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Ask to Join Ancients Unbound Roleplay Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by TheGrimmRemix027, Oct 6, 2019.


If this roleplay goes well should it have a sequel?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I don't know. All I know is that it is spooktober and I want to listen to Spooky Scary Skeletons.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. |/\|ANCIENTS UNBOUND|/\|​

    Centuries ago, in a time of great despair, humanity was threatened by a race of mana-based beings known as Unentities. These creatures were far too powerful for any weapon to oppose them, and soon enough, it seemed that all hope was lost for humanity’s survival. A lone forest-dweller, though, was able to conceive a way to extract mana from Unentities and use it against them.

    Soon enough, mages spread throughout the land, fighting back against the Unentities, and in just a year, they were eradicated. An age of advancement commenced as magic was further advanced, making life progressively more convenient as time went on. It wasn’t long before a way to weaponize magic was discovered, and a war broke out across the entire world.

    The human population was reduced by half because of the war, and once peace was finally achieved, it was decided that all practice of magic would be outlawed, and the concept of magic was once again thought of as nothing but an idealistic fantasy. Centuries later, though, in the peaceful kingdom of Raveria ruled by the benevolent King Harris, grief fell over the population when the King’s wife was lost to a fatal illness. Harris vowed to move on and to help his kingdom thrive despite his loss, but when his only daughter began to show the same symptoms of his late wife, he disregarded his people, instead choosing to spend all of his time and resources searching for a cure, even resorting to unethical experimentation.

    Despite his best efforts, the King wasn’t able to unearth a cure for his daughter’s disease, and her condition was worsening by the day. No longer bothered by the consequences, Harris resorted to a legend passed down through the royal family, and led an expedition to an ancient burial site, where the souls of the deceased were said to wander. When he arrived, Harris encountered what he could only describe as a vision, in which a man told him that he could cure his daughter’s disease if only he were to free him from his prison within the grounds through a chant in a long-forgotten language.

    Far too desperate to question what he heard, Harris performed the chant, releasing every spirit trapped within the grounds, including the one who spoke to him, who bonded with the King. The day the king returned from his expedition, it was found that his daughter’s illness had vanished, but more concerning was that all over the kingdom, gifted individuals were found to have gained extraordinary abilities, a large majority of which were beyond their control. Furthermore, those who obtained abilities claimed to receive visions of individuals who they had never seen before and were all seemingly influenced by those who spoke with them. It was soon found that when someone wielding what was then referred to as an “Ancient,” their Ancient, as well as the associated abilities, moved on to whoever was closest to them. Along with the rise of those wielding Ancients, though, another noticeable difference was the king's method of ruling, which had become much more strict and aggressive than before, so much so that the king’s daughter fled from the castle, disgusted by her father’s actions. Now, with a bounty on the princess’s head and a new prince being adopted by the king, a select few warriors are called to the castle for what they can only assume is an important mission.


    Ancients: Powerful Wizard souls that when released can give power to the person it possesses also sharing the body with that same person. These can only be seen and heard by their wielders and may not always come in the form they were alive in.

    Ancient Wielders: The ones that wield Ancients, humans unable to control the magic power wield the power in a weapon.

    Husks: Ancients who couldn't find a host and created their new bodies, deformed and scary. That is why they are called monsters. They will also have magical powers.


    1. Usual Pokecharms Roleplaying Rules.
    2. No controlling the story. (Don't make problems that involve your characters all the time. And don't try to be a part of everything. It gets kind of annoying.)
    3. No OP characters. I will decide if it's overpowered. Don't try to balance an OP power with a big weakness or a lot of weaknesses, just don't make that character have a power.
    4. Don't skip time at all. This could ruin a perfect spot for a plot point, make the timeline all messed up, and generally annoy some people. (Especially me.) Ask before you time skip in case other people are doing something. (We will ask you to delete the post that may have broken this rule.)
    5. Be Active.
    6. Please be patient with others and don't double post. Keep it to 3 lines minimum also.
    7. Please have decent grammar.
    8. Be patient with the creator he is only really on at night so you may need to find other ways to pass the time when he's out.
    9. No killing off characters without the permission of the creator or that character. (We will ask you to delete the post that may have broken this rule.)
    10. Don't go too far with a relationship keep it to kissing but nothing too explicit.
    11. When making a character make it original. (Blatantly copying a character. You can have some things that are based on a character such as powers but don't go Saitama/Goku level strong.)
    12. Do not make your own story inside the roleplay. I may permit it if it is exposition and is in one post explaining how you got there.
    13. Have at least three lines in your first paragraph and if you change paragraph, unless if it's a quote, it must be at least two lines.

