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Ask to Join Alola World Festival [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by vaultie, Mar 4, 2018.


How should we battle?

Poll closed Apr 9, 2018.
  1. Pokemon Showdown

    22 vote(s)
  2. Roleplay it out

    24 vote(s)
  1. Every other year, the region of Alola holds their World Festival, right in Malie City. Trainers from all over, young and old, new and experienced, visit in hopes of participating in the Festival Tournament and winning the title of Festival King or Festival Queen.

    For an entire week, Malie City becomes a cultural melting pot, with locals and visitors alike taking part in the festivities. Shops and stalls line the streets, selling all sorts of goods, ranging anywhere from souvenirs to art to food. Performances of every kind are included as entertainment, pleasing onlookers and with hopes of appeasing the Island Guardian, Tapu Bulu. Of course, however, the main attraction is the Festival Tournament. Trainers hailing from different homes are selected as representatives for their town or city, bringing forth not only their culture, but their battle skills as well. Luckily, you have been chosen as one of those trainers! Get ready for a week of thrills and excitement, working hard until you reach the very top.

    -This RP takes place post SM/USUM. If necessary, I will briefly bring in one or two canon characters, but expect this RP to be driven by OCs.
    -This RP is also geared towards more experienced RPers. I will not hesitate to reject you if I feel that this RP is not up to your speed.
    -With that being said, good grammar, spelling, and syntax is CRUCIAL. I can allow a couple slips here and there, but I really don't want this to be a constant problem.
    -Just to make sure you're reading this, put "beep beep" somewhere in your character sheet.
    -I'm hosting a poll here asking whether or not we want to do our battles on Showdown or RP them out. Either way, there WILL be an actual bracket I'll be randomizing.
    -No Mary Sues/Gary Stus, although I completely accept Self Inserts and encourage them if that's your thing.
    -No Legendaries and/or Megas, even if you have permission.
    -No Fakemons or Fake Regions, please. (Movie/Anime/Side Game locations are fine as long as you specify.)
    -Romance is allowed (Just don't get carried away or make it a focal point.)
    -Swearing is allowed (Try not to get carried away here, either.)
    -Please don't sign up if you won't commit to being active! I'm not asking you to reply every other minute, but I just want to make sure this RP doesn't die quick.

    Hometown: (No repeats, please.)
    Appearance: (Both physical and a default outfit, try to be detailed if you're not using a picture reference.)
    Personality: (Something quick, most of the personality will be shown through actual RPing, after all.)
    Backstory: (Brief summary of how your trainer got to where they are and how much experience they have. Include if they have any badges, if they've traveled to multiple regions or not, etc. Be realistic. It'd be near-impossible for someone who's only 13 to have traveled every region and gotten every Gym Badge.)
    Team: (6 allowed, limited to one shiny per character. Please use the Pokemon Bio sheet for each mon and put your team in a spoiler to save space.)
    Other: (Anything you want to say here, or if you want to mention any character quirks.)

    Name: (Leave blank if they don't have a nickname.)
    Ability: (I will allow HAs for most Pokemon.)
    Movelist: (4 Moves)
    Summary: (Quick explanation of your Pokemon's personality and when/where you caught them.)

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll be posting my character bio after the first reply is made, as to not make this post too long.
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  2. Name: Daniel Michaels
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Lumiose City, Kalos
    Appearance: Physical: Wears blue basketball shorts with two white stripes on the side of each leg, and a black t-shirt with Froakie on it. Has black hair swept to the right, and blue eyes, but usually wears his blue rimmed sunglasses so you can’t see them. Default: A request @vaultie drew for me, titled “For Flashpoint37”
    Personality: Daniel is narcissistic snob, only ever really talking somebody if he deems them on his level.
    Backstory: Born in Lumiose City, Daniel was spoiled as child, inflating his ego and sense of self importance. At the age of eleven, he picked up his first Pokemon from Professor Sycamore at the age of 13. He set of across Kalos, conquering all eight gyms and the Elite Four, only to loose to the champion.
    Angered, Daniel set of across all the other region, with less success than in Kalos. He then made his return Kalos, defeating all of the gyms again to prove his worth, but hasn’t had the chance to face the Elite Four.

    Species: Greninja
    Name: Saizo
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Protean
    Movelist: Water Shuriken, Night Slash, Acrobatics, Power-Up Punch
    Summary: Daniel’s first Pokemon, given to him in Lumiose City. Saizo personality is just like Daniel.

    Species: Aegislash
    Name: Yato
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Stance Change
    Movelist: Sacred Sword, Night Slash, King’s sheild and Shadow Claw
    Summary: The first Pokemon Daniel caught her as Honedge on route 10. Acts as mother figure to Daniel’s other Pokemon.

