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Ask to Join Alola Trainer's Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ombree, May 24, 2017.

  1. Out on Melemele Island in the Alola region, a small school stands in a clearing by Hau'Oli City. Trainers from far and wide come to attend this academy, the Alola Trainer's Academy. A place where students and Pokemon can learn together, where friendships are made, where dreams are born.

    A young, pale girl hurried through the lush green forest. She carried a suitcase, a backpack and a violin case. Her name was Bonnie Siilk. She rushed through the edges of the forest and burst out into the daylight, onto the grounds of the academy. Bonnie sighed with relief, "We made it Moon, we're really here!" She exclaimed, a rush of excitement flowing through her. A small Ralts sat on her left shoulder, grinning. "Ral!" Moon said.

    A man walked out of the central building and walked over to Bonnie and Moon. "Alola! "I'm Principal Faulding" He said. He was much taller than Bonnie and wore a white, button up shirt. He wore dark grey pants and shiny, polished shoes. He had a kind face with quite a few wrinkles and brown hair, with a few stray grey hairs. Bonnie's shyness crept in a little, but Moon tapped her shoulder gently, encouraging her to be brave. "I'm Bonnie Siilk, and this is my Ralts Moon" Bonnie said. Faulding smiled, "Ah yes, your mother told me about you" Bonnie's eyes widened, that meant he knew about her eye, she had vowed to herself when she got her acceptance letter that she would make sure people wouldn't know about it.

    "Alright Bonnie, and little Moon. Your cottage is just down that hill there, Cottage 9." Faulding said, smiling at her. "Thankyou" Bonnie said, and she rushed off to her cottage, eager to start the school year.
  2. It was a vivid, sunlight morning, as Tori casually walked through the forest that was filled with exuberance. A Neourk was lying in his sling while dozing off to the sound of the gentle breeze that cuddled around his babyish body, as the Axovenio was quickly following her on her right side. The Axovenio resisted the urge to toddle over to the saccharine fragrance emitted by the Butterfrees high up in the trees, as he gulped the moment when he took his first, nervous step onto the academy's grounds with Tori. He cautiously scanned the academy for any potential threats he could encounter, as he noticed a man that discoursed with an unfamiliar girl before the girl went over to her cottage with haste.

    Tori walked over to the man while the Axovenio silently tapped her right leg, as Tori quietly said, "Well hello Principal... I'm Tori, and umm... the little guy in my sling that's asleep is my Neourk, and the other guy that's walking next to me is the Axovenio. He doesn't exactly like being carried around, so be careful with him."

    The Axovenio watched the girl rush off to her cottage, as he heard some rushing footsteps in a nearby building that was followed by a series of cries filled with a familiar plea the screams uttered. The Axovenio's coral-like hair stiffened to the sound of the wails that accelerated his unease, as he quietly fidgeted with his coral hair and continued to tap Tori's right leg with his left hand in a rapid motion.
  3. Ash looked around the school, feeling so delighted she was here. She wasn't assigned a cabin just yet, unlike a girl who had dashed down to her cabin, and she also saw another girl, talking with the Principal. Ash had to avoid this, and she crept away, looking at the school still. Unfortunately for Ash, the Principal saw her, and said to Toni, "Your cabin is right over there." and he pointed to the right. Then he quickly walked over to Ash, who groaned to herself, when her shoulder was tapped on.

    "Hi, you must be Ash! Your family's told me all about you!" he said, holding out a hand. Ash took it, and shook it firmly, and as she let go, he continued. "I'm Principal Faulding. Your cabin is unnamed yet, so just have a seat on the grass, by the building."

