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Ask to Join Alola League (Pokemon RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Astrapi, May 13, 2019.

  1. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Join here! https://pokecharms.com/threads/alola-league-pokemon-rp-discussion.20849/

    Delphi awoke, ready to start the first day of the League. She had packed her bags as soon as the
    confirmation letter had come through and was really excited to take part. She got dressed and awoke Milo, who was sitting on the end of her bed. Delphi walked downstairs and got herself some breakfast, along with some for her pokemon, whom she let out one at a time. She smiled. "Morning guys. Ready for the Alola League?" She said to her pokemon. They all replied with simultaneous cries of joy, starting to eat their food quicker so they could leave as soon as possible.

    Once all her pokemon and herself where ready to leave, Delphi left her small home with Milo on her shoulder, Blaze following close behind, and all her other pokemon in their pokeballs. She grinned as she shut the door. "Lets go guys" She said "Because today, is going to be epic"

    Delphi arrived at the reception of the hotel that letter told her to go to and received her key for check-in. Room 28. She walked up the stairs and opened the door of her room, setting everything down in its place. Now she had sorted everything out, she headed to the meeting room for the Alola League and opened the doors. She took a seat and waited for others to arrive, Milo sitting on her lap and purring, while Blaze sat down next to her. She breathed a sigh of content. "We've done it guys" She smiled. "We're here"
  2. It was time. Though he had been journeying for several years now, this was the largest tournament that either Edward Thistle or his Pokemon had participated in. Stepping out into the bright Alolan sunshine onto the docks, he smiled. He had certainly come a long way from when he was that small kid in Blackthorn who would always sneak into the gym to watch battles. He had a full team of six now, and eight badges. Admittedly, they weren't all from one region, and he had never quite made it to a regional League Tournament before, so there was still some room for improvement. Ed felt a prodding in the small of his back and turned to see Kay, his Gallade, who seemed to be trying to tell him to keep moving. Ed chuckled a little bit. Kay and Angel, his Absol, had always been the orderly ones, trying to keep him and his team in line and safe.

    "Welcome to Malie City, guys!" Ed exclaimed to his team, most of whom had been too big to fit on the boat, and as such were still inside their Poke Balls. Glancing at the time, it looked like he didn't have much time to hang around the city - what a shame - so he jogged to the bus station in order to catch the next bus to the League site. On arrival, he made his way to the hotel. Standing outside the building, he called out all of his Pokemon - Dino the Haxorus from the Poke Ball, Angel the Absol from the Quick Ball, Carrie the Kingdra and Shimmer the Flygon from Ultra Balls, and Kay the Gallade and Morgan the Dusknoir from Dusk Balls - and gave them a short pep talk.

    "Alright! This is our biggest event yet! Now, let's go in there today, and show them what we've got." This was met by a unanimous nod of agreement from his team. Ed returned them, strode into the hotel, and checked in, showing his Trainer's License and invitation to participate in the Alola League. Given that he traveled light, he didn't have to drop anything off in his room, and headed to the meeting room, which he stepped into as confidently as he could.
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  3. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Jake woke up as if it was any normal day. He then remembered the Alola League and shot straight out of his bed. "Can't be late to this!" He said. He threw on his clothes, ate breakfast and headed to Ula'ula Island on Gold's back. After they landed, he returned his Dragonite and counted his team. "Gold, Athena, Blitz, Crystal, Sunny, Geo... yup, all here!" He sighed a breath of relief and went inside the hotel he was staying in. He got his room number: Room 29. Jake thanked the receptionist and entered his room. After setting everything out, he sent out all his Pokemon and said: "Well, this is it. We made it to the Alola League! I just wanted to say that I'm proud of you all!" He smiled. All his pokemon cried in agreement and returned to their pokeballs. He walked to the meeting room and saw someone waiting already. "Hey, my name's Jake! Nice to meet you!" He introduced himself.
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  4. As the Pikipeks chirped and knocked on the trees for grub, a young lady was on her Togekiss. She flew over a few routes as she took off from Malie City and found the site where the tournament will be taking place on Mount Lanakila. A hotel stood tall and proud next to a stadium and the young lady proceeded to have her Pokemon land at the front doors of the hotel. Flashing her Trainer's ID and the letter of admission of being a participant in the tournament, she obtained her Room Key that had the tag "Room 20" written on it. Walking over to the elevator after returning her Togekiss, she pushed a button and waited for it to come down. After a few moments, it opened, allowing her to walk inside. She leaned against the railing and hit "Floor 2" and waited for the doors to close.

