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Private/Closed Alola League Reboot

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Merciless Medic, Jul 15, 2019.

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  1. Name : Xalis Darmena

    Age : 17

    Personality : Xalis used to be a nice kid. He was such he was friendly and always willing to help out. But all of that changed when he turned 16. He started to become a whole lot more dark and brooding. He also had extreme trust issues. Nowadays the only people that he could talk to are his Pokémon. They are the ones who truly understand him. But the reason is that he was scared by a traumatic incident that made him leave his home which is known as Accumala Town. He has black hair and dark blue eyes. He also has a black vest and red t shirt with a blue X on it. He has dark blue pants with a silver belt. He has red socks and black and navy blue shoes.

    His story : Xalis lived in a white and black house with his parents. His mother worked at a restaurant and his father was a scientist. They were both loving and encouraging almost his entire life. But his entire life changed one night. He had a dream of the 3 Legendary Pokemon known as Terrakion, Virizion, and Cobalion. They were all surrounding an area with purple woods at night with some sort of egg. All of a sudden a blinding red and yellow light. Then Xalis woke up confused and a little scared. His Oshawatt which was nicknamed Aqua comforted him while he was slowly panicking. He told his parents but they didn’t believe him. So Xalis and his Oshawott snuck out of his house to go investigate. They searched almost all night. Just when they were about to leave, Aqua the Oshawott fell down a big hole and Xalis dove right behind him. When they hit the ground they opened their eyes to find the legendary Pokémon from his dream!!! Cobalion started talking and said that Xalis was the chosen one. He was destined to be the protector of the Pokémon Victini! Soon after discovering the hatched egg with victini inside, many people tried to capture it. His own father betrayed him thanks to an incident involving team plasma. After this he left home and started to travel the region. But after many more encounters with team plasma, he and his team decided to leave unova entirely and travel to alola. But one thing he made sure of is to never trust anyone.

    Pokémon Team:
    Aqua ( Male Dewott ) : Aqua is Xalis’s first Pokemon and trusted partner that was given to him by Professor Juniper. He is brave, serious, and protective. He evolved after beating the gym leader Burgh and his Leavanny by learning Razor Shell. ( Moves : Razor Shell, X-Scissor, Ice Beam, Slash )

    Blitz ( Male Unfezant ) : Blitz was the second Pokemon he caught. He was caught as a tranquil that was injured after being taken cared of Xalis he decided to join his team. He evolved after perfecting the move Brave Bird in battle against a trainer with a Scizor. ( Moves : Brave Bird, Steel Wing, U-Turn, Hyper Beam )

    Scar ( Male Scraggy ) : Scar was a trouble maker that kept stealing food. He was much more powerful than he looked so he caught him. It was a really good idea and Scraggy is a valuable member of the team. ( Moves : Focus Blast, High Jump Kick, Sucker Punch, Double Team )

    Blade ( Male Whirlipede ) Blade was stuck high on a branch and about to fall from a super high fall into a river far below. Tranquil saved it and then it started following. It after defeating Skyla’s Swanna in a very close match ( Moves : Roll Out, Sludge Bomb, Protect, Solar Beam )

    Spike ( Shiny Female Maractus ) Spike was different than most Maractus She was purple and had an attitude. While most Maractus were dancing and relaxing, She was training to become stronger. Xalis liked its style and caught it in battle between it and Unfezant. ( Moves : Giga Drain, Spikey Shield, Drain Punch, Toxic )

    Gyro ( Male Golett ) Gyro was wild Pokémon. All it did was roll around finding new Pokémon to defeat. The Pokémon it was really interested to fight was Xalis’s Whirlipede. Whirlipede won and Xalis caught it. It is a powerhouse and a great Pokémon to own. ( Moves : Gyro Ball, Shadow Punch, Magnitude, Hammer Arm )

    Traveling With / Protecting

    V ( Female Victini ) Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion, entrusted the Victini egg to Xalis. Nowadays it spends most of its time in Xalis’s Backpack or invisible and riding Xalis’s head. She occasionally stops hiding to spar with the other Pokémon owned by Xalis. ( Moves : V-Create, Zen Headbutt, Inferno, Psyshock )

    ( Xalis is a Pokémon trainer I made. He has 6 badges from Unova but he is moving to Alola to get away from Team Plasma and anyone who has even HEARD of a Victini cause he has no idea who he can or can’t trust )
  2. @GlitchMaster247, I suggest you read the Pokémon RP rules. Legendary or Mythical Pokémon require explicit permission from a RP Moderator to be used, and that’s no easy task. Even having Legends/Mythicals in the backstory requires permission.

  3. Like I said on your profile, this RP is dead and I don't have the time anymore to continue this, meaning that no one can join or should even attempt to unless someone from here decided to recreate this in another thread of their own. I just don't have any time on my hands to be in charge of an RP anymore.

    However, even if I was able to, you didn't follow the character sheet format given on my first post, you didn't follow the rules (mine and the Pokemon RP rules) stating that you can't have Legendary Pokemon on your character sheet at all, and with what you have in your team now you wouldn't have gotten far in this kind of league regardless, even if you didn't include the Legendaries/Mythicals. Plus, I did say Pokemon don't have to know just 4 moves, they can learn as much as they were physically capable of learning and remembering. You also didn't listen to the rule stating to put "6-0 EZ-PZ" on your Other section either. If you are going to join other RPs, please read their rules and follow their character sheet format or else you won't be accepted. You also didn't give me an RP sample, not like it mattered anyway because this RP is dead and I'm not accepting anyone because of that. Plus, you put your appearance in to your Personality. Those need to be separated.

    Needless to say, if this RP weren't dead, I would say you are definitely not accepted and you didn't listen to me when I said this RP is dead on your profile and that you shouldn't attempt to join this one.
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    They're right, you know. People would be saving me in particular a frell of a lot of headache if they just bothered to read the damn rules before posting anything in the RP forum.

    But since this thread is dead, there is frell-all reason for this thread to remain open.
  5. Jeez didn’t have to be so harsh about it. Besides I’m new at this stuff so back off
  6. Then read the rules next time and follow them and maybe I wouldn't be so harsh, and you didn't listen when I told you that the RP is dead and you still attempted to try to join the RP. You went against everything I said to you, so I have a right to be a little irritated. Anytime you go to an RP site, you always find the rules and regulations before you try joining, so this doesn't happen. It's common sense and proper internet etiquette to do.

    Let this be a lesson for when you join future RPs, so this doesn't happen again. And yes, you can get warnings for not following the rules, which is why I'm a little harsh. In actuality, I haven't been too harsh on you. Just heed what I say and do better next time, so you don't get yourself into trouble.
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  7. This is my fisrt time on an rp site. I came here to have fun and instead people are getting mad at me for making a mistake because of something I didn’t know about or understand at first. So once again I say BACKOFF
  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Oops. It appears I forgot to actually lock the thread and the children got uppity. A mistake I'm going to amend presently.

    GlitchMaster247 - It's common etiquette to read the rules of a community before you start posting in it. There is a very prominent link to the global rules on the site's navigation menu, and there are also very prominent links to the RP forum rules under the Role Play menu. The RP forum rules are also a sticky topic which means that they are forever one of the first threads you'll see on the RP forums.... And I'm pretty sure there's a big block notification that appears about them too when you first wander into any of the RP forums too.

    Which means that there is no excuse for not reading the rules except willful ignorance. And willful ignorance is not suffered lightly here.

    So no, we will not "back off". Read the rules, follow them, and cool that attitude when talking to other members and particularly staff, or you will face consequences for it.
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