    Species: Charizard
    Name: Cherche
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Blaze
    Movelist: Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Dragon Pulse, and Air Slash.
    Summary: A gift from Professor Sycamore when Daniel left for Kalos. Cherche is one of Daniel’s nicest Pokemon, but she has a quick temper

    Species: Hydreigon
    Name: Grima
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Levitate
    Movelist: Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon, Dark Pulse, Crunch.
    Summary: Daniel caught him as Deino, during his first trip to Kalos’s Victory road. A gruff Pokemon, but cares for those he cares about.

    Species: Sceptile
    Name: Kaze
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Overgrow
    Movelist: Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake.
    Summary: Another gift from Professor Sycamore, often consider Saizo 2.0. Acts like Saizo and Daniel.

    Species: Gallade
    Name: Lon’qu
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Steadfast
    Movelist: Power Up Punch, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Swords Dance.
    Summary: Daniel caught Gallade during trip to Sinnoh. A very selfless Pokemon.

    Other: Beep Beep.
  3. @Takumeme666420 Accepted! I'll be posting the actual thread once we have more people and I make the bracket.

    Name: Atlas "Atty" Bennett
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Mistralton City, Unova
    She's 5'3.5" and 147lbs. [​IMG]
    Personality: Although bubbly and sweet, Atty has a spontaneous side to her that craves adventure and attention. Despite her best efforts to be patient with others, however, she can get bratty if things don't go her way.
    Backstory: Born in raised in Unova, she managed to catch her first Pokemon at at 6 during a family trip. She left home at age 10, traveling Unova for 3 years and managing to collect all of the Gym Badges there. However, she refuses to take on the Elite 4, too afraid of the position of being a Champion and having too much responsibility. Since then, she's traveled through Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh, and now Alola during the World Festival. Since Unova, she hasn't gotten a full set of 8 Badges, but still holds an impressive collection for a young adult of her age.
    Species: Weavile
    Name: Ruby
    Gender: F
    Ability: Pressure
    Movelist: Ice Shard, Poison Jab, Night Slash, Swords Dance
    Summary: Atty's first Pokemon. Befriended and caught as a Sneasel during a winter holiday trip to visit family in Lancuossa Town. Even though she's a bit spoiled and sometimes bratty just like her trainer, the two are inseparable.

    Species: Scizor
    Name: Dakota
    Gender: F
    Ability: Technician
    Movelist: Bullet Punch, Iron Head, X-Scissor, Swords Dance
    Summary: An important core to Atty's team. She was caught during a Bug Catching Contest in Johto as a Scyther, winning her trainer first place. Since then, she's been a loyal and powerful member of the team. A bit quiet, but very close with Atty and Ruby, making her easily loved.

    Species: Garchomp
    Name: Cynthia
    Gender: F
    Ability: Rough Skin
    Movelist: Earthquake, Outrage, Fire Fang, Stone Edge
    Summary: Caught in Sinnoh. Deliberately named after the region's Champion, who Atty admires. Although Cynthia is very strong, she also has a knack for easily intimidating others, which typically makes her less-than-approachable. However, she's very honest and loyal with her team and trainer.

    Species: Roserade
    Name: Belle
    Gender: F
    Ability: Technician
    Movelist: Toxic, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Substitute
    Summary: Also caught in Sinnoh. She's very feminine and sweet, typically putting the care of her teammates over herself. Polite and motherly, she easily trusts others and has a strong sense of moral justice, believing the best in others.

    Species: Primarina
    Name: Ariel
    Gender: F
    Ability: Torrent
    Movelist: Sparkling Aria, Ice Beam, Moonblast, Psychic
    Summary: Originally from Professor Kukui, Atty had taken in Ariel when she was just a Popplio. Being the runt of the litter, it had taken some time for her to grow and evolve, but it has definitely paid off. Even though she's much more independent than she was before, Ariel still owes her success to her trainer and the team she considers family.

    Species: Golisopod
    Name: Flower
    Gender: F
    Ability: Emergency Exit
    Movelist: Leech Life, Aqua Jet, First Impression, Liquidation
    Summary: The newest member of Atty's team. Training her from a little Wimpod to a big, sturdy Golisopod, Flower and Atty have developed a close bond. Despite her intimidating size, she's still as adorable and caring as ever, and loves to give hugs and show affection.
    Other: Nothing else to say.