    Her Zoroark had burst out of his PokeBall and was now leaning with the young lady, who was in a black dress and dancing shoes as well as holding a black, bedazzled purse. Scratching behind her Zoroark's ear, he purred happily before relaxing and waiting forever for the doors to close, so they could access the 2nd floor.
  5. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Alice called her rental flying pokemon, a Noivern. She had the Noivern land at the base of Lanakila. "Thank you, Samir." She said as she patted the Noivern's head. "Vern!" He said right before flying off to the owner of the Pokerides company. Alice walked into the registration office. "I'm Alice Ikaika, and I'm here for the tournament." She handed her invitation and her ID. She thought getting here was the most important thing. Then she could worry about her room. Alice wondered if she was going to meet one of her past competitors, but then quickly got the thought out of her mind. SHe never met the same person twice in any of the tournaments that she has been too. They all go to other places or stop going to the tournaments.
  6. This was the moment she had been waiting for her whole life.
    Her team of Pokemon with her, Evie on her shoulder, standing in front of the Pokemon League.
    A shiver ran down her spine, realizing that this was the place that every trainer tried to get to.
    "Hey Evie, you ready for this?"
    Allie smiled. "I knew you would be. Let's go!"

    Allie sprinted into the League building, handing the attendant her invitation and ID. "Here's my entry ID. Does that work?" In her rush, she accidentally bumped into a girl, also at the registration desk. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" she said, a little bit flustered.
  7. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Watch it! I don't go to these tournaments to get ran into!" Alice almost yelled. She heard the girl say sorry. She let out a sigh. "It's fine. Just don't get in my way in the tournament, got that?" She hated it when people don't watch where they are going. She walked out of the building then went to the hotel that the competitors were staying at and checked in.
  8. Allie lowered her head, slightly self-conscious. "O-okay. I'll be more careful." She got her key, and entered her hotel room.
    Flopping onto her bed, she decided to take a rest. Evie curled up with her, and both of them fell asleep.
  9. Landon walked into the hotel he readied his Trainer ID as well as his invitation, in his arms was a Gulpin hatched from an egg a while ago. "Invitation, check, ID, got it, Pokemon..." Landon reached into his pocket and counted five Pokeballs before poking his Gulpin's head, "Yep all six of you," he smiled before stepping up to the desk and signing in. After a few minutes he was given his ID back along with his room number and key. Landon quickly ran down the hall towards his room throwing his belongings inside and setting his Gulpin on the ground, "Alright Lin, we're going to do some training to get ready for the League!" Landon stated trying to get his Gulpin fired up. Lin nodded slowly before making her was to Landon's backpack to inspect it for food. Landon decided to leave Lin in the room while he and his other Pokemon went to train.

    Landon stepped out into the back field the warm Alolan sun hit his skin alongside the tropical breeze and air from the sea flowed around him, Landon closed his eyes and took a deep breath, gripping two Pokeballs in his left hand and three more in his right, "Spike, Roten Mizu, Dusk and Pod, come out!" Landon called out as he sent out his Pokemon, consisting of a Blaziken, Decidueye, Empoleon, Lycanroc and Golisopod. All his Pokemon gave a loud cry happily. "Alright guys, let's get training for the league, we'll be going up against some strong trainers so let's give it everything we've got!" Landon cheered, his Pokemon cheered in response.
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  10. Finion had been rather excited when he received his confirmation letter. Not only was he once again heading to a tournament but he also finally had an excuse to go to Alola. The region had been an interest to him ever since Alice, a friend he met a year ago, who had spoke of her homelands very fondly. She had certainly sold the region to him since he had promised to himself to explore the Islands after the league. But first, the league itself.

    When it came to long distance travel Finion was far from conventional. Boats made him sea sick and planes absolutely terrified him. The only form of transport he was comfortable on was his own Pokemon’s back. Gaia was this Pokemon, the female Flygon soaring above the waves which she chose to stick close to. The waters of Alola looked cool and refreshing but also held a certain warmth and glow to them. Finion flew Gaia closer to the ocean’s surface, reaching out to skim his hand through the water. A uncontrollable smile came to his face, Finion removing his hand from the water and guiding Gaia to fly high again.

    Finion arrived a little later than he had wanted to but due to getting lost a few times there wasn’t exactly anything he could do about it. Eventually though he had landed in front of the hotel, Gaia gently flapping her wings as she descended. She touched down on the ground, her wings and neck drooping slightly due to how tired she was. Finion lifted his hand and placed it on the Flygon’s forehead, smiling and nodding to the Dragon/Earth type. “Thank you Gaia, have a good rest okay” He returned the Flygon to its Pokeball, his suitcases dropping onto the floor along with his Pachirisu. The squirrel’s face was scrunched up in discomfort and annoyance, Sparky letting out a little groan as he curled up into a ball. “We’re not flying any more Sparky c’mon” The Pachirisu grumbled, uncurling and almost zapping his trainer but ultimately deciding against it. “Let’s get signed in”

