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An RP from Firefox @.@

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by LaenVulpix, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. [[OOC- Katie was talking about making new RPs here, and...I am! -headbutts a nearby wall- I dunno where this plot is exactly supposed to go...so feel free to integrate any species you'd like into it...-shifty eyes-...but don't slaughter the RP and drag it to dark places, pweeze. x.X -will likely surrender it to other peoplez, 'cause she phailz at plot- It seems kinda (really) chunky and boring I bet...erm...but people could liven it up? And I know my character seems....seems...@.@...but it gets better!?!11!11!?.... :-\ -slinks away sadly-]]


    The outskirts of the forest, distinctly less overgrown than the thicker, tangled inner reaches that came to be as one ventured within, were flecked with the value of life known as spring. The moss clinging ritualistically to a wide variety of surfaces, precedently dry and failing to maintain its position as a tufted layer of green along ridged trunks, decaying logs, and frozen stones, presented itself once more as a damp and spongy substance. The feeble, threadbare limbs of spindly trees danced with the suggestions of budding leaves, a first coat to cloth the forest later on. Pinpricks of green erupted from what had been winter's frosted soil, umbrellas of emerald and solemn suggestions of the unbroken flood of energy surging though the region.

    A timid, innocent fluttering of the eyelids, and a set of large, crystalline, and eerily mystic silver eyes greeted a budding canopy and the heavens beyond - all behind a soft sheen of white. They blinked slowly in a complex mixture of confusion and curiosity as a pale, slender hand rose, quavering, to deflect the sunlight filtering into the silver orbs in blithesome, broken shafts. Focusing on this new,apparition, the eyes blinked again. The limb sported a common five fingers, each slender and unblemished. These were curled uncertainly until the eyes blinked a third time, when they extended in such a confirmatory manner that was undeniable that the eyes blinked again. For the first time they shifted, panning to both the left and the right before centering on the wavering hand again and traveling from it down to the cloth dangling loosely from the wrist - the eyes' wrist. This garment, a painful, clashing shade of deepest ebony, clung thinly to the slender, yet not bony, wrist, and trailed away. Out of sight.

    Chiir chiii chi chi chiiiiir...

    With a lethargic motion befitting of a person submerged in a dream, the clothes' owner rose into a lackadaisical sitting position, shimmering silver eyes still observing an upraised palm. The loose, hooded black garment hung from it's shoulders, baggy enough to reveal the figure's collar bone before encasing it in folds of dark fabric. A singular line of silver trailed curiously down the oversized garment's center, framed by two diamond-like jewels dangling by casual hoodie-style strings of matching velvety-black.

    After several minutes, the figure lowered its hand, enitirely acceptant that it'd result in pain to leave it stationary in midair for prolonged periods of time. A dazed smile lingered about its face, small but not nonexistent, as it puzzled out the sheen of vague white clouding its vision; its hair, an unnaturally white and fine specimen, dripped with water, slicked and wet and draped completely in its innocent silver eyes. Cautiously the figure lifted one hand and, still dazing absently at (and through) nothing at all, wiped the soaked locks of thin hair from in front of its unblemished face. There. The awkwardly ignorant smile faltered then regained its hue as the starlight-silver eyes traveled down to a new source of interest. Ignoring the bunched ebony material that devoured his hand whole when given the opportunity, the ditsy figure fumbled towards a timid, peaceful gurgling murmur.

    Its hand was cloaked in an icy, unmatched coldness as it was braced against several slippery, moss-clothed stones, but the muted form was unflinching. Here, amidst an intriguing flow of clear yet material liquid, a vague reflection rebounded upon it, unhindered by drenched white hair falling silkily to curtain its face. The figure leaned in, tilting its head to one side, noticing the dual feline ears separating its hair in their curious manner; the fur was as impossibly black as the mysterious garment clothing the figure, albeit with contrasting white tufts of fur aligning it's inside. Equally new to the newly-awoken form, a sleek, metallic collar circled it's pale throat, lacking any clasps or means of removal - it revealed no imperfections, actually, other than a minuscule hole directly in front, where a silver dog-tag dangling benevolently.

    "That wasn't there before." the figure admitted placidly, in a voice devoid of any sign that it hadn't been used in...however long it'd been since it had spoken.

    The birds tittered overhead, and he blinked up at them, searching for an answer to his blatantly unspoken question -

    "So now what do I do?" The figure, he, asked the pacific forest in a lighthearted tone.

    [[OOC - :-X...-silence-...I GEIV COOKIES TO YOU IF EWE TRY TEW RP!....-discreet bribe- And PM/IM me if ya' gots any questions, 'cause I weill answer them. -nawds-]]

    [[[OOC OOC- Piccu o' my charrie, 'cause his description = PHAIL. Like this post. http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w254/Evanguarde/Loli-Boy.png]]
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Right. Let's do this then. >>

    She breathed the cool morning air in, watching the light filtering silently through the leaves, her face hidden by the curiously light fabric of her cape's hood, save for a few wisps of light brown hair that escaped from the hood's cover every once in a while. The fabric had an almost alabaster-like quality to it, a soft crystalline sheen, strange refractions of purple, blue, white and no color at all rippling-flowing across its surface, depending on the angle the light hit it, and was trimmed, at its sleeves and the sides of the hood, with strange, runic jeweled patterns that currently gleamed in deep sapphire.

