Sango: >..3 *holds film behind back* Oh, no...of course not...
    Sent in by: Tigeria

    Inuyasha:I sense tons of demons coming this way!
    Kagome: Can you tell me how many?
    Inuyasha: I SAID TONS!!!
    Kagome: ...You don't know how to count, do you?
    Inuyasha: (In a sad tone) No...
    Sent in by: Alex

    Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and a white dog are standing on the stage.
    Director: And...Action!
    Inuyasha: Tetsuai-- *sees white dog* Who is this dog?
    Sesshomaru: Don't look at me!
    Inuyasha: Who is this dog?!
    Director: He's your stunt double.
    Sent in by: Erika

    Kagome: Inuyasha, Naraku is attacking!
    Inuyasha: Nooo! Kagome!
    Kagome: Inuyasha!
    Inuyasha: Kagome!
    Kagome: Inuyasha!
    Inuyasha: Kagome!
    Kagome: Inuyasha!
    Shippou: Ohhh, great with the yelling of eachothers names again!
    Naraku: Wasn't I attacking?
    Miroku: I have no idea....
    Inuyasha: Kagome!
    Kagome: Inuyasha!
    Inuyasha: Kagome!
    Director: Cut, Cut, Cut...No One watching the show wants to see you two yelling each other's names!
    Sent in by: _anime_lover_

    Director: In this scene, Koga, you have to express your feeling about Kagome.
    Koga: *holding Kagome's hands* You know Kagome...I think you are the ugliest woman I've ever seen! I mean, look at those clothes! Ewww! Why am I even holding your hands?!
    Kagome: W-what? *sobs*
    Director: CUT!!! Koga, your supposed to love Kagome!
    Koga: Ummmmmm...ok...ahem, Kagome, I love you because you're very ugly and your voice sounds like a choked chicken.
    Kagome: *sobs again*
    Director: CUT!! Get it right, Koga! Your supposed to think Kagome is one of the most beautiful woman you have seen in your short life! And say that her voice is like a goddess and not a choked chicken.
    Koga: Kagome, you're the ugliest of the most beautiful woman I've ever met, but your voice does sound like a choked chicken compared to the other woman I've met.
    Director: CUT!! *sigh* I give up...
    Sent in by: Cathy

    Inuyasha (to enemy): YOU are going DOWN! *takes out sword and it doesn't work* ...Wait...let me try again...*takes out sword and it doesn't work* ..Strange...didn't it used to get all big and cool before?
    Kagome (whispering): Inuyasha, press the button!
    Inuyasha: ...OH! Okay! Now, let's do that again! *takes out sword and it gets cool* Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about! *looks up* Eh.. where'd he go?
    Kagome: Sigh...
    Sent in by: Winnie

    Kouga: *Wind-dashing*... *Suddenly begins to cough* Cut! *Gag* I swallowed a bug! GAAAAAH!!! *Trips over branch* Ouch...
    Sent in by: Cyeku Kyudo

    Battle scene between Inuyasha, Shesshomaru and Naraku:
    Inuyasha: DIIIIIEEEEE!!!!
    Shesshomaru: Move over!
    Inuyasha: NO! You!
    Shesshomaru: Nothing on this planet will make me mov- *a kitten runs out of Naraku's castle*
    Naraku: Sammy?! *stars running after kitty*
    Shesshomaru in baby voice: AAAWWWWWWWW! What a cwute wittle kitty! Come here kitty kitty! *also runs after kitty*
    Inuyasha: But, what about the battle? *starts to ball his eyes out* I wanna fight!!! WHHAAAAAA!!!
    Kagome: Wow...
    Sent in by: Sinsi

    Director: Okay, lunch scene take one! Action!
    Kagome: Hey Inuyasha why don't you sit down here and relax for once? *Inuyasha's face hits the floor and everyone laughs* Sorry!
    Director: CUT! Lunch scene take two!
    Kagome: Inuyasha, why don't you take a seat beside me? *Inuyasha sits down*
    HAH! I told you I could get him to sit! *Inuyasha's face hits the ground....again*
    Director: CUT! Take three!
    Director (sleepily): Lunch scene, Take *yawn* 222.
    Kagome: Hey Inuyasha why don't you take a seat here beside me and relax for once? *Inuyasha walks in with an icepack looking paranoid* Just sit will you!!! BLAM!!
    Inuyasha: I swear she's doing this on purpose...
    Sent in by: Kira Neko

    Kagome: Inuyasha, sit boy!
    Inuyasha: *nothing happens*...*yawns*
    Kagome: Sit, sit, sit, sit ,sit!
    Inuyasha: *still, nothing happens* ...How come nothing happened?
    Kagome: I don't know *gasps* Where's necklace?!
    Inuyasha: *Looks down and looks worried* I forgot, I let Koga wear it.
    Kagome: *sighs* Your wrecking the show! You know you're not allowed to take it off!
    Inuyasha: Opps.... ^^;;
    Sent in by: Christina Britten