    After signing in with his trainer ID and letter of administration he headed towards his room. The one he had been given was 24 and he was soon unpacking with the help of Raven his Zoroark and Tox his Toxicroak. The two were proving to be very helpful unlike Sparky who was curled up on the bed, gently snoozing after his horrifying experience. “Sparky c’mon it was just flying” The Pachirisu refused to answer and so Finion continued unpacking with the help of his other Pokemon.
  11. As more and more people began to come in to the meeting room, Ed stood up from the armchair in the corner where he was sitting. It was interesting to see the competition and what Pokemon they had brought with them. Seeing that a few other people had their Pokemon out, and not wanting to be the odd one out, Ed reached for one of his. He then stopped, and considered who to send out so as not to give people an advantage over him. Size was another consideration, so in the end, he just brought Kay back out. The Gallade looked around, momentarily confused before snapping to attention. It wouldn't hurt to talk to some of these people, Ed thought, if only to see what they're bringing to the League. He walked over to the young man who had just introduced himself as Jake and gave a greeting. "Hey. I'm Edward, but that's a bit of a mouthful, so most people just call me Ed."
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  12. Allie yawned and awoke, deciding that she didn't want to sleep anymore. She left her room and reentered the meeting room, releasing her team once she walked in. "Everybody, out!"
    Instantly, her team came out. Zelda, her shiny Gardevoir, looked around, serenity on her face. Rosie, her Roserade, chuckled mischievously, searching the room for someone to prank. Lunar, her Absol, glanced around nervously, a bit concerned about the amount of people in the room. Mina, her Milotic, moved to Rosie's side to make sure that she wasn't going to cause any chaos (much to Rosie's distaste). Vixen, her Alolan Ninetales, didn't seem to care that much and resumed making sure that her tail was clean.

    "Guys, we're finally here! This is the Pokemon League, the place we've been dreaming of getting to since... forever!"
    On hearing those words, her team turned to her. Evie giggled excitedly. "Ee-veevee!"
    Her team was visibly more excited after that, as all of them cheered. Lunar still looked slightly apprehensive, and Gardevoir went to his side to comfort him.
    "Vixen, you can clean your tail later!" Allie cried. Vixen stopped, and lowered her head in apology. "Nine-tales."
    "It's alright. You don't need to apologize," Allie replied. Vixen moved to her side, happy to be with her Trainer. The other Pokemon followed, as Allie sit down.
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  13. Landon saw people going inside towards the meeting room of the hotel, "Hey guys let's head inside!" Landon called to his Pokemon, who all waved and followed Landon inside where he saw people gathering with their Pokemon so he decided to start conversing with people in the lobby. He walked around for a bit before noticing a trainer with an Alolan Ninetales, Landon walked up as Mizu and Spike followed behind him, Landon smiled and held his hand out, "Hey there, my name is Landon Williams, I'm from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh Region," he stated.
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  14. Allie smiled. "Hello! I'm Allie. I'm from Lumiose City in the Kalos Region. This is Vixen, and this-"
    "Ee-vee-ee!" Evie finished.
    "That's Evie. She's a bit prideful, that's for sure."
    She gestured to her Pokemon, who greeted Landon. "That's Lunar, that's Zelda, that's Mina, and that - wait, where did Rosie go?"
    Her question was answered a second later, as Rosie popped up behind Landon, in an attempt to scare him. "Rose!"
    Allie flushed. "Rosie, I told you not to do that!"
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  15. Landon jumped a little as did Mizu and Spike. Landon laughed a little at the Pokemon's scare, "It's fine, a good scare is needed to keep people on their toes," he smiled, before gesturing to his Pokemon, "This is Mizu and Spike, two of my strongest Pokemon!" he smiled. Mizu and Spike both looked up proudly, trying to show off their strength and seem impressive. Landon smiled before pointing towards his other Pokemon that were trying to converse, his Golisopod seemed interested in meeting the Gallade near Ed, "That's Pod, that's Roten my Decidueye nearby, and the Dusk Lycanroc over there in my Dusk," he smiled. Landon did a quick count of his fingers counting five Pokemon before reaching into his jacket and taking out a Poffin, behind Allie a smaller Gulpin made her way towards Landon's Poffin, "And that's Lin, the latest addition to my team," he grinned before tossing Lin the Poffin, Lin ate it in one gulp and let out a small puff of air in response.
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  16. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Delphi looked around at the people that had walked in, smiling. She and Blaze got up, and the girl placed Milo on her shoulder. She looked to Jake. "Hi there, Im Delphi" She said, holding out a hand to shake. Blaze let out a small caw. She looked at her Pokemon. "This is Blaze, and this is Milo. They're my partner pokemon." At the word 'partner', a small, rough-furred umbreon appeared out of his pokeball. "Breon!" he said to Delphi, rather loudly.
    "Yes, you too" She giggled. "All of you"
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  17. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "Nice to meet you, Ed and Delphi!" Jake said with a smile, with Gold behind him waving to Milo, Blaze, and Kay. "This is Gold, my partner Pokemon! I caught him before I had to move to Johto." He said, and upon saying "Johto" Crystal quickly came out of her Pokeball, wondering if she was in her homeland. The Tyranitar gave her trainer an annoyed look then went back into her Pokeball. "Sorry about that, Crystal still misses her home a bit after I caught her..."Jake chuckled.
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  18. It was finally that time. The Alolan League tournament challenge. Finally, a challenge for Kaiden. He'd never taken on a league before so such an opportunity to prove himself excited him to no end. Kaiden hopped up and down to shake off some of the anxiety. "You ready Lotus? Let's go." Standing beside Kaiden was a male Breloom, confidence shrouding his face and a devilish grin to match. "Bre!" The two shared a fist bump before strutting in the League building that towered over them. Kaiden was greeted inside the lobby by a bunch of trainers and their Pokemon, all chatting along with one another. Kaiden scoffed, along with Lotus, impersonating his action, and mae his way to the reception desk. Before the receptionist could utter a word, Kaiden placed his letter and credentials on the desk and slide them to the employee. There was some hesitation but Kaiden quickly got his room key for Room 18. He and Lotus wasted no time in checking their station.

