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Ask to Join Alphas, Betas, and Omegas (Eeveelution roleplay discussion and sign ups)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Midnight Heart, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Deep in a large forest, there are clans of Eeveelutions. The clans give each Eevee in their clan a rank depending on their abilities when they first arrive or hatch from an egg, the ranks they can get being Alpha, the highest rank, for those with great speed, attack, and defense, also allowing them the option of one day becoming the leader of their clan, Beta, the middle rank, for those with good attack and speed, but not very good defense, and Omega, the lowest rank, for those with bad attack, speed, and defense. Some of the clans in the forest are at war, and some the clans that prefer peace, try to stop the clans from fighting. If an Alpha rank Eeveelution marries another Alpha rank Eeveelution from another clan, then the clans become united. The clans spend half of their time either hunting for food, playing, fighting, training, taking care of the children in their clan, building or making things, or exploring the large forest they live in.

    Romance is allowed, obviously, and your charactor can be in anyones clan. Your charactor(s) can also be related to someone else's charactor(s), but only with their permission. You are allowed to have up to four charactors, and your charactors can have odd fur and eye colors. If your charactors have family, feel free to add them even if you aren't going to use them in the roleplay.

    The form (please fill out a form for each of your charactors)

    Peace or war:

    Here are the forms for my charactors.

    Name: Ralph
    Gender: Male
    Species: Flareon
    Appearance: Light red fur, black fur around his neck, a black tail, and the tuft of fur on his head is black, and he has bright red eyes
    Clan: Free Spirit
    Family: None
    Peace or war: Neutrel (He doesn't prefer either)
    Rank: Alpha
    Personality: Mean, stubborn, and rude, however is secretly kind, caring, and protective, but lets few Pokemon see that side
    Specialty: Fighting
    Moves: Fire Fang, Flamethrower, Bite, and Shadow Ball
    Crush: None
    Other: Is leader of the Free Spirit clan

    Name: Mist
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vaporeon
    Appearance: A white Vaporeon with violet colored eyes
    Clan: Free Spirit
    Family: Garth, Finn
    Peace or war: Peace
    Rank: Omega
    Personality: Kind, caring, cheerful, and playful, and gets worried or upset easily
    Specialty: Taking care of children
    Moves: Water Pulse, Blizzard, Bite, and Shadow Ball
    Crush: None
    Other: Tail flattens out behind her when she is scared or worried

    Once you fill out the form(s) for your charactor(s), wait until I tell you that you are accepted. Then you can start. :)

    The roleplay: https://pokecharms.com/threads/alphas-betas-and-omegas-eeveelution-roleplay.16305/
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  2. Can i join?I wanna do two characters, if thats ok.

    Name: Mio
    Gender: Male
    Species: Glaceon
    Appearance: Shiny version.
    Clan:Free Spirit
    Family: Mia
    Peace or war: Neutral, just try to get always at mia's side.
    Personality: Serious, clever, calm, quiet, always careful about everything.
    Specialty: Supporting in battles, strategy.
    Moves: Protect, Helping hand, Ice beam and Charm.
    Other:It's constantly trying to stay at Mia's side to protect her.

    Name: Mia
    Gender: Female
    Species: Sylveon
    Appearance: Shiny, her ears and tail are more fluffier than usual.
    Clan: Free Spirit
    Family: Mio.
    Peace or war: Neutral
    Rank: Alpha
    Personality: Funny, friendly, cheerful, playful, positive, cant take things too seriously.
    Specialty: Battles
    Moves: Moonblast, hyper beam, shadow ball, hyper voice
    Crush: None
    Other:Its constantly followed by Mio trying to protect her.
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  3. Can I join? Also, is it okay if I have 2?
    Name: Allison
    Gender: Female
    Species: Espeon
    Appearance: Regular Espeon with a blue gem.
    Clan: Shining Star
    Family: Don
    Peace or war: Neutral
    Rank: Beta
    Personality: Kind, caring, cheerful, and sweet.
    Specialty: Taking care of children
    Moves: Confusion, Baby-Doll Eyes, Swift, Psybeam.
    Crush: None
    Other: Is Don's sister.

    Name: Don
    Gender: Male
    Species: Leafeon
    Appearance: Normal Leafeon with several scars across his muzzle from old battles.
    Clan: Shining Star
    Family: Allison
    Peace or war:Neutral
    Rank: Alpha
    Personality: Polite, kind, bold, humble, and proud. Overall a great leader
    Specialty: Fighting
    Moves: Helping Hand, Razor Leaf, Tail Whip, Grass Whistle.
    Crush: None
    Other: Is the leader of the Shining Star Clan
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  4. @Excalibur Queen You're accepted! :) Also, I think you forgot one of your charactor's appearance. XD
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  5. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Species: Umbreon
    Appearance: Average Umbreon
    Clan: Free Spirit
    Family: None.
    Peace or war: Neutral on this subject
    Rank: Beta
    Personality: Keeps to himself, Is Oblivious sometimes
    Specialty: Exploration
    Moves: Confuse ray, Assurance, Meanlook, Feint Attack
    Crush: Go away.
    Other: Nothing
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  6. Name: Swift
    Gender: Female
    Species: Jolteon
    Appearance: Swift's appearance is unlike the normal Jolteon. Her eyes are a bright blue color, while the should-be white scruff of fur is more of a light gray color, and her general fur color is ivory.
    Clan: Swift belongs to, and is the leader of, the Rising Aura Clan. (I just made that up if that's okay)
    Family: Not much of Swift's family is know, however, her mother is an Espeon named Passi. Passi is not going to be in the roleplay.
    Peace or war: Swift prefers peace over war, but is currently neutral.
    Rank: Swift is an Alpha.
    Personality: Swift is calm and focused, as well as kind, but she is also strong, and will and can be very rude as well as unforgiving.
    Specialty: Swift is best at commanding others as well as battling, even though she is well-rounded and skilled at many other things.
    Moves: Swift knows Thunder Bolt, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, and Hidden Power Ice.
    Crush: Swift has no love interests at the moment.
    Other: Can't think of anything to put here, sorry.

    Gender: Male
    Species: Byte is an Eevee.
    Appearance: Byte's brown fur is a dark brown and covered in brown splotches. His eyes are a lighter, hazel color, though. He has something that seems like a necklace tied around his neck, with an Everstone attached to it.
    Clan: Byte is the same Clan Swift is in, the Rising Aura Clan.
    Family: Byte's family is unknown. His egg was found alone in the Rising Aura territory, so they took him in.
    Peace or war: Byte is completely for peace.
    Rank: When Byte hatched, he was declared a Beta for his stats.
    Personality: Byte is shy yet very kind and loyal, while also being naïve and forgiving, easily being tricked and fooled. He always stands up for what he thinks is right and kind.
    Specialty: Byte is good at battling even though he refuses to fight most of the time. He is also very fast and can swim like a Vaporeon even though he's not evolved.
    Moves: Byte knows Shadow Ball, Bite, Quick Attack, and Toxic.
    Crush: Byte has no crushes.
    Other: Byte is scared of evolving and doesn't want to, so he wears an Everstone he found once.
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  7. Fixed it.
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  8. @spookyscary You're accepted! :)

    By the way, in case no one has noticed it, the link to the rp is in my first post. :)
  9. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    Awaiting someone to post something
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  10. I've been waiting for someone to post, too. >-<
  11. I'm gonna post in a moment. I'm also gonna post in one of my own RPS so that's why it's taking time :p
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  12. Nautilus

    Nautilus Previously Dark Hydreigon

    I think they are waiting for someone to post too
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