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Open Angels With Scaly Wings RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Justalonelyaxew, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Angels With Scaly Wings is a sci-fi visual novel/dragon dating simulator that puts you as the main protagonist of the story: a human. You are an ambassador of humanity that has been teleported through a portal to the world where dragons live.
    Yet still, this RP will take place before contacting with humanity (for not making spoiler to al of you who may be interested in playing it). Dragon civilization is very similar to ours at the present time, with a similar technology. Some mysterious murders have been occurring throw the last weeks. Who is the assassin? Why is he doing this?
    We will use the characters from the game, but feel free to create your own dragon if you want. (Feel free to ask me about the characters if you want to know more about it).

    1) Always be respectful of the other people of the roleplay.
    2) The main characters of the list above can't die or be the assassin (in case you want to be the assasin, and please... no guns if so, but you still can use your fire breath, teeth, claws or some sharp objects as weapons). One person can have 2 different characters (this may be modified depending on the number of people that want to join): one for the list above and another one that can create you.
    3) Gore is allowed but always keep it moderated.
    4) The length of the post can be very variable: you can post long or short post, but one line posts should be avoided, except if it's necessary, for example, during a conversation. Also, make sure to write properly. I don't expect a perfect writing either (especially don't expect that from me, English is not my native language and I usually make a lot of mistakes, but I still write as good as I can), but always keep in mind to write properly.
    5) If you want to take part in this, please, be regular. I don't expect to reply some seconds after another person post (I understand the logical time of reading, thinking, writing... other personal necessities, etc), but at least write something each one or two days.
    6) Have fun: this is the most important part roleplays.

    Character bio:
    Species: (I mean... If your dragon is a feral dragon, wyvern, anthro, "runner"...)
    Job: (if any)
    Backstory: (not obligatory)
    Other relevant information:


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