    What awaited him left him in awe. A large room, well decorated with luxury emanating throughout the entire room. Outside of the window was an incredible view of the rest of the islands and the sparky clean water reflecting the sunlight. Lotus pressed his tiny paws against the glass, staring with glowing eyes, almost intimidated by the sight. "Breeeeee!" Kaiden unpacked some of his belongings in the meantime. "Okay, we're supposed to meet somewhere for something or whatever. Come on Lotus, let's go." "Breee....." Lotus's excited demeanor dropped to pure sadness. "I know, I know. But we have business to take care of. We can enjoy ourselves afterwards. alright?" Lotus responded with a confident nod, quickly lifting his spirits. The duo left the room in search for the meeting room that the invitation specified, being greeted by even more trainers than before. This is it. These are his foes. This is the Alolan League.
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  19. Allie waved at the newcomers, and smiled. She was glad that these people weren't being cold towards her due to competitiveness, as she had experienced that before.
    Rosie looked down slightly, a bit sheepish, but still chuckled. She loved to prank people, and this was no exception.
    She saw the Tyranitar being recalled, hearing Jake's explanation. "That makes sense. I've heard some Pokemon are like that. I hatched Vixen, and the first thing she did once she came out of the Egg was go find some flowers to put in her tail. She didn't need time to adapt at all." Allie chuckled, while Vixen playfully whipped her tail at her.
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  20. Outside the hotel, a blue haired man was leaning against a tree and fast asleep. Also against the tree lay a large backpack, with a sword tied to it. The man wore normal, if not a little dirty, clothes and had a few scars on his face. Across his lap lay a Plusle, also snoozing contently. In the shade of the palm tree, the two seemed perfectly calm in dreamland.

    Robin awoke to the sounds of people talking and moving around. Blinking and rubbing his eyes, the swordsman watched as multiple young trainers and their Pokemon entered the hotel. Here for the tournament, no doubt. Robin had arrived earlier, but the day had been so nice that he had decided to take a nap outside before checking into the hotel. That, and he was a little nervous about checking in. Most public places didn't take too kindly to a sketchy-looking, dirty, and possibly homeless man with a sword entering their premises, no matter how much Robin explained that it was for training, navigating the back country, and tutoring Pokemon. Gently picking up his Plusle and placing her to the side (as not to disturb her slumber), Robin attempted to conceal the sword in his backpack. The sword itself looked to be some sort of a cross between a ninjato and a machete, so as one may imagine it did not 'conceal' very well. The best Robin could do still resulted in the hilt and part of the sheath peeking out behind his head. Robin would have to stand straight if he didn't want the receptionist to see. Then again, he could always claim that it was a fake, or made of foam, or plastic. Not that they would notice that it wasn't.

    Getting up, Robin threw on his backpack and went to gently pick up his Plusle. This time, however, the movement woke up the Pokemon. With a small, adorable yawn the Plusle looked up at her trainer sleepily.
    "Hey there, Cherry." Robin said, picking up the Plusle and cradling her in his arms. "I figured it was about time we got into the hotel, huh?"
    Cherry blinked drowsily, then rolled in her trainer's arms and went right back to sleep. Robin couldn't help but to smile, and made his way into the hotel.
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  21. Joshua stayed in his hotel room for most of the meeting and sign up period. He was one of the first to arrive at the hotel, as he values punctuality, but once he had the access to the meeting room, he decided to recluse himself in his own room instead of meeting new trainers. While walking to his room, Joshua took appreciation of the interior design of the place. Although, he wasn't fascinated as he's been in several luxurious buildings before considering his career as a conductor. That being said, it was nice to be accepted into an event that was about something other than music, a nice change of pace. Collecting 8 badges certainly wasn't an easy ordeal, and this tournament could perhaps be an inspiration for a music piece.

    Joshua spent most of his time practicing a cello concerto with help from his two pokemon. Viola his Kricketune could imitate string like sounds to play along with, and Sharp his Excadrill could use spinning drills at different frequencies to act as a tuner. Eventually, enough time has passed where Joshua had to leave for the meeting room. It's not as if he dreaded social interaction, but he'd simply rather enjoy his own interests than partake in forced interaction. Regardless, he couldn't not show up so he returned his pokemon to their capsules and left to the meeting room. He opened the doors to find an interesting, diverse group of trainers. He remained silent and in a quiet but seemingly professional manner he walked to an open chair and assimilated himself into the group.
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  22. With everything in his room packed he got to work making himself presentable for the meeting that he knew was taking place. A swift shower and a quick change of clothes was all it took for Finion to freshen himself up from his journey. “Sparky does this make me look ... feminine?” He turned to look to his Pachirisu, his dried medium length hair tied into a tight bun. Sparky considered the look for a moment and then made his decision, jumping from off the bed and onto to his trainers head. In the process he cut through the bobble with a small claw, allowing Finion’s hair to drop back down to his shoulders. “You could’ve just said no like, I can’t use that bobble anymore now ...” Sparky gave a cheeky chuckle, settling down on Finion’s scalp and getting comfy much to the trainers amusement. “You better hope there aren’t any low doors”