    As Ash sat down, she looked into her shirt, as her partner, Litten, popped out of her shirt. Ash giggled at her partner, as she held him up, and started to pet him.
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  4. Bonnie unlocked her cottage and stepped inside. It was small and had two rooms, a bathroom and a main room. A piano sat in the corner of the main room, just as she had requested and paid for. Bonnie grinned and gave a little squeal of excitement. Everything she'd requested and sent money for was here! A single bed and another tiny bed for Moon, a glass chandelier hanging from the roof, even the dark blue curtains! She set her stuff down on the floor and put her violin case on top of the piano, she then drew back the curtains and looked out the window. There were two girls talking to Principal Faulding, both with Pokemon she hadn't seen before. Bonnie closed the curtains and went back outside, watching the two girls from a distance, while Moon was running up the hill to greet them. "Moon! No! Get back here!" Bonnie cried.
  5. Ash looked at the little Ralts who had run up to greet her and the other girl that had been sent to a cabin, and looked at the cute little Pokemon, who Litten seemed to want to meet, as it went up to Moon, sniffed it, and rubbed its neck on the Ralts side, mewing a purr of acceptance. Ash walked over to the Litten and Ralts, and introduced herself as well. "Hi, Ralts! I'm Ash, and this is my partner Litten!" she said, as she pat the Ralts on the head. Then she looked around. "Do you have a trainer? I don't see wild Pokemon here often." she said, as she continued to glance from side, looking for sign of a trainer, when she saw one, who seemed to be calling out to someone, which Ash guessed was the Ralts.

    Ash picked up the Ralts, and Litten jumped onto Ash's shoulder, as she stood up. She walked over to the stranger, and her walk turned into a dash, as she set the Ralts down beside the shouting girl. "I assumed this was yours." Ash said, as the fourteen year old looked from the Ralts, to Bonnie.
  6. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Deep in the forest was Isidore, training his Houndour named Nero. Isidore knew he had to be strong. He needed to be strong or else people would tease him. He learnt that from past experience. He wanted to catch a Pokemon but there was nothing that was exciting him. Isidore then noticed a small egg. Isidore quickly searched to see if any Pokemon were around. Then Isidore took it and with no hesitation, began to run to the Academy he got accepted to. He quickly hid the egg in his bag before he got to the entrance. luckily, it was small enough so there wouldn't be a huge lump at the top of the bag. A man was waiting at the entrance. Isidore approached him with caution.

    "Alola? Is that how you greet each other?" Isidore said confused. He was from Johto and had only been in Alola for a while so he didn't know much about the region.

    The man just laughed hysterically.

    "Yeah, that's it, anyway I'm Principal Flauding, Whats your name?"

    Isidore opened his backpack's front pocket and took out the acceptance letter.

    "So your Isidore, And what's your Pokemon?" Flauding asked.

    "Oh, thats Nero, he's a Houndor,"

    "Okay, thats everything! Here is your room key. Your Cottage is number eight, See that girl entering her cottage? just past there is your cottage Now go have fun!" Flauding said with enthusiasm.

    "Yes sir," Isidore repied.

    Isidore only saw her for a brief moment so he wasn't certain but the key unlocked the door. Isidore began to inspect the cottage.

    "I need to practice my greetings," Isidore said with a chuckle.
  7. Ash heard Principal Faulding calling her, and she waved to Bonnie, dashing in the direction of the voice. When she got there, she was handed a key. It was what looked like a silver key, and it was nice and cool by the touch. She read the tag attached to it, and it read, "Cabin 24" Principal Faulding explained where it was, as he pointed far back, past 23 other cabins, and Ash grabbed her Litten, and dashed off in the direction of her cabin, running as fast as she could.

