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Private/Closed Alolan Academy!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kageyama, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Private RP w/ @Winter Zen ^.^

    Name: Katie Kukui
    Age: 18 (Freshman)
    Appearance: Dirty blonde hair tied into two messy buns, icy eyes, freckles, tanned skin, and a petite/fit form.
    Clothes: A white sleeveless crop-top with an arrow across the chest, high waisted short jean shorts, white sneakers.
    Personality: Alluring, quick-witted, secretive.
    Pokémon: Alolan Raichu, Jack. Midnight Lycanroc, Stella. Sensu Oricoro, Aqua. Lurantis, Mira.
    Heat. A blessing and a curse to the Alola region. Katie was always used to it, so she didn't mind as much. Katie was always used to living on the sandy beaches in Iki Town, until her father, the Pokémon Professor, was notified of a new school built in Hau'oli City. The school was for teens and young adults within the ages of 18-22. Katie, being 18, was immediately enrolled by her father.

    While Katie walked off of the boat that took her to Hau'oli City, she noticed how others were quite pale. It was just as warm, however. Katie yearned for the water, which she wouldn't be allowed in for a long while. The school was generous enough to give all of the students a free week before classes started so they could get used to the new building they'd be inhabiting. Biting her cheek, Katie was directed by her mother to the school. Katie saw a lot of men, women, and children walking their Pokémon. After a bit of studying the scenery, Katie's mother cleared her throat, and turned around. They had showed up at the large school. “There isn't that many students because it's pretty expensive,” she murmured, pulling her pretty daughter in for a hug. Adjusting the bags around her shoulders, Katie wrapped her arms around her mother. “You see the lady waiting there? She has your key. Don't get lost. Your father and I love you very much."

    Katie nodded in her mother's arms, sighing. "Yes mom, I understand. I'm not that far away from Iki." She wouldn't admit it, but she would definitely miss her family. With one last second of a hug, the girls pulled away. Katie's mother brushed a strand of hair from Katie's face, smiling. "Have fun. Don't skip classes. Make friends," she said, kissing her daughter's forehead. With that, Katie's mother departed back onto the boat. Taking a deep breath, Katie began to the woman with keys. On approaching, the woman smiled and asked for her name. When Katie replied, she rummaged through keys. After a few moments, she handed her a golden key with the number 12 on it. "Second floor, dear." Katie thanked the woman. She knew she would be sharing a dorm, which she was totally content with. She also knew that her roommate would be male, which she thought curiously about upon first hearing it.

    Pushing the glass doors open, Katie studied the entrance hall. A bulletin board was hung up, listing a bunch of sports. Katie, immediately distracted by it, wrote her name under basketball and then searched for an elevator. When spotted, she saw it was on the opposite side of the hall. She sighed, walking towards it and pushing the F2 button. When the door opened, Katie stepped in. She figured that because it was empty, she was quite early. After all, the woman with the keys still had a lot of keys left. The door shortly opened, and Katie stepped out of the elevator and into the hall. Walking down it, she scanned the doors for the number 12. She shortly found it, and shoved the key in. The room was pretty nice, and there were two other rooms attached to it. She figured them the bathroom and bedroom. However she studied the living space, noting of the long grey love seat and small television. A few paintings were hung up, and a flower in a vase sat on a small end table. She made her way to one room, the bedroom, and tossed her bags by the left side, where an empty bed was. A black dresser was near the bed, which she ended up sorting her clothes and swimsuits into. Her bed sheets were next: light blue sheets, and a white and navy blue thin comforter. Then, a white pillow with light blue Pokéball patterns. Tossing her empty bags aside, she grabbed a Pokéball, clicking the button. Out came her beloved Midnight Lycanroc, Stella. The dark dog barked and wagged her tail at her trainer.

    A pretty smile on the girl's face, she rubbed the dog's face and chin. "Well, Stella, this is our temporary home. We'll be here for a long time, 'kay?" To Katie's satisfaction, the dog happily yipped, ears perking up. Katie giggled at her playful pup, rubbing her chin. "Good girl."
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  2. (FINALLY!!!)