    kinda weird tho that we have like 9 votes in the poll but only 2 people in the rp atm, including myself.
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  4. Name: Ken Blake
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Sunyshore City
    Appearance: Has a pretty fit build, average height medium black hair with one strand of hair over his right eye. Wears a black jacket over a red T-shirt, wears grey pants and black boots, wear a black fedora.
    Personality: Ken is a very laid back and relaxed character and is often lazy. However, that lazy persona take a drastic change when he's battling, he becomes this serious and enthusiastic person and gets very excited during the heat of battles
    - Ken grew up in the Sinnoh region until he was 9 when his parents and him moved to the Kanto region, it was there that he got his first Pokémon when he turned 10, a Squirtle. Ken then started his journey in the Kanto region and managed to collect all 8 badges in just under a year. Ken then competed in the Kanto league but lost early on.
    -After his adventures in Kanto, Ken moved on to the Johto to further develop his knowledge of Pokémon. He entered the Johto league and managed to get as far as the quarter finals this time.
    -After Johto, he travelled to the Hoenn region and began his travels in the region with too much water(lol). In the Hoenn Region, he has quite a few run ins with Team Magma and Steven Stone. Ken entered the Hoenn league and was able to win his first league, He then fought and defeated the Elite four and went to Confront Steven, the Champion. He was able to have a decent fight with Steven but was defeated by the sheer strength of his Mega Metagross. After the battle, Steven acknowledged Ken's skills and offered to train with him, which Ken accepted.
    -Ken spent the following 2 Month training and following Steven around, learning more and more about Pokémon everyday until the day he decided to move on and travel to the Sinnoh region. He bid his master farewell and went to the next region.
    -In the Sinnoh region, Ken found out that the gyms there were harder than that he had faced in the previous regions, He had a few run ins with the region Champion Cynthia during his travels. He eventually managed to enter the Sinnoh league after over a year and a half of journeying. There was going to be a introduction match before the tournament start against the champion Cynthia and Ken was chosen. He fought against Cynthia but lost horribly, only being able to knock out one of the champion's Pokémon. Even thought Ken lost pretty badly, Cynthia recognize Ken's potential and advised him to keep developing. That speech gave Ken extra motivation during the league, but he lost during the Semi Finals.
    -Took a trip to Alola for vacation and participated in the island challenge while there
    Species: Blastoise
    Name: Geb
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    Movelist: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Rapid Spin, Aqua Tail
    Summary: Ken's first pokemon, given to him in Kanto. Has been Ken's closest partner ever since. Laid back and easygoing

    Species: Hitmonchan
    Name: Star
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Movelist: Mach Punch, Detect, Fake Out, Throat Chop
    Summary: Ken's first catch, he found Star as a Tyrogue outside Pewter City. Full of energy and loves a good fight

    Species: Lopunny
    Name: Nora
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Movelist: Quick Attack, High Jump Kick, Ice Punch, Shadow Ball
    Summary: Caught during Ken's Sinnoh travels. Kind of shy

    Species: Salamence
    Name: Crescent
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Movelist: Dragon Claw, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Aerial Ace
    Summary: Ken's first catch in the Hoenn region. Tough and intimidating but is actually sweet

    Species: Metagross
    Name: Chariot
    Gender: Genderless
    Ability: Clear Body
    Movelist: Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Iron Defense
    Summary: Was given to Ken by Steven as a gift when it was still a Beldum. Prideful and confident

    Species: Lurantis
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Leaf Guard
    Movelist: Solar Blade, Sunny Day, Leaf Blade, Slash
    Summary: Caught during Ken's Alola vacation. graceful and confident but easily flustered

    Other: Beep Beep
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  5. @Rohan Kishibe Accepted! I'm thinking of starting when we have about at least 6 people, just to give a decently sized bracket. 3 more people and I'll make the actual rp thread
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  6. Hmm... I might think about signing up soon since another glass of RPing won’t hurt.

    I guess I could use a break with my Fakemon for an RP or two.

    Before I sign up, I was wondering if I could have my character as just a Pokémon that will be causing a bit of trouble at the festival once the time comes.
  7. @Kibago I'll allow that, just be aware that the main plot of the rp is the tournament. but, i completely encourage characters to interact outside of battle, though, and enjoy themselves at the festival and explore Malie City.
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  8. Thank you, and I will keep the main plot in mind. Just be aware that this character is capable of hacking devices and other things. (Though if I had to be realistic, I’m pretty sure that it would be somewhat difficult considering he has to get close to the device for maximum efficiency and the fact that he has no cables or any kind of cord to connect his gadget or tablet to since he can’t really carry too much weight. Also, I can’t be forgetting about security here so if he wants to cause some trouble, then he might need to earn it first.)

    Anyway, with that said... I’ll be putting up his character bio as soon as possible. (With some added info since I feel like the sheet you provided might not be enough.)
  9. @Kibago of course, but keep in mind a place like Malie City is rather oriental and rustic, not much technology would be around in the first place. i'd like to ask what exactly your plan is before i accept you, but if it's too much of a spoiler you can pm me the details.
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  10. Well, after you gave me the vital part of the place not having much technology in the first place, I suppose this might be either making the character I had in mind for the RP likely pointless or that it would be much more difficult for him to cause trouble there.