    When she arrived at her cabin, she slid the key into the lock, and opened it up. It was exactly what Ash had hoped for, something plane and simple. There was a fine bed, with blue covers and white sheets. The bed was right next to a window, which had blinds, but no curtains. There was a bed stand next to the bed, with a lamp, and a small drawer into it. Across the room was a dresser, and next to the dresser was another door, which as Ash walked in, she realized it was a bathroom, which had a small toilet, sink, shower, and towel rack. She closed the door, and took her suitcase off her back. It was huge, and about the size of a backpackers backpack, and she even bulled out her smaller, blue backpack. She stuffed her clothes into the dresser drawers, and tossed her keys into the drawer of her bed stand. She unpacked her other Pokeball, which contained her Eevee, and she unpacked a couple books, which she set on the bed stand. She put Eevee's Pokeball on the bed stand, and continued to unpack all of her school books. After she finished unpacking, she flopped onto the bed, and took out one of her favorite books, The Girl With Silver Eyes and started to read her important book, Litten on her lap, taking a nap.
  8. "Oh, Thankyou" Bonnie said, picking up Moon. The trainer had dashed off to Principal Faulding already, Bonnie gave Moon a cheeky grin and walked into her cabin. She picked up her Violin Case and pulled out her brown violin, Moon hanging from the chandelier. Bonnie started to play the violin, getting lost in the music.
  9. Ash then saw her Pokeball on her bed stand wiggle, before her Eevee popped out, and disturbed Litten from his sleep. Ash giggled, as she pet the two Pokemon on the head. Then Ash heard a knock on the door. As she opened the door, she saw Principal Faulting, as he carried a paper in hand. He handed it to her, carrying about a hundred more papers, in Ash's estimation. "It's your school schedule." he announced, as he closed the door, after Ash's thanks. Ash flopped onto her bed, and read it.
  10. Bonnie slowly played a violin piece, closing her eyes as she did it. Moon was listening intently, but still swinging from the chandelier. Bonnie opened her eyes and noticed a stack of paper sitting on her desk, it was her schedule. She read through it and grinned, she didn't have to go to any classes today. The first day was a day to settle in and explore the school. Bonnie picked up Moon and her backpack, filling it with a couple of things, like books, paper and pens. She then left her Cabin and went up to the main building, eager to explore.

    (OOC. I'm putting the schedule up on the discussion page. BIC)
  11. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Lync Blitz, a young teen boy who had just arrived to Melemele Island to go to Trainer's Academy. "Lucifer," Lync said to his Pokemon he was carrying in his arms, "We are about to go to the school that might practically change our lives." Lync said exasperatedly. The Togepi currently in his arms cried a little cheer as it was excited as well. After calling a taxi to take the two to the Academy, Lync found himself lost already. Having been from the Sinnoh Region, he had no idea where everything were. Lync waled through an area that seemed like a campus for s chool. As he strolled down the campus, he could see many trainers and Pokemon here already. His eyes widened in amazement as so did Lucifer's eyes. Taking the camera that he had at hand, he took a picture of the beautiful campus that he had encountered.

    Finding himself not focused, he put himself back on track and decided the first thing he should do is find the principal or the principal's office. He went inside of some sort of building and went to find the principal's office. Took Lync and Lucifer awhile, but using the directory, they found in in about 15 minutes. Walking through the door after a slight knock, Lync gave a small tap again. "Hello?" Lync asked. "Anyone here?" Lucifer called out as well trying to help his trainer.
  12. "Hello there young trainer, I'm Principal Faulding. And you?" He said, walking out of a smaller room filled with printers. He held a schedule and a room key in his hands, ready to give them to the new student.

    Bonnie ran up the hill and inside the school, Moon sitting on her head. She walked slowly around the school, admiring all the classrooms. She came to the Principal's Office and saw a boy standing with Faulding. She peeped inside, trying to get a good look at the boy and maybe even get to know his name.
  13. Rachel let out a sigh. They made it, they were at the doors of the famed Trainer's Academy. Right by her side stood Crystal, the Alola Vulpix who seemed much more calm as it rubbed itself against Rachel's leg for reassurance. Rachel looked down before she crouched down to give her partner a rub on the head.

    "Thanks buddy. I needed that." Rachel said, which was the truth. Rachel had been so nervous, however if she was gonna become a great trainer she needed to take this next step.