    If you break any of these rules you will get a warning. (Some rules may cause me to give you two warnings or even zero.) I might give you an extra chance if I'm feeling in a good mood. You will be kicked out at the third warning. If you are kicked your character will be either completely deleted or killed off.

    |/\|OC Templates|/\|​

    ●Ancient Wielder:

    Physical Description:
    Ancient Name:
    Ancient Gender:
    Ancient Personality:
    Ancient Physical Description:
    Ancient Backstory:
    Magic Powers:
    Weapon of Choice:
    Clothing Choice: Within Reason (Medieval Fantasy)

    ●Ancient Husk:

    Physical Description:
    Magic Powers:
    Extra Info: (Weapon? Clothing? Other Info?)

    ●Regular Character:

    Physical Description:
    Clothing Choice:
    Extra Info: (Weapon? Other Info?)

    All of this could not have been done without the help of @Nintenduck thanks for the help sorry if you did not want a mention.
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  2. Looks cool. Mind if I join?
    Name: Frelio Asvorii
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Personality: Kind and mature, Frelio tries his best to become the new head of the Asvorii Royal Family.
    Physical Description: Frelio is a young man with black hair and light blue eyes. He is thin and tall.
    Backstory: Frelio was born as an only child to Lord Atakume Asvorii, Who ruled over City Kazewind. He had quite a hard childhood, as no matter how hard he tried, it never was enough for his Father. When Frelio was 13 years old, his mother died, because of an unknown illness. Frelio right now only waits for an occasion to leave the City and his Father.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ancient Name: Karna (Son of the Sun Spirit)
    Ancient Gender: Male
    Ancient Personality: Karna’s strongest weapon is his ‘will’. Possessing a strong will and a strong heart, he was the Hero of Charity who had never resented a single person despite experiencing all kinds of misfortune. He was a man who had given things special than anyone else, but never once was treated special himself. Neither proud nor arrogant, he was a hero who merely carried out a way of life that would not shame the name of his father from the moment he was born to when he was finally imprisoned.Karna may look cold, but in truth, he is a kind person, that always tries to help.

    Ancient Physical Description: Young man with long and white unkempt hair that almost appear transparent. His gaze is sharp like a steel blade with the red stone buried in his chest.
    Ancient Backstory: Karna was born in a small village, he lived with his mother and helped her in her Tavern. When Karna was 6 years old, he found out that he has some kind of Firepower. After some time of self-learning. He became a powerful wizard and warrior.

    On his journey to help people, he meets his Father. Who claimed to be the Sun Spirit, he traveled with his son some time and before he left. He gave Karna gold, magical armor, and the Sun Spear. Karna used them for the greater good and was called the "Hero of Charity". Hero, that was always helping and didn't want anything for his work.
    Magic Powers:
    *(Great Speed)- He can ran with speed of 1/6 mach. (it is around 200 km/h)
    *Flame creation, manipulation
    *Vasavi Shakti- {'Country level attack'}. Sun Spear reveals its true form (You need to have Sun Spear first), It creates the Sun, that later as a beam, attack his opponents. The attack is incredibly powerful, but it has a weakness. It is very energy consuming and may even kill the user.
    -"On the battlefield, there is no more weakness.
    My father, I ask for your forgiveness. For the first and last time.
    End everything, Vasavi... Shakti!"

    -"Know the mercy of the King of the Spirits. Indra, observe me.
    With this single strike, I shall inflict extinction.
    Be reduced to cinders, Vasavi Shakti!"

    Weapon of Choice: Lance or Spear (Receive Sun Spear later in the story)
    Clothing Choice: Frelio usually wears his white as a pearl armor. He may be sometimes seen with Noble black clothes. (Medieval Fantasy)
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  3. @Clite of Dragonbow I have edited everything a bit. Elements are not needed so if you would kindly get rid of the "Element:", "(light)", "(Fire)" you can keep your powers. Two things before I accept your character 1. Elaborate on Great Speed. 2. Fix your grammar a bit. I do not mean to be rude with the second one I would just like it if you fixed it so maybe some people don't get confused.
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  4. Understood
    I will *repair* my bio as soon as it will be possible

    Post Edited
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  5. I will have to think on it. I might join later on.
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  6. Ooh! I might join this when I get time to write a bio.
  7. This looks interesting, i may join if I also have the time to write a bio
  8. I might join this, it looks interesting.
  9. Please do feel free to make characters if you can roleplay. I get some people's lives are busier than others.