    The main plan of mine was to have my character go in with the crowd at first so as to not get noticed and then discreetly scout around the area to see if there is anything that is worth his time to try to take for himself. (Since he is a thief after all, though again, he mostly does this through hacking since it’s a bit hard for him to carry stuff around. Add the fact that he will become very noticeable when he has to push or drag something probably around half his weight and it would essentially make it a nightmare to especially steal heavy items undetected.)

    Keep in mind that this plan can always change since this won’t always go the way my character wants, and as you stated earlier, there’s not really much technology in the area.

    If this seems like too much or something, then I’m always happy to switch gears with another character or doing something else.
  11. feel free to do what you'd like, the idea of a thief character isn't at all out of bounds for the situation. i i just figured i'd mention the setting again, seeing as alola is a very homely and nature-dependent region. aside from a few key locations, there isn't much beyond the regular, everyday computers, televisions, etc, and pokemon centers. if you're still looking to make a character like that, though, i'm all for it. i'd just suggest perhaps other means of being able to cause trouble that don't rely heavily on technology.
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  12. Well alright, I had to mention the part about him being able to hack devices since he specializes in that part. (Not so much in being able to like steal something right off the bat or disrupt a battle by interfering with someone because that would likely land him with the officers big time.)

    I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to put in the character bio for the character I am planning on using after seeing what you stated recently. (The main reason why I wanted to have this character in the RP was because I wanted to take a different approach than everyone else. There’s a bit more flavor when there’s a person, or in this case, a Pokémon causing some trouble out there.)
  13. As I am posting my character bio, this should justify the part of me having an occasional double post in the RP discussion. (Note that the summary part will be mainly on the character's appearance and personality. I have added some additional information to allow more insight into the character as well as to explain some other things on them.)

    Species: Mudkip
    Name: His name is currently unknown, and his nickname may be revealed in the RP soon.
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent (Increases the potency of Water-based moves if the Pokémon is in trouble.)
    Movelist: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Protect.
    • Light-Footed: As a result of Mudkip sneaking around from place to place, Mudkip's movement speed is slightly increased and his movements generate less noise, allowing him to sneak by without high risk of detection.
    • Tech Savant: Mudkip's knowledge of technology has expanded over the months of hacking, as he is able to hack into devices with higher security. Once a device is successfully hacked, the signal is able to be hijacked, allowing Mudkip full control of the device. (Failure to hack said device will often result in the device and/or tablet having to recharge or the security being alerted more likely.)
    • Subtle: Mudkip's experience of dodging various moves and avoiding security has improved over time. Mudkip's evasion is somewhat increased and the time it takes to lose his pursuers is decreased if he has evaded all security during this moment.
    • Vulnerability: Being ridiculed from one of the professor's assistants about his physical strength, Mudkip has soon realized that he is more susceptible to status conditions and they linger on longer than usual.
    • Extreme Fragility: Mudkip soon found out that combat was not the way to go, as he took more damage from physical attacks and had drastically increased knock back from most moves. In addition, Mudkip could flinch if hit with critical damage from an attack.
    • Tenuous Strength: Mudkip was forced to decide between carrying certain items due to the poor amount of weight he could carry. Carrying too much weight at once will have an impact on the Mudkip's speed and condition if continued for prolonged periods of time.
    Summary: He used to be given as a starter Pokémon in the laboratory of Hoenn, though he escaped soon after Team Rocket assaulted the area and raided the place of any goodies they could get their hands on. Being fed up with criminal organizations taking advantage of anyone they could find, the Mudkip decided to become a criminal himself, stealing various items and hijacking numerous devices for his personal gain. Mudkip is quite the naughty boy, stealing anything light that has great value if working alone. He prefers to keep things quiet and use technology to his advantage as a result of being unable to carry out the needed physical work for normal tasks that a typical Pokémon could perform with ease. He learned this shady trade from a kind Magnezone that often communicates through the use of messaging Mudkip on the device with electrical signals if they are some distances away.
  14. @Kibago Accepted! I still won't start the rp until we have about 3 more trainers though
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  15. Name: Shiori Fujimoto
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Vermillion City, Kanto
    Appearance: Shiori is taller then average, and has blue eyes and long, fluffy black hair. When he's wearing normal clothes, Shiori keeps his hair back in a ponytail, which reaches a little more then halfway down his back. His normal clothes are khaki pants with a blue t-shirt, and sunglasses. But during the tournament battles, Shiori is going to wear his Marine Knight Gyarados costume. A blue breastplate and cape, along with blue armored pants. The Marine Knight Gyarados costume also has a mask that looks like a Gyarados's mouth, that covers Shiori's mouth and nose. While Shiori wears the costume, his hair is down and no longer in a ponytail.
    Personality: Shiori has a flare for the dramatics, and very much enjoys battling. But in a Pokemon battle, he becomes serious.
    Backstory: Although he started out as a simple son of a fisherman, Shiori felt that he was meant for something bigger. So one day, he decided to set out into the world to find his fortune, as many people in the Pokemon world seem to do. And to tell you the truth, he didn't do all that well. Shiori's only real skill seemed to be fishing, but he enjoyed Pokemon battles. He would register in tournaments, but would never win them. But one day, a famous movie director noticed Shiori's passion in a battle and offered Shiori a role in a movie. That movie was the popular superhero movie, The Rise of the Order of the Dragon Knights, and Shiori was cast as the main character, Marine Knight Gyarados. Shiori kept that role in the second Order of the Dragon Knights movie, and will continue playing that role in the movie to come out soon, the Interegional League of Pokeheroes.
    Team: Gyarados, Zoroark, Magikarp, Quagsire, Braviary, Milotic
    Species: Gyarados
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Held Item: Dragon Gem
    Movelist: Outrage, Crunch, Waterfall, Dragon Dance
    Summary: Shiori's first Pokemon, caught as a Magikarp in Vermillion Harbor. Very loyal to Shiori, and a big softy outside the battlefield.