    She was tallish, and the way her cape rested against her body, she was of slender build. The cape flowed over her lithe body, covering it completely, held only at the collar with a small triangular silvery clasp, a specially morphed gem set within it - a flame set above an azure sky shining over a blue ocean, seen through a series of mountains, green grass at the bottom - the pyramid of the ancient elements, symbol of the Elementalist mages of old.

    "Do you feel it, Whisper?" she asked. Her voice was soft, distinctively feminine, and had the resonance of crystal bells chiming by the light caress of wind.

    She was replied with a strange, magical-sounding echoing cry from her mount, the fae dragon's making almost no sound as it walked with graceful, elegant strides on the tips of its long, slender paws. It was a beautiful, slender-bodied quadruped, roughly horse-sized, its iridescent skin and plumage scintillating in the early light of dawn with all the colors of the rainbow set against a pure white underside - neither beast, nor bird. long, slender limbs tipped with paws baring small claws propelled the creature silently upon the forest floor, the front limbs longer than the back ones and looked like they could have been used as arms if so the creature wanted. In the tip of a moderately long neck was a head with qualities both reptilian, amphibian and insectoid, glistening oval crystal eyes changing their color to a placid teal, mothlike antennae twitching silently. Light refracted off fin-like ridges on the creature's head, neck and long whiplike tail, creating swirling, marble-like reflections upon it, the edges of each spine-like growth tipped with a bioluminescent node. The tail itself was tipped with three long, peacock-like plumes. But the most curious thing about the creature. were a pair of smallish elytra-like structures that were attached to its shoulderblades, like the covering-wings of some insect, gleaming with strange black splotches and spots in a pattern similar to the markings on the multicolored upper segment of the creature. They were folded tightly against its body, covering whatever they may have been hiding completely.

    "Yes, a mystery within an enigma." the woman replied "Something within this forest has awakened by the flow of life. It may be what we're looking for, but... Either way, We shall rest here." she said, and the fae dragon stopped, allowing its rider to dismount, eyelids fluttering opened and closed, turning its head to its rider and being awarded with a soft caress of its cheek. The creature purred in response, nodding silently, and then walked softly to a nearby river, dipping its head and taking a drink of the water while the girl stretched lightly, reaching up to a nearby evergreen tree with vivid green leaves that looked like feathers, the tips of longish delicate fingers briefly visible as a blue, apple-like fruit fell directly into her hand. She nodded in approval, and brought the apple to her lips, preparing to bite into it, when an alarmed call from Whisper caused her to turn her head in the creature's direction. The fae dragon seemed alert, and its inquisitive, blue gaze was turned to the bank of a river, where a young, odd-looking male was kneeling, one hand submerged in the water while another was held to his chest. He was dressed in black and posessed black cat-like ears, but everything else about him was either white or silvery.

    "What on earth..." she murmured, approaching the boy slowly, as to avoid alarming him - but he seemed to be completely lost in something or other. She has soon come to realize that she has never seen anything quite like him before.

    The closed her eyes, and oriented her othersight on the boy. To her surprise... there was nothing. a pure white sillhouette, softly glowing, but nothing she could pick up. Either his aura, his wave resonance was a completely blank page, or it was too complex for her to read.

    "Maybe I'm just tired." she thought. "Either way, maybe he can help me find the reason I'm here..."

    She opened her eyes again, approaching the boy cautiously.

    "Excuse me," she finally asked "Have you, by any chance, seen any Dragontail plants in this forest? I heard rumors that they grow in forests like this at the beginning of spring."
  3. [[OOC:: -dies in happiness that Stel managed to create a post in her bleh-tastic RP-]]

    The white-haired figure seemed inclined to gaze, eyes distant and distinctly glazed, at this new character without any intentions of speaking. His vague expression loitered on the woman with no timidity, frozen in his previous position on the water's edge, one ghostly-pale hand wrapped loosely around a slippery river stone for a type of support. While wandering around appealed best to him at the moment, his instincts refused to allow an icy headfirst plunge into the stream, at the very least.

    The natural sounds of the forest encircled them, filling an odd gap in speech with gurgling water, shushing leaves, and a range of insect choirs. The crystalline, unclouded liquid, he noticed contently, eyes not venturing from the amusing female's cloaked body, parted mutely around his hand as if it existed not at all; less than an inch away from his submerged limb, the element hissed in acknowledgment as the jutting tip of a dead branch arched out of the water.

    Mind teetering haphazardly between making his hand disrupt the current's flow and actually greeting the woman that had seemingly spoken, - expecting an answer, most likely - the pale-skinned boy tilted his head to one side.

    The woman's garment shimmered and danced with vibrancy in the resulting flood of sunlight, causing a widening of the poorly-clothed boy's uniquely silver eyes. A autistic smile bloomed uncertainly on his unblemished face.

    "Your cape is resplendent...like a kaleidoscope but not at all..."

    He retracted his hand from the water, and droplets of water beaded at his fingertips. "But I can't help you find the reason you're here. I don't think I know the reason I'm here."

    His ears twitched faintly, and he rested his chilled, wet fingertips on his throat. The pad of one of his fingers pressed weakly against the oval, unyielding surface of his new collar's accompanying dog-tag. It felt cold, unpleasant, and brimming with unanswerable energy to the touch, and his hand withdrew to his chest alongside his other one immediately.