    Finion had brought all of his Pokemon with him but they had all stayed in their balls with the exception of Sparky who was still curled up on his head. Upon entering the meeting room he wasn’t surprised to find it full of Pokemon and people. Most of them were conversing with each other but a select few were keeping to themselves, Finion deciding to do the same. He found a nice couch to sit on and did exactly that, sinking into the sofa a little as he did. Despite the new provided seating areas Sparky still opted to lay on Finion’s head, the little fluffy squirrel looking much like a strange furry hat. There was room next to Finion and he wouldn’t mind if anyone sat next to him but for now he was rather content with sitting on his own.
  23. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Alice decided it was time to see the competition. She let Lulu out due to her playful personality, and the fact she seemed like she wasn't a threat. She came to the room with all the trainers and Lulu flew off. "Lulu!" She shouted. Lulu flew past the trainers and pokemon and Alice chased after her. Alice eventually lost Lulu in the crowd, and she went to walking around, looking for her. Alice didn't know that Lulu was like this in crowds and she made a mental note not to let her come to crowded places again.

    Lulu thought she smelt someone familiar in the mix of all these smells, so she zoomed off. Lulu didn't usually do this, but she had to make sure. She dodged the crowd and made it to where the sent came from. There sat Finion and Sparky. "Ri!" She cried.
  24. Finion just so happened to be looking out over the crowd when he noticed an Alolan Raichu flying towards him. It confused him for a moment and he didn't immediately recognize the electric type. Sparky did however and the Pachirisu quickly awoke to hop down onto the floor and greet the Raichu. Finion observed the interaction with interest and soon put two and two together. He stood up and waited for the Raichu's trainer to come find her Pokemon, carefully searching the crowd for a familiar face which he eventually spotted."Alice!" The trainer grinned as he saw his Alolan friend, heading over to the Raichu and Pachirisu and waiting there for her.
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  25. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Finion! I didn't expect to see you here!" She exclaimed. She ran over to her friend from a past tournament. "So that's why Lulu went off on her own. I thought she was trying to play a prank due to there being so many people here." Alice continued. Lulu hovered next to her trainer giving off her signature laugh. "So where have you been?" She asked.
  26. It was good to see Alice again after so long. It had only been a year but for Finion it had been a very long one. The two of them had met at a world tournament just before it had began, getting along rather well and becoming friends in no time. They cheered for the other when the other was battling and just hung out whilst the tournament was underway. "I did wonder who's Alolan Raichu it was but it didn't take me long to realize it was yours" Finion spoke in a friendly tone, happy to see and talk to a familiar face where he wasn't expecting any.

    Sparky was not standing next to Finion, instead the Pachirisu was curiously sniffing Lulu's tail, intrigued with her floating body part. Whilst the Pachirisu investigated the Alolan Raichu Finion continued his conversation with Alice. "After Solaurea I headed back to Sinnoh and I've honestly been training ever since. The tournament taught me that myself and my Pokemon have quite a lot we can still work and strive towards" The Pachirisu stopped sniffing at Lulu's tail to nod in agreement, jumping onto Finion's shoulder after his explanation. He chuckled a little at the electric squirrel before returning a question back to Alice. "How have you been Alice?"
  27. Angel had waited for anyone to use the elevator, but seeing that no one was wanting to use it, waited for the doors to close and she felt the familiar woosh of her body moving up against gravity. The ding of the elevator marked her arrival on her floor and she exited the elevator, her Zoroark in tow. She found her room and unlocked her door to set her purse on her bed and looked through it a second to find everything she needed. Suddenly, a PokeBall erupted from her purse and out came a little rag doll with a stick for a tail. Angel's Mimikyu, Mimi, had appeared on Angel's lap and had got out a sowing needle from Angel's purse. Chuckling, she took the needle and put it back while scratching the body of Mimi's rag, knowing that the little thing only really occupied the bottom half of the lookalike Pikachu rag.

    "Not now, Mimi. But once we get settled here, you can make me another new dress."

    Mimi only cooed happily and returned herself into her PokeBall. Looking up at her Zoroark, the young lady got up and held Zoroark's hand while she got up to leave her room and walk towards the meeting room. Looking into the meeting room, she found there were quite a few trainers here. A couple were already engaged in conversation, as they seemed to have known each other. She found another person sitting down on a chair off on one side of the room. She found another kid with a Breloom, another one with an Umbreon, another one that had a Tyranitar appear for a second before being returned, among others. the amount of people was a little overwhelming for her. Looking about, she found a little spot that was vacant for her and her Pokemon to stretch their legs. Taking the corner of the room for herself, she let out the remaining five of her Pokemon.

