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Open Alola University! Discussion/Sign Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by kageyama, May 15, 2017.

  1. After you've been accepted, you can start here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/alola-university.16574/#post-452129
    Basically, the title explains itself.

    Alola University is located in HeaHea City. It's a private school that strong and passionate Pokémon Trainers learn the basics and more. Students share dorms, clubs and hobbies are available, and sports sign-ups are encouraged to be seen.

    • Minimal cursing.
    • Implied romance is allowed.
    • No controlling other characters; no oping.
    • Have fun!

    Name: Tsuka “Tsu” Kaneya
    Age: 17, almost 18, Freshman
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2"
    E/c: Golden yellow, intimidating.
    H/c: Pale dirty-blonde.
    Appearance: Tsu is rather attractive. Her hair falls to her mid-back, and it's tied into a ponytail with sideswept bangs. She's moderately pale, and is considered skinny. She also has black framed glasses.
    Clothing: A black, sort of oversized, zip up jacket over a white t-shirt with the words “Karasuno” on the front. She wears short jean shorts and red sneakers.
    Skills: She's good at analyzing the situation, and is gentle with Pokémon. She also plays volleyball.
    Personality: Quiet and sort of intimidating. She's considered serious and clever, and doesn't like socializing much, unless it's to insult somebody or tease them. In any battle or volleyball game, Tsu is incredibly focused and is excellent in keeping her calm.
    Other: She's pretty smart.

    Vaporeon, female, Nami.
    Alola Raichu, male, Buddy.
    Houndoom, male, Striker.
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  2. May i join please

    H/C: Dark Brown
    Appearance:Short Black hair, and quite attractive
    Chlothing:Black t- shirt with dark blue jeans and black and white sneakers
    Personality:Kind and a bit quiet. He loves Pokemon a lot and is kind and gentle towards them.

    Alolan Marowak
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  3. Name: Mila Star
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 1.75m
    E/c: Brown
    H/c: Black
    Appearance: Mila has pale skin and long, straight hair. She usually wears a black short sleeve t-shirt. She also wears dark blue leggings and black, leather boots.

    Skills: She's pretty good at swimming and gymnastics and she also plays the guitar. She's kind and gentle with Pokemon and is a good battled.
    Personality: She's quiet, but she's fierce and tough. Mila loves to battle and strengthen her Pokemon. She can get pretty angry over small things but overall is a nice person. She also doesn't like to show weaknesses.


    Species: Jangmo-o
    Name: Zuri
    Gender (Male)

    Species: Croconaw
    Name: Helix
    Gender: (Male)

    Species: Alolan Sandlash
    Name: Frostbite
    Gender: (Male)
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  4. Accepted, both of you. I'll create the thread when another person joins, or if it's taking a while. :)
  5. Will there be any romance in this or is that not allowed
  6. It's actually pretty suggested, so it's definitely allowed!
  7. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Orion Sparkes
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'5"
    E/c: Brown
    H/c: Hazel
    Appearance: Fit young teen, Peach skin tone, Spiked Hair
    Clothing: Light Blue Short Sleeved Button Up, Kahki Pants, Blue Sneakers, Star Earings, and a Camera thats always hanging around his neck
    Skills: Photography, Contests, and Battling
    Personality: Nce caring generally kind guy, although don't get on his bad side, he can be pretty nasty
    Other: ( idk if this is allowed but ) Part of the Yearbook Committee


    Luxray (M)
    Alolan Ninetails (F)
    Litwick (M)
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  8. Accepted. I'll create the thread.
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  9. Two female characters and two male characters, thats fair enough, until more join :D
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  10. Aaaaand it's up.
  11. Room for one more? So that I can wreck the perfect gender ratio? (Sorry :p)

    Name: Rai Kimura
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'4
    E/c: Brown
    H/c: Brunette, with bleached tips (it used to be completely bleached, but her natural color grew out a bit).
    Appearance: She is short with a muscular, athletic build. She also has short hair that reaches just past her jawline and fairly tanned skin.
    Clothing: She wears a short-sleeved, off-white colored top with a black silhouette of a Pikachu on it, and black jeans with tennis shoes of the same color.
    Skills: She competed in Track during high school, but her true passion is in the martial arts, namely Judo.
    Personality: Some would call her a tomboy based on her appearance and reckless behavior. She also has quite the temper, and rarely does what she's told unless she deeply respects the other person, which is usually for their strength (physical or mental).