    "Let's go talk to the Principle, that's a fair place to start, right buddy?" Rachel asked Crystal, who gave a nod back before the two walked through the school doors and began to look for the principle's office.
  14. In the nearby building from where Tori was earlier, a mysterious Pokémon attempted to flee from another person as quickly as he could. He attempted to find a way out of the building as fast as he could, as his tension increased the moment when he was at a dead end. The Pokémon hesitantly growled at the security guard, "S- Sig... Sig... n- ni... ta!"

    The guard sternly replied after taking note of the familiar energy that was starting to emit from the Signita, "H- hey, look... just calm down or something! I'm not going to hurt you or anything, I'm just here to bring you back to the doctor okay? Now just hold still and be a good boy for once!"

    The Signita ignored the guard's orders, as he took in a rather deep breath and intensely concentrated in his deep, darkening mind. Within a few moments, his body was now in the shade of darkened black that was as black as the malevolent, night skies.

    The guard took a few steps back while grabbing his radio, as he yelled with haste, "U- umm... t- th- this might not be a g- good time t- to ask on the f- fir- first day, b- but... I REALLY NEED BACKUP NOW!"

    A brief, high beep could be heard by the Signita, as a voice replied on the radio after a few seconds, "Sir, I need you to remain calm here. I also need a sitrep first before I can just send reinforcements to you. What's the Pokémon you're dealing with? If you don't know who he is, at least tell me what he looks like."

    The guard replied after attempting to fumble with his pockets, "It's not g- go- good here sir! The Pokémon is v- ve- very aggressive... and he looks like a seal or something... h- hi- his body's now black! He looks like he's about to k- kill me or something!"

    After a few intense, brief moments, the voice responded with hesitance, "Oh dear... according to this new document I got from Juri the other day, you're dealing with what they call a Signita, and the thing is... he's not your typical Pokémon here. He's got this strange ability to go into this unusual trance-like state that allows him to be pretty much like those monsters you see in those action movies... The truth is, we don't exactly have that many counters to combat the little Pokémon besides just simply trying to make it faint as soon as possible before all rangarok goes loose. I'd suggest to do anything you can against him, because backup isn't going to be here for at least the next five minutes."

    The guard looked at the Signita that was emitting off an intense growl, as he let off a deepened sigh and thought, "Great, so I don't exactly have backup yet and I'm up against a little Pokémon that can potentially be dangerous against my Growlithe... I'd better think of something fast before it's too late."

    Meanwhile, Tori was walking over to her cottage after talking to the Principal earlier, as the thunderous scream got the Axovenio's attention. The Axovenio pulled her leg, as he nervously said, "Axo... Axo!"

    Tori looked down at the Axovenio, as she responded with a calm voice, "What's the matter Axovenio? Is there something going on in there? You seem a bit worried right now for just the first day of school."

    The Axovenio nodded, as he listened to Tori speaking to him still. She continued with her soft tone, "I think that it's best to go to our cottage first before we go explore around the school, because it'll be fun to see what our room looks like right?" The Axovenio sighed and nodded in a doubtful motion, as he looked up at the Neourk that was quietly snoring in Tori's sling still.
  15. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Isidore and Nero were almost finished unpacking but Isidore didn't know where to put his Flute case. Isidore decided to place it next to his double bed and then exited his cottage. Isidore and Nero walked back up the grassy hill to the main building, excited to explore the school.
  16. Bonnie walked away from the Principal's Offie and our another door, it led into a garden full of Pokemon! There was a pond with a couple of water types. There were quite a lot of bug and grass types and a few flying types. Moon grinned and ran over to a small Caterpie, then she started to play with them. "Alright Moon, you can stay there for a bit, I'm just gonna go try and find the library." Bonnie said, she then went off in search of the library.
  17. Rachel walked out of the Principle's office, Crystal right beside her, as she took a moment to give her schedule a look over. Once she did that Rachel decided to use the free time to explore the school. Rachel already knew where she planned to go first and, with Crystal right by her side, began to make her way over to the library.

