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Ask to Join Animal Crossing New Leaf: Kingdom Adventures!

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. So today I bring you an animal crossing new leaf tale! Today we have the lovely Kingdom of Dazzling, ruled by the king and his family. In this town you will play as a human and up to 3 villagers. Here we are with the sign up stuff!
    Player Sign Up:
    Hair Color:
    Hair Style:
    Eye Color + Style:
    Bedroom in House:
    Other Rooms (do not fill out if you have a roomate):
    Exterior of House (only fill out if you are the first person to make this house):

    Villager Sign Up (you can make 1 edit to the villager, such as changing julian to a girl)

    Ok so here is my sign up sheets, I play a princess, Penelope, Chrissy, and Julian
    Name: Bella
    Rank: Princess
    Hair Color + Style: Blonde, long and wavy
    Eye Color + Style: Chibi eyes, blue
    Clothing: Cake dress, white leather shoes, crown/tiara (can be bought at Labelle's store, the one for 1,000,000 bells)
    Bedroom in House: All gothic white rococo, there is also a violin, a heart p balloon, a picture of julian, a picture of penelope, a picture of chrissy, a cd player, carnations, and a fancy doll
    Other Rooms: I live in the castle
    Exterior of House: Castle exterior style, golden roof, arched mermaid door, pink exterior, pink mailbox, pink mermaid fence.

    Name: Julie (I'm using the japanese version of Julian, exactly the same exept a girl)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Peppy
    Species: Unicorn

    Name: Penelope
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Peppy
    Species: Mouse

    Name: Chrissy
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Peppy
    Species: Bunny

    So now for the ranks.
    King: OPEN
    Queen: OPEN
    Prince: OPEN
    Princess: @MissPinkRebelle
    Regular Townspeople (multiple): @Miles The Torterra Rider
    Re-tail Shop Apprentice: OPEN
    Able Sisters Apprentice: OPEN
    T and T Empourium Apprentice: OPEN
    Gracie Grace Apprentice: OPEN
    Nook Apprentice: OPEN

    So fill out the form and join in, then find the actual RP!
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  2. This is my real player on animal crossing
    Rank:Regular Townsperson
    Hair Style:Brown, Loose And Messy
    Eye Color: Black
    Clothing:School Jacket,Red Boaters,Hero's Cap,Thick glasses
    Bedroom:Alpine bed,Some Nintendo items,Hammerhead Shark, Mama Panda Super Toilet and Tape Deck
    Other Rooms:None
    Exterior: Blue Roof ,Every Thing Else Normal


    Species: Dog

    Name: Pecan
  3. Ok join away, my character is my real animal crossing character exept the name is Abby because it is the name of an old OC of mine. Start RPing when ya like!
  4. ....this is my actual character I use in game....

    Name: Rory
    Rank: Regular townsperson
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Hair Style: messy
    Eye Color + Style: blue, arched eyes
    Clothing: 3d glasses, pink Corinthian in the hair, blue paints, deep blue tee
    Bedroom in House: upstairs, sleek bed, whale shark, futon, tv set, light blue game shelf, jukebox, classic bookshelf with a plum bonsai and emperor butterfly on it, checkered tile, mod wall, and a yoshi egg.
    Other Rooms (do not fill out if you have a roomate): just the main room and the upstairs
    Exterior of House (only fill out if you are the first person to make this house): chalet exterior , arched heavy door, blue brick pavement, blue roof, white mailbox

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