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Ask to Join Alola League (Pokemon RP Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Astrapi, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    @Jodie.xox @GalacticDeg @Pokéboy098 @Red Gallade @Killerbunny

    Congratulations young trainer!
    Your request to join the Alola league with your five or six pokemon has been approved. Your keys to your league villa will be given to you when you come for the meetup.
    We hope to see you soon

    You are a trainer in a newly made "Alola League", a tournament that takes place once every year to celebrate the end and closing of the Ultra beast wormholes. With your six pokemon, it is your quest to win this tournament and become be titled Alola's champion.

    Your team must consist of 5 or 6 pokemon. 5 of these pokemon must compete in the battles. One (Usually a stage on pokemon, like a partner eevee, or Ash's pikachu)
    Swear at a minimum
    Romance must be kept PG, as with violence
    Follow Pokecharm's rules
    Legendaries or Megas must be approved by me and Stellar


    Full name:
    Age: (15+)
    Pokemon Team:


    Full name: Delphini "Delphi" Storm
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Delphi is rather stubborn at first, yet when you get to know her she is very loyal. She is fearless past the point of recklessness, and can be considered half-psychopath
    Appearance: Tall (around 6 foot) young girl with pale skin and dyed silver hair with indigo tips. She wears a white t-shirt and a red checkered lumberjack shirt, with pale blue jeans. She wears pale brown boots.
    Pokemon Team: Litten (Milo, wears an everstone. Not part of her battle team), Blaziken (Blaze), Umbreon (Abernaki), Shiny Absol (My song is in my sword), Gardevoir (Zoe), Hydreigon (Blue)
    (Takes place over 6 years) Delphi met Blaze as her starter in Hoenn at age 11. Blaze was really feisty and arrogant at first, but during a time camping in the forest, a tree almost fell on Delphi's tent and Blaze evolved into Combusken to save his trainer, but injuring himself in the process. During this time, Delphi caught an eevee. Delphi nursed Blaze back to health and since then, combusken has been very loyal to Delphi. Eevee spent most of his time out of his pokeball and with Blaze, bonding with the two well. Blaze and Abernaki, the newly named eevee, battled their first gym in Hoenn, not long before their second. The trio challenged the third gym what they later concluded as too early, and left to rethink their strategy. After a long while, Delphi, Blaze and Abernaki went out on their way to rechallenge third Gym, and found a injured shiny absol. Delphi caught it and took it to a pokemon center, healing it. Song was reluctant to obey Delphi at first but lightened up as she saw what Delphi could do at the third gym, and helped her battle when it seemed they were losing for the second time. Delphi traveled to Sinnoh after defeating the fourth Hoenn gym, in which Blaze evolved into Blaziken to win the battle. Abernaki soon evolved into Umbreon as of coming into Sinnoh, being very friendly toward his trainer. Delphi defeated the first gym rather easily, and the gym leader complimented on how close her and Blaze were. On the way out of the gym, Delphi caught a female kirlia, whom she nicknamed Zoe. Zoe was very arrogant and disobeys her trainer a lot, yet is quite powerful when she does what Delphi asks. The five battled their second gym in Sinnoh, almost losing due to Zoe only responding after she almost received what would be a K.O hit. Zoe evolved after defeating the third Sinnoh gym, but only after a long time of hardship with her trainer. To this day, she is still very cold. Delphi traveled to Unova where she roamed around for a while before challenging one of the gyms, but to be granted with a surprising defeat. Delphi caught a Zweilous outside of the gym, and tried to get off to a good start with Blue, who helped her win the rematch against the gym. Delphi stayed in Unova for a while, and during that time Blue evolved into hydreigon. Before leaving to go to Alola, Delphi challenged the next gym and easily won. Delphi arrived in Alola at the age of 15. After a few weeks, Delphi found a litten and was about to catch it when another trainer, by the name of Harry, told her it was his Pokemon and he kept running away because Harry wanted him to become an incineroar, yet the Litten didn't. Delphi gave litten back to his owner, yet saw him again after a few weeks, and after taking him back to Harry, discovered he had released him. Litten had seemed to of taken to Delphi so she caught him, and nicknamed him Milo, as well as giving him a blue bandanna with an everstone. With a complete team, Delphi has been hunting for legendarys in hope of capturing one these last 2 years