    I hope they have a good selection....
  18. (OOC: More about the Axovenio's past and personality is being revealed, so I'll be more than happy to transcribe Axovenio's song to English in the discussion if it's impossible to understand.)


    The Signita crossed his arms, as his chest glimmered with a bluish light. The guard nervously sent out his Growlithe, as he hesitantly said to him, "Please don't faint on me... we're dealing with what could possibly be a danger to the other students if not dealt with now." The Growlithe nodded, as he took note of the familiar tells the Signita had towards him and the guard.

    In the interim, the Axovenio was still marching over to the cottage with Tori, as Tori said to him after noticing him starting to play with his unusual, ancient instrument, "Well, you're pretty good at that. We're almost there by the way, it's just a bit more walking most likely and then we'll have a rest then."

    The Axovenio smiled, as he cleared his throat before proceeding with his next action. After a few deep breaths, the Axovenio lengthily sang to himself with a stern, loudened tone while playing his instrument, "Pitkä meillä on kärsi alkaen kallo ihmiskauppiaiden, kukaan ei vaivautunut auttamaan. Nouse ylös ja marssi meidän syyksi! Tappaa joka viimeinen heistä siihen asti kun kukaan ei ole jäljellä! Naida poliisi, he eivät edes auttamaan meitä! Myrsky yli
    niitä ja tehdä niitä anna meille oikeus, jonka ansaitsemme! Alas kallot ja poliisi! Tee harmaat ja siniset koirat maksa! Näytä nämä kusipää ei helvetin armoa!"

    Tori glanced down at the Axovenio with a puzzled look after he was finished singing his song with significant intensity, as she quietly said, "My oh my... you sure are a great singer and you play that thing very good. Also u- umm... are you alright there? You look pretty tense and maybe even a bit upset, but don't worry... we're here now!"

    The Axovenio emitted a deepened sigh of relief, as he marched towards the cottage's door like a disciplined soldier. Tori scratched her shin from the Axovenio's unusual movements and attitude, as she unlocked the door and went inside the cottage with her Pokémon.

    She closed the door after everyone was inside, as the Axovenio jumped onto the bed and landed on one of the pillows that was softer than cloud nine. Tori gave off a slight chuckle, as she placed her bag next to her nightstand and carefully placed down the still snoring Neourk on the pillow that was next to the Axovenio. She quickly unfastened her sling and placed it on top of her nightstand, as she quietly got onto the bed with her Pokémon. She looked down at the greenish book she got out of her bag earlier, as she opened it and silently started reading while the other Pokémon did their own thing during the short break.
  19. Bonnie took a left turn and walked straight into the librarian. "Oh! I- I'm so sorry!" She cried, her eyes wide. The Librarian scowled slightly but then her face relaxed, "Don't do it again" She said sharply. Bonnie cowered away, and watched as the Librarian walked off to her desk. She didn't seem like the nicest person, "Oh and get that hair out of your eye, it'll prevent your full reading ability" The Librarian called. Bonnie's eyes widened, she had to take a deep breath to prevent herself from shouting at the librarian. "I have a reason for it you know" She muttered as she walked past. The Librarian scowled and put on her glasses, reading a book in another language.

    Bonnie skimmed through the titles of the books, a few interested her. She picked out a couple of fiction books and walked over to a lounge. She flipped open a book and started to read.
  20. Rachel saw an interaction between the librarian and a girl and couldn't help but frown at it. The librarian didn't have to be so rude Rachel felt. Rachel soon grabbed a book of her own and went over to the lounge and wondered where she was gonna sit. A seat was open next to that girl who the librarian was rude to. Rachel gave a look to Crystal, the Alola Vulpix giving a nod of what seemed to be encouragement as Rachel let out a sigh.

    I should say something. See if she's okay.

    Rachel took her seat next to the girl, Crystal sitting on her lap. Crystal loved to read with Rachel. Rachel opened her book, but gave a quick look to the girl next to her.