    A Mimikyu landed on the chair and began looking at all the clothes of the people in the room. A stern look from Zoroark, known as Zorro, kept her from doing anything. An Incineroar got out in some macho flexing pose and began doing stretches to get ready for the tournament. A Primarina appeared out of the red flash and she stretched her arms and sung a little to train her vocals a bit, causing some bubbles to form from her mouth and float about her as she controlled them. A Greninja appeared and began stretching with her Incineroar, who appeared to be enjoying the little exercising company. Finally, a Togekiss landed a bit near Angel. As Angel sat down, her Togekiss occupied her lap. Being a bit big to be sitting on her lap, Angel just chuckled and pet the soft downy feathers of her Pokemon while she slept some more before the big tournament. She knew that this wasn't a good idea to show off all of her Pokemon before the tournament, but she didn't mind. Her Zoroark and her had a trick up their sleeves, and his Illusion ability will come in handy.
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  28. Having greeted a couple of people and seeing how full the room was getting, Ed decided to retreat to one of the few remaining armchairs and analyze the others from there. Let's see... Jake has a Dragonite and a Tyranitar. Shimmer or Carrie could probably take the Dragonite, and Kay should be able to deal with the Tyranitar. Delphi has a Blaziken and an Umbreon - I doubt that her Litten will pose much of a threat, if it even battles. Carrie should be able to deal with the Blaziken and Kay with the Umbreon. Am I relying on Kay too much? He became lost in thought, taking in the other's Pokemon and determining the challenges that each one would present. It certainly appeared as though he and his team would have their work cut out for them, given the number of powerful Pokemon they would have to face.
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    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Alice didn't know how to answer, for she hasn't done much during the last year. "Training and catching pokemon that I don't have yet. Caught an Eggcetor a week ago. Very majestic creatures!" Alice replied. She looked at Finion. "I haven't gone to Sinnoh yet though, really need to get to that," she admitted. Alice took a look behind her at the other trainers, observing their pokemon and how they acted. Coming here was more than meeting an old friend, it was to see the competition. But seeing an old friend never hurt, so she was glad to see Finion. She turned back to face Finion again. "So, how did you find out about this tournament?"
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  30. Finion was aware that that Exeggutor had an alolan form. He’d actually seen and went up against one in battle which had been a very confusing and shocking experience for him. Other Alolan forms he wasn’t so aware of and he couldn’t wait to see what the islands had in store for him. “I’m here in alola so I guess you could say i’ve gotten to that” He smiled to Alice.
    At the same time though he also looked around at the competition and their Pokemon. He answered Alice back, looking at the crowd for a second longer then returning his attention back to her. “Got a friend that keeps me posted with all this stuff, I applied and thankfully got in”
  31. Walking into the hotel, Robin was relatively surprised to find that the lobby had quite a lot of trainers lounging around. It looked like everyone here was here for the competition. There weren't as many kids as Robin was expecting to see, and a majority of the competitors looked to be at the youngest in their late teens. Huh. Interesting. Most people were sitting around, talking happily to each other, but of course you had your few lurkers in the corners of the room, keeping an eye on people and their Pokemon while trying to dissect their strategies. What did Robin fall into? Well, in truth Robin had joined the tournament to have fun. Yeah, winning would be great, but Robin would be satisfied as long as he had some great battles. Sure, he didn't want to get knocked out in the first round, but he wouldn't be heartbroken about it.

    Robin managed to check into his room without a fluke. The receptionist hadn't noticed his mostly hidden sword, or if she had she hasn't cared. Whew. Still carrying Cherry, Robin started to make his way towards the elevator. As he walked, he took another glance around the lobby. A lot if trainers had their Pokemon out, and there were a few Robin hadn't seen before. A boy with a Pachirisu was talking to a girl with an Alolan Raichu. The one that really caught Robin's attention, though, was a lady sitting in the corner with her entire team surrounding her. A Zoroark, an Incineroar, a Greninja, a Togekiss, and some seal-like Pokemon that Robin didn't recognize. Also a Mimikyu! How cute. Robin leaned over to get a better look at the small Pokemon.
    "Hey there, little guy." Robin said to the Mimikyu. He couldn't help but to smile at the small Pokemon.
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  32. It was a quiet day on Akala Island.

    Deep within the Lush Jungle, a bush rattled. Then, a moment later, a Ledian popped his head out, carrying a number of berries in his four hands. With a shake, he buzzed off deeper into the forest, coming quickly across some kind of campground. There was a bag hanging on a tree, alongside piles of sticks and handmade tools. The Ledian dropped the berries beside an unlit campfire and let out a shrill cry.

    After a minute, the one responsible for the campground appeared from the foliage. A boy, only seventeen years old, with a bundle full of loose sticks. Dressed in a heavy trenchcoat, jeans, rather tough-looking boots, and wearing a grey trilby on his head. His neck-length brown hair stuck out from every direction under the hat, looking rather unkempt. He approached the firepit, dumping the sticks on it, and turned to the Ledian before smiling and rubbing it on the head.
    "Ey, nice work pal. You ain't happen to have seen Lan around anywhere, 'ave ya?"

