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Ask to Join Alola: The Pokemon League Construction

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tatzu, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. ( Discussion is here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/alola-the-pokemon-league-construction-discussion.14644/#post-323647 )

    The Sun watched over Alola as the Boat neared the island "WE ARE NEARING THE ISLAND!" Yelled the Captain, Jack Devlin looked as he saw the Island, He saw the nice trees and the Interesting Pokemon Running around, He looked to the Ocean where he saw Wishiwashi and Magikarp, Followed by a Gyarados and a Wishiwashi School form leaping out of the Water "Wow....." Jack said as he looked to the Skies to see Pidgeys and Flecthlings Fly across the Sky followed by a Pidgeot and Talonflame that looked to be their Caretakers, He saw Alolan Exeggutor Pretending to be Trees

    The Boat Finally arrived and people started to get off, Jack knew what he had to do, Professor Kukui told him and some other trainers to help build the Alolan Pokemon League, He slowly walked to the Steps to find Builders waiting "This area is Restricted, We are building a Epic Pokemon League here!" One of the Builders said "Professor Kukui sent me" Jack said as he moved around him and up the Steps, It was a long way up, He saw many Pokemon like Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Sandslash, He Finally arrived at the Building, Builders were everywhere, People signing papers, People Building the Building and People doing random stuff like battling "Hey! are you one of those trainers?!" Yelled a Important looking Builder "Yes? what is it?" Jack asked "Oh good! Im the one running this Site, You can go sit over there while we wait for the other trainers or you could battle" The Builder said "Fine, Ill wait..." Jack said as he sat down and sent out Sylveon "Lets wait buddy" Jack said as he started to pet Sylveon
  2. William Whitman exited the boat to the island where the new Pokemon League was getting built, he went to the front entrance, where a builder stopped him. He held out an I.D. card issued by Kukui, and the builders let him in, he smiled to himself as he sent his Pokemon all out, to look intimidating. Blastoise, Pidgeot, Wobofett, Deduceye, Gardevoir and Muk popped out of his Pokeballs

    He went to where the builder's instructed him to go and smiled, he couldn't wait 'till he told that cocky kid Jack Delvin he was friends with that he had become part of a league. "yes" he said "I can't wait to see the look on Jack's fa-"
    At that moment he noticed Jack also sitting there, "your kidding right" he said, with an annoyed tone in his voice "for once can you let me beat you at something?" he asked Jack

    He sighed "well since we are here, and it has been a while since i have seen you last, how about a battle" he asked "and this time, i will win, I've added two new Pokemon to my team since that battle we had in Kanto"
    (OOC: backstory probably needs to be explained, in most of the RPs me and Z do, Jack and Will know each other and are rivals of sorts, which makes this moment all the more hilarious)
  3. "Oh Hi Will" Jack said as he Stopped petting Sylveon "A Battle? Sure" He said as he Jumped up and walked to the Builders make-shift Battle Area "Im gonna use Empoleon!" Jack said as he Sent out Empoleon "EMPOLEON! (SUP BRO! IM READY TO BATTLE!)" Empoleon yelled as it Jumped up into the Sky and used Hydro Pump into the Sky "Who are you gonna use first?" Jack asked, Watching Empoleon get Ready "EMPOLEON! (YO, YOUR GOING TO LOSE!)" Empoleon yelled
  4. "Right then" Will said "I'll begin with Gardevoir"
    Gardevoir walked elegantly onto the arena, and spoke to Empoleon via telepathy "you don't need to be in such a rush, we've got all day" she said, trying to play on Empoleon's impatience and ego, then turned away from him, "you are a"

    Quickly trying to catch the Empoleon off guard, she stopped mid sentence and quickly turned around, blasting him with Psychic
  5. "EMPOLEON! (WOW DUDE, YOU ALMOST HIT ME!)" Empoleon Yelled as he dodged but ultimately fell down, He got back up and got ready "ALRIGHT! EMPOLEON USE SHADOW CLAW!" Jack yelled as Empoleon Dived forward to attack Gardevoir
  6. "Gardevoir barrier!" Will shouted, raising his arm for dramatic effect, and Gardevoir formed a protective wall between, then Will spun around and extended his arm, again for the effect, after all if he was going to be an elite four member soon "Magical Leaf"
    The magical leaves travelled around the barrier and flew towards Empoleon's back
  7. Alexander exited the boat, looking around, and seeing the normal sights of Alola. He finally reached the building, and flashed his I.D. "Welcome to the new Pokemon League!" The man said, enthusiastically. He didn't have to get far, until he saw something interesting, a battle. He released all his Pokemon from their Pokeballs. They looked happy to be out, and he immediately had to stop Incineroar and Crabominable from squabbling, since they had been mad at each other lately. He sat down on a bench near the battlefield, and watched intently.
  8. "EMPOLEON! (LEAVES, MY WEAKNESS!)" Empoleon yelled as it fell down "ALRIGHT! EMPOLEON GET UP AND USE METAL CLAW!" Jack yelled as Empoleon jumped up and started to Slice at Gardevoir
  9. "No! Gardevoir!" Will shouted as Gardevoir was sent stumbling backwards, "protect yourself with light screen and begin meditating with calm mind"