    @Clite of Dragonbow I have also made another change (this goes for everyone else too.) Please do state your character's age I changed the bio for the ones that need it.

    I also changed this: "Ancients: Powerful Wizard souls that when released can give power to the person it possesses also sharing the body with that same person. These can only be seen and heard by their wielders and may not always come in the form they were alive in."

    Name: Jericho Harold
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Personality: She is mostly a trickster with a talent. She likes pulling pranks and is quite nice. She likes making some friends but isn't a social butterfly.
    Physical Description: She has brown long hair, blue-greyish eyes, and is 5’7. She is very thin and slightly hourglass-shaped.
    Backstory: She was an orphan always had been until she became an adult stealing food from the more fortunate ones to give to the poor and to keep for herself. She would train herself in her own combat that is very unorthodox for the time. She grew up and started protecting people from murderers becoming the hero of her town. When the Ancients broke loose one of them chose her as their host telling her that she is now the wielder of a very agile moonlight stealing hero of war. After a couple of days of her thinking she went mad she finally agreed that this was how life was and started noticing powers she could have never imagined. When she saw and heard around town that warriors who possessed magical powers were needed she came right to the cause.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ancient Name: Bartholomew Moongem
    Ancient Gender: Male
    Ancient Personality: A very fatherly like figure. He was a father of 2 children. He is mostly a rough and tough guy with a strong stature and confidence that could both lift and put down a person in one second.
    Ancient Physical Description: Although he may have dark brown hair, blue eyes, a strong build, and many other characteristics. He shows up in Jericho's mind like a bear with a hat.
    Ancient Backstory: He was a blacksmith who figured out how to make moonlight into strength. He can recall some of his childhood and his life before his death but most of it was boring and just stories he could tell randomly.
    Magic Powers: The powers that were granted to Jericho is having heightened strength and agility based on the moonlight. A full moon meaning almost super strength and super stealth, and a new moon mean a normal human's strength and agility.
    Weapon of Choice: A weirdly shaped dagger
    Clothing Choice: She usually wears her hood, which can become a mask when pulled over her face, and jeans with pockets for knives along with blue gloves with little pockets for tranquilizer darts.

    Name: Terrence Harris the 1st (King Harris)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Although a most generous and fair ruling king. He has become sour and unfair, ruling with an iron fist. Many speculate it is because of all the hardship he has faced and things will get better soon.
    Physical Description: He is a strongly built king with dirty blonde hair with streaks of dark grey. His eyes used to be a lighter shade of brown but now changed to a stone green. His smile one of great charm and a nose that is a triangle with slight roundness at the peak.
    Backstory: As most royalty goes Terrence was born into the royal family being loved by the town as being the next great king. He always helped the kingdom addressing some of the more personal problems of the kingdom to his father, King Edmund Harris the 2nd. His father, however, was called Edmund the Idler. He sat idle in his thrown doing little to nothing but making sure his kingdom survived and didn't fall into chaos. Harris never really liked his father neither did Harris's mother. She had married him because it was chosen. As Harris grew up his father became sickly and began slowly dying, by the time Harris was 18 Edmund was at the brink of death. A month after Harris became king his father died. He promised his father that he would do 10 times better than he did and help the people. Harris found a Queen that loved him and that he loved back, Princess Pacifica White. He soon married her and they had a beautiful daughter together. Soon after Harris's mother died and he was devastated a bit but he still was the same King Harris and ruled justly and fairly. [The rest is explained in the plot above.]
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Weapon of Choice: Arming Sword.
    Clothing Choice: He wears a black cape with a raven and a purple eye, a blue undercoat, white pants, and a black crown that peaks with the shape of a raven's head and beak their eyes depicted by purple jewels.

