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An Inside Job (Warning: May contain excessive Violence)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Rex, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    OoC: Before we begin, I need to point out three things. 1.) There are no humans. Humans as a species have died out many years ago, though the cause is no longer know. However, Pokemon have picked up where they left off, using former human towns and cities as their own, and have become technologically advanced. 2.) This RP may contain violence of too high a threshold for some people. 3.) This RP takes place in the entirety of Sinnoh, you may start in any one of its cities, though try to at least be relatively close to each other as to make travel times easier. You have been warned. If you wish to join, please PM me your post, so I can approve it, or tell you what you need to fix.

    BiC: Today was a very special day. It had been a month since the Black Ops. Gang had fallen, and Sunyshore City was finally starting to get back on its feet. To celebrate, the new mayor of the city was holding a parade, and the entire city was going to be in attendance. The Red Shield Gang, one of the two organizations to take down Black Ops., had even sent a few members to under the pretence of guarding the mayor.

    However, the real reason the Gang had dispatched its members was a lot less thoughtful then that. Seth had been released again. The Gang had dispatched some of its best to Sunyshore because they knew the Mafia had placed a bounty on the mayor. Seth, the lapdog he was, would be there to collect. Of course, if Seth was there, his five lackeys would be as well. That wouldn’t be too large a problem, two of them answered directly to Nick, the Red Shield’s leader, though one’s stance was a bit shaky. The other three all had been made members after the Gang first retrieved Seth. However, they all answered to him first and foremost.

    At the moment, two Red Shield members were guarding the mayor as the parade proceeded down Main Street. Members had been stationed in many key buildings as well, with routine check ins, just in case. At the end of the street was a rather impressive clock tower, in which, a member was supposed to be stationed. However, things were not as they seemed in this building.

    “How much time until the next check in?” Claire, a Weavile, asked, looking at the corpse of the Red Shield operative who had been stationed here.

    “Two minutes if we’re lucky,” Andre, a Linoone, answered.

    “Would you guys shut up, I’m trying to concentrate!” Sven, a Shiny Smeargle, snapped.

    Claire Delone, Andre Wesson, and Sven Thompson, all members of the Assassin Team, Seth’s group of Assassins. Claire was the oldest, and was sure that it made her the most important of the three. She stood away from her comrades, not wanting to get dirty, even though her appearance was generally shabby, a frayed gray trench coat, and a gray shirt and pants. She also had a patch over the place her right eye once was, having lost the eye some time ago.

    Andre was the youngest of the three. Despite the fact that Linoone normally moved on all fours, he had taught himself to be able to stand, and even at some points walk, on his hind legs, and he liked to display this. He wore only a pair of black jeans, with a few bandages on his middle, which were completely for show. Despite having a normal coloration for his species, Andre’s right eye was the same brown a Shiny Linoone would have.

    Sven sat in the middle of the other two age wise. He was also the only proper Shiny of the group, as well as its medic. To effect, there was a bag slung over his shoulder that contained all the first aid supplies he’d need should something go wrong. Like Andre, he wore a pair of black jeans. He was also aiming a sniper rifle out the window, waiting patiently for the parade to get close enough for him to have a clear shot.

    “Sven, we don’t have time,” Claire snapped, “Just take a shot, if it misses, Seth and the others will deal with it.”

    “Claire, you are going to make me lose my concentration,” the Shiny Smeargle growled.

    Despite this, he agreed with the Weavile. The three of them could not wait for the parade to get close enough for the mayor to be hit without the shadow of a doubt. The Smeargle pulled the trigger, aiming as best he could. His aim was true, but at the last second, a Red Shield operative got in front of the man to stop an unruly member of the crowd from getting to close, and took the bullet in the forehead instead, quickly going down.

    Within seconds, the crowd broke into mass hysteria. The surviving operative immediately leaped into action, creating a Protect barrier around itself and the mayor. With that, the operative started to usher the mayor away as quickly as possible. Within the crowd, a Buizel, Lucario, and Dusknoir followed after them, while Sven and the two with him fled the building to the groups designated regroup zone.


    Sven hadn’t managed to take out the mayor, which meant that it fell to Seth, Jacob, and Hades. The Buizel known as Seth was pleased, he had wanted to do this himself from the start, it would get him back into the habit of his job. He had just returned from one of his extended periods of blank memory, namely, when that damned personality Daxter took over.