    Species: Zoroark
    Name: Raza
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Illusion
    Held Item: Assault Vest
    Movelist: Night Haze, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower
    Summary: She belonged to Shiori's father, but didn't much like him. Decided to go with Shiori when he left home, and is a very proud Pokemon.

    Species: Magikarp
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Held Item: Evolite
    Movelist: Hydro Pump, Bounce, Dragon Rage, Reversal
    Summary: While Shiori was in Unova for filming, he heard rumors of a powerful fish Pokemon, one so powerful it blew fishing boats out of the water. The fisherman's blood inside Shiori began to heat up, and he went off in search for the mysterious Pokemon. The actor finally found the Pokemon in the Villiage Bridge, and was surprised to find that the mysterious Pokemon was actually a Magikarp. After a long, hard battle, Shiori managed to subdue and capture the powerful Magikarp. As for it's personality, well, it's hard to tell with a Magikarp, but it looks like it enjoys fighting.

    Species: Braviary
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sheer Force
    Held Item: Life Orb
    Movelist: Sky Attack, Crush Claw, Rock Slide, Steel Wing
    Summary: Was caught in Unova as a Rufflet while in between filming. Doesn't talk much.

    Species: Quagsire
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Held Item: Rocky Helmet
    Movelist: Earthquake, Surf, Mist, Ice Punch
    Summary: An unusual Wooper was found wandering around the production set, freezing everyone near it with Ice Punch. How was it using Ice Punch? I dunno. But Shiori decided to take it in. It's a pretty dopey Pokemon.

    Species: Milotic
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    Held Item: Leftovers
    Movelist: Hydro Pump, Recover, Ice Beam, Coil
    Summary: Caught as a Feebas, Shiori's Milotic is a very calm and understanding Pokemon.
    Other: When Shiori battled in tournaments before he got the role of Marine Knight Gyarados, he would wear a Magicarp mask and be known as Karpman. Beep beep.
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  16. @Cardboard Shinobi Accepted!

    like I said though, I'll give it a bit more time for others to sign up before we actually start, give or take 2-4 more trainers.
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  17. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    So this is like a tournament rp? Also why you hate fake regions ;-; (not like I was thinking to use one)
  18. @Nebulix i don't hate fake regions/fakemon, i just feel that using canon locations can easily be understood by everyone. a lot of times its hard for others to fully grasp the idea for a region/pokemon that someone has, even with a detailed explanation. id rather play it safe and just stick to canon instead of bringing in lore and things not everyone may be able to understand.

    with that said, the primary focus of the rp is a tournament. it's the main focus, but i encourage others to be realistic about it and enjoy themselves at the festival while theyre there. battling isn't 24/7, after all.
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  19. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    It's alright that part was mostly a joke. :) btw I'm curious, what type of rps do you enjoy? Asking because you are very good at them

    Name: Jack Adam Spruce
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Milktank Farm, Johto
    Appearance: (sorry this is how I usually write these kinds of things) pale skin; red sunglasses; messy red hair; a normal gray shirt; white t-shirt; black jeans and sneakers; black eyes
    Personality: Jack is pretty friendly and rarely gets mad. He's very caring for his Pokemon.
    Backstory: When Jack was thirteen he went to Sinnoh and went on a journey there. He beat the gym leaders and lost at the league, but did pretty well. He moved onto Kalos and unova to learn more about Pokemon. Now he's in alola for a vacation.

    Species: Empoleon
    Name: Aqua
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Defiant
    Movelist: Ice Beam, Earthquake, Surf, Flash Cannon
    Summary: Aqua was the starter that Rowan gave Jack.

    Species: Salamence
    Name: Drakon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Moxie
    Movelist: Dragon Claw, Crunch, Zen Headbutt, Iron Tail
    Summary: Jack's second Pokemon. He hatched it from an egg an raised him to a Salamence.

