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AL's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Hoenn Master, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. *Gasp!* AL Sprites? *Gasps Again!*

    Yes, I sprite. Unfortunately, I don't do so well, and I've decided just to invent my own style of Spriting. But, instead of babbling on uselessly about my return to Pokecharms, I'll get to the point!

    Mario & Luigi Kit
    Mario Kit
    Luigi Kit

    One of the more annoying Kits I've done. I hate human-forms. I have only a couple differences in the bro's configurations: Mario= Broad Shoulders/Hips; Luigi= Smaller Shoulders/Hips. I have also invented new powers for them, including Stilt and Copter, to name two. Enjoy!

    The Goomba Family'
    The Goomba Family v2

    I have invented the Desert Goomba and the Tribal Goomba (The last two families). In the update, I'll be adding on the tiny part underneath the brown piece shown here. Reference to the part here.

    The Blok-ok Family

    The blocky Counterpart to a Bomb-omb, they have high defense and attack, but low HP and Speed. This was the beginning of my new Spriting style, so it was... rough? :D


    A mimicking comet that blows around endlessly in space. They usually are calm, until you come to close. Then... well, you'll most likely lose a limb from their speedy comet attacks.

    I will post my Pokemon sprites later on, if I get more replies. Oh, yeah. Please reply, I worked hard on these. Oh, and, no. I have no life. ;D

  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    =o IT'S AL! *huggles* What's happened to your little signature "AL has spoken! *poof*" and stuff?

    Anyways, nice sprites. They could be a bit bigger so that it's easier for some to see, like me. They do look good, however, it looks kind of choppy on the sprites and looks as if you made the parts by themselves and them pasted them together. Might be just me, though.
  3. ???

    ...Never quite knew I was missed. :p Well, that is my style of spriting; making parts and piecing them together. I believe it makes for a much wider range of mobility in, say, animations. And, I made them small 'cause, well, that's my style again! Plus, it's a little late to say they're small. :)

    But, on the massive, full sheet for the two, I have compiled various movements for them, including the Chuck Norris original: the Roundhouse kick.

    I recently lost liking in Pokemon, then, I went ahead and started again. And, I'm thinking of re-naming myself. Sooo... That's why I've not been using my signature. But, fine...

    AL has Spoken!
  4. YOU'RE ALIVE!!!
    I never knew you sprite'd'd. I like your kits, even though I'd rather just have a sprite, edit it and then be happy but... kits seem pretty cool.​
  5. Again, never knew I was missed. :p

    I prefer Kits, 'cause I make Stop-Motion Sprite Movies, and making a kit helps me a lot more. I got the separate, final Kits up for both Mario and Luigi, along with the Goomba family v2.

    Inside the Mario/Luigi kits, there are several poses (incomplete for your convenience) and even some new, invented powers, including Stilt, Copter, and Hammer.

    AL has Spoken!

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