    As if on cue, the moment he said that, there came additional movement. A large, slender figure drifted from the leaves behind the Ledian, holding a slip of paper of some kind. A Malamar. The Malamar held up the note, towards the boy, who took it with confusion.
    "Mar, lamar mala."
    "...Whaddya mean, we're late? It said there in the paper, be there at-"
    "Mar. Malamar." The Malamar interjected. Confused, the boy looked at the paper again, inspecting it more closely this time. His green eyes widened upon realization.
    "OH, CRAP, THAT SAID A.M., NOT P.M.! WE GOTTA GO!" He screeched, panicking as he grabbed a number of things strewn about the campsite. The Malamar groaned, rubbing his face with a tentacle, while the Ledian scrambled about to help the boy gather his belongings. Progressively, additional Pokemon began to gather near the campsite.

    First and foremost was a foreboding-in-appearance Trevenant, rumbling towards the campsite on all six of its legs. Without a word from any of the other Pokemon or the boy, the Trevenant began to pick up the scattered items as well. Next came a drifting figure, much like a ghostly rag. A Mismagius, snickering quietly at the boy's misfortune, as if to say "Told you so". Beside the Mismagius was a six-winged insect that glowed luminously in the shade of the trees- A Volcarona, laughing alongside the Mismagius for the same reasons. Lastly, but certainly not least, a titanic, armored figure came trampling into the clearing, a Drapion. The Drapion growled at the surrounding Pokemon, who all returned their sentiments with comments of their own. The boy stood up, staring around at the crew of Pokemon.

    "Oh, neat, y'all here already. Aight, I'm gonna need y'all to hang out in your Pokeballs until we get there. It's the easiest way to travel, don't worry. It won't take too long, 'kay? Duke, grab those berries. We might be needin' 'em." The Ledian named Duke buzzed back over to the berries he collected, gathering them up and dropping them into a smaller bag before handing it to the boy. The boy smiled, pulling out a Pokeball, and returned Duke into it. "Aight, y'all too. And Majia, Viola, y'all better have had fun laughin' it up o're there. C'mon Scrat, Barkley." The boy sequentially returned them in order. Majia the Mismagius, Viola the Volcarona, Scrat the Drapion, and Barkley the Trevenant. Only the Malamar remained, tentacles crossed with a snooty look on his face.

    "...Awright, awright, so I might'a been way off. Thanks for remindin' me, Lan. Now c'mon, you're the easiest way to the-" The boy was cut off by a cry from above. A Fearow dropped from the sky and stopped just above the ground, calling out at the boy, who smiled in return. "Well, if it ain't Skutch! What ya doin' all the way out 'ere?"
    "Lamar, malamar. Mar."
    "..You invited 'im? What, didn't feel like doin' it yourself, did ya?" The boy said again, grinning at Lan, the Malamar. Lan chuckled as Collax returned him to his Pokeball as well. He then turned back to Skutch the Fearow. "So you're the ride to Ula'Ula, then? What, was Lan callin' in a favor or somethin'? Ah, don't matter. Let's just get goin'."

    Some time later, just outside the hotel of which he was supposed to be at long ago, Skutch dropped low to the ground to allow Collax to hop off. He did so, turning around for a moment to wave as the Fearow flew off with a parting screech. The boy turned back to face the hotel with a huff.
    "...Here we go."

    The boy released Barkley, who quickly picked up the boy and placed him on his towering head. The Trevenant marched towards the hotel, passing by the authorities as Collax leaned down and presented his Trainer ID and letter of invitation. He was given his key and yanked himself back up Barkley, who stepped lightly into the hotel itself.

    The boy was obviously not used to the lavishness of the hotel. Upon entry, he felt completely out of his comfort zone, being accustomed to the outdoors, wilderness. Yet here he was, in a fancy hotel. Oh well.

    After eventually reaching the room he was given, room 27, he dropped off all his things in various places through it. With another huff, he released his posse of Pokemon from their balls and stepped out into the hall. His Pokemon followed him out, and he locked the door.
    "Awright, we're here. Try not to make a mess of the place, 'kay? I don't got the money to pay for stuff ya break." He said, only semi-joking. "So, meetin' room. Le's go say hi to the rest of the party, eh?"

    From there, the boy and his posse clambered their way around the hotel, getting lost and going the wrong direction multiple times. Eventually, they found the meeting room they were headed for. The boy, before opening the doors, took a deep breath. His posse waited behind him, Barkley holding out his arms and scooting them back. He knew was the boy was about to do.

    "Some..." He shouted. Then, he lifted up his right leg, turned to the left, and pivoted his left foot he was standing on to the left, thrusting his right leg straight out towards the door with tremendous power. The doors of the meeting room flew open with a resonating THOOM. "-BODY ONCE TOLD ME-!"
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  33. Joshua, aside from obligating to focus his gaze on who was currently talking, remained almost completely aloof for the entire duration. In his head he couldn’t stop thinking about his music and how he still needed to perfect several more pages of measures for his concerto.