    The Ancient will be played by @Nintenduck. If he so chooses.
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  10. I am interested, but I will make a character when I have a moment, probably tomorrow.
  11. Sorry, I've been busy, so I haven't gotten around to making my characters yet. I'll probably get around to doing that tomorrow.
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  12. I'm interested. Bit busy right now so I'll do it tomorrow.
  13. Got it you don't really need to join I was only asking if you were interested.
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  14. I am, just trying to think up a character ; p
  15. Here it goes

    Name: Logan Maverick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: He is a very serious guy, and not the easiest to get along with, once you do get through to him, he is actually a caring person.
    Backstory: He was 18 when he met his ancient, he doesn't know much about the encounter, but after that, he lost his parents, and eventually trained to where he is now.
    Ancient Name: Tomoe Gozen
    Ancient Gender: Female
    Ancient Personality: She was a warrior, and was amongst the most powerful fighters in her era.
    Ancient appearance: She was a woman about 5'4" with a beautiful figure, same in Logan's mind.
    Weapon: An intricately decorated bow, or a katana, or a Naganita.
    Powers: He gained a vast knowledge in Archery, Swordsmanship with a Katana, and Spearmanship with a Naganita, and the ability to imbued Fire into his weapons.
    Personal Clothing: He wears a blue shirt, from the era, chain mail under that, and formal pants of the era, chain mail underneath, and a cloak without a hood.
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  16. @Cmeriwether It has only really been a month or two since the incident happened. So I would suggest changing your character's backstory a tiny bit.
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  17. @Cmeriwether Your character is now accepted.
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  18. (Terrence Harris' Ancient)
    Ancient Name: Trefos Drellew
    Ancient Gender: Male
    Ancient Personality: Trefos is cold and calculated, considering every possibility before carrying out a plan. Because of this, his true personality is almost never seen, as his words are only ever meant to appeal to others and make them follow him. To those he manipulates, he sounds righteous, seeming to them like a beacon of hope. That hope, though, is exactly what he intends to capitalize upon.
    Ancient Physical Description: Trefos appears only as a shadowy figure with no notable discerning qualities besides two cold, almost stone-like green eyes.
    Ancient Backstory: Classified for plot-related reasons
    Magic Powers: Trefos allows Harris to produce living mana which, if left without a host, will gain sentience, only abiding by its own laws. If infused into something though, the mana's individuality will fade away, or in the case of a human or creature, enter their subconsciousness much like an ancient. This ability only allows Harris to control mana within objects, as sentient mana serves only itself unless a more powerful mana-based being is present, and that which is infused into a creature or person will be theirs to control.

    Name: Victoria Harris the Second
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Personality: Victoria was raised to be fair and just, only acting when necessary, and always assuring that her actions are for the greater good. Because of this, she can often act recklessly when she believes that what has been done is wrong, even going as far as to disobey those of higher authority. Despite her occasional recklessness, though, she sustains a formal tone regardless of the situation, which can make more casual situations troublesome.
    Physical Description: Her dirty blond hair, once tidy and well-combed, is now unkempt, and falls clumsily past her shoulders. Her eyes, a bright shade of brown, convey an aura of tenacity, clashing somewhat with her once delicate appearance. Her skin is now rough, almost brittle, with a noticeable scar, seemingly from a blade, at the back of her neck.
    Backstory: Victoria was born the daughter of King Terrence Harris the First, and was, throughout all her life, taught by her mother to be fair and just. Especially when it was found that her mother could no longer bear any children, Victoria took it upon herself to prepare to one day rule her father's kingdom benevolently. Favoring the citizens rather than the nobles, she was favored by the people of Raveria. It all changed, though, when her mother grew ill. Victoria refused to leave her mother's side, Even when she was strongly advised to by the kingdom's best doctors to leave in hopes of avoiding the illness herself, she wouldn't allow herself to, insisting that she was all that kept her mother alive. It was assumed it was only an excuse to stay with her mother, but sure enough, on night, when Victoria was carried out of the room after falling asleep, the queen passed away shortly after. The kingdom was distraught. Their only beacon of hope left was Victoria, but once she fell into the same sickness as her mother, all hope was lost. It was as if the very soul of the kingdom had been ripped out. Victoria remained in her comatose state until awakened by what seemed to be a strange force. As she learned more about this force, however, she grew disgusted with her father's actions, determined to use the force she acquired to regain the peace Raveria once cherished.
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Ancient Name: Pheonix
    Ancient Gender: Male
    Ancient Personality: Rash and easily-angered, Pheonix is constantly trying to convince Victoria to act less carefully, swiftly growing impatient whenever she ignores him. Though Victoria usually dismisses his suggestions, he can convince her to act more recklessly than usual in certain situations, especially when she's forced to make a decision without thinking. Pheonix has no concept of justice or injustice, only interested in satisfying his thirst for excitement. Fortunately, dethroning a corrupt ruler is exactly the kind of adventure he wants to see.
    Ancient Physical Description: Pheonix appears as a small sparrow, barely big enough to be able to fly. When he's excited, sparks erupt from his head, but never enough to ever light even the weakest of fires.
    Ancient Backstory: Pheonix was created by Trefos to heal Victoria's illness. She later named him, and he's been irritating her ever since.
    Magic Powers: Phoenix gives Victoria the ability to heal herself and others at will. While it can make her impossible to kill if used correctly, as she can regenerate any wounds sustained during a fight, she must do so manually, as Trefos only gave Phoenix enough power to heal her illness himself, and nothing more.
    Weapon of Choice: She wields a steel rapier that she stole from the armory before fleeing the castle.
    Clothing Choice: As armor is unnecessary to her, Victoria wears light assassin's clothing complete with a mask, as it allows her to traverse densely-populated areas without being noticed.
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  19. Not quite finished but I'll finish it later.

