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Ask to Join Alolan High School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Yokudo Kamiya, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Hi everybody! This is my first RP so I hope I don't mess it up. Anyways, this rp takes place in the Alola region and is a typical high school that trains you in being trainers, trial captains or kahunas. The rules are simple; try not to have too much blood and gore, like it's okay if your character has cuts and bruises but, that's it. Romance is allowed, just keep family friendly. As for Pokemon, you each start with up to 2 pokemon of your choosing (except legendaries) and must be the first evolution (if they are evolved, you must give a reason). Now for the application.

    Crush: (this is only if you have one)

    Now let's begin.
    Name: Yokudo Kamiya
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Looks like my profile pic.
    Personality: Cocky, but cares for his friends and Pokemon.
    Region: Johto
    Pokemon: Litten and Scyther
    Class: Trainer

    Yokudo got off the boat with a sigh of relief. "Finally, in Alola!" He said excitedly. He looked at his brochure to find the address of the high school. "So, I have to go that way?" He said while heading towards the school.
  2. Name: Kiako Mukiya
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black Hair that goes over left eye, A Black Pearl necklace, black shirt that says "Keep Calm and Mega Evolve", white sneakers with long, black socks, Black shorts.
    Crush: Sky Igumani
    Region: Hoenn
    Pokemon: Combusken and Zorua.
    Class: Trainer

    Kiako got off the boat behind Yokudo. "Are you going to the Alolan High School, too? Man I wonder who i'll find." Kiako suddenly froze as a girl with red hair, blue eyes, ice blue Hawaiian shirt and tan shorts with foot flops went by. Kiako saw her partner, a Brionne. "Hello!" She said. "I'm Sky Igumani! Nice to meet you!" Kiako had no words.
  3. Name: Steve Masson
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Red hair, blue glasses, a blue shirt, green shorts, and yellow shoes
    Personality: Hot headed, and cares for his Pokemon
    Region: Alola
    Pokemon: Wally the Wishiwashi, and Patrick the Alolan Rattata
    Class: Trainer

    Steve was walking from his house to the High School. Wally was in his tank and was being pulled by Patrick. "Come on guys. We can be late!" Steve said. Patrick started running fast, and so did Steve. Wally was getting dizzy in his tank.
  4. Name: Kalani Willow
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Brown skin and eyes. Long, black hair is usually pulled up out of her way through fashionable means. Outfits are very "lolita"-inspired and she also possesses a penchant for floral print.
    Personality: An excessive academic whose rigidness falls to pieces whenever she sees something cute. Greatly intelligent and observant, she confidentially flaunts her ability to be on top of things. Her self-assurance can be hard to swallow, as can be her clingy behavior. Kalani appears to have an obsessive personality overall and seems to feed almost parasitically on continual assurance and compliments. It is also exceptionally easy to offend her, even in the most offhand of ways.
    Crush: Seems to change every day...
    Class: Trial Captain
    Native Region: Unova (Nimbasa City)
    Pokemon: [​IMG][​IMG]

    The boarding school was a very impressive establishment, clearly having been built rather recently as the construction crew still lingered in the lobby, almost basking in the fruits of their labor. The interior used impeccable lighting and minimalist decor to create a tranquil atmosphere, though it was only the little things Kalani took to remembering: things like the whites of the lobbyist's friendly grins, the long wait for the elevator to transport her to the dormitories.

    There were so many of them, a long line stretching infinitely on in both directions. The girl only knew she was making progress towards 'B204' because of little things, again: the oil painting of a vibrant coral reef, the coffee table with a porcelain vase balanced atop it. Zorua nearly knocked that one over!

    "Watch it before you get us in trouble!" Kalani hissed, throwing a suspicious glance behind her. The corridor was just as empty as it had been when she arrived.

    "What's taking everyone so long? Are they still stalling by the entrance?" She huffed and returned to the pamphlet she had just then lifted from the bridge of her nose. Its instructions were hard to glean in the atmospheric darkness, but the undeniable evidence was printed right there before her, and a quick glance-around at the doors on either side confirmed the catastrophic was upon them.

    "Aauugh! We've been heading the wrong way this entire time!?" Kalani nearly threw the directions to the ground in her vexation, throwing her head back with a roar before proceeding to march back the way they'd came.

