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Ask to Join Alola, Thunderclouds! (Discussion, Name WIP.)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. It started off in the festival. Our region has one every year in Hau'Oli City.. nothing's ever gone wrong- and when it has, we- the Aether Foundation- have been able to deal with it- but they've become more advanced. Who could have given them such technology. Disabling Pokemon's powers? And not to mention, they attacked the human people too. Who could have given Team Skull such power and made them so... berserk?

    Hello! I've been trying to plan a Pokemon roleplay for a while, and have never had a good idea- until now. What I've just started with is a brief overview of what is to happen later in the roleplay. This will cause our characters to attempt to find Team Skull and find out what's behind their recent attack being so planned and powerful. I should go over some notes, as this is an alternate timeline to the main Generation 7 games.

    - This roleplay is mainly for the purpose to give Alola a new story. I don't like how much Pokemon sugar-coated Alola, so I want to give it a new story.
    - The main protagonist from both Generation 7 games never existed. Nor did Hau.
    - However, Lillie and Gladion are in this roleplay- Lillie hasn't run away or found Cosmog, she has a great bond with Lusamine. This is because less is known about the legendary Pokemon. Gladion is with the same relation to Team Skull as he was in Sun/Moon.
    - To expand on the very small amount of urban areas Alola has, there will be new areas to Alola.

    - RULES:
    o Follow all of Pokecharms' Rules. They exist for a reason.
    o Legendary Pokemon are forbidden to begin with. If we gain one later- and you have admin permission along with mine, then it is fine. Same goes with Mega Stones.
    o This roleplay is not a happy journey. Expect some darker themes.
    o I'm not too bothered about swearing- just don't let it go out of hand.
    o Please stay away from going further than a kiss between characters.
    o Start with one or two Pokemon only. You may catch more in the roleplay, later.
    o Up to four moves on up to six real Pokemon. Having more than four moves confuses everything for me.
    o Please use correct grammar and spelling in at least five sentences per post.
    o No nicknames with Pokemon- nobody can remember each others' Pokemon usually, and it just.. becomes hard, having to read bios constantly.

    - BIOS:


    Full Name: Ryker Webster.
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Ryker has neatly combed-right blonde hair- a comb-over gives him a minimal fringe. and tanned skin (from Alola's heat). His eyes are a burning bright blue, always looking active- even when tired. For height, he's not tall but not small either, to be exact: 5'4". His body is also in a good shape.
    Clothing: Usually his clothing is a light grey hoodie over any form of t-shirt and then jeans. His shoes are usually white trainers. It's weird how he's able to survive the heat in this- but is he?
    Personality: Ryker is a caring person, who usually doesn't seem to raise his voice. He loves to discuss passions and opinions, and participate things. The teen loves rising to a challenge, whether it's a project to make something or to do a physical challenge.
    Dreams: His main ambition is to have a full team of Pokemon: but not by being a trainer, just by simply bonding with wild Pokemon. Becoming an adult, he'd like to work at a Pokemon Center.

    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flower Veil
    Moves: Tackle, Vine Whip, Fairy Wind
    Appearance: A white-flower Flabebe.
    Obtained: Whilst walking through Iki Town, Ryker spotted a flower left on the ground. He picked it up, as it looked really nice to have been left there, and then there was a Flabebe clinging as strongly as it could to the flower. A recent Flabebe horde had flown through the sky that day, so it was safe to assume it was lost. He tried to get it back to its group, spending all day trying, but it refused to go, and kept holding onto the teen. It wanted to be with him, so he bought a Poke-Ball and caught it. His parents are fine with him doing such.
    Other: Her flower is pinned around Ryker's ear. (I wanted to use a male Flabebe but they're all Female.)

    Ryker comes from a rich family too, and usually acts ashamed of it if he ever has to talk about it. He doesn't want people to know since he wants to be treated like an equal human. That means he is friendlier and happy around people he trusts.

