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Ask to Join Angel High (Superhero) RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ariados twice, Oct 20, 2016.


If I was to add another character later on, what of powers would you like him or her to have?

  1. Flight (with wings)

    4 vote(s)
  2. Flight (Without wings)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Good luck or "de-jinxing"

    0 vote(s)
  4. The ability to manipulate luck

    0 vote(s)
  5. Telepath

    0 vote(s)
  6. Technopath

    1 vote(s)
  7. Telekinetic

    1 vote(s)
  8. Necromancer

    0 vote(s)
  9. Ghost powers (something along the lines of Danny Phantom's powers)

    2 vote(s)
  10. Invisibility

    0 vote(s)
  11. Pyrokinetic

    2 vote(s)
  12. Other (PM me your answer)

    0 vote(s)
  1. This will sort of be like "Sky High" (for those who haven't seen it there is a school that floats in the sky, hence the name). There will be a few differences though. One of them being that all the students will learn First Aid (please try to be mature about this, and yes, this will include CPR). So this will be about teenagers with superpowers that are learning about how to be superheroes. I may ask for some assistance with some plot and schedule stuff (please bear with me). Anyways, here's the form-

    Appearance (may change when using powers):
    History (optional):
    How they got there powers (optional):

    Name: Koji Sakai
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'1
    Personality: Koji is optimistic and fun loving. She can be a prankster at times (no one has beaten her or tricked her with April Fools pranks yet). But at heart Koji is a kind girl and loyalty and trust are quite important to her.
    Appearance (may change when using powers): Normally she has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Koji wears black a lot so pretty much the majority of her clothing is that color. When she uses her powers, Koji's hair turns black and her eyes turn yellow.
    History (optional): N/A
    Powers: The ability to jinx people and/or objects. Some of the results of her powers include: people who normally aren't clumsy become clumsy, cars breaking down in some way, and metal objects rusting.
    How they got there powers (optional):
  2. Name:Manihi Dubois
    Personality:Mahini Is Super Sweet at first, But She Hides a More Darker, Insane Side. Her Insanity is a Curse of her powers, and Her Weakness.
    Appearance (may change when using powers)During When She doesn't use her powers her Hair is Dark brown and Wavy. She Has Brown Eyes. She Wears A Red BodySuit and Knee High Black Boots. When She uses her Powers Her Hair turns into fire and Her Eyes Glow red.
    History (optional):Manihi grew up in French Polynesia, A Collection Of Islands In the South Pacific.She had a Perfectly Normal Childhood.
    Geo Thermokinesis - She has the Power to create and manipulate lava, magma and volcanoes
    Golem Creation - She Has the Power to create Golems Out of Magma and Lava
    How they got there powers (optional):She was hiking a Volcano with her Grandfather and they finally got to the top. It was beautiful but dangerous. Manihi was looking over the edge when the Ground beneath her broke and she fell. She heard her grandfather scream her name but whens she hit the lava, she was fine. She discovered she could create and Manipulated magma and Lava.
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  3. Name: Tyler Hursden
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1"
    Appearance (may change when using powers): See trainer card for him. His power makes him grow bone wings like a fallen angle and his eyes turn red.
    History (optional):
    Powers: Necro manipulation. He can summon, control and use the dead and the shadows created by them and living creatures.
    How they got there powers (optional):

    edit the rest in later
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  4. You're in.

    That's fine. You're in.
  5. Name: Xeria Blekwood

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'2

    Personality: Xeria is very serious. She's nice to others , though, unless someone annoys her. She has a bit of a temper, but calms down very quickly.

    Appearance (may change when using powers): Xeria is slightly tanned. She has light blue wide eyes and black straight hair up to her waist. Her side bangs almost completely cover her left eye. Xeria almost always wears a blue cloak. She has light-colored dresses underneath, mostly sky blue. In addition to that, she also wears white leggings and white sneakers. While using her ability, Xeria's hair turns a very light shade of blue- almost white- and her eyes slightly glow.

    History (optional): N/A

    Powers: Xeria has psychokinetic powers. It's limited, though. It only includes being able to hover in the air and move objects up to twice her size and weight.

