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Ask to Join Alolan Adventures!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Yūrei-The-Trainer, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Remeber the rules for roleplaying!

    • Posts must be written in the third person (There is no "I" in "Role Play") and in the past tense (because we most certainly can't have everything happening all at once) - this helps maintain a certain consistency and grammatical cohesion between the players.
    • Posts should be at least a paragraph long. With the exception of interaction scenes where one character replies to another's question and quick progression is required, one line posts are extremely dull and annoying. God, so to speak, is in the details - and adding a description (of the scene, your characters, or the interaction between them) goes a long way to breathe life into an otherwise bland scene. However, do not overdo it - when the bigger picture is lost in unnecessary over-detailing, the point of a post may be lost.
    • If a post contains images of ANY sort, they must be either created by the poster themselves or works created for them, specifically, by request or commission, and this must be verifiable. Using the art of ANY OTHER source is EXPRESSLY prohibited. We have no tolerance for art theft. If you wish to describe a character, it is far preferable to use words to do so. This also applies to Fanmade Pokémon, as shall be detailed below. This restriction also applies to discussion threads.
    Welcome to the islands of Alola where Team Skull has taken over with the help of Pokemon? Be prepared because the trainers and Pokemon who want the peaceful Alola back are getting prepared to fight back against Team Skull!


    Gender: {Male,Female,Ambiguous?[no true gender]}
    Hometown:{can be made up or from the games/anime}
    Identifying Marks:
    Love Relationships?:
    Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

    Hidden Power:
    Special Features:

    Species: Litwick
    Nickname: Moruga
    Gender: female
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Hidden Power:?
    Special Features: Candle holder she's stuck to until she evolves into Lampent, golden eyes and tongue
    History/Personality: Introverted, trust issues, worrisome
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Of course, in your cherry-picking of the rules, you probably haven't noticed the fact that posts in the RP forums must contain in-character-content. 'Sign-up' posts like yours are not allowed in the RP forums - this belongs in the role play discussion boards.

    Thread moved. When you have actual in-character content to post, start a thread in the RP forums. Until then, please read the rules again - properly this time.
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