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Ancient Credits...

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by Gil Skirata, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. So a LOOOOOOONG time ago I was a frequent user of GaiaOnline and was part of the pokemon community there and was a one time candidate for the Bug gym on one of the bigger communities there...But I was mostly known for my sandstorm team and my Weavile. So I had two sprites made...But I have no idea if I could ever find the credit for them. Would I be able to use them here if I couldn't find the exact thread or PM to credit the artist?

  2. (disclaimer: not a staff member)

    Hiya, and welcome to Charms!

    Now I'm not super well versed in this subject, but I should be able to give you a somewhat decent answer. What exactly do you want to use the sprites for?
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