    How They Got Their Powers (optional): Xeria doesn't remember how. She discovered her abilities at the age of thirteen, but she doesn't remember anything special that would have caused it.
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  6. You're in. I'm going to give it about a day to see if any more people join.
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  7. Name: Realyn Thomas
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 feet
    Personality: Quick tempered and very witty, Realyn is extremely sly. She is a bit reclusive, dwindling her friend pool. She has no definition of good or evil, so she acts based on her opinions. She dislikes optimism, and acts out rashly. She can usually be found listening to music, reading, or yelling at someone who annoyed her.
    Apperance: Realyn always wears a blood red hooded cape, falling down to her ankles. She has dark black hair that expands to her waist, highlited by red tips. She has icy blue eyes and pale white skin. Rea wears a long sleeved black shirt and a black skirt with purple ruffles. She wears black laced combat boots up to her thighs, and a black heart locket around her neck. She has a belt with a assortment of knives attached. She is extremely skinny, allowing her to be extremely nimble and agile.
    History: N/A
    Powers: Realyn has the powers of the night, involving blending into shadows and blasting rays of darkness at her targets.
    How she got her powers: Realyn doesn't know. She was born with them.
    I hope this is satisfactory :)
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  8. Yes. You're in.
  9. Name: Girei Makuza
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 6'2"
    Personality: Girei is a more shy person. But she's tough when things come. If you bully her, she'll strike you with her powers (IN A SOFT WAY PPL NO KILLING HERE :'|).
    Appearance (may change when using powers): She has long brown hair, going down to her elbows, she has a blue anime outfit (Like, aqua). She has mermaid socks going up to her knee, and purple tennis shoes. When powers come, blue-green gradients (mermaid scales) go through her hands-elbows and feet-knees. A little necklace spawns of water droplets, spinning around counter-clockwise.
    History (optional):
    Powers: She has the power of Droplets. Power of Droplets make her allowed to control water droplets around her. She can carry other liquids too, but water suits her the most. Technically hydrokinesis.
    How they got there powers (optional):
  10. You're in.
  11. yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  12. when will the rp start?
  13. I almost forgot about this rp. I still need to figure out how I want to start.
  14. Name: osake karumiha
    Personality:kind,funny, and like of fights
    Appearance:red shirt, have one bracelet gived by he parents when he was a little baby, have one skull covering a good part of him face but normally he take out,blood red eyes,black pants and blue spiky hair
    Powers:control spirits to turn he servants,control peoples and can control bones
    How they got there powers (optional): all single person on he planet have that powers so.... is very commun
    History: osake is from the karumiha planet he was sended to the earth with just 3 years and after that day he just consider earth how he home
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  15. (Am I late btw?)
    Name: Evan Winter
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'5
    Personality: Evan is very cool and outgoing, he usually likes to hang around with others, he is calm and very friendly.
    Appearance (may change when using powers): Evan has messy white hair, Evan wears white sleeved shirt, dog tags, black pants, blue shoes
    He freeze half of his body when he uses his power.
    History (optional): N/A
    Powers: Evan has Cryokinesis or the power to manipulate and create ice. He also has cold immunity which is useful for his power.
    How they got there powers (optional):
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  16. Yes, follow the rules and you will be fine.

