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Amber-Arcanine Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Valentinexcx, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Um.. hi I am Amber-Arcanine and this is what i am able to do
    Pokemon trainers
    [​IMG] pokemon cosplays
    [​IMG] I tried at a revamp but is didn't turn out well i guess.
    [​IMG] I done this yesterday
    and it turned out well, it is a burmy beach ball. They are used by ladies called mothim cosplays. I have a sprite for them on photobucket, and will hopefully put them on here tomorrow.

    I loads more on my computer, i will show you the rest of my work later.
    And maybe i will show you my main character sprites for my sprite show i do at home.
    Also if you have time I would enjoy [glow=LimeGreen,2,300]C+C[/glow] please and don't steal my sprites or use them without permission please.
    [glow=orange,2,300] So here are my rules:[/glow]
    [glow=yellow,2,300]1. I will only do pokemon fusions, trainer fusions and trainer cosplays for now.[/glow]
    [glow=pink,2,300]2. Do not steal my art work or use it without my permission, It takes me 25-50 minutes to make certain sprites [/glow]
    [glow=green,2,300]3. Do not rush me, i need time to do these things like all other spriters.[/glow]
    [glow=beige,2,300]4. Do not swear, diss, cuss or be racist, it is personal offence to certain people and then they may reply and SPAM my thread.[/glow]
  2. Those are very interesting.. splices. o.o;

    What do you use to make them?
  3. For my pokemon trainer i used: Swimmer, lass and the d/p dawn, i scratched the bag.
    My dragon fusion i used vibrava, dratini and kingdra, raquaza recolour.
    Those are all my splices moosechu.
  4. I really like the Dragon sprite, but that's about it. :(
  5. oh, okay *pauses thinks of something to say* thanks for the compliment about the dragon sprite Jirachan.
  6. Lol, I meant your program. Not the make-up of the characters. :p
  7. Oh :o, lol, I used paint moosechu, it is where i made all my sprites and fusions.

  8. You must have a lot of time on your hands if you used Paint to create/splice sprites like that..
  9. *Hands moosechu the golden cookie of life*

    Well pretty much if you think about it properly. ???
  10. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Golden Milotic. No. Just no. Do not speak that way to other members here. Especially when you stole the sprite in the first place. You've broken Amber-Arcanine's rules and the forum's rules.

    Consider yourself warned.

    Infact, Consider yourself banned with that attitude.

    Amber-Arcanine, don't bother with the request. They've been banned and the post has been deleted.
  11. [​IMG]
    A mothim cosplay, she can never live without a burmy ball *look on first post* also moonight i have seen that sprite be for you made your account.
    lets carry on [​IMG] a lady gaga sprite from on of her songs called paparazzi. But i'm not sure wether to think of it as good or bad.
  12. Arcanine, I like the Mothim cosplay. The Burmy Ball could be a bit more circular.
  13. could you make me an Eevee cosplayer?Thankies! :)
  14. Toru:It was on a swimmer so it was really, really hard because it was on a female swimmer, also burmys' leaves make it like that already and thanks for c+c *hands over golden cookie of time*
    not a stupid username: I will get it done asap but you didn't tell me what gender you wanted it to be.

    Kayleigh is a pokemon designer who likes to design clothes for people and pokemon.

    [​IMG] The guardian of shadow pokemon. She was fused with a shadow lugia

    [​IMG] A marill swimmer using dp colours.


    [​IMG] another marill swimmer using ony platinum marill colours.
  15. :o How could I forget!Could it be a female please?
  16. [​IMG] Here is your request not a stupid username.
    I hope you like it!!! ;D

    Here are some more sprites i have made:
    [​IMG] A leafeon cosplay

    [​IMG] A jigglypuff/marril fusion

    [​IMG] A pikachu/marril fusion

    This person is not a very good sprite, her name is Sasha-Lee, she is Morty's (jhotos ghost gym leader)daughter
  17. These all look decent, but in some (mainly the Leafeon cosplay) you're missing some outlines.

    The Jigglypuff/Marill splice is cute, though. Kind of like a blue Mickey Mouse.
  18. Secad:Maybe it was suppose to look like that, or even though it is missing outlines, like in the hair, it was already like that and on the swimsuit, i made it look like that.
    P.S: If it is C+C, Thanks. (Offers Secad a golden cookie of time)
  19. Well if you want some C+C, I'd be happy to give some. It's nice to know when someone actually wants it, makes me feel a little less guilty before posting it :p

    [quote author=Amber-Arcanine][​IMG][/quote]

    The head almost looks too big on the body, and the hair style also doesn't match the body size. A girl about 10 I don't think has a crazy hairdo like that :p

    Another issue is her lack of shoes. With her wearing both a scarf and a winter jacket, it's odd that she'd be going barefoot.

    [quote author=Amber-Arcanine][​IMG][/quote]

    There are a couple of problems with this one too I see. One easy to notice one, the lack of shading on the mask. An outline and shading coule be very nice to give it some more detail and to look better.

    The smile on her face is also odd and very defined. The neck seems to be connecting the head the wrong way. I think the head would look better placed if more forward and down.

    The shading on the lower part the dress doesn't look exactl right, almost as if random. While speaking about the dress, the bottom border of it is a weird color and could use some fixing up. There is also a sleeve on her left arm, and no sleave on her right, I don't know if this was done on purpose or not.

    The gray border on the orange boots is odd.

    [quote author=Amber-Arcanine][​IMG][​IMG][/quote]

    The two are ok, but have their flaws. The D/P colors look weird, mianly because she has blue lips, although the brighter blue is more fitting the whole summer look.