    There was no lethargy in that action. The figure's wrist shuddered marginally, as he pitched backwards to fall heavily on his rear. Queerly muscled legs remaining bent in front of him, the shaggy-haired character returned his benevolent grin to the cloaked woman form. A dull ringing echoed in his ears, noticed for the first time as he wiped away caked-on muck from his kneecaps. The loose ebony shorts hadn't done their job properly, it seemed, despite reaching a fair three inches past them if he so chose to stand up.

    "I don't have an official name - I don't believe - so I'll go by Aren right now..." he spoke softly, still gazing vaguely at his strangely-reacting fingers; the comment was more of a murmur to himself, only at a conversational level.

    With a second, more notable, flick of his black feline ears, the self-proclaimed Aren allowed his vision to travel back to the curiously-cloaked woman's eyes. "You wouldn't happen to know what magicked this gimmick onto me?" he inquired, tossing the question into the air with an absolute lack of hesitation.

    Still sitting in a prone position on the dew-laden forest floor, he pointed to his neck, and to the sleek choker with its irremovable silver plate attached solidly to it. His impossibly-fine white hair had begun to spike irrationally atop his head.
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Aren." she murmured to herself, as if tasting the name. Surely, there were no people in her homeland that bore this name, nor any record of ones who might have in the great library of the white city. There was purity in that name, and yet some form of hidden strength, an essence of sorts hiding just underneath the surface, like light filtering through leaves. Gentle yet powerful. She liked that. She let the name roll in her mind for several seconds, gazing at the boy. She noticed, almost immediately, that his reactions were clearly not normal. His question, however, allowed her to orient her othersight better. Yes. It was the collar... Something about it...

    "I'm afraid that I... have no idea." the woman admitted - and had her face not been obscured by the cowl, it would have blushed - "Aren, was it? Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am called Hylen. And this," she nodded in the fae dragon's direction "Is my companion, Whisper."

    The fae dragon nodded its head in greeting, eyes turning a peaceful green, a soft echo of a voice emitting from its mouth, clearly curious but sensing no malice from the young male.

    "I must say, I have never seen anyone of your particular features before." she nodded "Or heard of anyone who bears your chosen name. It is clear, however, that this... collar... around your neck is quite definitely magical in origin. Perhaps one of the Guildmasters of the White City would know more about your predicament than I do. But... I must return to my search. Should a Dragontail plant grow within these woods, I must find it. I wish ye good luck in your own search."
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Faster, faster. Lets just watch everything pass us by. The faster we go, the faster things pass us. Nothing can stop us! Now let's just look at the bubbles. Let's look at the crystal clear bubbles, rising and rising, then escaping... to the outside world. Should I escape? No... I want to stay here. Where the coolness surrounds me and nothing can touch me. This is MY element, I can do whatever I wish.

    Sem continued swimming, enjoying the rush he was getting. He swam easily through the water, for he WAS the water. He was invisible to any eye, though he always knew some beings would be able to sense his presence.

    "Speaking of beings." he said as he passed a small, white hand that hung loosely in the water. "A person?" he asked himself. He heard the creature talking, then another voice responding. "Two people? How very interesting... I shall eavesdrop for the moment."

    "Excuse me, have you, by any chance, seen any Dragontail plants in this forest? I heard rumors that they grow in forests like this at the beginning of spring." A female asked. She rode upon a great beast. A few more words were exchanged. "I'm afraid that I... have no idea... Aren, was it? Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am called Hylen. And this," she gestured towards her steed. "Is my companion, Whisper."

    More words were said before the woman began to leave and continue her search. It was at this time that Sem decided to make himself known. The water stirred and began to flow together, creating a unique form. The form was completely clear until it stepped onto the land. Water turned into flesh and bone, revealing a truly rare creature.

    It was covered in dark grey fur and possessed dark green fins on its head and back. Webbing of the same color was in-between the finger and toes of its paw-like hands. Its arms and legs were highly developed with muscle, allowing the creature its swift movement. A tail rested at the base of its spine, green quills ran down the tail and led to a tail fin at the tip. Three gills were on each side of its neck.

    The weasel/ferret-like head had a small mouth along with green whiskers, two curved teeth protruded from the mouth. A pair of large, black eyes rested on the sides of the head as well, though one was noticeably paler than the other. It wore nothing except for a small bag that was slung over its shoulder, but this soon changed as he gestured to the water and a large amount came and covered him leaving a black cloak in its place.

    Sem stood there, looking at these new people. "Hello. My name is Sem," he said. "and the only reason I'm introducing myself to you is because visitors in these parts are rare." his voice was clear and flowed coldly and smoothly, just like water itself. "I heard you speaking about finding the Dragontail?" Sem paused. "I have seen where this grows, it is at the center of the forest. Quite difficult to get to, but that would be where you have to go nonetheless."

    "There is a path that follows the river to the heart of the forest; you will find what you seek there. I can take you there if you wish." Sem said before jumping back into the water, his cloak disappearing again. "Head through those trees and you'll find me in the water beside the path." He pointed to a large clump of trees and plants. "Do try to keep up; as I won't be slowing down for anyone, and take care... the animals of the forest do not like to be disturbed..."