    "Sorry that happened to you. This librarian didn't have to be so rude." Rachel said before she turned her attention to her book as she and Crystal began to read.
  21. "Oh, don't worry about it" Bonnie said, "I- I'm Bonnie" She said in a small voice, "Who a-are you?"

    She looked down at the small Vulpix, it was white compared to the ones back at home in Kanto. They were always Red, or occasionally gold if they were shiny.
  22. "Name's Rachel. Nice to meet you." Rachel said with a smile. She was nervous, not used to talking to others, but she could tell Bonnie was even more nervous. Somehow this gave Rachel the courage to speak without a stutter. Rachel began to pet Crystal, the Vulpix enjoying it very much.

    "My buddy here is Crystal." Rachel said, introducing her partner to Bonnie.
  23. Bonnie laughed nervously, adoring the cute little Vulpix. "My partner is a Ralts, her name is Moon, but she's currently playing in the garden" Bonnie said, her nervousness was fading now. "What kind of Pokemon is Crystal? She looks a lot like a normal Vulpix, but a different colour" She asked, bending over to look at the white, snow-like Pokémon.
  24. Laura could do nothing but sigh hopelessly as she arrived at the doors of the school. She would much rather be doing anything else worthwhile-like riding on a river or better yet, rock climbing!-but nope. She was here, at a school...again. Yes, again. Laura couldn't help but cringe as she remembered how she'd been expelled from the school. That, she probably wouldn't be blabbing on about anytime soon. What would she even be talking about?

    Her Rowlet, Shadow, flew behind her eagerly, trying to keep up with her energetic trainer. Those two had been together through a lot of things, and it evolving seemed like such a dramatic change for Laura that she consciously tried not to let Shadow evolve. This would have it's own repercussions but that wasn't terribly important. Anyways, she looked around, trying to find something to do, but decided to head towards the woods.

    Sensing her dire need to dive into the woods, the Rowlet ever-so-diligently took her suitcase, to which Laura cracked a smile and blew a kiss at it after a quick thank-you. It'd return for training and general presence, she knew. Without Shadow, the woods just weren't the same. She sat down on a fairly stumpy log, resting on her arm and seeming very annoyed and sad. "I beg of you, if I manage to get kicked out of yet another soon, it will be two years too soon."

    Laura bears long, flowing hair with two very long ponytails-going to her ankles-that were all a dark, luxurious brown. She has long, striped gloves with a fleshy-pink and light-brown colors and a grey large bra-unsure of the certain name, so imagine a t-shirt mixed with a bra that covers about half of her stomach. Laura also wears long, light-brown shorts, fairly average sneakers, a pair of fluorescent goggles-the type in which it resembles a sci-fi gadget, only less futuristic-and a bow tie on her head.
  25. Ash saw a lot of kids walk out of their cabin to explore. Not Ash. She was to lazy and tired from the long drive to explore. She finished her book, put it down on her bed stand, and layed down for a nap. Litten and Eevee joined her, and layed down on the bed as well.
  26. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Lync turned a corner to see a man dressed fairly well. He introduced himself as the principal of the school. "Um hi Mr. Faulding, I'm Lync Blitz. I'm here to get my necessities for the school?" Lync said in a questioning tone to see if he's doing something wrong. Lucifer the Togepi started snoozing in his arms from the boring interaction of the Principal and student. Lync adjusted his beanie and camera while awaiting a response from Principal Faulding.
  27. Ash woke up, and saw even more kids heading out, and one who she thought, looked like he just arrived. She groaned, getting out of bed, and letting her Pokemon sleep, as she slowly opened the cabin door, and closed it again. She walked up to the school, and before taking a second glance, walked into it.
  28. "She's what's called an Alolan Vulpix. Basically, here in Alola, certain species of Pokemon from other regions have developed different evolutions. Meaning their appearance, and even typing, are different. Crystal here is an ice type instead of the usual fire type for the regular Vulpix." Rachel explained, during which she didn't stop petting Crystal's back which Crystal enjoyed very much.. Rachel didn't know everything about how Alolan Forms worked, but she could only hope this explanation would be good enough for Bonnie.
  29. As Ash walked in the halls, she ended up stopping by the library and as she stepped inside, she saw two girls, and an Alolan Vulpix. She grabbed a new book to start the series she had been reading about, and picked out, Warriors: Into the Wild.