    A protective wall of light surrounded Gardevoir, as she sat down and closed her eyes, she felt as the psychic energy flowed through here, nourishing her and giving her strength.

    As the light screen faced, Gardevoir stood up, and was very still as she prepared for Empoleon's next attack
  10. Isaac emerged from the water next to a boat. Most of the trainers had already disembarked from it, so he decided that he could just shake the water off his diving suit. Nobody was around to get splashed. He suddenly giggled as he thought of that time with Z-Splash... He decided to calm down, he was always known as a bit of an eccentric but he was getting some really strange looks of the builders. He decided to just head inside, he knew what to do.

    When Isaac was inside the building, he saw a Gardevoir and an Empoleon duking it out. He sat cross-legged on the floor of the building, holding the Ultra Ball containing his Golisopod tight in his hand. He decided to let Sceptile out from his Pokeball to watch, despite not being able to help Isaac in battle in the Elite Four he knew he wanted to be around, even as a Grass-type.
  11. Bobby arrived on the island on his staraptor." Man, I can't believe I missed the boat! Thanks for carrying me here staraptor." He then walked inside the building. The first thing he saw was the battle between empoleon and gardevoir." Cool a Pokémon battle, come on out guys and let's watch this together." He then sent out his Pokémons from their poke balls. They all watched the raging battle excitedly.
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  12. Alexander saw two trainers walk in, and greeted them. "Nice to meet you, name's Alexander." He said as he stretched his hand out to shake Issac's.
  13. Still, not a move had been made by either side, Gardevoir and Will were extremely tense, and Will assumed Jack and Empoleon were the same. Gardevoir was extremely surprised to hear someone else speak, and nearly jumped, but realised it wasn't directed at Will, and that the voice was outside of the league building, probably explaining why only she, with her psychic powers, seemed to be able to hear it
    Will on the other hand, had no idea what was happening and just stood there... waiting for Jack to make his move
  14. Hero Missed the boat and got here on His lapras updated to the ride pager. He was Amazed by the huge building that stood upon him. He went in the building and saw a amazing battle, The battle was a Empoleon and a Gardevoir. "Hmmm, This could be interesting.." he thought. "Everyone Let's watch this battle and think of a battle plan!" He sends out all his Pokémon. A incineroar, A Lycanroc, A Kommo-o, A Alolan Sandslash, A Alolan Raichu, and Snorlax. He sat on the Snorlax's round Belly and pulled out his notebook, Studing the moves. He needed to prepare by studying his opponents. He wants to at least make it to the championship Field facing the one standing in his way.
  15. "ALRIGHT! EMPOLEON! KEEP USING METAL CLAW UNTIL EITHER GARDEVOIR ATTACKS OR YOU GET TO TIRED!" Jack yelled as Empoleon Dashed forward slashing its claws at the Gardevoir

    While this Happened, A Meowstic appeared near Hero, Looking at his Notepad "Seeing Battle strategies?" The Meowstic asked through Brain Waves "If you would like, I could give you A lot of Information on Jack and Wills battle styles" The Meowstic added, Summoning a Pen out of no where
  16. Gardevoir used teleport to dodge the first claw but was slashed across the face by the second. Will noticed that she looked weak. "Get behind him!" he shouted, and Gardevoir teleported behind Empoleon, on the opposite side of the arena "Now use stored power!"