    And Sem swam off on that note. Meeting new folk was interesting, especially since they seemed to be outsiders... but so was he at one time.
    OOC: Crappy, but it gets the point across the line.

    Here's some pics of my charrie. For those who haven't seen him up in the Gallery. Just take away the clothes, hat and add a cloak :p
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  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    "Well, fancy that, Whisper." Hylen murmured appreciatively as she watched the creature swim away. "An Aquamor! I haven't seen one in years, and I have never seen one at one with the water like that. In any case, if he knows where Dragontail plant may be found, then I suppose it would be a good idea that we followed him."

    The Sorceress placed her hand at the base of the fae dragon's neck, her hand glowing softly for a second, and the creature purred, bending its knees lightly and allowing her to mount. She closed her eyes, murmuring something in a soft voice. Then, nodding one last nod at the strange boy called Aren, she pointed in the direction Sem has directed her. The fae dragon reared up for a moment, then began a fluid trot towards the dense cluster of trees. As the creature rode on, Hylen closed her eyes and focused her othersight on the river, while keeping just enough of her awareness ever-scanning the area around. If there was danger in this forest, she would know...
  7. The spheres of muddied silver pursued the phenomenon of erratic characters until Hylen's enigmatic cloak danced out of sight, winking at him in the shifting rays of sunlight as the woman moved. After numerous moments passed, the lone figure left behind in the questing other individuals' wake blinked in timid disconcertion. The screened sound of the mysterious woman's mount marking its way amongst the budding forest greens held no hesitation in abandoning him as well, after a time, and Aren discovered, in a detached sense, that it would have been logical for him to follow.

    Oh well, there was other stuff to do...

    "Such a idiosyncratic creature, though..." he murmured, leaning over the flowing river to resume his inspection of the translucent surface.

    Not noticing as the trivial matters of being lost, poorly clothed, defenseless, and a marvelous target for predators ebbed away from his attention and out of his reign of control, the white-haired youth rested both of his palms in the icy cold liquid, scantly perturbed by the nature of his upper garment as it shrouded his clashingly-pale hands like a veil of ominous shadows. Equally of interest was the alerting tinkle of his dog-tag-wielding collar; it was of moderate concern as to what, per say, the slip of metal could clatter against.

    Aren smiled politely at his surroundings and fell on his back, permitting his impossibly-glazed eyes to blur more so, as his mind drifted away from the confusing body of his. Ignoring or not feeling the uncomfortable jabs of his folded legs toppled on top of one another from his unpredicted collapse backwards, the creature felt his oversized feline ears arch and twitch as they siphoned the abundance of melodic sounds into his brain.

    T'would been nice to pet that dragon, too...or the Aquamor. I bet they both would feel different though...just like how clouds don't feel soft at all but are nothing but water inside. All these trees, and I would rather see them all exquisite as they will be once they bloom...but I'll be gone by then. I suppose. This collar...

    "...it wasn't here...there...before. But neither was Hylen. And Sem, the creature of water, materialized after her...when was I here?" he commented, letting his fingernails dig into the loose, damp, and clotted soil just beyond the reaches of the river's lapping waterfront.

    No answer exposed itself to him. That in itself was fine; he'd confront the being who could respond intelligently to his question when that time came...until then...

    Aren closed his eyes blissfully, feeling the feathery touch of a blue-winged butterfly as it alighted daintily upon his nose. The forest was such a nice place, and brimming with interesting things. The boy feared, somewhere in his soul, leaving it. Because then he'd remember why he had come here initially...a cause that he lacked a will to agreeably be burdened with.

    The sunlight was pleasantly warm against his cheek, too. The wild-haired apparition hummed some form of nonsensical ditty, feeling the links of time slip by his hands and mind as easily as the constantly-changing stream.
  8. Mmm. The MoonStruck is not content with her one RP, no. She must consume MORE.

    Stel mentioned this, and I couldn't resist throwing myself in after he mentioned it. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I've so many ideas. . .

    Sha'al's views on fae dragons are not mine. ^^ I love the things. And as the name suggests, yes, Chrionshy are obviously Ukrainian. I don't even want anyone asking. >>

    (not really. it just. . .sounds Ukrainian, y'kno? >> ) And yes, Sha'al is a slave driver. she's not nice. deal. >>

    It just occured to me the last RP FireFox started began in a similar fashion: a confused character on the edge of a stream. ^^



    Sha'al's mount glided smoothly and steadily through the forest. She was proud of how he was taking the ride, all things considered. His was not a breed made for long trecks, but for smooth dances and short sprints. More practical then the extravagant fae dragons, the nobel Chrionshy, named after their mage creator, were the perfect mounts for her line of work.

    Picking his way through the forest, Roia'alr never made a sound. Lower to the ground then a horse, Sha'al was forced to keep her legs curled close to her body, which was convienient. They were covered by her cloak. She could feel his long tail lashing behind her, and she understood he was tired. Chrionshy were excellent for losing persuers in the dark city alleyways, but no good for the constant stress of long, silent treks. His feline paws streched, bone white claws like razor edged, ivory dew drops gripping the ground softly. He tossed his streamlined, equine-esque head, and his feather-tufted ears flew forward. Sha'al had heard the noise ahead as well, and her eyes trained in on what had made it: a pair a brilliant, venmous blue birds with long tails good-naturedly fighting over something. His long, strong neck swiveled, and Sha'al ran her gloved hand over his short, black hair. with a flutter of his strong, midnight black wings, he calmed, and returned to picking his way across the forest floor without turning a single blade of grass. Well, she was sure he left an easy trail, but they moved in near silence. It was not important that they not be tracked, but rather, that they not be seen or heard about their business.

