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An Unfortunate Incident

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Sir Red, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Sir Red

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    Authors note: Holy Crap, I haven't written a story in years and years...I'm gonna be so damn rusty. I apologize for any and all typos/mistakes. Didn't have time to properly proof this. Also, I apologize for the quality of it. >>;;


    I guess that I should start by introducing myself…yeah that seems about right…anyway, I’m Mike, or Red to my friends (not that Red). Anyways, I am a Pokémon trainer…well was. I recently decided that it would be a whole lot nicer to just settle down some place quiet and secluded and just enjoy life. This may not sound so strange to some people, but to me it’s quite the change from my previous globe-trotting life style. Things were a mile a minute and I was always looking for something to get my blood pumping, whether that is Pokémon battles, gambling, or just stupid and dangerous feats of…stupidity.

    But after years of living that type of life style, I have decided it would in mine, and my Pokémon’s, best interests to settle down and try and make a legitimate living as part of a functioning society. I recently bought a quaint little house with a sprawling backyard that runs right into young, spacious forest. Needless to say, I did not pick this house because of the house itself. This home will be more than adequate to give my Pokémon plenty of room to roam free and enjoy themselves, heaven knows they deserve it.

    Anyways, enough of my incoherent rambling, on to the ones actually worth talking about, the Pokémon:

    The wind rustled through the leaves of the large ginkgo tree outside my window and then pushed on and lifted the shade up a bit allowing sunlight to briefly pour into my bedroom, stinging my eyes and forcing me to shut them in pain.

    I had been lying in bed awake for a while now, as I usually do, but I begrudgingly knew that I had to get up and start my day. Before I sat up in bed I lifted up a small creature that had been curled up sleeping on my chest. My hands wrapped around a smooth, blubber-like aqua colored body and gently lifted it up and off my form and set it down on the bed next to me. She immediately blended in with the light blue sheets as I tucked the little Water type in.

    I swung my feet out over the outside of the bed and stood up quietly, my feet touching down on the cool wood floor of my bedroom. Being as silent as possible I walked to the bathroom and shut the door. I pressed my ear to it to make sure that I had not stirred the little Vaporeon from her slumber on my bed, and I was good for once.

    Smiling to myself I turned on the shower and stepped in, letting the warm water pour down on me in a relaxing manner. As I reached for the soap I felt something brush against my leg. Looking down I saw my little Vaporeon quietly splashing around in the water in the shower, making happy little noises to herself.

    I stared at her blankly for a moment, and wondered how she had gotten into the shower. As I stood there pondering, the aquatic Pokémon looked up at me and mewed happily. I smiled down at her and splashed some water at.

    “Silly little Umine…” I said, poking her with my foot, to which she responded by blowing some bubbles up at me in a playful and impetuous manner. She always loves trying to play in the shower, more than any other place for water really. Umine seems to always be cold, and thus she loves the nice warm shower.

    After our shower was finished and I was dried and dressed, I walked down to the first floor and into the quaint little kitchen. I made myself a breakfast at walked to the back door, sliding it open and I stepped out onto the wooden deck and squinted out over my backyard. Umine gently brushed up against my leg and nudged my attention to the far left side of my backyard, where my nursery stood.

    That was how I was able to make a living, I breed Pokémon. Even occasionally training them myself, or taking in abandoned or forgotten Pokémon. I essentially run a giant nursery. To take care of running all of this I get help both from various people from around the area, as well as my very own Pokémon. One Pokémon in particular works as the supreme mother for everyone there, myself included.

    And it was the proverbial mother that was causing the scene that caught Umine’s eye. A rather large green quadruped dinosaur looking Pokémon was poking its head all over the area around the nursery. Two thick vines extended from the large flower around its neck and felt around in the small areas that it couldn’t reach its head into.

    This couldn’t be good. Aster was usually one of the few to never lose her cool over anything. I scratched my chin and decided it would be good to get to the bottom of it. So I set my breakfast down on the little white table on the deck and started to walk down the small flight of stairs when suddenly I remembered that I had a meeting with the Pokémon Professor today. I cursed under my breath. I needed to delegate, and I knew just the guy for the job, and I knew just where to find him.

    I quickly walked back into the house and straight through it and out the front door and onto the porch. And there he was, right where I could always find him, watching out over the horizon and thinking. Sitting atop the banister was a little blue turtle who had one of the most serious and commanding gazes I had ever seen from someone so young, it startled me at times.

    “Anaklusmos,” I said as I approached him from behind, he didn’t stir from his position. “Aster is in a big tizzy about something, I need you to go see what’s up buddy. Umine and I have to run, we’ll be back later.”

    And with that I set off at a run down the road towards Sandgem Town, Umine leisurely trotting along at my side. After a moment I peered over my shoulder and smiled as I could see that Anaklusmos was no longer sitting out front. Something else briefly caught my eye as it descended from the cliffs to the East; a large winged beast tore through the clouds and headed towards my farm at a rapid pace. Ignis was being called in; apparently things were worse than I originally thought.

    Maybe I should have stayed…?

    I plan to change the point of view a few times throughout, so very little of it will be written from "my" POV (which is great news for all of us :'D).
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    Re: An Unfortunate Incident [PoChaNoWriMo]

    You're doing just fine. Remember, PoChaNoWriMo is about output, not being flawless. Good luck, Red! ^_^
  3. Re: An Unfortunate Incident [PoChaNoWriMo]

    Hehe, and you said you haven't written in years? This certainly doesn't show it, Oniisan~. *Huggles.* I"ll be looking forward to seeing more of your tale. ^_^
  4. Re: An Unfortunate Incident [PoChaNoWriMo]

    I want to read more! Seriously Red, this is really cool, and I really like it. I definitely want to read more.
  5. Re: An Unfortunate Incident [PoChaNoWriMo]

    This story isn't good...
    IT'S GREAT!!
    The characters are great, I love the plot, can't wait for more!

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