    Ash sat down, not next to the girls, and started to read. She was about to read to Litten, and as she said the first few words, she turned to look at him, only to realize he wasn't there. Then Ash remembered that he was at the cabin, sleeping. A small look of desperation and lonliness started to cloud her usual smile and cheer.
  30. "Oh, I see now" Bonnie said, "So only certain Pokemon have Alolan forms"

    At that moment Moon has gotten bored in the garden and ran to the library. She entered and ran over to Bonnie, she then saw Crystal. "Oh no..." Bonnie murmured. "Ral!" Moon squealed. She jumped up onto the lounge and hugged the Alolan Vulpix. She then jumped up and down on Bonnie's lap, waving at Crystal and Rachel. "Heh... Sorry, she's very excited to be here" Bonnie apologised, stroking Moon in an attempt to calm her down.
  31. Ash looked at the Ralts she had found before, and the girl she had brought him to. She giggled at the Ralts, as its excitment took over him, and he hugged the Vulpix, and jumped into his trainers lap. Then Ash thought of the lonliness she was feeling right now. When she saw the Ralts, apparently Moon, as his trainer called him, it reminded her of Eevee, and its wild nature. She sighed, and as she finished her book, she put it back, and left, deciding to explore more of the building. She ended up fumbling into a beautiful garden, and she couldn't help but stare at all the wild Pokemon.

    Meanwhile at the cabin, Eevee had just awoken from his nap, and pounced on the bed, awaking Litten in the progress. "Let me sleep!" he said in Pokemon speak, as he layed his head back down. "No way!" Eevee said, as he nudged Litten, who eventually got up. "What?" Litten said, sternly eyeing Eevee. Before Eevee could speak, there was a knock on the door. Litten and Eevee tried to look out the window to see who it was. They unfortunately couldn't see, so they started to worry. It seemed important, since the person or Pokemon started knocking louder, and more frequently.
  32. It seemed that nothing was going to happen, and that Laura were to return to her premises. Besides, it was getting late anyways and she definitely had no business in missing class during her first day of school. With a somewhat heavy heart, she retreated from her secluded form in the forest and returned to her cozy cabin, with a decent not-so-much-a-surprise waiting for her.

    "Shadow!" She called out as her starter Pokemon eagerly flew into her hands, cooing softly and happily. It'd been a few hours since she'd seen her precious Rowlet and besides, he was probably bored out of his mind as well. Seeing his bored expression, Laura decided to take a stroll through the garden.

    Upon reaching said area, she came across someone who seemed like the local gardener for this place, or something at least. Young athletic-and a friendly grin on his face. "Hi, pretty!" He cooed in a genuinely nice voice, though it wouldn't matter. "What's the Pokemon that you have with you?" That confirmed another thing, not from this region. Laura was not in the mood for this.

    "As far as I'm concerned, he's my boyfriend," she replied in a somewhat loud, flat tone. The look on the gardener's face went from merry to pure despair and she did cringe a little as Laura left his presence.
  33. Ash saw the Gardner flirting with a girl, and giggled. This was quite the show, but to Ash's dismay, it was over quickly when the girl left. Ash decided that making her first friend was this opera unity right here. She walked up to the girl who had burned the Gardner earlier, and said, "T-That was a sick b-burn!" She said, stuttering, all nervously.