    A sharp crack broke the silence dripping with golden sunlight, and Sha'al reigned Roia'alr in. He had stepped on a twig. They were next to a clear stream, and it was as good a place as any to stop. The young woman slid off her mount and looked into the water. For the moment, she was near invisable, her narrow face surrounded by a nimbus of low green iridescense. She laughed and pulled the hood back. The cloak was one of her best tricks, it was woven out of fine, silvery fabric, and reflected the forest around her, making her harder to spot. She was not invisable by a long shot, but it was far better then her deep purple dress.

    She found her reflection in the water, and held its gaze for a moment. She had light lavander eyes and a high forhead, traits that ran in her family. Her dark black hair was thick and wild, and tumbled haphazardly about her thin face. She was not classic beauty by a long shot, her face was very angualar, but had a pride bred into it that gave her an air of. . . arrogance? Majesty? She toyed with the idea for a bit before shrugging and discarding it. She was just Sha'al. Her eyes locked on the thin circlet of whorling metal gently resting on her forehead, and restraining her hair. Dark grey swirling with iridescent ripples of purple where it had been heated and cooled, it matched the gauntlet she wore on her right wrist, and the brest plate and necklace she also wore. Even in the cool forest, she was warm, but she didn't show it. It didn't bother her.

    Roia'alr trotted softly to her and laid down on his belly. his warm golden eyes met her pale ones for a moment. Unlike the great, bulbous eyes of the fae dragons, Roia'alr's gaze gave nothing away. Likewise, neither did his master's. She smiled at him and gave his feathery crest a generous ruffling, and he nudged her, almost knocking her down. Yes, much more formidable than fae dragons! She laughed and sat beside him in the warm grass, letting her hand trail in the water of the spring, silver cloake folded across her knees. It glitterd like the water as sunbeams chased across it.

    It was then she looked up, and saw a young boy watching her from across the small stream. He had a pale colouration that contasted strikingly with his deep black cloak. next she noticed his ears, but a gleam caught her eye: he was wearing a collar as well, thin and silver. And the workmanship looked terribly familiar. . . She shook her head. Well, her cover was blown now. Not that it was a particularily important assignment, no. She was just trailing. . .

    Something about the boy's smile caught her off guard. It was curiously blissful and empty, for the whole world. She wondered if he had hit his head recently. She gave a small wave and a cool smile. Perhaps she could convince him to not see her. She was good at not being seen. She had made a living from it.

    "Hello there," she crooned softly.
  9. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Sem continued swimming down the river. It seems that only the woman and her mount had followed him, the other... being had stayed behind. It didn't matter though. Sem continued swimming, actually, he was flowing with the water itself rather than swimming. He always wondered how he looked when people saw him in the water. Flowing with the water, bending, curving, and splashing. Sem liked to think of it as a dance of sorts.

    Sem's species was a curious sort, only known to those who have actually seen them, or by those who burry their faces in books. They're not native to the forest, and Sem doesn't live in the forest either. But he passes through quite often, so he is familiar with the forest, its layout, and its inhabitants.

    Sem' species, the Aquamor as they're called in the common tongue, are very different from most beings. They're bodies are very streamline; they resembled quite a few different animals. Namely the weasel, otter, and even the ferret to some degree. The majority of the species live up north in the arctic climates, which is where Sem was born. Aquamors in the North have a lot of fur, though it's all clumped together, like the feathers of a penguin, to help against the colder climates. Some Aquamors prefer tropical climates, and there are a few colonies to the South. Their fur is more loose, and they don't have as much. The average life-span of an Aquamor can vary from one hundred to two hundred years of age.

    The way Aquamor colonies are built depends on the climate, amount of food, weather, and the area itself. Colonies up North are usually made on lakes, where icebergs abound. The homes are made of ice, which is carved into a dome shape. If they're in a place with no ice, then other materials are used, such as branches, stones, and mud. Entrances to these homes lie under water, like the dam of a beaver. Some Aquamor choose to have their homes underwater altogether. The way these homes are built is in an orderly fashion. Since the colonies have no streets or hard surfaces to walk on, travel through the colony is by boat, or by simply swimming.

    The Aquamor are not as primal as people think, they're intelligent and are able to cooperate with each other and other beings as well. Each colony has a leader, as well as a small ring of representatives; the number of these representatives depends on the size of the colony. The size of colonies can range from a dozen inhabitants to thousands. Each representative is put in charge of a certain area of the colony, these representatives meet the leader or chief of the colony two to four times a month. The chief is an elected individual, as are the representatives. The chief lives in a large home in the center of the colony, along with his family.

    Aquamor choose mates for life. If both individuals accept and are willing to take the other as his or her mate, then they are to go before the chief and receive his blessing, which makes the decision final.

    Laws are also present, and the punishment for the breaking of laws is fair and just. Eye for an eye to put it simply.