    Mienfoo, female, Rika
    Arcanine, male, Ajax
  12. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    should alola university be in the Pokemon Role Play section? not the general roleplay section?
  13. Oh crap, definitely. Hold up.
  14. I got distracted. Oops. It's sorted out, though, haha..
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  15. I'll give this a shot. One question though, does this take place before or after the main story line from the games? If there are any inaccuracies, tell me and I'll edit my character sheet appropriately.

    Name: Ramona 'Ōpūnui
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Home: Paniola Town, but lived in Po Town during most of her teenage years
    Height: 5'8"
    E/c: Dark brown
    H/c: Her hair is dark brown and wavy, but dyed pink at the tips (dip dye). It hangs just past her shoulders, and is tied back in a low pony tail.
    Appearance: She is fairly tall, but lean in built. She can be somewhat intimidating due to her stereotypical "bad girl" attitude, and she is comfortable with showing lots of skin.
    Clothing: She wears a pink and green crop top, frayed white shorts, a white sports headband, and taupe sandals. She also wears a taupe-colored beaded bracelet on her left wrist, given to her by her grandmother.
    Skills: She has picked up several small skills from her time with Team Skull, including beat boxing, graffiti, bartending, card games, and ball and jacks. She is also fairly skilled at the harmonica. As far as academics go, however, she leaves much to be desired. Because she cast aside much book knowledge when she was young, she constantly feels as though she is a little behind everyone else, and is trying her hardest to catch up in her spare time. Her battling skills are better, and she doesn't hesitate when making risky moves. She just barely made it past enrollment at the university.
    Personality: Ramona is extremely pessimistic, but is trying to work on her outlook on life. Fluent in sarcasm, she doesn't mind getting down and dirty to reach her overall goal. She has a problem in thinking that others often think less of her due to her background, which can lead her to be quick to snap and easily rub people the wrong way. She is skeptical about relationships. Her learning style is more hands-on than visual or auditory.
    Background: When she was younger, she helped around the Pokemon nursery with her grandmother. However, when she turned 11, she decided to take on the Island Challenge, and left most of Paniola Town behind her. She managed to beat her first and second trials, but when she got to her third, she got stuck. After trying to beat the fire trial twice without success, she gave in. For a few months, she fell into a sort of depression, and, at the invitation of who would eventually turn into her (scumbag) boyfriend, she decided to revolt against the system and join Team Skull. For about five years she worked as a grunt for Team Skull, believing she was worth nothing to no one. Because her family disapproved of her choices, she stopped talking to them, and moved to Po Town. Eventually, working for the Big Boss (Guzma) became her life, and she didn't question it until her main partner, fomantis, evolved. Several other grunts had trouble evolving their Pokemon, and though it meant more higher-up work in the team, she began to question her self-worth. She began to wonder if there was more to life than messing with others' trials and terrorizing other pokemon. Eventually, not long before it eventually disbanded, Ramona left Team Skull. She wandered about Ula'ula Island for several months after that, taking up odd jobs, before eventually deciding to go home. She had thought that her family would hate her, and while her parents did yell at her for some time, they were eventually forgiving. She began working at the nursery again after that, and started challenging trainers taking on the Island Challenge to battles, to help herself gain experience. Ramona also began reading more books, and made it a goal to graduate with a college degree, to give herself a better life and prove that she could do something worthwhile.
    Year: Freshman, but started a year late
    Other: She always has a packet of gum on her, and is constantly chewing some.

