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Open alolan adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mikoni_atumiki967, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. rules: you can play as a pokemon but only 1
    2.trainer must be 9-13
    3. if you want to be an adult you must ask first
    4. trainer MUST have a starter if older than 12 or done with island challange
    5.do not bully
    6. make sure to worship YA BOY GUZMA
    7.have fun!!!1111!!!!!!!111!!!!
    8. can be team skull grunt
  2. "stealin' that slowpoke be too easy yo!" team skull grunt trey said heading down toward route 16.
  3. Name:Spok
    Appearence:green coat,black pants,Z-ring,blue eyes
    History:Spok was born on kanto He Traveled to Alola to found new pokemons and be the new alola champion
    Extra:He know team skull and always try stop them

    Pokemon: Decidueye
    Moves:Leaf blade,Leafage,Spirit shackle,Brave bird

    "Gorry, leafeage!" he said jumping of the Decidueye Making the team skull grunt stop "Well,well what we have here Team skull again?.Where is your big sister Plumeria? I really wanted to Fight with her again" Spok said the Team skull grunt
  4. name:Felix
    Appearance:z-ring,black hoodie,red spikey hair
    history:was born in alola


    Felix was walking aroundtown when he saw someone battling a team skull grunt.he decided to watch the battleand wait until it was over to introduce himself.

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