    Name: Alison Silverstone (Allie)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Personality: Bright, bubbly, and filled to the brim with charisma. Allie's a bit of an oddity, coming off as rather immature and takes a headfirst approach to life. Nothing can knock her down, and she's nearly always happy.
    Physical Description: She has long brown hair and eyes of an identical color. She stands at a height of 5'7, and has relatively pale skin.
    Backstory: Allie was always a relatively normal child, albeit quirky. She was born to a relatively normal family, but forced Allie to leave home early - due to wanting her to see the world.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ancient Name: Vix
    Ancient Gender: Female
    Ancient Personality: Similar to Allie, but even more quirky and a bit less overeager. Has a strong protective instinct, but loves to have fun. She tends to be mischievous.
    Ancient Physical Description: Think Kumu from Glitchtale, but slightly less.. malevolent. Vix appears as a small incorporeal blue sphere, slightly bigger than a fist, seemingly composed of a cold blue energy.
    Ancient Backstory: In her life, Vix was one of the more inquisitive wizards - always playing with her magic, seeing what she could do - and she loved playing pranks. Vix became Allie's Ancient when she seemed to take a liking to Allie's spirit.
    Magic Powers: Her general ability is cryokinesis, with some skills in psychic abilities such as telepathy and teleportation. Her specific skills are TBD.
    Weapon of Choice: Dual Katanas
    Clothing Choice: TBD
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  20. @EeviumZ take your time while writing the backstory and make sure it fits with the story. I will accept your character when it is obviously finished but so far it seems good.
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  21. Name: Mallick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Personality: somewhat socially stunted, Mallick isn’t exactly great at interacting with people, despite this he does possess a strong moral compass. Though since being possessed by Scorpius the pair have been in constant conflict regarding the pairs differing sense of right and wrong.
    Physical Description: 5’9 with a relatively strong build, his eyes had initially been a warm hazel before turning orange following Scorpius’ possession. Undoubtedly Mallick’s most noticeable feature is the thin dexterous scorpion tail sprouting from the base of his spine. A recent addition due to Scorpius’ presence within him.
    Backstory: Mallick was raised in a relatively well off family, his father a military advisor to the local lord and his mother an academic researcher, as such Mallick was trained from a young age in the ways of combat from the best trainers available. It was no surprise to either of his parents when he announced he was to become a wandering ranger, patrolling the lands and carrying out the needs of lords and low borne alike if they could afford him.
    It was during one of his many ranging quests, this one in particular to bring a local bandit leader to justice, that the spirit of Scorpius possessed him, the sudden appearance of a 7’5 human-scorpion hybrid sending Mallick’s blade slicing through the thin air the Ancient had seemed to inhabit, narrowly missing the head of the bandit leader, who at this stage was Mallick’s captive. Immediately begun Mallick’s transformation, falling to the ground and writhing in pain as his spine lengthened and extended out beyond his body piercing though his skin and trousers a mass of raw flesh and exposed bone. The Ancient’s magic preventing Mallick from bleeding out as the new tail set and solidified, though doing nothing to lessen the excruciating pain of the ordeal. Once the worst of the pain had subsided begun the pairs conflict regarding the bandit’s fate. Mallick arguing that it was not his role to determine what form justice would take while Scorpius countered that death was the only true form of justice. The sudden mutation had left Mallick’s mind clouded with pain and conflicting thoughts as Scorpius tried to fully seize control of his body, the newly formed tail striking out wildly and piercing the confined Bandit’s neck leaving a large open wound as blood dripped from the since recalled tail spike.
    Ashamed of the atrocious act he had inadvertently performed Mallick isolated himself deep in the woods determined to conquer his abilities or end his life before they could conquer him.
    Weeks past and Mallick re-emerged from his isolation, having gained at least a decent level of control and mastery over his new abilities, though the philosophical conflict with Scorpius continued. Mallick returned to his ranger duties though he begun to accept far more mercenary-like tasks than he had before, an indication that despite his best efforts Scorpius’ presence within him had indeed had an impact upon his psyche.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ancient Name: Scorpius