    "Come on, Zorua!" The creature was ogling the table they'd nearly toppled moments earlier as if afraid the polished wood would splinter and collapse impossibly before their very eyes. They yelped as an impatient grip latched around their tail and control was yanked from their paws. Zorua, disinclined, allowed themselves to be dragged in Kalani's wake.
  5. Name: Ava Stacks
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Ava is a brown somewhat-curly haired girl with blue eyes. She wears a tan cardigan over an orange tank top and shorts. Ava also wears brown sneakers and white ankle high socks and has an orange backpack.
    Personality: Ava is adventurous, but smart about her choices. She is also kind and very loyal.
    Crush: None yet.
    Region: Alola(Akala Island)
    Pokemon: Rockruff and Alolan Vulpix
    Class: Trainer

    Ava's feet pounded on the ground as she ran to the Pokemon High School. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and ran through the doors, where a girl was dragging a Zorua deeper into the building. Ava sighed and turned to Vulpix and Rockruff. "Well, let's find our dorm," Ava said. She pulled out a brochure. "B209..." She said and looked down the hallway the girl was storming down. "Looks like it's that way..."
  6. But Kalani had the attentiveness of a Claydol with invisible eyes at every angle.

    She stopped in-place at the intimation of company and whisked around. Her face brightened with pleasant surprise and a scintillating smile. "He-ey! Or should I say, 'Alola!'" She laughed and let Zorua's tail slip. "I can't believe you're the first person I've seen actually looking for their dorm today!"

    Her Pokemon shook itself and slumped pitifully in front of her sandals.

    "What's your name? Ooh, are you a local?" She eyed the girl's partners hungrily. "Alolan forms are awesome. You must see cool Pokemon like your Vulpix every day! Oh my 'Ion, like, where do you live? Like, what island? What tribe?"
  7. Ava was a little startled. "Um... I'm Ava," She laughed, "And yeah, I'm local. I lived on Akala Island, just far enough back in the sticks that we weren't in town." Vulpix walked over to Zorua. "What number is your dorm? Mine's B209."
  8. Steve was sitting at his dorm. Half of the room was covered with a large tank for just Wally. "Wally. Who do you think we can meet today?" He asked Wally. "Wishi." Replied Wally. "Yeah I agree. Wait, Pat stop trying to eat a bed again!" Steve said, running to stop the little rat from choking itself with a mattress.
  9. Yokudo turned around to a guy talking to him. "Uh, yeah I'm headed there myself." Then he saw that he was entranced by a girl getting off the boat. "Heh, not even in school yet and you already have a crush?"
  10. "Akala, huh?" The name appeared to incite confusion within Kalani—her brows furrowing behind the round lens of her sunglasses—and her chipper expression took an inquisitive turn. The sharp-faced girl set her chin between her thumb and forefinger, pretending to look elsewhere, theatrically, while pronouncing the foreign word again to herself—"Uh-kah-luh..."—until she settled her arms on her hips and flashed Ava another smile.

    "Never heard it called that before. Guess it's a native term. Where I'm from, we called the islands 'Yellow', 'Red', 'Pink', 'Purple'. Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple! And we used to have a little song for it, too!" The girl's pigtails flounced as she shook her head amiably, the accompanying chuckle dying gradually as she rested her head in her palm. Then she sighed, saying, "Jeez, I miss Trainer's School. Didn't have a care in the world."

    There was a hint of bitterness there, followed by a moment of silence as Kalani noticed an inconsistency with her outfit while peering down. Zorua was still at her feet, and she seemed intent with ignoring it, as he had company, anyway, in the form of Ava's Vulpix partner. They seemed to emit snow with every step, a peculiar form of shedding. Zorua was keen of it as its Trainer. When the Alolan Pokemon drew nearer, they drew up and sneezed.