    Species: Houndoom
    Name: Inferno
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Early Bird
    Movelist: Flamethrower, Foul Play, Dark Pulse, Thunder Fang
    Summary: He caught him when he was a Houndour and used him in the league.

    Species: Electivire
    Name: Voltz
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Movelist: Ice Punch, Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Rock Slide
    Summary: Jack caught him as an elekid and evolved him into an Electivire.

    Species: Tangrowth
    Name: Vinelord
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Regenerator
    Movelist: Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Rock Slide, Earthquake.
    Summary: Jack found him in the Great Marsh and evolved it.

    Species: Lucario
    Name: Aura
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Movelist: Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Psychic, Meteor Mash
    Summary: Jack found it as an abandoned riolu and cared for it so much it evolved.

    Other: Beep Beep. Also jack wants to be a Pokemon professor
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  20. @Nebulix Accepted and thank you! as for the rps i enjoy, i'm typically a fan of more slice of life style rps when it comes to public forums, mainly because they're easier to follow. but i can easily get hooked on a plot-heavy rp if its good enough. and ofc i can rp as/with canon characters from time to time.
    I'm mainly into Pokemon RPs atm, but i'd definitely enjoy a GTA rp with the setting of V (you can thank online mode for that because now i have my own character developed on there). granted since its got a lot of more mature themes, Charms prob isnt the best place for anything gta related.
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  21. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Thank you for the information. Also this notification scared me because of how dead charms was lol I'm not even kidding. I'm thinking of reopening my rp for people that I know, but I'm scared that I'll have too many people to keep track off, too many people are behind, etc. ;-;
    (It has a lot of plot but not too much in the beginning, but we're doing good at picking up speed)
  22. I'll try to complete the form soon, just having a hard time choosing pokemon and creating backstorys
  23. Also for the vote on the top of the thread, I think RPing it out is better since one, pretty sure we don't have any competitive teams and Showdown matches would probably not be balanced and two, RRing our battles will just be more fun
  24. I would have to agree since showdown only uses game elements while RPing allows for more creativity. (You won’t be seeing a Piplup using Bubblebeam in showdown to jump upwards and using Pound after that now would you?)
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  25. Uh, yeah, my character won't stand much of a chance in battle on Pokemon Showdown. Also, his Magikarp isn't actually tournament legal. It's moves are mostly event moves from different generations.
  26. ofc rping it out is pretty much nescessary, i just figured id throw the option of showdown in there to actually determine who the winner is between a pair. a lot of rps im in have little to no communication when it comes to that, and the team that should have had the type/move advantage ends up losing. i feel like showdown is a more accurate portrayal of pokemon skill vs writing skill, but i understand if it ends up being that we dont use it.

    with that said, i don't have a bracket made yet, but while we wait for 1 more person feel free to discuss amongst yourselves and justify why your oc should win, since it looks like rp battles are more in favor.
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  27. Ah. Very well then!
    *pulls up soapbox*
    Ahem! My fellow Charms Members...
    *Gets struck by a Magikarp and knocked off the soapbox*
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  28. Okay let’s see... the Mudkip’s combat performance isn’t exactly too great here in terms of strength. (I think the returns section of his bio should speak for itself.)

    Plus he does rely on his device and tablet a little too much when it comes to fighting since he will often let it send a small electromagnetic pulse that may stun other humans and Pokémon nearby. (Though this can render his tablet and other devices around useless for some time as a result.)
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  29. Well, four of Shiori's team is water Pokemon (with one being 4 times weak to electric and one being 4 times weak to grass), soo...
  30. Name: Rosalina White
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Johto, New Bark Town
    Appearance: Rosalina is a pale 4"5 female with long white hair and icy blue eyes covered a pair of thin wired framed glasses, she has a small build and slim structure. Her white long-sleeved shirt comes down at the waist while exposing her shoulders, paired with slate-colored jean shorts and grey sneakers.
    Personality: Rosalina is shy, she tries her best to open up and talk to people but she finds it very hard.
    Backstory: Rosalina was never really let outside when she was young, she spent all her time reading books about Pokemon and learning how to strategize. Once she turned 14 her parents let her go out and travel the region. After traveling for a few days she ran into her neighbors who asked her to travel with them through the region, she agreed and they gave her a Scatterbug they found in Kalos when they traveled there. After training hard for serval months her small Scatterbug evolved into a Vivillion and she decided she was going to get herself a team.
    Team: Vivillion | Cloyster | Primarina
    Other: beep beep

    Species: Vivillion
    Name: Faye
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Compound eyes
    Movelist: Sleep Powder|Quiver Dance|Hurricane|Roost
    Summary: Faye was given to Rosalina as a gift when she first started out on her journey, after a few months of training she finally evolved into a Vivillion.