    Seth wasn’t supposed to know about Daxter. The fact that he did was only because the damn Quilava that ran Red Shield, Nicholas, forgot that he had comrades would gladly tell him things. As time had gone on, Hades, the Pokemon in question, had noted that he was in control more often, and for longer periods of time. This time, Seth planned to stay in control permanently.

    He had already outfitted himself with his old gear. Because of a mishap Daxter had, the Buizel was forced to wear a black bandana over his neck, where his flotation sac once was, to hide the scars of the event. Along with that, Seth also carried over the black pants Daxter had worn, and added a pair of black aviator goggles given to him years ago by a dear friend, and a black cap. In his hand was a stiletto switchblade, his primary weapon.

    Hurrying along beside him was Jacob, a Lucario. The Lucario, like nearly everyone else in the group, wore a pair of black jeans, though he had added a light gray jacket. There was a scar over his left eye, the result of a very close call that had almost cost him his vision in that eye. His weapon of choice was a well maintained broadsword.

    Bringing up the rear was Hades, the Dusknoir. He was a rather intimidating Pokemon. Several chunks were missing from his halo, and the mouth on his torso had been stapled shut. The eyes had likewise been bandaged closed. Unlike the Lucario and Buizel, he fought with his hands, and easily devastated his opposition.

    Jake moved forward first, dashing up to the Protect bubble and bringing his sword down on it. The bubble shattered, unable to take the force of the blow. The two Pokemon now open, Jake slashed at the operative, while his comrades started to stream out of nearby buildings. Of course, they all recognized the Lucario, and knew what his appearance here meant.

    The Lucario quickly took down the operative with a nonfatal wound, while his comrades began to rush him. Hades was soon by his side, while Seth continued on after the fleeing mayor. The Buizel didn’t have much trouble catching up to the Pokemon, and quickly took him down with a few stab wounds in the right places.

    The man they were supposed to defend now dead, the surviving operatives quickly converged on Seth, intending to take him back to their camp. He would have none of that, and neither would Jake or Hades, though the Lucario seemed to respond slower then he should. It wasn’t long before the only people still standing on Main Street were the Buizel, Lucario, and Dusknoir, all with minimal wounds. The Buizel flipped shut his switchblade, and pocketed it.

    “That was fun,” Seth grinned.

    “Very much so,” Hades nodded.

    Jake said nothing, which didn’t surprise either of his comrades. After a moment, the Buizel started off down the road, to where the six were going to meet up. Hades and Jake quickly followed behind him, and it wasn’t too long before they had exited the city entirely.

    They met up with their three comrades on the beach. Aleci Temps, or Alec for short, was already waiting for them with a convoy truck. The Sub-Don of Rustboro City was a very active member of the Mafia, and also the one to hold Seth’s leash. It was to him and him alone that the Buizel reported to. He definitely looked the part, wearing a clean black suit, fedora, and sunglasses.

    “Mission Accomplished then?” the Monferno smirked.

    “Yeah,” Seth sighed, “Where to next then?”

    “Ready for the next one already huh?” Alec chuckled, “First we’re heading to Sandgem Town, so we can catch a ship back to Hoenn. Sub-Don meeting, and as my Enforcers, you need to come along.”

    With that, the Monferno stepped into the truck, ignoring the Buizel’s snarky response. After a moment, the six members of the Assassin Team climbed in after him, and the truck sped off, en route to Sandgem. This was what Seth knew, it was his life, and he wasn’t going to let an alien in his own mind take that away from him.
  2. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    A long time ago, Sandgem Town’s library had been a human lab. Now, however, a stern Alakazam lent books to anyone who asked. This was William, an intellectual, and not particularly young, he served as the Sub-Don of Sandgem for the Mafia, thusly acting as its Mayor. The library acted as more of a hobby for the Psi Pokemon, and it was often left in the care of his Tyrouge assistant, Joshua, Josh for short, or his trusted enforcer, a Hitmonlee named Bruce. Bruce had been raised under the Alakazam, learning everything he could, making his mind as strong as his species’ famously powerful legs. William would be leaving shortly, heading to a meeting for the Sub-Dons in Hoenn. Meanwhile, Josh and Bruce would be left to hold down the fort.