    : Zen
    Age: 18 (Freshman)
    Appearance: 5'6"; light skin tone; yellow eyes; decently fit; red dyed, medium-short, ruffled/spiky/messy hair
    Clothes: blank white tee, black jean shorts, forest green duffel bag, teal back pack, maroon running shoes, teal baseball hat with a snowflake on the front
    Personality: outgoing, determined (most of the time), caring/kind, reckless, more than glad to help out
    Pokemon: Ryu, Riolu, male, wears a red scarf/bandanna around his neck; Phoenix (I said the bottom of the post!), Fennekin, male, has a tuft of hair on the top of his head with a cool looking cowlick (Keep going...); An egg

    "Hellooooo, Alola!" Zen shouted as he stepped off the plane and took a fresh breath of the tropical air that had been left unpolluted by vehicles for who knows how long. (View very bottom of post for Ace Attorney reference) "Ah, it feels sooo good to finally stretch my legs!" He said, stretching his arms, legs, back, etc. Ryu jumped from the plane door and managed to land on Zen's back, grabbing onto his shoulders, while Phoenix trailed behind. "So, this is Melemele Island, huh? It's certainly scenic, that's for sure." Zen observed, admiring the scenery. "So, where is this place called How Oli... Hou ooli.... Hau'oli...? Eh, the city. Where is it...?" He said after pulling the map out, having trouble pronouncing the name. "Alright, so it is this-a way." He said, pointing towards a path leading out of the current town he was in. With his bags in tow, he set off towards the corresponding route to get to the corresponding city, his partners following behind him.

    "There it is!" Zen shouted, out of breath and pointing towards the new school in Hau'oli City. His partner Pokemon trailing behind him, Zen dashed off towards the school. He almost made it to the lady at the entrance before he tripped and slid to a halt. Ryu and Phoenix stopped at his sides and cried out to him in fear that he may be badly hurt. Shaking, Zen pushed himself up with his arms, giving a thumbs up with a weak smile. "I'm o-okay..." He said, not convincing anybody. Positive that he heard and/or felt a crack when he got up, he dusted off his clothes, and winced at the now-burning sensation in his hands. "Ah, jeez. I'm gonna need to wash that later..." He said to himself, taking out some bandages and wrapping them around the palm of his hands just to make himself look cooler. He then continued towards the lady at the door. "You... you didn't see any of that... did you?" He asked her, curious if she did or not. She replied only with a nod of her head. "I've got the nurse on speed dial if you need her." She told him, concerned for his well being, also not convinced that he was alright. "Oh, that's quite nice of you, really, but I'm fine. Trust me, I've gone through worse." He told her, bragging a bit. For whatever reason, he felt as if that statement didn't quite help his point.

    Breaking the awkwardness with a cough, Zen continued. "So... what room shall I be given?" He asked her politely. "Oh, yes! Silly me." She smiled slightly, facepalming herself. "Here you go. Your room is Room 12, up on the second floor." She told him, handing him his room key. "Thank y-" Zen began, taking the key into his hand, but as he did so, he had some sort of vision. When he came to, he stumbled back a little, holding his head with his other hand. "Sir, are you okay? Are you sure you don't need medical assistance?" The lady worriedly asked Zen. "Yeah, I just... I just had some major deja vu is all." He said, shaking his head. "Anyway, thank you again. Have a good day." He told the lady, walking towards the elevator. "Thanks, you too!" She shot back at him. Zen turned his attention back to the elevator, and pushed the button to go up. After a few seconds of waiting, the door opened, allowing Zen and his Pokemon to walk inside. When the door closed, they could hear the stereotypical elevator music playing. Zen pressed the F2 button, which would bring them up to floor 2, as the button suggested. Then began the waiting game.

    Ah, silence in the elevator. One of the most awkward moments out there.

