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DPPt/HGSS Angel Itami's trading/battling post

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Angel_Itami, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. I decided to make one topic for this (the rules didnt really say I couldnt) Anyway, here is the infor:

    Im looking to trade, and to battle. First I'll post the info about trading:

    Here is a list of what I am willing to trade away:
    Absol - Female - Shiny (lvl 1)
    Tentacruel - female - shiny (lvl 31)
    Seel - Female - Shiny (lvl 5)
    Golduck - male - Shiny (lvl 33)
    Mew - Shiny (lvl 53)
    Eevee - male - Shiny (lvl 10)
    Feraligator - Female - lvl 43
    Sceptile - female - lvl 36

    Although I am not looking for anything in particular, here is some pokemon I happen to be looking for:
    Ninetales - Male - Shiny (any lvl)
    Arcanine - Female - preferably above lvl 40, and nicknamed Blitzkreig
    Jolteon - Any gender or level (I collect them)

    Now for battling:
    I love to battle, sadly, not very many friends who like pokemon, soI decided to look for a place I could meet other pokemon nerds who might like to battle. here are the rules:

    No legendaries. Phione and Manaphy are legendaries, so is Mewtwo.
    Any level is allowed, I'll be using all level 100 (just to let you know)

    As for timeframe, Im free all day on Saturday and Sunday. Mon - fri I am open after school (time may vary depending on where you live)

    Hope to hear from people soon ^^
  2. I would like to battle. How about Saturday at........4:00 (pacific time)
  3. I really want that absol is there anything in particular that you want for it... i have plenty to offer. check my trading thread and if there is anything you want that you don't see just ask ill see if i have it or them...
  4. hmm. I am looking for a female Riolu/Lucario with the nickname Aura. Other than that, the only thing interesting me on your list is your female chimchar
  5. I'll take the Shiny Eevee if its legit =D

    What would yo like for it?
  6. Add me on MSN so we can have a battle!
  7. Secad MS

    Friend Code:
    I'll take the shiny Mew. What do you want for it? Look at my thread and pick something out if you want to.
  8. I'm interested in battling and your Feraligator. Name your pokemon. (I'll even throw in a Master Ball or Rare Candy with the deal.) :3

  9. (I hate legendaries as well. ) O w O
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    See, this is why the edit button exists. There's no reason to double post like that >>

    You've been warned. Read the rules please.
  11. Sorry! X3 (I don't like reading eheheh-kinda get enough of that haha.)
  12. Ill breed a riolu up and trade it and the chimchar for the absol. (you can just trade a starly or something for the other one)
    Is there any time this Thursday / Friday you can trade?

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