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- Alpha Hoenn -

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Platinum_, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. It was usually all about Lisia. Lisia, the ultimate Pokemon Top Coordiantor of Hoenn. Platinum, her twin brother, felt like it was all about her.

    Platinum stood infront of the mirror. His short, teal-blue hair, his light blue eyes, his family signature hair curl, his facial structure - he was a spitting image of Lisia, just a guy. Why did everyone love Lisia so much? He was a Coordinator into Contests too, although she did start her career in them earlier. He was still semi-famous, by mainly known as Lisia's twin brother and coordinator, not as an individual himself. Platinum decided he was going to make his debut and become just as big as a Contest star as his sister, and become the Top Coordinator of Hoenn, following in the steps of his uncle - Wallace.


    In his room, Platinum was holding and looking at the pokeball that contained his partner and bestfriend - Togekiss. He had hatched Togekiss from an egg and raised him as Togepi at the same time Lisia had caught Swablu. They were both kids, as well as the pokemon were. After Togepi evolved into Togetic, the two Flying types always played with eachother as babies, and they still had a strong connection - like family.

    Togekiss was a fairly strong, and an incredibly graceful Pokemon, so working on impressive, beautiful, and cool appeals for Contests.


    In the dressing room of the Slateport City Contest Building, Platinum was wearing a white and blue Coordinator jacket, short red spike fur coming up from the right shoulder. He also wore jeans with a golden chain coming from a pocket. Small dark blue diamonds decorated the thick white wristband he wore.

    Lisia came up behind him, hugging him tightly. She squealed, explaining on and on about how excited she was to see her brother participating in Contests.

    "Thanks, sis. It's starting, I need to get going." Platinum explained.

    After giving last minute quick tips, Lisia allowed Platinum to go into the Coordinator waiting room, that had a TV which was was playing everything that happened on the stage live. He looked up at the first Coordinator that entered the stage.

    ((OOC: And this is where you come in :) ))
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  2. A single Pokemon came up on the stage.

    As it emerged form the shadows eyes glowing.

    It, emerged.

    A boy with a black hoodie strolled up causally.

    As he did so there was a blinding flash as it/he turned into an Umbreon.
  3. Izerack watched from the bleachers, amazed, and taking notes. Izerack was Reginler's brother, but much different. He was more on the technical side of pokemon, he was just as famous like Reginler too. He invented the teleporter and the transformer. Everyone knew him. Izerack, unlike Reginler, was a pokemon coordinator. He mainly used his partner Klinklang and Blazekin to win matches.

    Izerack decided to show the crows the best he has, so he will preform a new combo he was working on and Izerack knew already he won't disappoint the crowd.
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  4. Platinum watched in pure shock. Was that even possible for a Pokemon? To turn into a human?

    Platinum shook his head. It was probably just a psychic type move the Pokemon knew to create a large illusion such as that one. He immediately figured this guy would be competition.

    Platinum ended up turning his head to Izerack, not recognizing him at first.

    "Boy, that was quite a shocker, how do you think an Umbreon pulled off such a thing?" He asked, excited to see what the trainer of the Umbreon, who was yet to be seen, would do next.
  5. The Umbreon growled loudly as its eyes and rings started to glow a bright white.

    It spread its stance as it prepared to stun the boy in the stands.

    It used double team, then used shadow sneak and caught them, each clone firing a new one then using shadow sneak to catch it and send it to another one, this went on for about 30 seconds until the Umbreon clones caught them and sent them back to the main Umbreon while it morphed into a Lucario, then it absorbed the shadow like orbs and it glowed dark purple.

    This was then dispersed harmlessly as wisps of purple mist through the stage.

    "There is no trainer!!!" the Lucario snickered.
  6. Izerack answered in a matter-of-factly voice "easy! First you combine the DNA of the pokemon you want and then you calculate the square foot.." He went on blabbing about weird stuff nobody knows about until he finally ended "it's simple science! If you didn't know, the names Izerack, brother of Reginler. I'm sure that's all you need to know. My brother always gets the competitive fame. All I want is for the future to be bright!" Izerack said proudly.

    He watched the not-so-trainer-anymore pokemon do his act and he clapped "very smart...using the power of the transforming and the beauty of contests to really let it make you shine! Perhaps I will invent another device based on this act..." He said as he wrote down notes.