    Also, if anyone can suggest a better name, please do. I have no idea.
    The Roleplay is set on August 1st, 8am. The festival begins at 6pm.
    No, not the time it begins- I wouldn't have you all wait that long! I'm referring to the time in-roleplay.
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  2. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Name: Delphini Storm
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Tall (around 5'2") , pale skinned girl with indigo eyes. She has silver hair that fades to indigo. She wears a purple and white sleeveless bodywarmer jacket and blue jean shorts. She wears blue trainers
    Personality: Stubborn at first, but once you earn her trust she is really loyal. She can be a troublemaker. She is really good at painting and sings often. Her parents don’t support this at all
    Dreams: To find someone who shares her passion and respects her properly, unlike her parents

    Pokemon: Litten
    Appearance: Wears a blue bandanna with a everstone
    Personality: Very feisty and thinks he’s more powerful than he is. Despised the thought of becoming an incinaroar
    Moves: Ember, Tackle and scratch
    Obtained: As a starter
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  3. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    This roleplay seems like a great idea! Here is my character’s bio.

    Name: Tristan Shellings
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Tristan stands not too tall but not too short. He has tan skin, blue eyes, and short brown hair. Due to Alola’s warm climate, he will usually wear a white and green striped t-shirt and will wear khaki brown shorts. He also wears black tennis shoes.
    Personality: He is brave, but doesn’t take many risks. He often is focused despite being a little too impatient when somebody takes a long time. Mostly, he is friendly and caring. However, when something bad happens to him or his friends, let’s just say he’s not one to encounter.
    Dreams: He doesn’t have much, but he just plans to be champion sand have a decent battling skill.

    Pokemon: Mareep (Male)
    Appearance: Shiny Mareep (if that’s okay?) with a medium-sized scar on its forehead from an earlier battle.
    Ability: Static
    Personality: This Mareep is quite a troublemaker but acts friendly to other Pokémon. It also is always ready for a battle.
    Moves: Growl, Tackle, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock
    Obtained: This Mareep ran away from its original Trainer because they were neglecting this Mareep. This causes this Mareep’s scar to appear as this Trainer exhausted out this Pokémon. Tristan caught it while still in Kalos. (Very original story, I know.)
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  4. @Jurilios @AstrapiDappletail you two are fine to go!

    But, I forgot to remove Hometown from the top bio. Please can you guys remove it too?
  5. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Right, going to do now.
  6. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Sure, edited it now
  7. Name: Dave Fisher
    Appearance: Dave stands at 5'6. He has blue eyes, and somewhat tanned skin. He wears a blue, short sleeved shirt with a shiny magikarp on it, with brown cargo pants. He also wears black tennis shoes.
    Personality: Dave tends to be hotheaded. Usually butting heads with people who disagree with him, and not even thinking first when getting into conflict. He also tends to be very stubborn with many aspects of his life, usually keeping his views on something unchanged, even though the odds are stacked up against him. Although these flaws, Dave tends to look after people's well being. Usually trying to take care of them if they are injured.
    Dreams: Dave wants to be famous, so he can prove to his parents that he isn't destined to be a fisherman.

    Pokemon: Magikarp (I have no idea if this can fly)
    Appearance: A shiny Magikarp, with no other features.
    Personality: Magikarp, like it's owner, is very stubborn with it's ideals. He also tends to think highly of itself, usually trying to pull off tricks with many of their moves, even if it's not practical.
    Moves: Splash, and Tackle
    Obtained: A rare catch by Dave, when he was going fishing one day.
  9. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Hold it! No reason why you can’t have a meowth, or another litten
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  10. U TOO.
  11. Name: Skylar Cosmos
    Appearance: Wavy blonde hair just above her waist, along with a white flower in her hair. She wears a white and pink stripy crop top with a pink Alolan style skirt and white sandals.
    Personality: Skylar is kind, outgoing and optimistic. She loves Pokemon, wants to collect them all and especially loves cat Pokemon.
    Dreams: To get rid of Team Skull’s bad intentions in Alola and fill her Alolan Pokédex.

    Pokemon: Ponyta
    Appearance: A normal Ponyta but with a bridle made of rope and a white flower to match Skylar on its ear.
    Personality: Excitable, and always jumping and running around. It can be quite clingy to Skylar.
    Moves: Fire Spin, Stomp, Double Kick, Quick Attack.
    Obtained: Skylar found it in a field one day when she was out looking for Pokemon. She saw it running away after it’s parents, but it tripped because it was so fast and she managed to catch it when it got up and approved her to catch it.
  12. @Montymike pretty sure various sources say it doesn't actually need water.. (like the Pokemon anime but that's a thing no-one trusts.. apparently Linoone is a Ground-type...). It could probably just flop after you or something, and as Gyarados (if it ever evolves), it'll probably just be one titan-sized snake.
    But anyways, accepted!