    Hope this goes well!
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  2. I'm interested in this. What is your stance on Pokemon using more than 4 moves? I tend to like having Pokemon use more than 4, since most Pokemon are usually toddler to adult age in intelligence and retaining memories, and humans aren't that bad at memorizing things usually (unless you know... Obvious things). Would it be alright if our Pokemon use more than 4 moves, as an RP is a bit more realistic?

    Don't worry, I won't make the moves too crazy. I limit myself to only the Level-Up moves, a few TMs/HMs and Tutor moves, and one or two egg moves, just as long as it makes sense for the Pokemon to have it and it fits their battle style (like a mainly special offensive Zoroark won't learn Toxic or U-Turn unless there's a good reason for it).
  3. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    I don't really mind, as long as it is reasonable. No eevee's knowing flamethrower or something ridiculous like that. You don't need to explain the moveset though
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  4. Well, yea, kind of figured. XD No, like I said it has to be realistic (I don't know how people can do anything but follow the learnsets set by the Pokemon Company, but eh, oh well).

    Also, what are your thoughts on Battle Bond? Is it alright to have one character have one Pokemon with one, just as long as we're not cheating Megas into the RP? I was thinking of giving my character a Battle Bond Zoroark, but I don't have to have it. The Battle Bond Zoroark won't be too strong anyway, it will just get a little more reckless, it's Illusion ability will be suppressed, and it has slightly more damage output on the Dark Pulse and Night Daze, but that's about it. Also, its instincts flare up pretty bad during it, so it will get more brutal... But it won't be able to stay in the form for long.
  5. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Just one, but I'd need a backstory or something/how they bonded
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  6. Ahh, cool. I edited my last post detailing what it is I wanted, since I forgot to add that. XD But I'll add it in to my character sheet once I make it :3
  7. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Cant wait to see your character!
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  8. Name: Angelia "Angel" Shayton
    Age: 35
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is 5'04" (162.5 cm) and she weighs 120 lbs (54.4 kg). She has pitch-black, mid-back hair with a white streak she bleached on her bangs. She has pitch-black eyes, and her skin is a little pale. She has dark circles from not sleeping very well. Her skin has a rare pigment disorder, which causes her cells/proteins/whatever in charge of the color of her skin to die, making her seem paler than what she really is. If her pigments didn't have this disorder, she'll be as dark as the natives from Alola. She is also quite fit, having a toned body due to her hobby, but still underweight and skinny. She wears a black, poofy dress, with poofy shoulders and white frills at the end of the shoulder-length cuffs and the bottom of the dress. Her dress has a bit of a high collar. She wears transparent, black tights and has a purse with little crystals all over the seams and the ends of the zippers. Her shoes are black and look like they hurt a little, but she doesn't show that it hurts her or anything. Her shoes also have tap dancing soles nailed to them. She has a Z-Ring on her left wrist. She sometimes either has a Darkinium-Z or a Fairium-Z in the slot.

    She also has dance clothes and they are skin tight. She has a black spandex suit that covers the entire length of her arms, legs, and her torso, save for some designer holes that show off her belly button and her shoulders. From her left shoulder down to her right side is a wave of sparkles, similar to something seen on ice skaters.
    Personality: Even though she is 35 years old, her mental age is closer aligned with the people who are around 21-25 and sometimes even younger. She is very immature and very naive, but becomes a savage during battle. She is very kind, selfless and caring to all who meet her, which can become quite bad for her when they begin to use her sweetness for their own selfish needs. She is always tired, but tries not to show this, but her body language shows. She slouches when sitting, and yawns a lot. Those dark circles under her eyes are from a lack of sleep due to chronic insomnia, which causes her to hallucinate slightly when awake, have trouble staying awake, be delirious at times throughout the day and not be able to remember what happens sometimes, and her Pokemon have begun training themselves because she always sleeps when she is trying to train them herself. Since her Pokemon are already very able in battle, they can battle when Angel is too busy sleeping standing up. Because of her tired state, she can be quite clumsy.