    Izerack then trainer with Blazekin and Klinklang and they did awesome. Of course Izerack did it privately, he didn't want anyone to be spoiled on what's going to happen.
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  7. (( OOC: Uhm, this is awkward...how do I say this...Scout, that's not really...possible. First, how does an Umbreon transform into other Pokemon? The only Pokemon that can do that is Ditto...the other thing is...only Trainers can enter contests...a Pokemon alone cannot enter, especially since there wouldn't be a way for a Pokemon to register for a Contest pass and own a Ribbon Case...:'| ))
  8. (( OOC:Oh wait this was supposed to be a realistic thread? Then should I delete the post about the elemental amplifier? It's not that realistic and if this is a real contest we're talking about then I don't mind if I have to scrap the amplfier thing ))
  9. (Baton pass bruh! His trainer also fell through a hole in the stage! All an elaborate prank! So it is possible!)

    The Umbreon stepped out of the shadows and so did Rye, a mysterious, former Unova gymleader stepped out of the shadows...
  10. Platinum watched, and soon enough it was his turn to go on. He made sure his teal hair was alright, and then made his way to behind the curtains of the stage.

    As he was announced as "Lisia's Twin Brother!" by the Host, Platinum face palmed, but the curtains opened and he fixed his position and walked through, waving to the mass crowd. He threw his pokeball out.

    "Togekiss, Stage Time!" The boy called as the pokeball flew green and opened, white and blue streams of light, similar to the colors on his outfit, blasts out of the pokeball, stars spinning rapidly around each stream of light and landing on the stage, sound blasts emit from the ground, and forms into the majestic Fairy and Flying Type - Togekiss. The Pokemon flew into the air, spinning and majestically flying around, gracefully landing in the center of the stage, definitly showing everyone he had arrived.

    Platinum held his palm out.

    "Aura Sphere!"

    Togekiss opened its mouth, chirping its name as two light blue shining orbs came shooting out into the air, spinning rapidly.

    "Now Wing Attack, if you'd please! Then follow up with Hidden Power, and Safeguard!" Platinum called out.

    Togekiss spread his majestic wings, and they glowed brightly. Two air blades shot out, slicing both Aura Spheres into 4 separate orbs. The flying type then released a large shining orbs of blue and yellow energy - Hidden Power. It surrounded the 4 orbs, causing them to glow like a sun, and emit beautiful rays.

    The 4 glowing orbs then landed in a circle around Togekiss, who used Safeguard to cause itself to glow a blue that reflected from the shining orbs, lighting up the entire arena.

    The crowd went insane with claps and cheering, and Platinum bowed, returning Togekiss and walking off back behind the curtains to the back room full with coordinators.
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  11. ((OOC: I would prefer it be, yes. I mean this is a Pokemon roleplay, I would like it to be a bit realistic and within the anime standards xD ))
  12. Izerack patted him on the back on the way back. "Wow dude it's amazing you did that with just one pokemon!" He said and it was his turn to preform, so he got Blazekin and Klinklang and went for the arena, however he was also annoyed because he was announce as "Reginler's brother" and he too, had face palmed, but he ignored it and gave the crowd the show they wanted.

    "You two come out and do awesome!" Izerack said as his Klinklang and Blazekin came out

    "Blazekin, mach punch and Klinklang, flash cannon on Blaze's mach punch!" He said as the pokemon went at it.

    Blazekin's fists turned brown as he pounced up in the air while Klinklang released a white beam of steel energy, making Blazekin punch the ground so fast, the reaction was 30 seconds late and the arena was sprinkled with silver sparkles and also with applause.

    "Next, Klinklang, mirror coat and Blazekin, flamethrower on Klinklang!" Izerack said as the two pokemon did their commands.

    Klinklang took Blazekin's flamethrower pretty well because of its bulkiness and he managed to hold it, turning him into some big, flaming gears. "Do it now Klinklang!" As Izerack said that, Klinklang's gears separated and flew everywhere. They had managed to spin so fast they made a fire tornado that erupted into shimmering red lights.

    As Klinklang was geared back together, the crowd bursted into applause just like Platinum's performance and Izerack bowed and Klinklang and Blazekin followed him back into the room with coordinators too.
  13. The former gym leader walked out of contest area and went into the back ally be hind it and sat down miserably.