    Aquamor are master ice-carvers, they make their homes, boats, and other tools out of ice. They carve the ice using tools, or their own claws. Most of their creations are rather beautiful in one way or another.

    The Aquamor go out daily for food, whether they hunt it themselves or they buy food at the market place. Their diet is made up of mainly aquatic creatures and plants. They catch fish using spears and nets. The food is then either cooked in hot water, or eaten raw.

    Aquamor use mainly spears in battle. They have one main battle spear in one hand, strong and durable; the blade at the tip is carved from ice. In the other hand are two throwing spears, not as powerful as the main one, and a shield of ice is strapped onto that arm as well.

    The Aquamors are called the Water people, and very much of their lives is based around that element, though none of them have the ability to control it. Sem was unique however. As many people know, the Great Spirit grants extraordinary powers to one of each of the elemental races for each generation. Sem was the one chosen and has been given the ability to control water in any form. A gift that has proven very useful in many situations.

    Sem was nearing a large clearing up ahead, it was the center of the forest. In the center stood an enormous tree, probably one of the largest trees in the whole world. Its countless branches were spread out across the clearing, so much that hardly any sun touched the center of the forest. The light that did make it through came down like curtains, like how light peers through storm clouds on a grey day. Around the tree was grass, long and healthy grass, and surrounding the clearing were other trees, though they were much smaller than the one in the center.

    The stream Sem was in was about to split and go around the trees. He jumped out, landing by the trees which surrounded the center. He summoned his cloak, which came and covered his whole body, except for the head. Sem then lowered his arms towards the water, and then thrust them upwards suddenly. A large amount of water leaped out of the water and into the air, where is was suspended there. Sem exhaled slowly, and the water began to freeze. He shaped it into a flat surface and held it across the gap that the water created so that the woman and her mount could cross.

    "We're here." he said to her. "This is the center of this forest, the heart. It is said that all the tree in this forest originated from the one in the center, and it is what keeps the forest alive." Sem walked through the trees and continued talking. "The Dragontail grows here, near the base of the tree."

    It was silent as they walked through the trees and into the large clearing. There was still dew all over the ground and on the plants. Instead of the cries of birds filling the air there was a chill... and unearthly, dead chill. There was an unnatural silence; the water of the stream couldn't even be heard. As if they had crossed over some boundary and time had stopped moving. It made Sem's fur stand on end. He looked around to make sure there was no danger, he used his nose and sensed with his whiskers... Nothing.

    "Hurry and get what you need." he said in a whisper. Something didn't feel right.
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    Something hit her when she entered the clearing. Something POWERFUL. Her othersight was on FIRE. The silence was definitely not natural, she could feel something in the air...

    Something invisible, that she could feel right along the edge of her concsiousness. The tree. It was related to the tree somehow...

    She looked to Whisper, and her eyes widened - her suspicions were confirmed. The fae dragon's eyes were burning, crimson red with anger. It was clearly sensing the same thing she was, and was prepared for potential battle.

    But first thing's first.

    The girl walked slowly, approaching the tree, until she spotted the plant she sought. Sure enough, it was growing at the base of the tree - it was a young dragontail plant, its vivid green leaves and small golden seed pods (or were they flowers? no one knew for certain...) were clear as day. It radiated a natural warmth that comforted the sorceress. She touched the plant softly, caressing its leaves with a faint glow around her hand - and, mysteriously enough, the plant seemed to willingly release its grip on the ground, allowing itself to be taken. The sorceress smiled, delicately placing the plant in a vial she produced from her cloak and then re-placed into its folds.

    The tree. It was... Crying out for help.

    Placing her hand on the tree's ancient, gnarled bark, Hylen murmured something silently, her hand softly glowing. Then, she jerked backwards, her eyes widening.

    "We are not alone!" She exclaimed. The fae dragon hissed.

    No one who did not have the power of othersight would have noticed more on the tree than what looked like a series of random bumps, like the natural curves of the tree. However, Hylen and Whisper could see, as plain as day, that something was attached to the tree in her othersight. Something that only came into view clearly that moment. It was a large, skeletal creature, coiled around the tree - a ghostly, twisted cross of vulture, mongoose and serpent. None of its bones were connected to each other - they all seemed to float together connected to its twisted shape by magic, The creature, whatever it was, was slowly draining the essence of the tree, glaring at the Sorceress with cold, glowing eyes. She was staring it down...

    Then, slowly, it uncoiled, reaching out a pale ghostly limb, sinking bone-grey claws into the ground. Grass withered where it stepped. The creature hissed menacingly, circling the clearing slowly like a vulture. A faint afterimage was superimposed upon the walking, detached, ghostly bones - dark, and twisted, and covered with coarse fur. Dragonlike front and back legs aside, every link of this creature's body, every single vertebrae, had a corresponding small pair of legs, tipped with a sharp claw - like a monstrous centipede. The thing's tail was tipped with a wicked-looking spine, and Hylen could still see the holes burned in the tree by the numerous claws and spines the creature has driven into it - they burned in her mind as if they were on fire - or rather, as if they were cauterized with liquid nitrogen.

    The creature's head, at the tip of a semi-long neck, reared up and surveyed the sorceress with pure contempt.