    The door finally opened, and the trio stepped out of the elevator. "Alright, gang. Time to find our new home." He said, trying to sound like a character from a cartoon he used to watch; Ryu and Phoenix just roll their eyes. "09... 10... 11... here we are! Room 12!" He said, spotting their room after walking down nearly the entire hallway. Zen turned the knob first to make sure that it was locked. To his surprise, the knob turned completely, and the door opened. That led him to believe that his roommate had already dropped by. At the thought of it, he got excited to see who his new roommate was going to be. As he walked in, he gazed at the design of the dorm, and how it looked so... bland. Well, compared to what he was used to, there just weren't as many things. Ryu and Phoenix immediately ran over to the couch and jumped onto it, getting comfortable and relaxing. In the meantime, Zen decided to get himself situated with his bedroom. The door was already open, so he walked right on in.

    That's when he saw her; a girl with a giant wolf beside her. He was more or less shocked by the wolf, but his gaze was fixed on the girl. He had never seen anyone like her; to his eyes, she compared to a pond glistening in the sunset within a forest. Her beauty made that of a Milotic seem lower tier. Immediately, he started thinking of every pickup line he had ever heard anywhere, trying to see if any one of them would work the best. He was so focused on that, that he never noticed that he was staring right at her, supposedly drooling as well.

    Testimony: "Hellooooo, Alola!" Zen shouted as he stepped off the plane and took a fresh breath of the tropical air that had been left unpolluted by vehicles for who knows how long.

    Phoenix: OBJECTION! That testimony clearly contradicts the evidence! If Zen just got off a plane, then the air couldn't have been left unpolluted by vehicles... because a plane is a vehicle!

    Judge: Oh my, you're absolutely right, Mr. Wright! This court finds the defendant...

    ???: HOLD IT!

    Judge: !

    Phoenix: !!

    Popeil: But wait, there's more!

    (OOC: .................................................... I know what I said!)
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  3. Katie but the inside of her cheek gently. Her hands traveled through the scruffy fur of her gentle dog, stroking playfully. A quiet clicking noise could be heard from the other side of the room, perhaps in the living room. Katie turned her head over her shoulder, eyes traveling to the open door of the bedroom. Looking through the rectangular opening Katie's eyes widened with surprise. She knew that she would be sharing a dorm with a boy, but she didn't know that she'd be sharing a room with a cute one.

    Immediately, the girl tensed and flushed deeply. He seemed to be feeling the same emotion as her, which left her in an even more flustered state. Stella barked, trying to grab Katie's attention as her hands were held in one place on the dog's neck. Her hands immediately fell to her waist, and she turned around to face the boy better. He stood by the door, and she stood near her bed, leaving a couple of yards between the two teens. Katie, blushy and slightly confused, screamed mentally. She wasn't sure how she would stay in the same room as a very cute boy for over half of a year.

    His features were carved attractively, each in a perfect placement. His eyes struck her with a gentle, flustered gaze, and her eyes repeated the expression. The dark, red hair that peeked under his cap seemed nice to run hands through. Katie asked herself why the hell she thought of that. But, she continued staring with attraction. He seemed fit, and there were bandages around his palms. She thought they made him look neat, and she figured he was a bit clumsy, much like herself. His entire look seemed more handsome than a Gallade, or perhaps a Pokémon like Roserade. It left her astounded that somebody could be as attractive as he.

    Katie summoned the courage to speak to the cutie. Sure, she's had crushes before, but none this instant. “Oh, erm...” she stuttered. Dang it! She mentally facepalmed. Of course she stuttered. “I'm... I'm Kukui. No, no,” the words tumbled out of her mouth helplessly. “My name is Katie. Katie Kukui.” She wanted to die. Making a fool of herself was one thing, but making a fool of herself in front of a highly handsome person was on a different level. “I, uh, look forward to sharing a room with you...!” She said, a bit enthusiastic, and she held a hand out to shake. I'm so stupid! Katie insulted herself mentally.

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