    Yes. The rp is up.
  17. Name: Felix Hobbs
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5"9
    Personality: Although relatively solemn, corporal, and reserved, he is softhearted and sympathetic by nature. He sees beauty in everything and rarely holds grudges. He is fond of nature and the outdoors and is most amiable on sunny days. He's modest and hates to show off. However, he sulks often, is prone to confidence issues, and finds it difficult to work independently.
    Appearance: It's not hard to see that Felix is no normal human. His skin is a pearly white and phosphorescent and his eyes are without pupils and a milky blue. A smattering of freckles dots his face and much of the rest of his body. He does have a pair of wings reminiscent to a bird's coloured with a gold-to-red ombre. However, he keeps them hidden and bound beneath his shirt, as he finds them hard to move with, doesn't know how to fly, and is terrified of heights. He's scrawny, but stronger than he looks. His appearence shifts to match his well being. Normally, his hair furls and moves with a mind of its own, like fire, and is a bright orange. As his health declines, his overall colour pales and the movement of his hair decreases. At the time of his death, his hair will be dark as charcoal and his skin will be the colour of ash.
    History: Felix Hobbs is the first reincarnation of the phoenix Anarki. As the name entails, his predecessor was banished from Arcadia for discord against the gods. Felix himself doesn't have an inkling of his life as his predecessor. He doesn't exactly integrate into society as well as he'd hope.
    Powers: TRANSFIGURATION - Can shift forms from a man and a bird.
    REINCARNATION - Upon death, he will crumble into ashes and be reborn. He will have no memory of his past lives.
    HEALING FACTOR - His tears have the ability to heal others, although he cannot use them on himself and can only use them on those he has a strong bond with.
    HEAT RESISTANCE: Fire and extreme temperatures. Though, water has the same affect on him as fire would to a human.
    How They Got Their Powers: They were granted to him, as were to all phoenixes, by the god of nature Pan.
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  18. You're in.
  19. Merci beaucoup ^^
  20. Name: Mark Derow
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2
    Personality: Friendly and outgoing, often confused for being rather flirtatious when doesn't intend to be. Very extroverted and loves a good party, yet surprisingly responsible and often the voice of reason. Often the older brother type to underclassmen
    Mark is the tall, lanky type with limbs that seem just a tad too long for his body. He's got a bit of lean muscles on his bones, but generally, he's a bit of a toothpick, although his tanned skin seems to indicate a life of outdoor labor. He keeps his auburn hair fairly long, so it tends to hang in his face and constantly requires being pushed out of his hazel eyes. In more formal scenarios, he pulls what he can back into a small pony tail, leaving some out in the front to frame his lightly freckled, thin face. When using his power, however, his muscles swell (not obscenely large, but definitely far more toned than he has normally). His hair turns pure white, and his skin goes nearly the same shade, with a touch of grey to it. The whites of his eyes turn black, and his irises turn a glowing gold color. His teeth turn very beast like, and his nails turn to black claws.
    History: Mark grew up an orphan, passed from foster family to foster family, not because he did anything wrong but because the system he was stuck within was pretty terrible, and he had incredibly bad luck. Finally, it seemed there was a suitable candidate to adopt him when he was about 12 years old. Well, it turns out that his new "father" was actually conducting human research in something like a Jekyll and Hyde experiment. After managing to get away from that house, he instisted that he needed to learn to control his other half and the powers that it brought, and was sent to Angel High to study.
    Inner Beast/Jekyll-Hyde Syndrome: Mark has something like a second personality, which transforms him into an incredibly strong beast, rather wolf like in his hunting abilities and incredibly skilled in attacking with his claws and teeth. This personality, however, is insane and unstable, almost completely out of his control. With time, he's learned to coerce the beast into working with him, and has gotten better at keeping the beast from escaping at random.
    How they got there powers (optional): His former adoptive father was doing illegal research using child subjects and trying to create a powerful monster that he could control. Luckily, Mark escaped before the man could realize that he had been successful, to some extent.
  21. You're in. The rp is up.
  22. (Never done an ask to join before, I'm assuming I just type out my character and you'll approve or disapprove so... juslemmeknowifIdidsomethingwrongthx)

    Name: Rio Fratohana
    Alias: Draco, she is protective of her identity out of habit, spends almost all her time in costume and goes by Draco.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'4"
    Personality: Rio has a little bit of sass and sarcasm mixed in with harmless teasing. She usually plays optimist, and seemingly always has a gentle grin on her face that more often than not doesn't quite reach her eyes. She can be slightly snappy, isn't afraid/ doesn't hold back her opinions. Nothing harmful, but when she is annoyed you'll know when she's annoyed. Overall, she is very loyal and has little regard for self preservation when friends are on the line. Can be loud and annoying at times, but in a way you simply have to role your eyes and call her out on it to make her stop. She doesn't mind. She seems like the type to easily make friends, and while she is social no one ever really sticks around for long. But that's ok, she's used to it.