    "Well, we tried guys" he said holding back tears.

    The Umbreon sat on his lap and barked sadly.

    "I guess we will always be the people, clinging to the coat ails of fame..." He said again quite miserably.
  14. (( OOC: I edited some posts, I changed my pokemon from Noivern to Togekiss ))

    Platinum watched in amazement. He greeted Izerack when he came back.

    "Hey man, you did great! I can tell you've practiced!" Platinum highfived him.

    Platinum then began slightly chuckling, remembering the Host announcing them both as their slightly more famous siblings.

    "I can relate, it happened to me too. But watch, no matter what happens, we'll make it to the top." He reassured.

    The Host then announced, after a few more coordinators preformed, that that was the end of the appeal round. The judges would now place in their scores for each contestant to see which 4 Coordinators pass on to the next and final round - the Appeal Battle round - which each coordinator chose one pokemon to battle against a randomized opponent. However, this battle is way different from other types of battles. Yes, you do battle the other opponent, but you also utilize your chosen pokemon's appealing looks and moves to make the opponent lose points.

    After a brief break, the Host then stood on stage with a mic, speaking through it excitedly.

    "And NOW, the results are in, and her are the FINAL 4 PASSING Coordinators!!" She flung a hand up to a jumbo screen, and the screen had 4 circles.

    Each circle spun around once, revealing the face of the passing coordinator. The first one turned, it was a stranger. The second one turned, it was another stranger.

    Platinum was squeezing his fists in the nerve wracking moment, hoping that he would pass through onto the final round.

    The last two circles spun around, and the faces of Platinum and Izerack were shown. Platinum almost screamed in excitement, but kept calm and released a breath of relief. Happily, he pat Izerack, congratulating him too on moving onto the finals.
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  15. Dakota was watching. This time she wasn't in the contest, just watching. In her lap she held a Skitty. She watched with concentration and sighed. She wished she could've joined but got here too late. Oh well, next time maybe. She looked down at her little normal pokemon and pet her between the ears.

    [ such a bad post but couldn't think of anything to put x-x ]
  16. Izerack watched as he saw he made it into the finals and let out a sigh of relief. "Phew! Ok! Well I know who I'm choosing for the finals" Izarack said as he looked at a pokeball. Izerack congratulated Platinum as well. He couldn't wait to l get the show on the road! He also couldn't wait since this was the first time the pokemon Izerack was using has been in a contest, and Izerack wondered how it's going to turn out.

    As he was training with the pokemon that night, he conducted calculations for his battle plan. He was so sure to win this. He made sure everything was right and this pokemon had a widespread variety of moves, so the appeal will be no problem. Izerack was so excited he couldn't sleep that night.
  17. The Host then stood under the jumbo screen infront of the crowd.

    "ALLLLLRIGHTYYY!! Time to announce the randomized matchups!"

    The 4 circles on the screen swirled around eachother randomly, before slowly coming to a stop. They then revealed the faces once more. It showed it was Izerack vs Alena, a brunette female. The second match was Platinum vs A brunette girl as well.

    Platinum gripped the pokeball, that had the contest seals. Izerack was the first match to go on, so Platinum turned to him and pat his back.

    "You'll do great man, Go get 'em, I expect to see you in the final." The white haired boy smiled to him.

    (( OOC: I'll be Alena for ya ))
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  18. (Forget it I'm restarting.)

    An Umbreon and A Young man with Pitch black hair strolled leisurely into the Contest Show House.

    His Umbreon shivered slightly as he shook the water out of his luxurious black fur, it gleamed like Obsidian.

    All of the other seats were full so he sat in the only seat available, next to Dakota.

    He zipped up his black hoodie a little more as he trend to get comfortable in the rock hard seats.

    Coal jumped up on his lap and sniffed at the other Pokemon curiously.
  19. Dakota ignored the man and his pokemon. She sighed and played with a strand of her red hair. Skitty felt Umbreon sniff her. She whipped around and stared at the dark pokemon. She then squealed and bounced on Dakota's chest, trying to get away from the other pokemon. "Skitty!" Dakota hissed sternly.
  20. "Sorry" he said with a wry smile.