    Species: Cloyster
    Name: Glacier
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Skill link
    Movelist: Shell Smash|Ice Shard|Aqua Ring|Hydro Pump
    Summary: Glacier is Rosalina's second pokemon, while she was traveling around Kalos she made her way to route 8 and ended up finding a shellder, after a small fight the shellder was caught and renamed Glacier. Rosalina trained him the best she could, she saved up as much money as she could and finally bought a water stone and evolved him into a Cloyster.

    Species: Primarina
    Name: Cascade
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    Movelist: Moonblast|Sparkiling aria|Hyper voice|Ice Beam
    Summary: After making her way out of Kalos and into Alola she found herself by the oceans water and saw a battle going down in the water. The battle was between a Lapras and a Popplio, and after seeing the lapras almost destroy the Popplio she stepped in and scarred away the lapras with Cloyster, the Popplio seemed very great full and started to follow her around so she decided to add the popplio to her team and after a month or two she evolved from a popplio to brionne to a Primarina.
  31. @EnderTheFox Accepted!

    Since we have at least 6 trainers now, I'll be putting up the actual RP thread very shortly. ill leave the rp as ask-to-join, but as far as the tournament goes, it'll probably be just the 6 accepted trainers battling.
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  32. Well alright, I suppose I'll think about where my Mudkip should start off then. (I'll either have him in a restaurant or perhaps just waiting near some buildings while trying to not draw too much attention to himself.)
  33. Wait how do you bracket with 6?
  34. By filling up the bracket with NPCs and non main characters.
  35. well damn youre right. the 2nd tier wouldnt be even

    disclaimer: i am not good at math or numbers in general

    the next step here is to just prolong the rp until we can get two more trainers for an even 8, i didn't plan on starting the tournament right away. hopefully with the RP now being more public it'll gain some attention. just know that every trainer here has a secure spot, so you don't need to worry about any mixups.
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  36. sorry for the double post, but the thread is up. feel free to reply anytime here

    as for the bracket, yes there will be filler characters. i won't require a long, drawn-out battle with them though, since i want the focus to be on rp'd characters battling. needing an even amount of characters is just for the sake of actually trying to keep things as close to an actual tournament as possible, ignoring any npc influence.
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  37. Aww, looks like I was a little too late for the tourney. Maybe if someone else joins to round it out to eight. Well, I'll leave a profile here anyways.

    Name: Gerald Aster
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Mauville City, Hoenn (He lives in Lumiose, but that was taken before he got there. He took the second best thing, the city in which he was born.)
    Appearance: Gerald stands at 5'9", topped with red hair that's been tied back into a ponytail, and his eyes are a hazel color. He's not well built, but he's also not repulsive or anything. He's sort of just average in that factor. Clothing wise, he wears a grey, light coat, a white undershirt under that. His pants are light blue jeans, and he wears a black belt- Holding his Pokeballs, and a satchel containing various Pokemon goods and other helpful things for Gerald. His final piece of clothing are his brown boots. Yeah, not very good at describing clothes, especially shoes. He also has his "Lucky Jacket" on him. This thing is awful. It's covered in rips, stains, and just reeks of terribleness. He's washed it with bleach, and it still smells. But he wears it, as any time he got into trouble, he still got out of it with that jacket on his back. He also got in trouble in the first place wearing it, soooo...how lucky it truly is is questionable.
    Personality: Gerald's a friendly guy. Not outspoken but not a wall flower. He's pretty normal outside minor anger issues that pop up when pushed over the edge, and some paranoia with "evil teams" and gunshots. He's plenty awkward at moments, can be easily flustered, and often cans up emotions despite it being quite obvious he has said emotion. So, uh, still fairly normal.
    Backstory: As a child, his parents divorced. He stayed with his father in Mauville City, where he was born, as his mother moved to Lumiose City, in her birth country if Kalos. Having not seen his mother in such a long time somewhat instilled an unrealistic portrayal of her being miles ahead of his father, whom he often argued with as he got older. As he grew, he got two Pokemon- a Shedinja from an "experiment" his father ran to observe the evolution process of the Nincada, and a Braixen from a cousin who did not think she was developing well enough for her to stay on the team. These Pokemon soon bonded with him and became his "starters".

    However, Gerald would not go on a journey in Hoenn. His father wouldn't allow it- As he did not believe it to be a solid job to live off of. Not to mention the story of his grandfather running off, only to return penniless and homeless. So, one faithful night, Gerald got a ticket to...Kanto.

    He hadn't actually remembered what region his mother was born. Cue 10 months of sheer panic as he jumped job to job to get a ticket to Kalos. Even when he made it to Kalos, thanks to a shutdown of the desert route to Lumiose, Gerald was forced to go the long way around. It netted him several Pokemon in the process, but still was more of a hassle. Even when he did make it to Lumiose and found his mother...He got an earful about how he was an idiot for running away, bombarding him with questions about why he was gone for 10 months and that he even had the gall to spend money on Pokemon that would have to be fed- But he was still her son. He had five weeks to get back on the ground, get a job, and an apartment of his own to live in, or else either his Pokemon or him would be on the streets. But he did it- he got out of there, got a job as a clerk at a Pokemart, and managed to find a cheap enough apartment to stay at. And that's when he finally found time to actually be a Pokemon trainer- on his few days off. And that's when the troubles started.

