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Private/Closed Alolan Rockets [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by BoinkSpades, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Hello, I’d like to start a closed RP. But these are the sign ups!

    There are going to be three slots, so four players in total.

    -Each player has a turn, within this turn, they must move forward the plot of the story. While filler is generally discouraged, players can use it if they truly cannot think to move forward with the story.
    -players are not allowed to break turns or have passes. neither can they do a post for another player.
    -players can “ghost” other players roles for the need of interaction. This helps with interaction.
    -While ghosting, players can use actions and very limited speech
    -While ghosting, players cannot:
    -make full statements
    -send out the player’s other Pokémon
    -Use the other player’s Pokémon's moves
    -control the other player’s Pokémon within a battle
    -Multiple characters are allowed but three per character please
    -No bouncing off roles either, that’s just rude
    -Basic Pokecharm rules apply
    -NPC characters are to be distributed evenly between players, so if Cynthia is introduced to the scene for a short while, then all the players have to take her role if they choose to interact with her. This is different to ghosting, as the characters are NPCs, and thus are outside of the main story line unless for purposes of reappearing, like merchants.
    -If any players want to ship themselves with a canon character, then it is allowed, but please do note that the canon character is the player’s responsibility.
    -players should not fight over canon characters, if two players have the same love interest in mind, then please discuss it in PM. Do not fight over a fictional character that you don’t even own.
    -players WILL NEVER take the canon character’s already established personality and destroy it. Paul is stoic and cold, Gary is a smartass and is cocky, Red is silent and strong. extreme canon breaking will not be tolerated and will result in the player’s possible kicking from the rp
    -As a general rule, limit your shinies. Please keep it 3 per character, and within reason too.
    Proof of reading the rules of the rp, copy, type, or whatever this sentence: I have read the rules and hail the helix

    The characters are all former members of Team Rocket. All of varying degrees of rank before the team was disbanded. While they no longer work for Giovanni or the admins, the characters are still being pursued by the local law enforcement by both Johto and Kanto. While they stayed in touch online through a private chatroom, they planned together to either escape to Sinnoh or Alola. As they pooled the money together to buy possibly buy a house and tickets, they catch wind of criminal activity within Sinnoh and decide to leave for Alola. After months of planning and gathering money, they all meet up at Vermillion City to leave Kanto and Johto all together for a new life in Alola as house-mates.

    As they live together, they have quarrels and such. At some point, they’re found out to be former Team Rocket members and have to flee their home.
    (If anyone wants to edit this plot or add onto it, fine by me.)

    TL;DR: Characters are ex-team rocket and want to escape Kanto/Johto, so they leave to move to Alola and have a slice of life adventure of sorts


    pretty simple, just don’t make your character a mary sue/gary stu

    General Bio:

    Here’s my character

    Name: Spades
    Gender: Female
    Broker - Weavile (45)
    Glacia - Glaceon (23)
    Markus - Zangoose (29) (Shiny)
    General Bio: A bit cold. While she very rarely lets others into her inner circle of loved ones (even family applies), she fights to the death for those who are given access to those. She cares for her Pokémon as her own friends and family. Her harsh attitude when first met put a good impression on Team Rocket and thus became one of the higher ranking members, but not an admin.

    Current Slots:
    Spades - BoinkSpades (Me)
    Eli - Cutepikachu343
    Rei - Pastel Moonlight
    Clark - Clockwise
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  2. Name: jack
    Gender: male
    Macho man-machoke(25)
    Bio: was devistaed when team rocket was disbanded but he still has respect for geovianni and the admins+I have read the rules hail the helix
    #2 *that* gay guy, Jan 5, 2017
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  3. Name: Eli
    Gender: Male
    Gli: *Shiny* Emolga (LV. 40)
    Bonk: Deino (LV. 43)
    Chop: Haxorus (LV. 50)
    Backstory: Wasn't fond of team Rocket in the first place, Only Joined because his Ex-Girlfriend, Stacey, was in it. He's partially glad that it's disbanded but also upset because His Girlfriend broke up with him for not being Upset with it.

    (These are my OCs from Unova Rp, except one i was thinking on putting in, but didn't, and the other two are just stronger. [Chop is so strong he is a Haxorus insted of Axew])

    Hail the helix
    #3 Tamazarokon, Jan 5, 2017
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  4. Name:Rei
    Pinky- Clefable(LV. 49)
    Kagé- Gengar (LV.50)
    Ace- Umbreon (LV.43) (Shiny)
    Bio:Rei never really liked the idea of joining a Criminal organization, but she had to get away from her parents somehow. So she decided to join Team Rocket. Her parents hated her so she had to get away somehow. She left her parents when she was 15 and join the Criminal organization. She was a bit sad when they disbanded but she knew why.

    I have read the rules and hail the helix
    #4 Pastel Moonlight, Jan 5, 2017
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  5. Please read the rules in full, and completely fill out the bio.
  6. LOL forgot Bio sorry.
  7. It's fine, just read the rules and edit your post
  8. I read through the Rules in the first place, but i forgot to put it in. Is that better?
    #9 Tamazarokon, Jan 5, 2017
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  9. Cutepikachu - Accepted, congrats!
    *that* guy - Sorry, better luck next time ^^""""
    Pastel Moonlight - Accepted, congrats!
  10. I've done everything right!
  11. That wouldn't guarantee your admission though!
  12. Name: Clark
    Gender: Male
    Noibat (42) "Schecter"
    Toxicroak (39) "Rush"
    Crawdaunt (34) "Francis"
    General Bio:
    When Giovanni disappeared, Clark didn't hold a grudge against the kid who took down the organization he'd made a life with. He held a grudge against the coward who abandoned him. Grunts were defeated often and still had the courage to continue their operations at Giovanni's command. Clark wasn't going to follow anyone who would sacrifice all the efforts of a loyal criminal network after only a few setbacks. Now it is Clark's mission to prove that Team Rocket is still a capable force of infamy. A new region holds opportunity on the horizon.

    I have read the rules, and hail the helix.
    #15 Clockwise, Jan 6, 2017
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  13. Alright, I'm sorry to all who have been waiting. The last member has been chosen.

    Clockwise - Accepted Congrats!

    As explained in the rules, there will be a set order for the players to post in. I will start off the roleplay by tomorrow, then in order, Cutepikachu, PastelMoonlight, Clockwise, then back to myself.

    Congrats to the new members and let our adventure in Alola begin!
  14. Oh uh... I post first (Excluding first post)
  15. Thank you so much for accepting me. I made slight edits to my Pokemon's nicknames. I'm glad that this RP is going to still happen.

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