    By that point, Kalani had wrestled the strap back in its place, and continued her conversation with Ava. "To tell you the truth, I've never been too big on Ice Pokemon. Couldn't tell you what it was. I guess it's how they feel, you know. They're always freezing. At least with Water-types you get variety. Not that I've ever trained a Water-type. I'm more of a Dark type of gal." Her eyes glinted almost coquettishly on that note. She drew her arms over her head with a yawn and a stretch, but was quick to regain her earlier posture, recognizing another point of interest. "Ooh! I like your dog! What's that Pokemon called?"
  11. Ava looked over at Rockruff, who was watching the other Pokemon. "That's Rockruff," She said and picked it up. Rockruff barked a greeting. "And actually, Vulpix has been one of my partners for a while," Ava said, recalling the first time she had met Vulpix. She had been about eight, and overly excited to meet more Pokemon, when her older brother asked her if she wanted to come to town with him. Of course, she had said yes. Ava's brother was already a Pokemon Trainer, and his Glaceon had come with. When the duo had gotten into town, there was a huge battle going on. A Trainer with Vulpix was battling a Trainer with a foreign Vulpix. This one's coat was red instead of white. The Trainer with the foreign Vulpix won, and the other Vulpix ran away. Ava chased it, worried that it would hurt itself. She found it hiding in the woods, limping. When she took it to the Trainer, he just said that she could keep it, handed her the Pokeball, and walked off. Ava's brother was mad that she hadn't just slapped the guy across the face. After that, the two had bonded quickly.
  12. Name: Karl Cam
    Gender: male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Wears square glasses, has a orange t-shirt, gray shorts and red running shoes, has blond hair
    Personality: Loyal to his friends and Pokémon, kind of a connoisseur of Pokémon
    Crush: none so far
    Region: sinnoh, moved to alola
    Pokémon: Doduo, Squirtle
    Class: trainer

    Karl arrived at school on his flying Doduo with his Squirlte in the water following them. " Finally arrived! We missed the boat because of you Squirtle, you just had to flirt with every female along the way did you!" Squirtle gave Karl a sassy look and turned away. " See this is exactly why I had you swim instead of riding Doduo with me. *sight* Well let's get to our dorm." Karl took a paper out of his pocket and checked it." Dorm B206 alright let's go."
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  13. Name: Serena Blackwater
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: Serena has light purple hair, tied in two buns with hair hanging loose (Kinda like a Sailor Moon style) that falls halfway down her stomach. She has forest green eyes and light skin covered in freckles. She has extremley rosey cheeks, Serena wears a black high wasted skirt that goes up to her breastline, and a light yellow shirt with flowers on it, tucked into it. She goes around barefoot most of the time. She has a tiny light blue backpack with many charms dangling off the sides,
    Personality: Serena is extremley positive. She is happy go lucky, headstrong, and kind. She loves playing outside with her pokemon and swimming around.
    Region- Alola
    Pokemon: Poppilo (Named Ania) and Rockruff (Named Lelani)
    Class: Trainer

    A cool breeze blew threw Serena Blackwater's dorm window. The girl sat on a small ledge as her light yellow-painted toenails dried in Alola's basking sun. Her green eyes gazed up at the puffy white clouds as she tried to pick out shapes. Her poppilo rested on her lap, snoring softly. In the corner of her room, her Rockruff was napping on a dog bed. Serena sighed. "This is so beautiful!" She exclaimed as a few birds flew by. She looked down to the pier and watched as a big boat carrying new students docked. She had been attending the school for a year now, and Serena always got the same rush of excitement as the boat pulled in every year.
  14. Kiako stared at Yokudo. "No, no, I swear, she's just...pretty that's all." Kiako blushed. "So i'm Kiako, and these are my pokemon." Kiako sent out Combusken and Zorua. They both chirped as they saw Kiako. They then started forming around Kiako. Until Kiako heard a voice, the Principal. "So are you coming inside or not?" The principal said. "Well, I uh....yes.." Kiako went inside.
  15. Karl arrived at his dorm, he opened the door and a fresh breeze blew out. His room was pretty big considering there's almost nothing in it. The only thing it had were a couple of plants beside the main window." well, lets settle down now Doduo and Squir... Squirtle get back here!!!" as Karl was settling down in his new dorm, Squirtle took advantage and ran out.
  16. "That's cool." Kalani's spark of interest died, though she stood in an accompanying silence with Ava for some time. In truth, she wasn't sure what she had expected from her schoolmate. The girl seemed to be in her own little world.

    Having squeezed what seemed to be anything interesting about Ava out of her, she offered up a parting half-wave and a pleasant, little smile. "Great to have met you. I'm Kalani, by the way." The conversation had wrapped itself up cleanly, Kalani thought. With nothing more to add, she turned and began to tread towards her dorm, nearly tripping over a close-by Zorua in the process.