    Following an incident at a Geosenge Town festival, Gerald started getting into trouble a lot. A lot. His last vacation had him get stuck in a dark ballroom that was crowded and later a mine after a freak collapse. And that was just the surface of his troubles...other issues he's had with Team Rocket in the past has made him super paranoid. Team Rocket has slowly become less of a problem, but his bad luck still follows him.

    The last time he was in Alola, he was able to buy a nice hotel room off of money he got from somewhere...shady involving Team Rocket. As in their money This time, it was actually thanks to a friend in high places- this character won't be participating in the Tournament, as he has work to do and is not a trainer -but he will appear from time to time.
    Species: Delphox
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Blaze
    Movelist: Mystical Fire, Will-O-Wisp, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam
    Summary: Geralds "Starter" who he received as a Braixen. The smartest of the bunch, she's seen as a leader to her fellow team mates if Gerald isn't present. She does have her issues though- be it getting peeved at the antics of Puff and the Switchblades, or having occasional slips into her true vicious nature, she has those...under control. Mostly.
    Species: Lopunny
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Klutz
    Movelist: High Jump Kick, Dizzy Punch, Ice Beam, Swagger
    Summary: "Brat" is a fitting term for Puff, considering his short stature and attitude. The time when Gerald caught him, it was because Gerald accidentally misgendered him- And that's something he hates to hear. Standing a foot under the average Lopunny, he is a brash fool who often punches his way in and out of situations- and when he can't he hypocritically runs away. Don't let this fool you though- he kicks you, it will hurt. He's not small- he's compact.
    Species: Doublade
    Gender: One female, one male
    Ability: No Guard
    Movelist: Sacred Sword, Shadow Ball, Flash Cannon, Swords Dance
    Summary: Undyingly loyal to their masters, the Switchblades are a conniving duo with a taste for blood. Thankfully, they are a bit incompetent- and easily sedated by a threat from June. They worship a dark lord that is ambigously Darkrai- but seemingly neglect that Darkrai cannot hear pleas nor answer these worship sessions. These tendencies are just becoming worse and worse as time goes on, but they are still sort of loyal to Gerald. Sort of.
    Species: Scolipede
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Swarm
    Movelist: Steamroller, Venoshock, Toxic, Megahorn
    Summary: Gerald's largest Pokemon, one would think he has a personality to back it up. Nope! Million will hide from the smallest spark of flame, terrified of fire. He can be brave when necessary, but he hates fire. He seemingly had a bad experience as a Venipede, which has completely turned him away from Fire types of any kind. The only reason June gets by is because she told him that she was a "magic type"...yeah, he's not too clever either.
    Species: Noivern
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Telepathy
    Movelist: Air Slash, Dragon Pulse, Tailwind, Psychic
    Summary: Gerald met Violet and her mother (Who he named Screecher) in Terminus cave, and then promptly saved them from a violent poacher. Knowing that if he left them there, the poacher would just come back, Gerald decided to take care of them himself. Despite how hard it was to work with- well, both, with Violet pretty much being good in the terms of behavior, but terrible at battle, and Screecher being good in battle...and terrible behavior wise. Violet evolved awhile back, but the mother and daughter have their own niches they fulfill.As you can see, right now Violet is on his team as opposed to the Screecher.
    Species: Shedinja
    Gender: Refered to as male.
    Ability: Wonder Guard
    Movelist: X-Scissors, Shadow Sneak, Protect, Will-O-Wisp
    Summary: Gerald's true first Pokemon, it's a quiet and nigh emotionless thing who's allies are questionable. He often lurks around the Switchblades and June, ever quiet. Never creaking. Just...silent. He does what he is told and nothing more.

    Other: Beep beep!

    Sorry for the wall of text. Hope these fellas work. And if you want, I can make a profile for the guy who shows up from time to time, but it'll be pretty short as he only has one Pokemon.
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  38. @BurbleBurble don't worry about not being too late, the RP basically just started so there's no rush

    you're accepted, but if you could, go back and edit your post seeing as the appearance slot is empty. everything else checks off, though. if you want to bring a second character in feel free, but if they won't be showing up as much, the form doesn't need to be as nearly detailed as your main character's.
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  39. Dang it, knew I missed something. Yeah give me a sec and I'll fix that.
    EDIT- It's fixed now, I'll make up a profile for the other dude now.
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  40. @BurbleBurble

    Seeing as they both live in Lumiose, Daniel and Gerald should be (Not so) friendly rivals.

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