    Kogome: *studying*
    Inuyasha: *stares blankly at her*
    Kogome: *nudges Inuyasha*
    Inuyasha: *blank expression on his face*
    Miroku: (ahem)
    Inuyasha: *scraches his head*
    Songo: *stares at Inuyasha intensly*
    Inuyasha: *sweat drips down his face*
    Shippou: *crawls up behind Inuyasha's very sweaty head, and stares down*
    All: *stares at Inuyasha in a very moking way*
    Kogome: Noooo...SIT BOY!
    Inuyasha: *falls on face*
    Kogome: Now I am ^-^
    Sent in by: TAZSPAZ85

    Inuyasha: *Eating Ramen*
    Koga: *Sneaks off with Kagome*
    Kagome: *Screams* INUYASHA!
    Inuyasha: Koga! Hand over Kagome!
    Koga: No! Wait is that Ramen?
    Inuyasha: Yeah...
    Koga: I want the Ramen!
    Inuyasha: What? NO!
    Koga: You can have Kagome back if I get the Ramen.
    Inuyasha: What? I said no! This is mine!
    Koga: *Drops Kagome and fights Inuyasha for the Ramen*
    Koagome: What about me?
    Inuyasha and Koga: MY RAMEN! *Continues fighting*
    Kagome: *Sweatdrop, Vein* Koga fetch boy! *Throws a bone* Inuyasha? SIT!
    Inuyasha: *Falls on face*
    Koga: *Chases Bone*
    Kagome: *Eating Ramen*
    Sent in by: Sarah

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    Pokemon bloopers

    Most Recent Bloopers:
    Brock: Ash, I don't think it was a good idea to invite all your co-stars to a party.
    Ash: Why?
    Brock: The way Mewtwo and Deoxis are looking at each other, and ...
    A large explosion fills the air, with the sounds of battling legendary Pokemon
    Ash: Oh.
    Sent in by: Mippy Catawalka

    Ash: Woooooooow! Look at that Lugia! *Points at it*
    Lugia: Splot! *White stuff lands on Ash's face*
    Director: CUT! Lugia! Stop that! *Points at the Lugia*
    Lugia: Splot! *White stuff lands on the Director's face*
    Misty: Apparently, the Lugia doesn't like being pointed at.
    Brock: Yuk! Lets wipe that off your faces.
    They return to the same spot the next morning.
    Ash: Woooooooow! Look at that Ho-oh! *Points at it.*
    All apart from Ash: ASH!!!
    Ho-oh: SPLOT...
    Sent in by: Rory

    Team Rocket: Team Rocket! Shooting off at the speed of light!
    Director: *Stops the camera* CUT! Oi! It's blasting not shooting! Right! Take 2.
    Team Rocket: Team Rocket! Speeding off at the speed of light!
    Director: *Stops the camera* CUT! NO! IT'S BLASTING! Take 3.
    Team Rocket: Team Rocket! Flying off at the speed of light!
    Director: *Stops the camera* CUT! BLASTING! You idiots! TAKE 4!
    Team Rocket: Team Rocket! Blasting off at the speed of fright!
    Director: Moan...maybe it's time for a break...
    Sent in by: Rory

    Ash: Well, that was a good episode, eh Pikachu?
    Pikachu: Pee.
    Ash: Oh, what do you mean by that?
    Pikachu: Pika Pee.
    Ash: Hmmm...are you hungry?
    Pikachu: PIKA PEE!
    Ash: Do you wanna sleep?
    Pikachu: Pika Pika PEE!
    Ash: Have you--OH, NOT IN MY DRESSING ROOM!
    Sent in by: Stephanie

    Misty: There's something I've always wanted to say to you, Ash.
    Ash: What?
    Misty: YOU STILL OWE ME A BIKE!!! Sent in by: BadBlondeDesigns

    *From Pokemon; The First Movie*
    Nurse Joy: Meet the world's most powerful trainer and Pokemon!
    Crowd: *watches as Mewtwo floats down to the floor*
    Mewtwo: I am Mewtwo! Feel my wrath! Muahaha! Muah-*COUGH COUGH WHEEZE*
    Director: CUT! Mewtwo did you take your cough drops?
    Mewtwo: What cough drops? I have a cold not pnuemonia!
    Ash: You can still take cough drops well... Cuz a cold has a cough
    Mewtwo: Shut up, shut up! I will not listen! I am better than all of you!
    Director: *To Ash* When I told him to be ignorant i didn't mean for a stupid COLD! Sheesh!
    Mewtwo: *cries* Waaah! I'll be in my trailer 'cuz this is like the 40th take! *runs off crying* *Mew peeks out door*
    Mew: Mew mew mew! (What a big baby!)
    Sent in by: Sarah

    Ash (Talking to sleeping Snorlax): Now, I need you to move over there! *points to other side of the road*
    Snorlax: Zzzzzzz...
    Ash: There's a pizza over there!
    Snorlax: Zzzzzzz...
    Ash: Come on! Please?
    Snorlax: Zzzzzzz...
    Ash: What about 1 million dollars?
    Snorlax: Zzzzzzz...
    Ash (Talking to Brock): Hey, Brock, can I have a cookie? I'm pooped.
    Brock: Sure! *tosses cookie to Ash*
    Snorlax (Wakes up): MIIIIINE! *jumps up and grabs cookie in the air*
    Ash: HEY! MY COOKIE! *starts to cry*
    Brock: -_-;;
    Sent in by: Abby (in the pokemon 2000 movie) Slow...! Hope they are funny!!!!! happy posting!!!!!

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