    -Lurantis - Female - Caught as a fomantis on Route 5, it became her very first pokemon, and has been with her throughout her attempt at the Island Challenge and her years working for Team Skull.
    -Golbat - Male - She caught golbat as a zubat while working under Team Skull.
    -Mimikyu - Female - She found the poor thing during her odd months wandering Ula'ula Island. Easily relating to it, Ramona bought a pokeball and caught it, hoping they could be each other's friends.
    -Egg - A brown and cream-colored pokemon egg, with a dark blue stripe down one side, given to her by her grandmother when she went off to college (it doesn't contain an articuno or anything, I promise).
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  16. I think the Roleplay thread is down
  17. Yeah, I think the link to the RP thread in this chat is wrong.
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  18. Sly, could you save me a spot?
  19. I'll fix it. You're accepted, and yes there's still space. :)
  20. Is mine accepted, too?
  21. Thanks! Also, anyone searching and wanna roommates with Rai? I'd hate to put anyone on the spot, so ^^;
  22. Sure. Is rooming with Ramona alright?
  23. Sure! That sounds great, thanks :)
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  24. Kyuukon

    Kyuukon Previously Kyubi~

    Is it too late to join? If it is, then that's fine :o
  25. Yes, there's available space yet!
  26. I think you'll be the last one, and then I'll make it private.
  27. I know. My notifications are in tact.
  28. Anyone can be roommates with me if they want, I don't mind.
  29. @Kageyama Tobio - I just wanted to ask before I posted- how okay are you with cursing and foul language? I think it's fitting for my muse, and I know profanities are allowed according to the website rules, but I still want to ask the owner of the thread before I post some unwanted word (I wouldn't be cursing every other sentence or go crazy or anything I swear).
  30. Kyuukon

    Kyuukon Previously Kyubi~

    Whoops, I didn't get a notification but here.
    Name: Blair
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 167 Cm
    E/c: Dark Orange
    H/c: A mix of orange & Black
    Appearance: Blair has the normal height and build of the average student. But he has short hair that appears to be a bit fluffy that also seems to cover his ears. His eyes usually appear to be deadpan/soulless as if being apathetic.
    Clothing: Most of the time, he will wear a simple collared white shirt with black jeans. He will also wear a red scarf around his neck.
    Skills: He seems to be quite good at observing certain actions and movements. He also is able to play the piano.
    Personality: Blair is often very exhausted and tends to be lazy almost all the time. His apathetic attitude almost always shows when he talks to people. He seems to also be a bit deadpan.

    Other: He is also often clueless and can occasionally act like a child. But he means no harm.

    Pokémon: Braixen (F)
    Glaceon (F)
    Flaafy (M)
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  31. Swearing is allowed, yes. And youre accepted.
  32. Kyuukon

    Kyuukon Previously Kyubi~

    Okay thanks!
  33. Can I join? Here is my info...

    Name: Teiran
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5, 1
    E/c: light brown
    H/c: Dirty Blond, and thick
    Appearance: Teiran is often an A+ student, and has hair that goes all the way down to her feet, and when she puts it into a ponytail, because she always does, it elevate's to her shins. Her lags are also longer than her waist.
    Clothes: Teiran wears a Navy Blue T-shirt, and tan cargo shorts. She also wears black, converse hightops, which hides her socks.
    Skills: Teiran can run really fast, and likes to dance, sing, and draw.
    Personality: Teiran is a bubbly tomboy, and she is kind, caring, determined, and never leaves a friend behind, or gives up on her dreams
    Other: I don't have anything in particular for the other section
    Pokemon: Popplio and Pichu.

    If I make the cut, who will be my dorm buddy?
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  34. May I join?

    Name: Ryan
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 0"
    E/c: Brown, a darkish brown.
    H/c: was black, now with little orange hair color.
    Appearance: Hair: sort of like trainer Red, is a orange color. Usually wears sunglasses.
    Clothing: Usually wears an Orange jacket, red shirt, denim jeans, black flip-flops.
    Skills: Is extremely acrobatic. Ryan is a great gamer too.
    Personality: Ryan is a mix of funny/clownish and strict/bold.
    Other: Ryan Is a fire type trainer and dreams of becoming a fire type kahuna. Ryan is also from the Kanto region.
    Pokemon: Charizard, Pidgeot, Growlithe, Magmar, Flareon, and (new addition) Litten.
  35. Oh! I just read the other messages...sorry I'll leave you alone.

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