    Her mentality will be explained: There was a time in her life when something bad happened to her, which caused her slow development of her behavior. The reason why she took classes in psychology was to understand why she was so immature and what trauma could have done this to her.

    Her deliriousness can cause her to become quite scary when someone makes her angry. Since her mentality is strained, she could instantly snap and she would be as cruel as the Dark-Types she is fond of. She hates this side of her, so she keeps it locked away, even going as far as making herself fall asleep during an angering confrontation.
    Backstory: When Angel was young, she was known as the one of the Fairy Tale girls, as she lived in Laverre City, wore a heavy, pink kimono, and had a charming, yet mysterious personality and loved Fairy-Types. Her mother would teach her how to bake and make pastes, salves, and soups that reinvigorate someone who is sick or injured. She was always seen as odd, especially when she made friends with a mute boy in the city. When she got word that they were leaving for Alola when she was 7, she gave the mute boy a blue bandanna to remember her by. Saddened by her departure, the mute boy gave her one last hug as a goodbye. When Angel arrived in Alola, her albino mother found a Zorua with a blue bandanna around his wrist in the bathroom, having left a box he stowed away in. Angel, connecting the dots that the mute boy was actually a Zorua, accepted him as a member of her team and nurtured him back to health. Since then, they have always been close.

    After moving, she became more levelheaded, and spent more time with her Zorua and the local Dark-Types around Hau-oli City. She then began her adventure at the age of 10 and received her first starter from Hala: Litten. She also received a Pokemon Egg from her father, which hatched into a Togepi later in her adventure on Melemele Island. She then found a Popplio off the shore of Melemele Sea getting hurt from the Mareanie trying to bully the poor thing. Using her Zorua, she saved the Popplio and she went with her on her team and nursed her back to health. Later on Ula'Ula Island, she captured a Mimikyu after her Zorua evolved into a Zoroark, and her Togepi, Popplio, and Litten evolved twice into Togekiss, Primarina, and Incineroar, respectively. Wanting a start in another region, she went to Kalos and found Professor Sycamore struggling with a Froakie. She captured him after helping Sycamore calm the frog Pokemon down with a battle and he told her she could keep him. After catching the Froakie, he was very defiant and didn't want to do anything Angel said at first. It took them a good long year to fully understand each other and for Froakie to respect and appreciate Angel. Now, they are pretty close, with Froakie, now a Greninja, acting distant sometimes, but he really cares for his teammates and his trainer, whether it shows or not. She went took college courses while she was out and about teaching people about Dark- and Fairy-Type Pokemon and Z-Moves, as well as dance and yoga to help pay for her psychology and medicine classes.

    She is now wanting to compete in tournaments to see how much she has to grow in terms of teaching her Pokemon other moves and skills.

    Pokemon Team:
    Name: Félin
    Species: Incineroar - Fire Dark
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze

    Name: Quaju
    Species: Greninja - Water Dark
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent

    Name: Zorro
    Species: Zoroark (Battle Bond) - Dark
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Illusion

    Name: Oratora
    Species: Primarina - Water Fairy
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Liquid Voice (or Moist Voice as roughly translated from Japanese XD)

    Name: Mimi
    Species: Mimikyu - Ghost Fairy
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Disguise

    Name: Togetoge
    Species: Togekiss - Fairy Flying
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Serene Grace

    Zorro's Illusion ability gets into more detail than simply making himself look like the Pokemon in the last slot of the party, as in he can create objects and turn the whole field what he wants for a background. He's also the most mentally strained Pokemon on Angel's team, going into a rage when hurt enough and his instincts flaring up once in a while. He doesn't get more powerful or more accurate, he just gets more brutal.