    "Well, you found me." the creature hissed mockingly, a frozen voice "A shame... I was rather enjoying absorbing the life force of this forest... So sweet, so succulent... Hundreds of thousands of years of life... The sustenance is overwhelming... Alas, if you had come a moment later, it wouldn't have mattered anymore... But it seems this luscious little forest will survive a bit more... At least, until after I have killed you for interfering..."

    "I've dealt with your kind before." the Sorceress replied "And yet every time it amazes me how arrogant you soul-sucking bastards are."

    And as she said that, something flashed into her arm as an ornate, rune-covered sword slid into her hand out of no where. The metal the blade was made of was a curious, blue-tinted white, and the rune patterns flowing upon it glimmered in the same shade of sapphire that her cloak was trimmed with. The blade burst into a faint light. The creature's eyes widened.

    "You are one of them!" it hissed, then its face twisted into a sickly grin "Only another reason for me to drain you!"

    "Whisper, now!" Hylen exclaimed, and the fae dragon reared up, its elytrae snapping open. A single pair of iridescent wings, like a dragonfly's, made of pure energy, unfolded from underneath them as the creature leapt, taking to the air gracefully, its wings creating a gentle hum. Some kind of vibration... The fae dragon took to the skies, fluttering in circles above the clearing, casting an aura of light, a shower of faint multicolored sparkles, exposing the shadow of the creature.

    "This will make this fight a little more even, life-deleter." the sorceress grinned.

    The creature charged, snapping at the sorceress. She rolled out of the way, her hood falling off her head, revealing her face - a gentle-featured visage with long, straight light-brown hair, a few faint highlights in gold and lavender falling on its front. A lavender wave symbol rested under her right eye - it was impossible to tell the color of her eyes, as it changed from a gentle brown to stormy purple to burning gold in what seemed to be completely random intervals. She charged forward, slashing at the creature, her weapon passing through the creature's skeletal essence without encountering any resistance, a trail of burning light left behind it. The creature hissed, laughing.

    "My kind does not feel pain." it grinned "If you think a sword will do any harm for... WHAT?!"

    If an ordinary monster would have spewed out blood from a cut, life-deleters spew out the life energy they have absorbed. And the life-deleter suddenly felt a leak on its side. The creature roared in frustration, its natural regeneration rate sealing off the wound.

    "You will pay for this." It hissed.

    "Bring it on." Hylen grinned, her eyes stormier than before. The blade's glow intensified.

    Whisper, ever present, continued radiating the area. Hylen's sword clashed against the creature, continuously wounding it. This was the only way to defeat a life-deleter - drain it of all the life it has absorbed. From every cut, the energy poured, returning to its origin. the beast roared, swiping at the mage with its claws, snapping at her - but she was rapid, and clearly, something in her cape seemed to block the few attacks that tried to hit. The thing was regenerating too fast for her liking, though... This battle would have probably taken longer than she thought.
  11. At first Aren was ignorant to this new woman-apparition's words; he was busy wondering why his body had frozen, rigid and alert for the first time, and eyes wide with a sort of innocent surprise. Something had tugged at his mind, struggling to make its presence, the importance of its presence, known to him. He could help, or so it thought...but...but...

    His collar, liquid black with its ominous silver tag attached, jingled. And that noisy ring banished the vital important presence, some sort of powerful guardian mayhap, trying to draw his attention.

    His eyes lost there awareness, still wide and childlike, but fading back to their initial quality of glazed ignorance. Whatever had been fighting for his aid, it would fend for itself...it seemed strong enough....and it had help, and it was unrealistic to believe that his vague, blank existence was of any concern to the life force inhabiting the young, blossoming forest.

    "Did you sense that?" he asked lethargically instead, feeling his grip on the serious situation loosen...when had this new character entered, anyways?

    She was intriguing as well...and her mount-thing wasn't a fae dragon...it was something else.

    Aren stared up at them with an awkwardness unknown to himself, unblemished pale skin glowing in the rising morning sunlight. His hair was nearly dry now, and had achieved a level of unique spiked shagginess all its own, remaining as snow-white as when it was saturated.

    "Maybe it was just my soul....I don't understand it, I suppose...I'm lost." he explained placidly, ears twitching. "Although I don't recall ever having a destination, so perhaps the contemplation of losing my way is implausible."

    The black-cloaked figure gazed up at the woman blankly, more interested in the shifting foliage just over her shoulder, with its varying shades of green. His silver eyes grew distant, enveloped in the delicate art of nothing. The eerie collar on his neck glimmered malevolently, achieving its purpose without flaw...despite the slight setback of allowing the avatar's natural energy to flow without hesitation to help restore whatever wrong had been identified in the forest...but it had easily sealed off that fault as well. Without memories or any sense of motivation, drive, or energy, Aren followed the trail of a buzzing insect through its spiraling paths.
  12. Short post, yum.

    Somewhere in the forest, there was a violent blast of energy. Sha'al had no idea what kind, as she was no mage. But since her childhood, she could almost. . .feel the ebb and flow of power. It was useful, especially in court games. But she had no use for that now. It was a vague tugging. . . She didn't know if it was good, bad, old, new, whatever. But it was terrifyingly strong. She showed no sign of having felt it, but she knew it must be the reason she had come to the forest.