    @Jodie.xox aw, I'm sorry. Mews Meowths are always up for grabs. Accepted!
  13. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    When will we start the roleplay?
  14. Mew is there. In everyone’s hearts. And it’s imaginary. :)
  15. @Jurilios the roleplay will start when we have enough people, right now we have 4.
  16. But you were rushing me to make a bio so we could start?
  17. I was? @Jodie.xox

    If it was outside of this discsussion I probably thought the RP would grow pretty fast or something.
  18. Name: Logan Cullin
    Appearance: he has blond hair, with a blue headband, has a blue sleeveless jacket, and a brown undershirt, with his bag to his side. he also wars tan pants and brown shoes.
    Personality: he's new to training pokemon, as he had just received his starter. he is pretty calm and kind, he has tendencies to be overbearing, but he likes to help when he can.
    Dreams: to become the strongest trainer in alola!

    Pokemon: Rowlett
    Appearance: the pokemon looks like a normal Rowlett, but on its head, much like Logan, has a small spike of hair sticking up.
    Personality: Rowlett was the perfect match for Logan, as Rowlett is a brave pokemon, it is willing to battle bigger opponents and help when needed.
    Moves: Leafage, peck, quick attack
    Obtained: Rowlett was logans starter pokemon, given to him by the professor
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  19. Just thought I should mention @Red_the_legend , Obtained means how was the Pokemon obtained? I also want to mention that Pokemon don't go by purely natures here, they have full personalities.

    And also, personal bug that isn't necessary to fix, but it's just one 't' for Rowlet :p
  20. oh well then it easy, it was given to him by kukui, and personality can be fixed by saying it was a brave pokemon instead of saying he had a brace nature.
  21. Please can you fix it by adding such into your bio?
  22. Eyy, this looks neat! (I accidentally posted this while it was incomplete, I'm an idiot)

    Name: Delilah Blanc.
    Appearance: Delilah stands at 5'6, has short platinum blonde hair, green eyes and freckles cover part of her olive tan face. She wears a loose fitting light blue shirt, knee length camo pants and white and blue running shoes. A light blue cap with stars printed covers her head while a matching messenger bag hangs from her shoulder.
    Personality: Delilah is a friendly girl, very supportive of everyone else even if a little insecure about herself. She's kind and caring, mostly linked to the fact she helped her parents in their daycare.
    Dreams: To have adventures and befriend a lot of pokemon. Once she's an adult, she'll take over her family's pokemon daycare.

    Pokemon: Espurr (F)
    Appearance: A normal Espurr with a lilac bandana around her neck.
    Personality: Espurr is quite clingy, protective of her trainer and loves to be outside of her pokeball. This little pokemon is rather modest and tends to shy away behind Delilah if given too much attention by other trainers.
    Moves: Leer, Scratch and Covet.
    Obtained: Espurr was given to Delilah as an egg, left behind by some trainer on her family's daycare who said they didn't have time to care of it. She took care of it until it hatched and considers Espurr a part of her family.
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  24. I added a bit to the bottom of Ryker's bio.

    I also am hoping to post the thread tonight, if I can get it done (I have tons of time) I'll be tagging you all and making links between here and the actual RP thread.
  25. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name: Zad Sal
    Appearance: he has cyan eyes,Dark green hair and pale skin, he wears a black jacket and a white T chirt under it, he wears regular grey pants
    Personality: he is optimistic and nice, brave but reckless
    Dreams: he wants to be THE VERY BEST!

    Pokemon: Litten
    Appearance: he has the same appearence as a Litten, just his head has a little bit more fur
    Personality: he is nice and funny, he loves to play
    Moves: Ember,scratch ,Leer
    Obtained: Zad was given Litten to him by professor Kukui

    Name: Riolu
    Appearence: Same as a normal Riolu
    Personality : he is happy and brave, he doesn't want to leave his trainer
    Moves: Force palm,quick attack, tackle


    This song ks awesome over NINE THOUSAAAAAANNNNNDDDD

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