    Ancient Gender: Male
    Ancient Personality: Psychotic and Murderous, Scorpius draws pleasure from inflicting pain upon others.
    Ancient Physical Description: Scorpius always takes the form of a scorpion human hybrid. A large scorpion body sprouting from beneath his torso. His long unkept hair flowing over his shoulders and along his back. While his eyes have taken on a piercing orange hue with sharpened teeth and a pair of mandibles. Completing his hybrid look are the loose straps of leather holding his leather armour to his misshapen chest, a rough tear on either side of the garment to allow the pincers sprouting form his lower body the ability to move freely.
    Ancient Backstory: In life Scorpius had been a self-professed master of alchemy and poisons, using his magical abilities to augment and enhance the toxicity and characteristics of his concoctions. Though the ruling powers would never admit it they simultaneously feared and needed him, knowing that to offend him was to court death via an awful brew. It was when Scorpius begun experimenting with transmutating humans with wild-beasts that he was banished into the wildlands, a huge bounty placed upon his head should he ever return. Though this time free from supervision also allowed him to perfect his craft, successfully mutating himself into his scorpion hybrid form before setting out on a murderous rampage massacring entire villages for sport, though he bit off more than he could chew when he deemed himself invincible and tried to singlehandedly overthrow a ruling lord, who mounted an entire garrison to hunt down the abomination of man and beast.
    Magic Powers: Scorpius allows Mallick to create deadly venoms and poisons at will. Which can be placed upon weapons or administered directly into opponents via Mallick’s Tail stinger, this ability also grants him resistance to most toxins be then natural or alchemically created.
    Weapon of Choice: Soul-hollow, a 32” Damascus bastard sword, the cross guard is shaped like two half open pincers sprouting from the hilt. A single cut Cinnabar takes pride of place in the center of the cross-guard. Mallick also carries with him a small crossbow, primarily used for hunting, though he isn’t objected to using it in combat, acting as an easy way to inflict his victims with a potent toxin or elixir.
    Clothing Choice: Mallick’s clothing more often then not consists of a mix of steel plate and hardened Leather Armor, dyed a grey brown hue, he completes the look with a small hooded cloak clasped across his chest with a pair of scorpion clasps. Following his possession he had a small slit cut in his trousers to allow his tail through much to the dismay of the armorer who had carefully crafted the pieces.
  22. @Frontier Master Your character is definitely accepted. It really captures what I want in a character for this. A slight to large change in personality because of the conflict between the Ancient and it's Wielder. Thank you. Also, I know you of all people know this but do balance the potency of the poisons and toxins.
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  23. Of course please let me know if I over do it.

    when can we expect the RP Thread to be up?
  24. I’m away until tomorrow in the late afternoon, but I’m definitely still in.
  25. Doesn’t the abundance of powers you have given your charater -you literally imply your character is a god or at least half god of some kind- break rule 3 of the first post? Namely the following.

    “No OP characters... Don't try to balance an OP power with a big weakness or a lot of weaknesses, just don't make that character have a power.”

    Just an observation
  26. @Clite of Dragonbow I do agree I was going to let it slide to see how you would balance your character. But seeing as how you play some of your other characters I may have to ask you to really tone down your character's powers.
  27. @Clite of Dragonbow unless you change your character you will be unable to roleplay. If you have already please tell me specifically what you have changed. I'm sorry if this seems rude in any way but I now see that I was being quite lenient with you and I feel if I am too lenient others will run all over me too.
  28. I understand
    I have quite busy time now, so I will think later how to change it, or I will make a new character from basic.
  29. I know, I'm just trying to figure out how to give a good introduction. (Also, I finished the Ancient Backstory on Vix's bio if you'd like to see.)

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