    His concentration was interrupted by a peculiar trainer who, in Joshua’s mind, entered dramatically and inappropriately. “Some-BODY once told me!” Shook up Joshua so abruptly that he lost his train of thought. Without any hesitation or filter Joshua spoke his first words to the group. “Have you no respect!?” He scolded with a raised tone that sharply resonated through the room.
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    Alice was about to reply until someone literally bust down the door. "What kind of people come here! I sware, Alolans have way better manners than this." She heard someone scold the newest arrival. "Thank all the Tabus! Sorry, I heard about this due to me living in Alola. First few to know about this."
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  35. Collax laughed, shaking off his coat and raising both hands in the typical Alolan greeting. As he did, Barkley shuffled into the meeting room behind him, Duke the Ledian clinging to his higher branches.
    "I am an Alolan, buddy!" Collax replied to whoever spoke up about his entrance. "Alola to you too! I just figured first impressions matter, right? How y'all doing? Did I miss anythin' important?"

    The rest of Collax's team entered after him. Majia the Mismagius floated up and around him, alongside Viola the Volcarona. Scrat the Drapion followed quickly afterwards, and Lan the Malamar landed beside Barkley the Trevenant, still clung to by Duke. They all glanced about at the other trainers and their Pokemon, each with their own thoughts filling their head.

    Collax himself clunked forward in his heavy boots, sticking his hands in his trenchcoat pockets. He had tipped the trilby over his face, grinning slyly around the room. He seemed pretty happy to be there.
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  36. Finion, much like the rest of the room, was rather startled by Collax's entrance. He turned to look at the new arrival and his Pokemon, Sparky tilting his head slightly as he saw the other pocket monsters. The other trainers style was interesting and honestly drew Finion's eye for a moment. It was probably the coat, Finion questioning how one could wear it in such a warm environment.
    His attention returned back to Alice, humming in response and then looking back around the room, wondering how many of the people here were Alolan. "Do you reckon the people from Alola like yourself are going to have an edge?"
  37. Collax strolled around the table, looking for a seat to plop down on, as his team of Pokemon followed and dispersed around. He turned to face Finion, despite the sentence not being directed at him. As he did, he slunk into a nearby chair and kicked his feet up onto the table, leaning back. Barkley stood beside him, hands behind his head in a relaxed fashion.
    "Heritage ain't got nuthin' to do with it, mate. Don't matter where ya came from 'r what ya did, this 'ere's a competition for everyone. 'R so I was told, anyhow. I like ta think we all got an equal chance at each other."

    As he spoke, Lan and Scrat both followed up next to Barkley and waited. Lan crossed his tentacles, while Scrat stretched out his arms. Viola and Majia floated overhead, each looking at the different Pokemon around the area. Duke still clung to Barkley's topmost branch, his blue eyes darting around the room not in a nervous fashion, but rather an eager and curious one.
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  38. Collax's response surprised him a little, Finion turning to face the trench coat wearing trainer with a look of mild shock. He smiled a little at the others response, joining his hands together and fiddling with them a little as he explained himself. "I meant in terms of like home field advantage and stuff. Would familiarity with the region help? Would they have more supporters and stuff?" Finion questioned for a second whether that came under heritage.
    Whilst Finion was talking Sparky had hopped down onto the floor, standing next to his trainers feet and looking over towards Collax's pokemon.
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  40. As Angel was tending to her Togekiss's feathers by getting out a specialized brush for feathers and beginning to pet her, she jumped as she heard a large thud and someone singing a familiar tune. Her eyes darted up to see a young man burst into the door with his posse of Pokemon behind him. Raising an eyebrow, she chuckled and went back to brushing her Togekiss's feathers. Unbeknownst to her, her Togekiss woke up from the commotion and gave the guy a very sour look before returning to her slumber with a look of content in her eyes. Mimikyu was startled a bit before she regained her composure and was about to take the man's trench coat, but looking back at her trainer she thought against it and sat there. Her Greninja, Primarina, Zoroark, and Incineroar on the other hand got defensive. They both looked like they were about to pounce the guy responsible until they realized he meant no harm. Incineroar and Zoroark were the last to get out of their defensive stance, but they both eyed the guy suspiciously for a bit, with the Greninja returning to a comfy part of the wall and leaned against it, watching everyone in the room.

    As conversations began to lighten up the room a bit more, Angel found herself listening to the conversations a bit more. A question was posed by another young man and she smiled, giving her own two cents, her voice carrying across the room elegantly, yet powerfully. It seemed like public speaking and projecting her voice was really her thing. "I have never seen this arena before. They have just created this place, so there is no home turf advantage, unless you are talking about how familiar the Alolans are with their native Pokemon species. Then yes. If you haven't lived in Alola or don't understand the creatures here, you will be in a slight disadvantage as most people who will fight here will be Alolans or who have Alolan Pokemon. Knowledge is power, but so is keeping your opponent on your toes and changing your plans in the midst of the battle." To that, her Zoroark snickered quite loudly as he began to eye everyone in the room, the predatory gaze becoming more apparent before Angel snapped her fingers, causing her Zoroark to calm down and go back to sitting next to her like a normal human.
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