    Appearance (may change when using powers): (I am sorry for how long this is don't kill me, *cowers*)

    Normally, she is thin and lanky, as in you can tell she usually doesn't get enough to eat even though she does. Her skin is a dark olive color that has clearly been tanned. Her hair is wavy, curly, black, all in all it looks like she came out of the ocean and dried her hair by speeding in a car with no roof. Gnarly scars, and some simple faded ones, cover her all over, but you only see the ones speckling her arms and a few spots on her eyebrows and cheeks due to her clothing. She has large wide eyes, and her face and nose are a little round. But her nose and face are also long and angular. To be perfectly honest you can defiantly tell she is half Hawaiian, people usually can't see her Egyptian heritage. Here is where it gets interesting. Her eyes have no white, the sclera are golden with a darker iris, and her pupils are slit and dragon like. Her ears are long and pointed, looking like a scaled cross of a horse or deer ear, and no they don't poke from the top of her head they are where her normal ears should be. Her hands and feet have ebony colored claws, and of course are scaled. Scales dot her shoulders, neck, hips, face, chest, and parts of her back like freckles in concentrated patches. The scales are a deep cerulean, and she has a pointed and slightly oriental crest of feathers poking from the back of her head through her hair and from her lower back. Her shirt and hair usually cover them though, you usually only see the tips poking out unless they are raised for whatever reason. (Shock, surprise, hostility, etc.) Oh, and she has one crooked tooth in the back of her mouth, this tooth along with its straight sibling on the other side are fangs.

    Her clothing is simple. She wears a dark grey sports bra and matching booty shorts. However, because we require appropriateness, she does wear grey jeans, a burgundy T-shirt with an orange maple leave design around the collar, and a jacket that has what appears to be olive green vest material and metal buttons. The jacket has light grey sweater like sleeves and hood, and has four large pockets, two where they normally are, and two over the chest. She always wears a tear dropped shaped pearl type necklace the size of her thumb attached to a silver chain. Also she wears no shoes, little rebel you...

    WHEN POWERS ARE ACTIVATED (Ho ho thought I was done didn't you? ;) ) She wears a plain blue mask only over her eyes, kinda magically fused to her face as in can't fall off or be removed. She gains a full skintight suite of some unknown material but has little round circles that appear to be scales that you can only see up cloooooose. Or when she's in the light cuz the costume is shiny *3*
    The costume matches her scales, as in its dark cerulean, but she has a white throat marking, and her entire stomach is covered but the white stops around halfway up her chest. The suite covers the claws on her hands but the fabric bends so you can still see them, but her feet instead are clad in what could be shoes, but the suite is all one piece you can't tell if there are shoes beneath it or no. The top of where here nails would be on the suite, along with three spots on her feet are black, when activated claws of pure light are formed. She has two black lines on her back, wings of pure light form there. Also, she still keeps her ears, fangs and feathers still show/poke out of the costume seamlessly. Around her waist is a scarf like belt which ties at the back and extends into a scarf tail. The end of the tail is cut up to look like feathers, and moves as if it actually were a tail. But you know, it's a scarf. The scarf is the same color as the rest of the costume, but also white on the bottom. If you look closely at her palms and bottom of her feet you can see she has mock paw pad designs.

    History (optional): Here's the gist of it. She HAD two mom's. Her Uncle-papa was the best friend of one mom, and was like a brother hence he is uncle. He offered to donate so the two women could have a kid, hence he is papa. Papa was Egyptian, Moms were Hawaiian and Irish. Hawaiian mom got cancer, she died. Other mom applied herself fully to scientific work, got a new job offer for a restricted lab, (Oh no never a good sign is it.) Family moves to Atlantis. Lost city you mean? Exactly, they use fancy schmancy technology to hide themselves, subtly offer people to move there, and no one is allowed to leave. Rio lives in the lab, mom gets abusive cuz Rio doesn't follow in her footsteps. Mom hears about ancient artifact, finds ancient temple. Rio finds necklace, knows whatever mom plans isn't good, hides necklace. Necklace has spirit of a dragon in it. She grows up with spirit, eventually things get too bad, Rio with the help and hesitation of spirit runs away. Dragon spirit is convinced by Rio to grant her the power in the necklace when a villain emerges. Rio is a homeless vigilante for about a year. She isn't the chosen one as in, she isn't the proper inheritor of the dragon spirit, so mutations occur. Rio eventually is fed up with the police hunting her she flies away from Atlantis, never mentions it again. Despite both her and the dragon spirit loving each other and not wanting to be separated, both still believe Rio is not the chosen one.
    She goes to school even though she pummeled the super villain because the dragon spirit says she should not only learn, but not be alone anymore. (Plus the main way she dealt with the villain and his underlings was through killing, both know she doesn't hesitate to kill her enemies now. Both realize this is not a good habit, both agree to go to school to learn how to break it.)