    "He's just too curious for his own good!" he said sheepishly as Umbreon sat down on his lap and watched the contest.
  21. "Skitty is too timid for her own good," Dakota grumbled as the kitten pokemon settled down. The red head huffed and looked at the contest, watching. Her green gaze staying on the stage.
  22. Izerack was finally announced on the loudspeakers and this time as his actually name. He was excited to battle and when he got on the battlefeild, the crowd was already cheering for him with a couple of "you can do it!"s

    Izerack thought "wow arent these people rowdy now huh?" And his before his opponent came up, he whispered into his pokeball he was holding "your ready Greninja right? We're going to win this" he said with confidence and hope.
  23. Alena stepped up on the stage as well, her dark brown hair seperated into two bouncy curles. She smirked, she was experienced, and felt like she was definitly going to win this before the timer even finished.

    The Host stood on a high platform, getting the crowd excited.

    "Alright! 5:00 minutes on the clock! The battle begins-- NOW!" She pronounced, and the jumbo screen had both Alena and Izerack's faces on them, a yellow bar underneath each of their faces. A 5 minute timer was between the two faces, and instantly started counting down.

    Alena threw out her pokeball, it popping open and many green ribbons swirling around and landing on the ground, a Jigglypuff appearing.
  24. Umbreon looked at the Puff Ball of a pokemon and rolled his eyes and groaned.

    Rye shushed him and continued to watch the two with curiosity...
  25. Dakota huffed when she saw the Jigglypuff. "Jigglypuff's are annoying little things..." the red-head muttered. Skitty purred as if to agree.
  26. Umbreon barked loudly at Skitty, as if too agree!

    Rye clamped a hand over umbreons mouth as he snuck him a Che'snut berry.

    The Umbreon grew slightly drowsy as he calmed down and fell asleep.
  27. Skitty felt herself jump out of her fur when she heard Umbreon. She pounced on Dakota's chest again, making her trainer huff. "That's enough!" Dakota snapped and returned the normal pokemon.
  28. "Greninja your up! Use dark pulse and shadow ball! Izerack commanded Greninja and Greninja launched a shadow ball into the air, then launched a beam of dark pulse with it and the dark pulse held the shadow ball up, then the pillar came crashing down on jigglypuff.

    "Now shadow ball again!" Greninja launched one last shadow ball and as it hit jigglypuff, from the bleachers it looked like jigglypuff had exploded into purple fireworks. The crowd cheered as points were deducted from Alena.
  29. Alena had points deducted from the beauty of Izeracks attack, but winked to her small pink puff pokemon as the attacks came in on Jigglypuff. The pokemon returned to the wink, quickly curling up and spinning out of the way of the attack with ease.

    "Jiggly!" It squealed happily.

    "Now Gyro Ball, with Sing!" Alena called out, waving her arms out to her sides.

    The Jiggly puff then spun rapidly, releasing the silver sphere attack. The Jigglypuff then released a beautiful sound - Sing. It reached the audience, the sweet sound captivating most of the crowd. Colorful music notes also emitted from the pink pokemon, and quickly surrounded the Gyro Ball, decorating the attack beautifully. The gracefully designed attack moved fast across the field, leaving a trail of music notes behind it, and it quickly hit the Greninja, making its limbs feel a bit limp.

    Izerack lost a few points for the coordination put into the attack, but Alena clicked her tongue, annoyed that the sleep effect of Sing wasn't fully put into place.
  30. The Umbreon's tail twitched in his sleep.

    He stroked his head slightly , careful not to wake the pitch black pokemon.
  31. Dakota watched with a blank look. Her green gaze steady on the battling that was going on. She leaned her chin on a hand. Thinking of different ways to counter the two different attacks.
  32. "Greninja! Water pledge on your face!" Izerack said, refreshing Greninja and completely waking him up.

    "Now water pledge on Jigglypuff!" And a small water cage trapped Jigglypuff, with nowhere to move, then Jigglypuff got blasted by a water beam in the spot she was standing on, hitting Jigglypuff against the roof of the dome-like water cage.