    "Watch it!" the student snapped, jerking her leg up as if prepared to kick the creature in the sides. It flinched, but rested assured when it was revealed to be little more than a threat. Zorua lumbered after Kalani as she traced down the row of doors, identified the one with her number, wrestled with her key to unlock it, and stepped inside, closing the door firmly behind her.
  17. Ava sighed, and Vulpix came back to her feet as they continued down the hall. Her room wasn't that far from Kalani's. She pulled the key out from her pocket and went in. The room was almost empty, save for a desk, chair, and bed. Ava dropped her bag on the bed. Rockruff jumped up onto it and started pawing at its fur. This was its way of saying, "Brush me human!". Ava laughed and pulled the brush out from one of the pockets of her backpack. She brushed Rockruff, then noticed that it was all dusty and dirty. "You dug up Mom's garden again, didn't you?" She laughed. Rockruff barked and wagged its tail. "Well, let's get you off the bed," Ava sighed. She picked up Rockruff, set it on the desk, and started to brush it again. When she was finished, Rockruff jumped down and Vulpix jumped back up. As Ava brushed it, snow fell off of its coat.
  18. Yokudo couldn't help but laugh. "My name is Yokudo and these are my pokemon." he said as he sent out Litten and Scyther. Both looking happy and stretching. Then Yokudo heard the principal calling to them. "I'm on my way,sir" he said as he ran to the school.
  19. Kiako entered the school, seeing all sorts of Alolan pokemon. He saw a teacher whom has grass types, a gym teacher whom has fighting types, and a science teacher whom has psychic types. Kiako tapped Yokudo and pointed to Class 18. "That's my class room, I heard there's this really nice teacher there who specializes in normal types." Kiako continued. "Her name is Miss Lenora, who used to be the Nacrene City Gym Leader in Unova."
  20. Name: Elliott
    Gender: Male
    Apperance: Safari hat, Bright blue eyes, often wears red and blue tees, Blue sneakers, Jeans.
    Personality: Always super exited, Loves pokemon, fast.
    Crush: N/A
    Region: Born in Alola,Moved to Kanto, Moved back to Alola
    Pokemon: Rowlet [Male(Name: Liam)] and Pikipeck [Female(Name: Tina)]
    Class: Trainer

    Elliott Rushed to the school. He was a couple days late because of moving. His pokemon were in there pokeballs because Elliott was in a rush. When he got to his room, he let out his pokemon. "Sorry for forcing you guys in your pokeballs, i was in a rush." Elliott told his Pokemon. "Row, Peck, Let, Piki!" His Pokemon yelped. Elliott started to set up his room.
  21. When Kiako tapped Yokudo's shoulder and told him about Lenora, he remembered Whitney, the Goldenrod City Gym Leader. Yokudo shivered. "Yeah, uh, I don't really have a good history with normal types, Miltanks especially..."
  22. "Oh..so what region do you come from? I'm from Hoenn. My grandfather is Wattson, the Mauville City Gym Leader. My dad well died when I was four. Electric types aren't my thing, if you haven't tell. My Torchic evolved before I even got to name it. After all, it was given to me by Grandfather Wattson."
  23. "I'm from Ecruteak City in Johto. My dad trained under Bugsy, the Azalea Town Gym Leader, which is how I got my Scyther. My mom gave me this Litten when she visited Alola." Yokudo said with a smile.
  24. Kiako nodded. "Well, I better get to class. See you at recess? Oh and one more thing, there's two eggs I got from Grandfather Wattson." Kiako gave Yokudo an egg with a red "+" on it. Kiako was however holding an egg with a "-" on it. It was Plusle and Minun. "I think we have Math together so that's nice." Kiako walked to Class 18, Miss Lenora greeting him.
  25. "Yea I guess I'll see you later." He said while putting the egg in his bag. "Alright, off to class." He said with excitement.
  26. Math finally came. The teacher was Mr. Boydd, who likes ghost types. He had a Cofagrigus out pointing to the chalkboard while Mr. Boydd wrote. Kiako took notes. "Let's see....so.....3 Minun 79 equals -76...."
  27. am i too late to join im new to this website?
  28. (no you can join as long as you put a bio. and plus use ())
  29. Name: Nero Ragna
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (profile picture should sum it up) and he is 17
    Personality: Strong willed and a bit care free
    Crush: Unspecified
    Region: Orre
    Pokemon: Torchic and Skarmory
    Class: Trainer class (specializes in Fighting and Steel

    Nero flew in on his Skarmory with his Torchic sitting on his head. He called back his Skarmory but left the little chicken on his head as he walked into the school. "The place sure is big." He said to himself watching all the students dashing to and from their classes. "Wonder where im headed, seems as though im pretty late." He laughed. He began looking around the school for a paer or sheet that had names and classes on it.