    Quaju and Oratora are the only Pokemon who will go against what Angel commands or will act on their own in a battle. Oratora can also read sheet music and, with her understanding of the human language, use her bubbles to communicate to people.

    Félin is the only Pokemon who would actively hunt other people's Pokemon if he were to be hungry enough.

    Togetoge is the sweetest and the most scariest Pokemon on her team, her face actually becoming distorted when she wants to make herself look scary.

    Mimikyu is the only Pokemon actually willing to strip a human of their clothes, just to take them and add them to their collection.

    All of her Pokemon are at least a few inches taller than the average, as they've been with Angel for the majority of her life. List of her Pokemon's height:

    Average Incineroar = 5'11" (1.80 m)
    Félin = 6'02" (1.88 m)

    Average Greninja = 4'11" (1.50 m)
    Quaju = 5'02" (1.57 m)

    Average Primarina = 5'11" (1.80 m)
    Oratora = 6'05" (1.95 m)

    Average Mimikyu = 0'08" (0.20 m)
    Mimi = 1'00" (0.30 m)

    Average Zoroark = 5'03" (1.60 m)
    Zorro = 5'07" (1.70 m)

    Average Togekiss = 4'11" (1.50 m)
    Togetoge = 5'05" (1.65 m)
    Since Zorro and Angel have been with each other for a long time (since Angel was 7, so about 27 years), it was about time before Zorro and Angel had something wonderful happen. Because Zorro and Angel are so much alike, they accidentally activated Battle Bond when dancing and in sync during a battle. She was able to see through his eyes and feel his pain. When they moved, they moved together eerily, even with their eyes closed, they could move together. It only lasted for a few seconds before the pain of an oncoming attack knocked them both out of it, and they both fainted. Startled, their opponent took them to the Pokemon Center to see if they were okay. The Nurse there said they had a phenomenon where they were so in sync they became one for awhile. After waking up, they both studied what it was that they went through and tried to do it again, with no luck. It took them a good few months and some more accidents to realize what they were doing and were able to start the phenomenon again. They lasted for a good minute, but both Angel and Zorro when crazy. Due to Zorro's flaring instincts and Angel's own snapped mind, they almost severely hurt themselves and their opponent before getting out of it and fainting again.

    After about a good few months of perfecting the Battle Bond, the trainer and Zoroark were able to finally control themselves a little bit. Zorro's Night Daze and Dark Pulse grew stronger, Zorro got quicker and more brutal, but also he lost some of his accuracy and he has a hard time controlling himself. Angel is the only one who could help calm him down, but due to her strained mentality, she could very well go insane, too. They only use this as a last resort, as they always faint when getting out of their trance.
  9. Okay, edited my character some more to add a Z-Ring and to explain a bit about her knowledge in certain subjects. Here's what I will do so I don't make my character too OP. Zorro, when under Battle Bond, can't utilize Z-Crystals in the fight. If he doesn't plan on going Battle Bond, he can use the Z-Crystal, but once he does, he can't use Battle Bond in the battle. So Angel and Zorro have to choose whether they will go Battle Bond or use a Z-Move.
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  11. I like tournament RP's! Here's my dude.