    Meanwhile, Litten and Eevee were pacing around the room, talking to each other in Pokemon speak, deciding what to do. The knocks seemed urgent, and they were way too small to open the door themselves. They decided to climb on top of each other, and get the doorknob, and still they weren't tall enough, which let them tumbling to the ground. "Let's do that again!" Eevee said in Pokemon speak to Litten, who growled at Eevee. "This is urgent! Think fast!" Litten said, as the knock turned into a pound.
  34. Laura noticed Ash trying to compliment her and had no ability to do the same. For one, she wasn't trying to flirt with her...probably. For two, the tone of her voice seemed to imply she was shy. Finally, Laura did feel a little bit guilty about shutting the gardener down like that. Now he probably had a very sour taste for Alola girls.

    The better for everyone.

    Meanwhile, she looked at the girl who greeted her and cracked a smile. "You've got that right, sister. High five!" Laura took this as a good opportunity to sneer at the gardener, who was now furiously digging into the ground. Meanwhile, her Rowlet circled around Ash, trying to see where she was hiding her Pokemon. You know, because he's Shadow.
  35. Rachel smiled at Bonnie, taking a moment to wave back at Bonnie's Ralts. "No big deal, really. So this is your partner? Quite the cutie I must say, and has such a personality." Rachel said in admiration. Crystal gave Moon a curious stare, as she then held out her paw as if she was trying to give Moon the closest thing a Vulpix would consider handshake. Or maybe she just wanted to playfully swat at Moon, Rachel had never sure of Crystal's antics.
  36. Ash excepted the high five, slapping Laura's hand, regaining confidence, taking away some of her shyness. She then saw the Rowlet circling her, and giggled. She then stook out a hand, saying, "I'm Ashley Crisp, but I prefer Ash. And this my partner-" Ash almost said, before stopping, realizing Litten and Eevee weren't with her. "Well, Litten and Eevee are in my cabin, and I'm sure they're fine." Ash reassured herself, with a chuckle.

    Eevee and Litten were not fine. They were panicking, as a voice yelled, "OPEN THE DOOR! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!" Litten couldn't tell wether to determine it as a human voice or Pokemon voice, but he couldn't handle the stress. Eevee however was shouting, "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?! ASH ISNT HERE!" And other nonsense, do to his wild nature.
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  38. "Ash, huh? Well, nice to meet you! I'm Laura Jackson, but everyone calls me Laura. A Litten and an Eevee, huh? That's a cool set. All Iprefer is good ol' Shadow." Her Rowlet stopped circling overhead and landed on her outstretched arm, still giving a somewhat suspicious look at Ashley. "He's not one to keep alone."

    Shadow was still wondering where her Pokemon were. Being the all-around man that he always was, Shadow started pecking at her Pokeballs suspiciously, as if wondering if she was just hiding them. If it didn't work, well, he just tried to best he could to communicate in polite squawks and gestures this: 'Ashley, where are you hiding them?'
  39. Ash read the gestures and said, "Nowhere! They're at my cabin, but it would be smart to check on them..." Ash thought, as she put a contemplative hand to her chin. She looked past the garden, and past some other cabins. It was pretty dark, and as wimpy as it was, Ash was afraid of the dark. She looked at Laura, asking, "Would you like to come meet them?"
  40. Laura smiled and then shrugged. "Sure! I mean, it can't hurt and Shadow needs a little bit more interaction. Never been this paranoid before." While she couldn't guess that Ash was afraid of the dark-it didn't seem like something to jump to-Laura could deduce it wasn't solely on just seeing her new Pokemon. But whatever. She would have asked her anyways!

    The Rowlet, on the other hand, accepted this response with a slight nod of the head. Feeling nocturnal, Shadow dived off into the air, disappearing in the shadows (pun not intended) of the hallways and the moon. "Shadow! Wait! Come back!" Laura called out with an exasperated sigh. "He knows his way to cabins but know he'll be knocking on random doors..."

    Which was exactly what Shadow did. Every time he came to a Cabin door, he would coo 'Hello? Is this Ashley's cabin?' softly and knock on the door quietly for good measure with his beak.

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