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An idea: The Mysterious Cave

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Anomaletix, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    Basically, it`s about the RPer`s entering this specific cave for something (ex: finding a lost pokemon or just wanting to train) but it`s more than that. It holds many secrets for them to find and sometimes it may attract unwanted attention
  2. norii

    norii Previously autir

    Seems like it could be a fun roleplay to be in, once it's fleshed out a bit more. I have a few questions myself; would the RPers be stuck in the cave as soon as they go in? Is there going to be a villain preventing them from reaching their goal-- maybe it took the Pokémon the group was looking for or splits them apart as they begin to train?
  3. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    So, for the first question, kind of. They would see things that arent real, yet can`t move past. So you wouldn`t see a boulder going in, but once you see it, you can`t go through it. It`s kind of like a mirage but it`s solid matter yet not solid matter. (No clue how this would work.) Second question, yes. There kind of would be a secret evil team that is in the cave, with their base under one of the mirage-type things (see above.) They know that there would be strange forces blocking people from exiting, and that`s because of something unknown in the cave, controlling that power. It would be inaccessible to the people coming from the cave, also from the mirage-type things. The third question, well, yes. They set up a aroma around a point in the cave, also in a hidden area where the Pokemon would be trapped. The smell would only be able to be smelled by Pokemon, but not to humans with a special recipe, thus luring them. And splitting them up, yes kinda. There would be hiding Team members with Gengar, hiding from sight from Trainers, to use Hypnosis on them, thus making them go to sleep, unaware about what`s happening, and that is their chance to lure the Pokemon away with the aroma.

    I`ll be glad to answer some questions (and very much address the story and flesh it out a bit more)
  4. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    So, I might answer some of my own questions

    1. What region is this in?
    A: Kalos

    2. What town is this in?
    A: Outside of Anistar City (aka route eighteen)

    3. What is the cave like?
    A: Kind of like a maze, with many turns leading to new areas. The cave is also pretty big, as it is part of a huge cave system.

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