    Full name: Robin Deux
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Robin has a generally polite and well-meaning attitude. He tries to stay optimistic, but as a weakness tends to run away or ignore negatives. Robin enjoys talking to people, and one of his favorite things in the world is to travel to new places. Robin also enjoys having Pokemon battles and backpacking. If a word could describe his lifestyle, it would probably be wanderlust.
    Appearance: Robin has short, scruffy hair that has been dyed a shade of light blue. He also has blue eyes, and stands in at 5'11" and 180 lbs. He's pretty well built from years of training, hiking, and working out. Robin also has a scar across the bridge of his nose, and another on his left cheek. As for clothing, Robin usually keeps it simple. He wears a t-shirt and jeans. If it's cold, a sweatshirt and a jacket, but usually he just sticks with a sweatshirt and jeans. His clothes look pretty well worn and might have a few holes in them, but he does his best to keep them clean. Robin also wears a rather large blues backpack, similar to that of the Backpacker trainer class from Pokemon Black. Finally, Robin also carries a sword on his back. Specifically, a modified ninjato (ninja sword.) It's a little longer and wider than normal, to help with cutting through underbrush.
    Pokemon Team: Cherry the Plusle, Sam the Farfetch'd, Reaper the Absol, Q the Gallade, Big Turk the Blastoise
    Backstory: Well, here's the cliffnotes. Born in Ecruteak City, Johto. It's a city that has a large emphasis on tradition. As a kid, Robin befriended an old man by the name of Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee was one of the last swordsmiths in Ecruteak, and had been looking for someone to pass his craft down to. So he taught Robin how to smith and craft swords. Fast forward a few years, and Robin heads out into the world to find his fortune. As he travels, he finds that he actually loves to travel. So he became a wanderer, traveling from region to region. His primary ways of getting money are battling, selling TMs, and tutoring moves. There's a bit more, but I don't feel like writing that now. As of now, he's searching for a sixth Pokemon to join his team.

    Species: Plusle
    Nickname: Cherry
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Lightning Rod
    Held Item: None

    Species: Farfetch'd
    Nickname: Sam
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Held Item: Stick (A wakizashi, forged by Robin himself)

    Species: Gallade
    Nickname: Q
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Steadfast
    Held Item: A custom-made scope lens. He wears it on his head like a scouter from DBZ

    Species: Absol
    Nickname: Reaper
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Super Luck
    Held Item: Razor Claw, worn over her front claws.

    Species: Blastoise
    Nickname: Big Turk
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    Held Item: Mystic Water
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  13. Full name: Finion Charles
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Finion is a rather thoughtful person but he is long past the days of letting his thoughts run rampant, causing worrying and paranoia. He's surprisingly social, being a bit nervous upon meeting someone knew but also being a people person once he gets to know them a little bit. He's well mannered and tries to be as understanding as possible, often trying to see the brighter side of any situation he's in. He can sometimes be a little unaware as to whether he's upset someone or hurt them but due to trying so hard to avoid this he usually doesn't find himself in that situation. In Pokemon battles he's primarily in it for the joy and spectacle of it. He may get rather serious, often deploy elaborate strategies and be determined to beat his opponent but at the end of the day a good battle is a good battle and Finion is humble enough to recognize and respect that.
    Appearance: Finion is rather short considering his age, only standing at 5 feet tall. Despite his abnormal height he's quite healthy, not the best of shape but not in the worst either. His complexion is pale and soft, his almost colorless face sharply contrasted by his his long red hair and deep green eyes. He does not appear ghostly due to the gentleness of his features and the smile usually constantly on his face. For clothing he often wears a blue shirt and an orange waist coat as well as dark blue jeans. He has a pair of goggles around his neck but he does not wear a hat anymore. (Essentially image the profile pic but older, with longer hair and without a hat)
    Pokemon Team: Sparky (Pachirisu) | Tox (Toxicroak) | Raven (Zoroark) | Gaia (Flygon) | Frilly (Aurorus) | Marvel (Milotic)
    Backstory: I shall be doing foot notes too XD Sorry
    Finion's childhood surprisingly wasn't based on Pokemon. He preferred other things like chess, science and drawing (which he was never really good at) This was until one faithful encounter with a Pachirisu at the age of 8 which he bonded with for four years until he could become a trainer. The two of them left Finion's home (A berry farm in Sinnoh) to travel through the region, befriending Pokemon, battling in gyms and competing in the Pokemon league. With his thirst of travelling not satisfied with his home region he set off for another and then another and another. Sparky remained at his side through all of them, Finion becoming experienced an trainer and closer to the Pokemon he had. With many regions explored (Sinnoh, Hoenn and Kalos just to name a few) Finion now settles for participating in tournaments, something he loves doing.
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  15. Question: Did you edit your intro post to include the tags? Because if so, then it's probably why they aren't showing up.
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  17. Killerbunny the god

    Killerbunny the god Previously Killerbunny

    Yeah me too. Sorry. I'm not much for roleplays just about the league. I want more adventure when it comes to my Pokémon RPs. And i'm pretty stressed out already even if only Bloodpeak is the only RP that isn't (mostly) dead
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  18. I'll join, but my bio will have to be later, I'm not at a laptop so it's hard to type.