    Bruce now stood in the library, reading a book on Pokemon anatomy, pausing on the page dedicated to his own species. William had hovered by with some luggage a moment before, and now entered again, calling Josh out from the back room. Bruce placed his book back on the shelf, adjusted his suit jacket, and the collar of his dress shirt, as well as the trilby on what could be called his head, then walked to the center of the room where William hovered. From the back room, Josh emerged, wearing his usual gray t shirt and jeans as he hopped over the counter and joined the older Pokemon.
    “I’m leaving you two in charge of the library while I’m away, not that I’ll be punishing anyone who takes an, ahem, unexpected vacation, shall we say,” William said as they converged, “I will be in Hoenn for a few weeks, in the mean time, take care of this town as you know I would.”
    “Listen, Bill, we get it, we know how much you care about our little home here. Now go get on that boat, or we’re gonna lose this nice little deal,” Bruce replied, taking another book from a nearby shelf.
    The Alakazam shook his head, “Of course, I should know better than to lecture you. Very well, I’ll be off now,”he said hovering off toward the door.
    “Bye Bill! We’ll see you soon,” Josh piped up as William hovered out of the door.

    Bruce walked outside into a sunny day, taking his specially made aviator sunglasses from his shirt pocket and putting them on, covering the almond shaped eyes to the day.
    #2 Tailon, Nov 14, 2010
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  3. Lake Verity was beautiful, especially in the morning sun. How the water sparkled, how the wind touched the grass gently, how the trees whispered in the wind. The Jolteon, sitting on the shore breathed in, taking in all the scents around her. She loved the lake and its cool, crystalline waters. It was said that those waters had mysterious powers, because of the Pokemon that lived in the island in the middle of the lake. Because of its presence, the waters could right any wrongs... if they so wished. The Jolteon wasn’t sure about the Pokemon of the Lake – after all, she’d been coming here for years, and never had anything every stirred on the island – but she did know that the waters had powers. Of all the people in the world, she would know.

    The Jolteon was thin for her type, and smaller than your average Jolteon too. While she had been called anorexic by others before, her body was clearly made for speed. She could move just as fast as the lightning she could summon at will, and faster than most Pokemon alive. She’d been specially trained for it. Both of her eyes were a deep blue, and they seemed to shine with intelligence and life. As it was a normal thing for Pokemon these days, she too wore clothing. The Jolteon wore a vest of sorts. It was a dull blue in colour, with visible bright blue stitching. A long hood trailed down the back, a much lighter blue with dark stitching. The hood extended on both sides around to the front of the vest and the two ends were clasped together with a small, carved circle, made out of platinum. Falling down the front of the vest was a black belt, the top hidden by the hood. The two ends of the belt could be clasped together, to secure the vest to her chest. But, she preferred to leave it undone – she found it could be rather restricting sometimes. There was a similar contraption at the bottom of the vest, for the same reason. This was kept done up.

    “Hey Kye!” A deep voice called out, breaking the calm over the lake. “I’m back!”

    “You sound excited.” Kye – the Jolteon – commented, grinning at the Toxicroak.

    The Toxicroak in question was powerfully built, a part of being a fighting type. He was grinning deviously, but the smile didn’t touch his eyes. It never did. But still, for him to be smiling was great. It just showed how well the two relied on each other, and how much each was benefiting from the others company. He was also tall, and towered over Kye as he loped up to her with easy grace. As he came closer, her eyes could make out the scars that covered his body, giving him a horrible, terrifying appearance that would have scared the daylight out of anybody who saw him. He too wore a vest, his being black and red in colour and was more padded than Kye’s was. He left it unzipped, which showed yet more scars and the deadly toxins that flowed out of his body. His name was Alecto.

    “Well I have every reason to.” He sat himself on the ground next to her. “It’s good news.”

    “Let me guess... We’ve got a job.”

    Alecto’s grin became even wider. “Yup. There’s a guy in Sandgem – a Staraptor – who’s got this huge as Prism sphere. Must be worth a fortune. Anyway, he’s kinda worried that someone’s gonna steal it from him, so he needs some guards. He wasn’t making it a public thing; he’d headed out around town to look for someone who looked like they could do the job and well,” Alecto gestured to some of the scars on his body. “You can tell a guy’s been in a lot of fights if he looks like I do. So, I talked to him and he said that we should be fine as guards. He wants to meet us as soon as possible at his house in Sandgem.”

