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Ask to Join Alolan Adventures

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ombree, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Paris grinned as she walked through the shallow waters of the ocean. It was ankle high and refreshingly cold. Paris loved the water, she had all her life. She loved everything about it. But today she couldn't stay long, as she was meeting up with Professor Kukui in Iki Town very soon to get a starter Pokemon!

    Azure awoke in Paris's long, curly brown hair. Azure was Paris's Pokemon, he was a Dewpider. Azure was very shy, so he often stayed hidden away in Paris's hair. But looked through the curls of hair and saw the ocean, like Paris, he just loved the ocean. Azure jumped down from her hair and splashed into the ocean. Paris had gotten Azure a few months ago for her twelfth birthday, and they were already best friends.

    Paris looked down at her small silver watch and gasped, it was almost time. She scooped up Azure and placed him on her shoulder, she then ran across the hot sand towards Iki Town.
  2. Sans has finally arrived at Iki town from all the travel from Kanto to Alola. Sans saw the lab, and then went in. Sans saw the Professor, and then Sans started to get very excited to get his new Partner!
  3. Paris grinned as he walked through the small town, she knew getting a starter would be something she'd never forget. As she spotted the crowd gathered around a small stage, she knew that was where she'd receive her starter. With eagerness, she pushed herself through the crowd and lined up with all of the trainers receiving their starters. Kukui was standing next to a bunch of pokeballs. He threw the pokeballs into the air and out came a Rowlet, A Litten and A Popplio. "Attention all trainers, if you are to receive your starter pokemon and you are at least 11 years of age, please come forward!" Professor Kukui exclaimed. Several young trainers walked up the small stairs to the stage, one of them being Paris. Azure was hiding in her hair as usual, he hated crowds. Paris's mouth broke into a big smile, this was the beginning of her journey!
  4. Sans got to be at the front of the line, Sans was thinking while professor Kukui was announcing, who he should choose. Sans finally picked that Sans should pick Litten!
  5. "Thank you Sans! I hope you and your Litten become the bestest buddies!" Professor Kukui exclaimed, smiling at the young boy. "Alright... Up next we have Paris!" He said. Paris nervously walked onto the stage and winced as she saw her mother and father in the crowd, as always they were VERY enthusiastic. Paris pulled Azure out of her hair and let him look at the 3 Pokemon. The Litten the boy had just taken had been replaced by another one, Paris gently reached out to stroke it's fur, but it snarled in reply. Next up was the grass/flying Pokemon, Rowlet. The Rowlet was jumping around eagerly looking at everything. Then Paris spotted what she'd been looking for, a water type. A small Popplio eagerly clapped its arms together and looked up at Paris with hopeful eyes. Paris grinned and picked up the Popplio. "I choose you Popplio, and I have the perfect name for you! Pearl!" Paris exclaimed. Azure curiously looked at Pearl and smiled a little, before returning to Paris's curly Afro. "Alright Pearl, return!" Paris said, holding the pokeball up with one hand. The pokeball burst open and a blue light surrounded Pearl, when it faded, Pearl was gone and the pokeball had closed. Paris happily rushed down from the stage and smiled at the boy who'd just gotten his Litten. She then grinned at the pokeball and put Azure on her shoulder, this was the beginning of her quest to become the best water type trainer!
  6. Strigen was strolling past Iki town when she heard alot of noise"what is that noise?!" She ran up the
    Path to find people surrounded by the professor. "HEY!! PROFESSOR! Can I get the Lil Bow tie dude?!" She looked at rowlet through the crowd. She was confused as to why nobody had chosen it. It was so cute! She pushed through the crowd and whistled for the rowlet to come. He turned his head around to look at Strigen. He then truned his body and hopped over to her and cooed. "D'aawww!" She picked him up and look at him closer." I shall name you.... Matt...Matt Smith, cuz Bow ties are cool!!" She took off without waiting for a response from Kukui and let Matt sit on her head.
  7. Sans was very excited he got his own Pokemon! Sans was thinking for a Nickname for Litten, he finally came up with Fuego! Alright Litten, i am going to name you Fuego!" Sans told his new Pokemon. "Litten, return!" Sans said while retrieving Fuego in his PokeBall.
  8. Upon arriving at Iki Town, Peony could immediately spot the huge crowd surrounding the stage once she had made her way up the staircase. Kenji's face brightened upon seeing all of the people cheering enthusiastically, from what he could see, there was a whole bunch of people and pokemon that he could befriend - but how could he get to them? Glancing up at his trainer, he could only wonder if she had a way of seeing what was going on. Picking Kenji up, Peony made her way to the queue of people and quickly asked one of them what was going on. Being from another region meant that both she and Kenji were clueless about traditions in Alola so she could only assume that these events happen only once every while.

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