    In other words, save a spot for me!
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  19. PlayfulFox47

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    Wow, good thing I already have a trainer for tournaments XD
    I'm going get her bio then post it after I do some quick tweaks.
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  20. Didn’t realize I had been tagged. Sorry, not really interested in a Pokémon roleplay right now.
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  21. Now just waiting on Jodie XD
  22. PlayfulFox47

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    Full name: Alice Ikaika
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: No nonsense, the thrill of the battle can be very strong to her, she's a bit hot-headed, and won't except a lost
    Appearance: Black hair, tan skin, Brown eyes. She wears a white shirt with a blue jean skirt. Black Z-ring that has a Z-crystal for each of her pokemon
    Pokemon Team: Male, day Lycanrok (Rocky); Female, A-Ninetails (Frost); Male, Wishiwashi (Winper); Female, Sladazzle* (Sizzle); Female, A-Raichu (Lulu); Male, Decidueye (Archer)
    Backstory: Alice lived in Iki Town, she thought that everyone there thinks that she was not strong enough trainer and she wanted to prove, what she thought they thought was wrong. She entered tournaments to prove herself. This is one of those times
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  24. @Astrapi How many people do you want until we begin?
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  25. Astrapi

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    This is probably enough. I will try and make the thread later today
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  26. hello i can join the RP (:

    Name: Alexej Poisson
    Age: 32
    Gender: male
    Appearance: as my profile
    personality: arrogant, calculating, egocentric and no longer believe in anyone except his pokemon since the death of his dear torterra
    Pokemon team: male,shiny garchomp(Roxas), male, staraptor(Richard), female, Tangrowth(Banana), male,shiny Aegislash(Excalibur), female, tyranitar(Titane), male, blaziken(Burn)
    backstory:A long time ago, when he started his first pokemon adventure with a turwig, he crossed city beating all gym leaders, but one day, his torterra (his turwig grew up with time) that killed him by an outlaw the trainer runs away throws all his badges in a lake and leaves close to his hometown to commit suicide when suddenly a Shiny Garchomp prevents him alexej see the potential of the pokemon and decides to train for 20 years trip in several region is created a powerful team but one day he hears about a mountain has johto or is a trainer called Red he faces him but all his pokemon even lose his Garchomp and since that day the defeated trainer is said "I would not lose ... never again for avenged my Torterra I would bring down the evil of this world !!!!
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  27. Astrapi

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    I am afraid I can not accept you because I cant read your bio, your grammar needs some improvement. Thanks for your interest, though.
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  28. By the way, @Jodie.xox wants to join but she's not got time to get on 'Charms right now.

    My bio's nearly done, I'm just working on the Pokemon she owns.
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    Okay then
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  30. I dunno what to do for my team right now, but I can assure you that it will contain cats.
    A lot of them.
    Infinity cats. :)
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  31. ok i changed my phone had bug and it was not written a party i think i would do on computer so not that the corrector do anything
  32. Astrapi