    Kye could help but grin with delight. It was hard when you had the training that would be highly useful to... say gangs or the Mafia, but you wouldn’t join any of them. Both Kye and Alecto loved their freedom, and that was what was stopping them from joining a criminal group. They were capable of doing exactly what the Mafia did, but when you weren’t a part of it... finding jobs was hard. Finding lasting jobs were even harder. But, both of them were used to hardship.

    “Well if he wants to see us straight away... We should head there now!” Kye leapt to her feet, and turned, ready to run flat out, all the way to Sandgem.

    “Woah hold up!” Alecto grabbed Kye around the stomach, and lifted her off the ground.

    “Hey don’t do that!” Kye complained. “You’ll get your toxins all over me!”

    “Oh and that’s a cause for alarm I’m sure. Any normal Pokemon would already be screaming and moaning in pain, just from having them touch them. But you’re a freak, right Kye? Poisons can’t harm you. Freak!”

    Kye snorted in amusement. “That’s real good coming from you. Pokemon don’t run away in terror when they see me, but oh how they shout and yell when they see you, scar ridden as you are. You’re the freak, not me.”

    “Yeah right.” Alecto chuckled, and put Kye back on the ground. “If I’m the freak, you’re a shortass.”

    “Shortass I may be, but I can get to Sandgem hours before you even pass Twinleaf.”

    With that, Kye took off, and was at the path back to the main route within seconds. Alecto had run ten metres.

    “Gee, you’re such a fail Alecto!” Kye called out to him as he ran towards her. The huge Pokemon just grinned and kept on running. Kye looked back out at the waters again. Lake Verity was truly the most beautiful place in Sinnoh. For the millionth time, she silently thanked the waters mysterious powers, for without them she would have died a long time ago.
  4. Did I really choose the right way leaving everything behind me? Running from a colony where I always only had been a discard, a taunted cripple? Trying to find someone new while traveling through this huge country?
    Sturdy tried to get forward, but his tiny yellow legs were hardly able to move his heavy shell, so his way was a slow one. Although he had left the colony near Oreburgh City more than two weeks ago, he only had been able to cross Mount Coronet's cave labyrinth and to reach an other city, which was said to be the most beautiful one in the entire Sinnoh region. On his way, Sturdy only had eaten some berrys that grew along his way, but his Leftovers gave him the power to move.
    But what was giving him his motivation - if you ever could tell that with such a positive word - was something entirely different.
    Since his parents had been murdered when he had been much younger, his shell had kept an indelible memory, a long fracture he never had been able to hide. It already had been a miracle how he had been able to survive when his parents died, but from now this fracture was an eternal part of his body. Because of this all the other Shuckle from his colony laughed at him - he was a discard, a taunted cripple.
    His only friend also was a dischard because he was blue instead of red, but this was the thing that kept them together - until Sturdy also lost him when he was attacked by a Garchomp.
    Right now Hearthome City's skyline grew in the horizon. He never had left the Oreburgh Mine before, but he had heard about this town listening to other pokémon from the outside world. But when Sturdy now found himself between these buildings, they looked much more beautiful than any description would have been able to tell.
    He used his last energy to crimp his shell through a half-open door, hid under an old chair and fell into a long sleep.
  5. Nim


    As darkness drifted over Sandgem Town, Chaz watched the civilians retire to their houses from a nearby tree. Chaz had been staying in this town for the last three weeks, carefully studying its inhabitants. Most of the locals passed him during the day without question, as he usually stayed out of busy places and in the shadows. However, Chaz was no ordinary Banette; he was a member of Sinnoh Mafia.

    He wore a yellow glove on his right hand. This glove concealed his weapon of choice; a set of three razor sharp blades that stuck out like claws. He had been sent to Sandgem town to receive intel for an assignment. He had been ordered to come to town before hand to learn as much as he could about that people of the town and so far he had all the information anyone could ever need. He had a knack for being extremely quite and stealthy, rendering himself near invisible. Earlier today he had received a message telling him that some other members of the Mafia were to arrive in Sandgem from Sunnyshore city tonight. He was told that he was to join these people to go to a meeting in Hoenn and that he would have to delay his current assignment.

    As Chaz waited patiently he thought about what Hoenn would be like. He had never had to travel outside of Sinnoh for work and this excited him because he new it would have to be something important. Suddenly he heard a noise gradually getting louder coming from the main road. There was a truck heading towards town and Chaz immediately new that this was who he had to meet.

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