    And in answer, she felt a surge of power from the boy who sat across the river. This puzzled her, as he blankly and blissfully gazed through her. His collar jingled and it receeded. It was curious, almost as if his collar had. . .not consumed the energy, just. . .voided it somehow. . . . Something bothered her. It was like a tickle in the back of her mind, but she just. . .couldn't reach it. It was just there. . . The boy was talking. she stopped trying to catch whatever had bothered her - it would come more eaily if she relaxed - and turned her attention to him.

    "Maybe it was just my soul....I don't understand it, I suppose...I'm lost. Although I don't recall ever having a destination, so perhaps the contemplation of losing my way is implausible."

    The way he spoke intrigued her. Away in the forest, the power ebbed and flowed. Her "Sixth Sense" wasn't nearly that good, the power would have to be beyond her reckoning. How could the boy know nothing, yet speak as if he were highly educated? And the collar, what was it about the collar that seemed so familiar? More was going on here, and she could feel it, but she couldn't quite place exactly what it was. . . . Her main concern, at the moment, was the task she had been charged with.

    "Lost, eh?" She smiled. "Well, why don't you come with me? I'm very good at finding things. Perhaps I could help." Roia'alr stood and stood next to her, his shining eyes gazing down at the boy. She couldn't help but think that he knew what was going on better then she or the boy did. The boy was probably just as old as she was, but with that blank look on his face, she couldn't think of him as any more than a child. "And if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to get a look at that collar. . . but later. I think we're both needed elsewhere at the moment." She stretched out her hand to him, across the small stream, and waited to see whether he would take it.
  13. Sem

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    Sem was stunned at creature which he saw. It was there the whole time, invisible. And its sheer size, it was as big as the clearing itself. Sem couldn't sit and watch as this woman flew around on her mount, striking the beast, he had to help her.

    Sem held out his arms and spun himself around, and then he brought his arms back in close to his body. The area around him responded to his action and the grass, plants, trees, and air itself brought forth water for Sem. He wrapped the large amount of water around his arms and ran at the beast. The Life-Deleter was preoccupied with the mage, perfect opportunity for Sem to sneak in and wound the creature.

    Sem ran along the monster's right side and brought his left arm back. Water lifted Sem up to the proper height, the water on his left arm formed into a long, sharp tip, which then froze. He thrust his arm forward, the ice made contact with the beasts hide. A sharp screeching noise was produced, which went on for a few moments until the ice shattered. Sem looked back to see the damage... Nothing... nothing at all had happened.

    "What do we have here?" Sem heard a sickly voice. "An Aquamor? Nothing but a rat hiding in the grass." Sem looked up to see the large creature looking directly at him. The sound of its voice itself seemed to sap at Sem's life, it made him feel ill. It raised a gnarled limb and made a swipe at Sem with its decayed claws. All that was heard however was a splash. "What is this?" this creature hissed.

    Sem had converted himself into vapor, the water that was on his right arm splashed against the claw as it swung. Sem reappeared in front of the creature after a few mere moments. "It'll take more than that to defeat me!" He shouted.

    "Not just an Aquamor? One of the Blessed? How delicious." The Life-Deleter stuck out its tongue and licked its lips. "Your life-force will sustain me for centuries." And at that the creature lunged, hoping to down Sem in one swoop. Sem caused water under his feet to throw him out of harm's way; he landed and brought up more water out of the ground. He molded the water into large icicles and threw them at the beast, only to have them bounce off.

    "Normal attacks and weapons will not harm it!" Sem heard a shout; it was the magic-user.

    "In that case..." Sem condensed some water from the air into a long object. It was a spear. The pole was of silver and shone brightly. The bottom was capped with a round sapphire, the other end with tipped with a long, curved, blade of ice. Elegant carvings covered the blade, another sapphire held the blade in place. It was Sem's weapon, passed down to him from the last Blessed. Each of the Blessed from each elemental race were given a weapon. Sem's was a spear, thousands of years old; it had been created by the Great Spirit and infused with the water element.

    "Let us see if this is enough to injure this demon." he said as he ran at the beast. Water gathered at his feet when he ran and threw him up into the air. Sem brought down his weapon on one of the Life-Deleter's limbs. He saw a wound open and energy escaped, the wound closed itself in mere seconds, however. The Aquamor ran along the creature's side, letting the water lift him as before, and created another gash with his weapon. Sem ran under the creature and did the same with its other side. The Life-Deleter snarled and tried to swipe at him again. Sem dodged the attack and forced his weapon through the hand, which practically erupted with life energy.

    "Annoying pest!" The creature hissed. "No more of this! You die now…" The leech narrowed its eyes at Sem. The two exchanged a few more blows, dodging was difficult, since the Life-Deleter could barely be seen. Sem was eventually able to find his way to the base of the monster's tail. Water gathered under his feet and turned into ice. The platform raised Sem upwards and started moving along the Obryvitae's underside, towards its head. Sem thrust his staff up into the creature's underbelly as he moved; he could hear the large amount of life-force energy escaping.

    The Aquamor heard the creature roaring, it began moving in an attempt to throw Sem off his course. He was able to keep up for a few moments until it was no longer possible. He caused the ice under him to dissipate and he landed safely on the ground. The long gash he had just created was almost fully healed. An insane amount of energy escaped from that wound, yet the creature itself still looked strong. What will it take to down this beast?
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