    A teacher approached the lost Nero while he wondered up and down the halls. "S'cuse me there son, whats your name, you seem lost?" The teacher had asked him. "Who, me? My names Nero and I got here a little late miss and I cant seem to find out where my class is." Nero replied. The teacher chuckled. "Well as it just so happens this is your math class, yer luckly you didn't miss anything or you would've had to make up for it." She smiled with a chuckle. "Now git in there and meet some of yer classmates." She said with a small gesture to the classroom. "Alright, will do Ms....." "The names Ms. Lenora son, and don'tcha go forgettin it now." With that he went into the classroom and took his seat.
  30. Elliott set down Rowlet's bed. He checked the time. "Ahh! I'm gonna be late for class!" He yelped. Elliott grabbed his backpack and walked out the door. he walked into his class. "Alola Ms. Lenora! Sorry i'm late. i just finished setting up." Elliott said when he got in the classroom. He took his seat.
  31. Kael ran to his math class on Doduo and carrying Squirtle in his arms." Oh man I'm gonna be so late and its all your fault Squirtle!" He arrived at Ms. Lenora's class." I'm very sorry Ms Lenora my Squirtle ran of and tit took awhile for me to catch it." He apologized then went and took his seat beside a guy In a black coat and white hair." Hello my name is Karl."
  32. Ava was already in class, but she was drawing. Vulpix was walking around and looking for something to do, and Rockruff was sitting by Ava's feet. As Ava finished her picture, just a doodle of what her dorm looked like, she noticed that Rockruff was just lying down. "Hm. You okay, buddy?" She asked, looking at the brown dog Pokemon. It looked up at her, looked out the window, and whined. It was homesick. "Aww, it's okay," Ava said. She picked up Rockruff and set it down on her desk.
  33. Name: Robby Valin
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: long brown curly hair, blue eyes, white t shirt with brown flannel, light blue jeans with holes, and white converse. 5'10", Caucasian.
    Personality: slightly shy, determined, friendly.
    Region: Hoenn
    Pokemon: Salandit and Sableye
    Class: Trainer

    Robby walked cautiously through the hallways, peeking around corners for teachers and other staff members. He quickly made his way outside the school, quickly making his way around the building. After hiding behind a bush, he sits and pulls a lighter, a pipe, and small green substance in a prescription bottle.

    He filled the small pipe, lit the plant light substance, and fifteen minutes later, put it away and headed back inside. He released his Sableye from its poke ball, letting him walk back to class with him. "Hey bud.." he greeted in a soft tone. He opened the door slowly, and made his way to a seat in the back, laying his head down as Sableye used his backpack as a bean bag like seat.
  34. Name:Jay
    Gender: male
    Appearance:loves to wear his fedoras wear a black shirt and a short that look like thunderbolt and love to wear flip-flops
    Personality:serious,loyal, and kind with his friends and his pokemon
    Crush:no one at the moment
    Home Region: sinnoh region
    Pokemon:riolu and rockruff

    Jay notice that robbie was acting weird and walk to and ask him if he is okay.
  35. With the sudden introduction snapping Nero out of his daze he smiled at Karl and extended his hand to shake his. "Pleasure to meet you Karl, names Nero. The Torchic on my head is named Roy." He said as the Torchic let out an ember into the air. "So what're you here for?" He asked Karl.
  36. (Hey Nero, long time no see)
    Yokudo sat in math class just texting foe math was too easy for him and thus was boring. The only reason he liked this class was so he could check out the ghost type pokemon."Man, I'm so bored..." He said as he dozed off on his desk.
  37. Jay was sitting next yukodo to talk about pokemon."So you love ghost type" jay say to yukodo.
  38. Ava watched her classmate start to fall asleep. She sighed, and turned her attention back to Rockruff. Ava pulled out a Pokepuff from her pocket. Her mother, born and raised in Kalos, made them from time to time. Rockruff saw this and immediately perked up. Ava was worried that the teacher would notice and get after her for having food in class. "Here," She whispered and handed the treat to Rockruff.
  39. Robby looked up at Jay, his balance slightly unsteady. He blinked hard a couple times, before attempting to get his composure together. "What? Oh uhh yeah. Yeah yeah I'm just fine." He replied with a huge unintentional smile on his face. "I'm great." He replied again before laying his head back down. Sableye snickered as he crawled up Robby's desk and sat upon his head, still snickering to himself and extended out his small purple hand to the stranger.
  40. Jay still notice he acting weird,but he took his hand out to shake the Pokemon hand.

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