    Gardevoir unleashed all the energy from Calm Mind into one massive psychic blast and sent it at Empoleon, before her knees gave in and she fell to the ground, fainted
  17. Derick woke up with a stretched smile across his face. He had remembered that today he was in Alola and he was going to get a ride on a Sharpedo to go into the Ocean. Derick grabbed his hat and bag and ran out the house with no regret. "First I go on sharpedo! Then I go to the stadium!" Derick could see a Sharpedo with armor on and Shouted "HEY! CAN I HAVE A RIDE!" A Woman replied "Yes, please hop on the Sharpedo." Derick saw all sorts of Pokémon including a Garydos! It was incredible for him at the time.
  18. Bobby and his Pokémon watched the battled conclude with excitement." What an awesome battle!" He thought to himself. Then, Lycanroc dashed toward Empoleon's trainer." Lycan, roc (battle me)!" Bobby realized what his pokemon was doing and rushed to him." Lycanroc! Sorry Lycanroc here is a feisty one you see, he just asked for a battle against you."
  19. "Oh, Ok" Jack replied as he looked as his Empoleon, It was not fainted, But it was covered in Bruises and scratches "You did good Empoleon... Alright! ill battle you! Go Lucario!" Jack yelled as he sent out his Lucario, It looked at the Lycanroc and Laughed "Lucario... (This will be easy)" Its said as it readied its arms
  20. Derick went to the builders and showed them an ID made by Professor Kukui, Derick saw the battle going on and said "Must be training for the Pokémon league then?" Derick sat down on a bench and watched the raging match go on. "Maybe my pokemon should watch or get rest? Yea, Everyone Come on out!" Derick and his Pokémon watched the match blaze on.
  21. "Alright lycanroc, you ready?" Lycanroc gave Bobby a look of affirmation." well lets started of strong, lycanroc Bulk Up!" Red aura start to surround lycanroc as he began to power up.
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  22. Isaac accepted Alexanders hand shake hastily, meeting his outstretched hand with a glove. "Hey, my name's Isaac. I'm here to try out for an Elite Four spot." Sceptile looked away sulkingly as he said that. "Sorry, this guy isn't too happy about not being able to be on the team due to the type restriction."

    He slowly observed both battles. The Empoleon and Gardevoir seemed to have stopped fighting, only for a Lucario and Lycanroc to start. Not the most favourable of matchups, but Isaac was going to have to get used to those with a water type team. He had even used a specific way of restraining his Pokemon's power, just in case they wanted to make the Elite Four more achievable. The EXP Hold Back was specifically invented for his dream of a more balanced team, it would make him be able to have a team that would be more fair and accept slightly weaker challengers, but also be able to use their full power if necessary.
  23. "Oh Look Guys! It's starting! This is gonna be great, Woooo!" Derick saw the Lycanrocs red aura activate and thought it was a special one.
    Derick's Blaziken stopped watching and tried to break through a brick "Blaziken! Come back you're gonna miss it! Fine... *Sigh* miss the match then"
  24. Alexander turned to the soon-to-be battle, excited. He saw Lycanroc's aura activate, knowing this was going to be good, so he sat on a bench, and ordered some malasada. His Toucannon began flying around, checking out the building.
  25. " You ready lacanroc!? Now use Brick Break!" Lycanroc dashed toward lucario with great speed ready to chop him on the face with a hard fist." Alright, go for it lycanroc!"
  26. In a amazing amount of speed, Lucario dodged the attack and Jumped at it, His eyes looked focused and ready, He readied a Dragon Pulse and threw it straight at the Lycanroc
  27. *Laughs* "Blaziken hasn't done 'Brick Break' yet! Derick chuckled and couldn't help himself and Ninetales just made it worse for the Pokémon. "Lucario's speed is amazing! it dodged that and used Dragon Pulse! Wooooo! Derick was amazed at the sheer speed of that Lucario.
  28. "Lycanroc dodge that!" Bobby commanded lycanroc to dodge but he refused and took the attack strait on." Lycanroc! If you're really going to be like that then, Now use Brick Break to knock away that Dragon Pulse!!" Laycanroc destroyed the attack with Brick Break.
  29. "Maybe it's not special, it took the attack straight on, wow... Wait that has to be special! taking an attack straight on like that. that's a powerful move as well! Everyone think you can do that?" Derick thought there was something fishy about that Lycanroc and documented it on a paper. "Just wow..."
  30. Alexander watched intently at the battle unfolding before him, taking note of the amazing speed of the Pokemon. "Those two look like good fighters, huh Incineroar?" Incineroar nodded, still focusing on the battle.
  31. "All right Lycanroc, We need to slow that Lucario down, use Stone edge on the ground around it." Lycanroc threw shards of stone around lucario's feet. "Now go in with Brick Break!"

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