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    I still can’t read it properly. Nor that post you just made. I already said I’m not going to accept you
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  33. Yea, I suggest you leave @LePoisson.... If Astrapi says she's not accepting you, then she's not accepting you. There are hardly any periods or commas in your bio, making it confusing to read. I suggest you find someplace else to RP that isn't as strict in the grammar department, or we'll have to involve one of the admins to boot you themselves. I don't want to waste the admin's time over a trivial thing anyway.
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  34. Full name: Danielle 'Dani' Green
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Dani's ambitions are to be rich and famous, she wants to climb that mountain with her Pokemon, which she has an immense love for. Such thoughts give her a lot of determination, refusing to give up on anything. In human interaction, she's very friendly and innocent, finding fun in everything. However, this can often make her gullible and easily deceived.
    Appearance: Dani's chestnut brown hair is tied into two curled ponytails coming down to her shoulders, with a fringe combed to the right (look at Emirichu for an example). Her eyes are an icy blue, and over them she has to wear glasses- the ones she chose are half-rim glasses, with the rim being extremely pale pink, closer to white. Her height is rather small for a girl, but not from any disorders, just family history, she only stands at 5'3".
    Her clothing consists of usually any form of t-shirt, crop top or spaghetti strap top, commonly themed on Pokemon, and either pale denim jeans or a brightly coloured miniskirt and Pokemon-themed leggings. Her shoes tend to be white trainers with bright pink curling lines, and if she doesn't have leggings on, they are partnered with plain black socks.
    When traversing places like Mt. Lanakila, she'll have suitable, Cleffa-themed winter clothing and a Cleffa Beanie.
    Pokemon Team: Swampert (Male, Kans), Slurpuff (Male, Merlin) Luxray (Female, Delight), Cubchoo (Male, Puffy), Lycanroc (Midnight, Female, Daisy), Scrafty (Male, Swaggy)
    Puffy is a very recent catch, Daisy was supposed to be a Midday Lycanroc but it evolved early (day-sy)
    Backstory: N/A. All that needs to be known is that she's taken part in small town competitions and come first place, and come at a remarkable place in the larger scale tournaments, both of which is in various regions, but this will be her first 'league'.
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  35. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Accepted Deg.
    Also thank you Merciless, but ps, I’m a gal XD
  36. PFFFF I didn't know that XD Helps that I didn't even read your thingimabobber of you XD
  37. ok sorry to have bothered and thing is that I am not English and that I moved to this country, my father told me to try to socialize me to learn the language better and I find this site and I tell me that it can be cool in all I'm sorry to have bothered you in all that I wish you a good RP (:
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  38. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Full name: Jacob "Jake" Wilson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A extrovert, and extremely friendly. He can also get a bit competitive from time to time.
    Appearance: Jacob just wears an orange hoodie and blue jeans. He also wears a brown beanie, but his hair is brown. His skin is fair, he's 4'9" and 131 lbs. He has blue eyes, and his hair is quite wavy, and some sticks out of his beanie.
    Pokemon Team:
    Dragonite (Male, Gold, Partner)
    Wing Attack
    Fire Punch
    Aqua Tail

    Aegislash (Female, Athena)
    Iron Head
    Sacred Sword
    King's Shield
    Shadow Ball

    Incineroar (Male, Blitz)
    Flare Blitz
    Fire Blast
    Darkest Lariat

    Tyranitar (Female, Crystal)
    Stone Edge
    Dragon Tail

    Alolan Raichu (Female, Sunny)
    Iron Tail
    Zen Headbutt

    Midnight Lycanroc (Male, Geo)
    Stone Edge
    Earth Power
    Thunder Punch

    Backstory: Originally from Alola, Jake had to move a lot due to his parents' jobs. After moving to Kanto, Johto, and Kalos (Where he caught Gold, Athena, and Crystal) his parents were able to get a job back in Alola. A few months later, Jake signed up for the Alola League.

    In a cave, Athena fainted as they got deeper. Suddenly, a Garchomp emerged, about to attack. Jake accidentally grabbed Athena by the handle, and Jake's body was fused with Athena's body, making him clad in golden armor, holding Athena as a blade in one hand, and her shield in the other. He becomes much slower, but his defense is boosted, as well as the move Sacred Sword. He also has a current immunity to fire, and Levitate doesn't work. When Athena faints, his return to his normal self as usual.
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    Last edited: May 14, 2019
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  39. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Battle bond request is approved
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