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Andrew's [Very First] Sprites and Splices.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Andisauras, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. I decided to make a thread for sprites/splices that I've made; I always love to share things with people.
    So, here's my first one! (It's me!)

    Name: Andrew H.
    Hair Color: Brown Black
    Eye Color: Forest Green
    Skin Color: Buttery Pale
    Based Off: Manaphy
    Favorite Pokemon: Manaphy, Whiscash

    What do you guys think?
    It IS my first splice/sprite. :D
  2. Pretty well done, I like the scarf at the waist, looks classy. Only nitpick I can think of is the fact that her shades look a lil too pale and merge with the skin to much.
  3. He's a boy, Jeydis. xP He's me!

    But thanks for the critique, I'll keep that in mind. ^^
  4. Hey hey! That's pretty good for your first splice! Nice use of the ninja' kids headband tassels for the belt! The only detail I can pick out is that his raised arms should be in front of his hair, not behind it.

    Other than that, awesome job for your first splice!​
  5. Terribly sorry, I have heard the name Andrew for a girl before and the long flowing hair and soft color palette mixed me up. ^^ Sincerest apologies.
  6. Thanks, Pixeity! I put the arm behind his hair mostly because the arms didn't merge well and I'm horrible at scrapping. xP And I thought it looked pretty cool. ;D

    Ha ha, don't worry about it, Jeydis. I have really pale skin and long/curly/flowy hair, ha ha. But I've never heard of a female Andrew. o:
  7. Nice job on the sprite, you should make more!

    I agree with what pixeity said you might want to change the arm.
  8. I'll definitely work on making more sprites in the near future! Thanks for the comments, everyone! ^^

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