    "Greninja! Water ace!" Izerack said and Greninja prepared an Ariel ace, dipped it in a water pillar, making it a blue stream of water. "Now!" He said and Greninja slashed Jigglypuff, making water sparkles due to the explosion. Now there was only half a bar full on Alena's side. Lastly, Greninja predicted his opponents next move, so he used his toungue scarf to cover his ears.
  33. Alena gasped as her points were sucked up to half way, and that Izerack's points were only 1/3 empty, and saw that the timer was now at 2 minutes.

    "Jigglypuff! Are you alright?" She called out.

    The pink puff ball struggled to stand, but managed to.

    "Puff! Jig jig!" The Jigglypuff responded.

    "Alright! Use Charm! Then follow up with, yes, Hyper Beam!" The brunette commanded.

    The Jigglypuff managed to dance around cutely, many hearts emitting from her body, flowing around her. Finally, the Jigglypuff took aim, and released the large beam of white light in the midst of the hearts, which also coated the Hyper Beam. The crowd cheered for the nicely planned attack, causing Izerack's points to slightly seep away. It slammed into Greninja, causing it to go flying into one of the stadium walls, and lowering its attack strength. Izerack's points then were gapped to its half way point as well.
  34. Izerack grinned. "Your comepletely forgetting the purpose of this battle, to appeal, not Attack. It's like pulling out weeds. Pull them out furiously and focus on them you will rip off a sprout. Just like in contest. Focus on nothing but attacking Greninja and you'll miss the big picture! That's what a fellow friend told me" Izerack said as the Greninja on the wall slowly faded because it was a stunt double!

    "Greninjas! Show yourselves!" And just as Izerack said that, a million Greninjas hopped out! "Finish this with water pledge!" Izerack said and All Greninjas Flooded the stadium, then making a huge water explosion, with water sparkles going everywhere and at the same time, draining Alena's points to a complete zero.
  35. Alena's jaw was opened, as she saw an unconscious Jigglypuff and her points at 0. She returned Jigglypuff, still in shock of the whole scene that played out infront of her. She bowed to him, smiling as he was announced winner, and walked off the stage.

    "And we will be seeing Izerack in the Final Round! Congratulations!" The Host announced. "Now we will have a short break, and prepare our two next matches, Platinum and Zane!"


    Platinum was smiling widely when he saw Izerack back in the Coordinator Room.

    "Dude congratulations! That was awesome! I only hope my battle goes that well." He said, examining the pokeball in his hand.
  36. "Thanks! Good luck on your battle! Hope you win!" Izerack said and Greninja agreed with him. "Ok I'm heading over to the pokemon center, so I'll see you later I guess." Izerack said as he walked off and Greninja followed him.
  37. Platinum nodded, and made his way onto the stage when he was announced. He started to feel butterflies in his stomach, strangely enough. He shook it off and bowed to his opponent, who was standing on her side of the stadium. Both faces appeared on the jumbo screen, and once the Host announced it, the battle began - the timer began counting down.

    The teal haired coordinator threw out the pokeball. Once it flashed open, a bright light shined, revealing a large captivating snowflake. Inside of the center was a blue ice type, who posed gracefully.

    "Gla! Glaceon!" The Eeveelution barked happily, landing on the stadium field, the snowflake shattering into multiple small snowflakes.

    ((OOC: hey my friend is going to jump in, if that's ok ))
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  38. (Yeah @shorteninq right? He really hates contests!)

    The Umbreon woke up to being Splashed.

    He growled loudly and started charging up a shadowball, but Rye waved a Cheri berry I front of his nose. And he quitters and started to eat it.

    "Who knew this guy was gonna cost me a fortune..."he said to himself quietly wiping the water from his eyes from the huge wave.
  39. Opal walked out onto the stage, a determined look on her face, as a Gardevoir walked beside her.

    She turned and waved to the crowd as they cheered and whistled loudly!

    She blushed a little as she turned back towards Platinum, as a slight breeze blew through the arena.
  40. Glaceon looked ahead, determined but slightly unsure.

    Platinum had the same thought. Gardevoir was an impressive Pokemon, and definitly had the size advantage. But he still had tricks up his sleeve. He looked to the large screen, the timer was counting down already.

    "Alright Glaceon, start off with Shadow Ball!" Platinum called.

    In a quick response, the ice Eeveelution spun and shot out the dark orb, hurling to Gardevoir, spinning in a order in which it was hard to keep an eye on.

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