    Powers: She can fuse with an ancient dragon spirit. Other than gaining a fancy costume and simple things like enhanced senses, strength, and durability. (Not in the way you are thinking, she is only about 3 times stronger/more durable than a normal human, nothing major.) Her main attributes include using and bending light to her uses, such as making herself claws and wings made of pure light, condensing herself into light to run at light speed but ONLY IN A STRAIGHT LINE, and she can split herself into pure light copies of herself (Only 7, one for each color of the rainbow) but this final power uses a lot of energy and she usually looses her transformation after that, but if she doesn't use that she can remain transformed for around 2 days. This is how she will go to school, she is still protective of her identity. She can breath blue fire. But nothing else is special, she just breath it.

    How they got there powers (optional): She found a necklace that held the banished spirit of a dragon. The dragon is named Lenny, due to the curse Lenny is not any longer than Rio's hand. Standard western dragon, no horns, markings match costume, eyes match Rio's, no ears, feathers! Also feather wings :3 She can fuse with Lenny to become the vigilante Draco that no one knows about unless you've been to Atlantis, but since Atlantis "doesn't exist" even to the supers, Draco doesn't exist. Lenny also loves honey and must be fed after every transformation. Rio inherited Lenny's features and some dragon like behavior from being exposed to the power.

    (Sorry for how long this was but I get paranoid if I don't do my character's appearance justice and shtuff.... I really hope I did this whole ask to join thing right... ^^; )
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  23. It's fine. You're in.
  24. Introducing a new character a little sooner than I'd planned to.

    Name: Marco "Cupid" Valentine
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'2
    Personality: Witty, cocky, and usually sure of himself.
    Appearance (may change when using powers): When using powers- Blonde hair, blue eyes. Equipped with wings, bow and arrows. When not using powers- Same, but without wings, bow, and arrows.
    History (optional): N/A
    Powers: Flight.
    Arrows- Can either 1. explode on or seconds after impact, 2. Make people fall in love, or 3. Deliver an electric shock either the same voltage as a taser gun or stronger. All of the arrows effects depend on what Marco wants them to do.
    How they got there powers (optional): Unknown.
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  25. Wait, where's the link?
  26. Let me give it a try.
    Name: Senji Bern
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Shy, Kind, Smart, Athletic
    Appearance: Green dyed hair, Blue eyes, Black t-shirt, White shorts
    Height: 5 foot 3
    Powers: Can make weapons out of lasers
  27. Hey is it to late to join. if not then
    Name: Joshua Moreland
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Personality: Kind hearted, respectful,
    Appearance: Blonde hair that goes down to his ears, green eyes. usually wars a black polo shirt and slacks
    height: 6'3
    Powers: Telekinetic
    History: Joshua learned about his powers at age five. since then he has done his best to keep them hidden while he practiced with them. because of this he intentionally put himself into self exile while in middle school and early high school until he found out about Angle High.
  28. Is this a bit too late? Sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway-
    Name: Noelle Skye
    Age: 14 (If she's too young, then I'll change it to 16)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 1 meter 78 centimeters
    Personality: Noelle is very curious by nature, which can result in her asking questions that may be quite personal at times. She is also really honest, and she sometimes offends people without her meaning to. She is very loyal and will not betray her friends if she can help it.
    Appearance (may change when using powers): Noelle has turquoise eyes and black, shoulder-length hair with a silverish blue streak. She is usually spotted wearing a light blue Alice headband and dark blue sneakers. She changes her clothing sometimes but usually wears a turquoise hoodie.
    When her powers are in use, her eyes slightly glow(not grow. Growing eyes are creepy) and she looks more focused than usual. Other than that, she generally looks the same most of the time.
    History (optional): Too lazy to type.
    Powers: Telepathy, mind reading
    How they got their powers (optional): See history.

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