    The hat/ears on the head is a little off. If it's suppose to look like she actually has those ears growing out of her hair, then it doesn't look right, almost as if it's a hat. It it's a hat though, it isn't made clear and there is no defining border saying where it is. What I'm getting at is that they don't flow right, it just looks like you took the top of Maril's head and put it on hers.

    [quote author=Amber-Arcanine][​IMG][/quote]

    I really like the Eevee cosplay, specifically how you did the fluff around the neck. The main issue I have and can notice is the lack of shading on the brown though. It really makes it look flat.

    Another issue I have is with the borders and stuff on it. Sometimes the borders are strong dark colors, while in other areas are light and hard to see. Some consistancy could help.

    [quote author=Amber-Arcanine][​IMG][/quote]

    Again, the lack of shading messes it up in areas.

    Much like the Marill one, the top of the head is a little broken up.

    [quote author=Amber-Arcanine][​IMG][/quote]

    Not much too wrong here. I notice though the right eye has some red around it on the Jigglypuff one. The only other thing I can say is that it's a bit bland.

    Well that's all I have to say really about your sprites. They are interesting, and have a lot of potential. A lot of your issues could be fixed with just a little more work time, and attention to small details. Fix up the few mixcolored or places pixels and stuff, and they will be wonderful. Hope you find this C+C useful.
  20. Thanks Jappio.

    I haven't been on for a few days because my computer says that i am banned on pokecharms for no reason. So it is hard to get around sprites as i have to do it secretly at school.

    A child called Rhian. Her sister is the girl with the white hat, her name is Ashley and...

    to top things off their older sister, Myra.

  21. !Update!
    [​IMG] A bride, not much to say about this one really.

    [​IMG] Shadow recolour Articuno

    Leanne, she is Ameries Older sister and last but not least...

    A fusion that contains Umbreon, houndoom and mighteyena recoloured with alakazam.

    As usual c=c will be nice.
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    [​IMG] Real name: Ursula Age:15

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  23. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Not only this is spam, it has nothing to do with this thread. If you made these, you should post them in your own thread, NOT hijack other people's threads.

    Read the rules. Have a warning.
  24. I have also done recolours aswell, so here are some of my zombie pokemon:
    [​IMG]Zombie Eevee


    And some of my shadow recolours:

    [​IMG] Shadow Gardevoir and my...

    [​IMG] Favourite shadow pokemon (Drum beat) Shadow Moltres

    I will now do zombie and shadow pokemon recolour request.
  25. Can you make me a female trainer with two buns in her hair, the colour of her hair is dark brown and she wears a cardigan with long sleeves but shows her stomach in green and red with long jeans that are dark blue with a green pattern on the left leg and some high heels in Dark blue please, it'll be awesome if you can.
  26. I can try, but its not part of my requests I normally do ok rascal.
  27. is this thread still alive?
  28. OMG.. Its been a long time since i was last on, I was not on for a long time because my computer woulden't let me so now im back.

    [​IMG] Here you go Rascal
  29. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    hi can you possibley do me a zombie buneary plz
  30. Sure I can buneary boy, [​IMG] for you. ;)
  31. The zombie idea is great.
    The buneary is awesome, apart from it's left ear, which has odd shading.
    Other than that, good.
  32. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    its great i love it ;D
  33. Thank you Toastie for the comment, I totally have to agree with you on that one and I'm glad you like it buneary-boy
  34. Can you do a zombie Feraligatr please
  35. My favorite of your sprites is the dratini-vibrava-kingdra fusion. It looks so cool!
  36. Why thank you Blisk, this took me quite a long time to do, but it was worth it. ;D
    and Black Wolf, I'll get it done as soon as possible.

    What was done now:
    Blackwolf-[​IMG] here you go.. is that ok for you?? if not I will try to fix it.

    Buneary boy-[​IMG] if u havee noticed, the one I did before was JEPG, but this time, I did it in PNG. yahoo for computer technology!! ;)
  37. could i have any girl trainer sprite and i mean any girl trainer sprite for real ^.^
  38. Do have a description for your girl trainer sprite and do you have a specific base for your sprite aswell? ??? Because I don't get what you mean by 'any girl trainer sprite'
  39. okay then i wanna have the trainer sprite be a female with brown wavy hair,cherry red blossem lips,hazel eyes,pink shirt,pink skirt,pink flip flops,and a pink purse please.
  40. [glow:pink,2,300]Bump! Merry christmas Every body![/glow]

    I hope you all have had a good Christmas :)
    During Christmas I have been very busy. So I apologize to Hazel for her sprite case it took soo long :( but I finished it :)

    [​IMG] what do you think, I dunno if the eyes are hazel though.

    I did loads of sprites aswell whil I had the spare time because I have twin baby brother and sister to loo after while my dad goes shops and my mum goes to work.

    [​IMG] Her name is Violet, even though she looks sweet and innocent. She is a retired Team rocket member like her friend [​IMG] Rosie who is a retired Galatic member.

    [​IMG]Her names Estelle she the daughter of a gym leader and dreams of one day going out with flint of the sinnoh elite four

    [​IMG] Barbie, she gets kidnapped alot for her premonitions and visions and used to be a student in hoenn but moved after she got attacked by Team magma and broke her left arm. A fw months after she moved region her arm was better.

    [​IMG] Rubie, shes the partner of Ashley and her companion as they both have the same goal, to compete in the pokemon leauge.

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