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Ask to Join Alola in the Sun! (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by DManArt&RP, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/alola-in-the-sun.21136/


    Alola in the Sun! is a role play based in Alola in the middle of summer. The sun is at a perfect degrees and the water is as clear as day. If you like beach episodes, then you came to the right place! A carefree time where nothing can go wrong. If your lucky, maybe a school of Luvdisc may come your way. Spend your days at the beach or the towns and have fun!

    So if that didn't sum it up, the theme is just to have fun in Alola. These islands still have laws so you must follow them, including the rules.


    1. Follow standard Pokecharm rules.
    2. Do not budge into two people in a conversation without reason or planning.
    3. On that note, if you want to plan something, go ahead and do it in a PM or in the discussion here.
    4. Romance is allowed, just keep it PG.
    5. If you have further questions, don't be afraid to ask.
    6. If your posts are below at least a paragraph (5 or so sentences), I will ask you to edit or remove the post.
    7. Make sure to be involved and let others be involved.


    I will talk about timing a bit because that lets me know things to make other things easier.
    Don't rush your posts, I cannot stress it enough, if your posts are below at least a paragraph (5 or so sentences), I will ask you to edit or remove the post. No hard feelings, okay?
    Use the code name "Beach Episode" in your bio, or you will be refused with little reason why, to keep if fair. Also first and last name, I will let you know that too if you forgot.

    Character Sheet: (Make sure to have detail)


    Pokemon: (1-3) (Can be simple)

    (Species, Nickname):

    Name: Hitoshi Moto
    Nickname: Hiro
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 16
    Personality: Hitoshi is usually care free and energetic. He gets out a lot and hangs out around others rather than being alone. He puts others first but is a bit reckless in battle, as he and his Pokemon share similar personalities in battle.
    Appearance: He is Caucasian, has a some tan skin with a decent build. His his eyes are blue and his hair is brown and messy. He has an average height. He usually wears black shorts and a white shirt with a great ball picture.
    Backstory: Back in Johto, he was very popular in school. He wasn't the "big talk" but people would always have fun around him. When summer came around, most of his close friends went to different regions for their break, so he decided to hit up Alola for his first time for a beach episode. He came alone but has his Pokemon with him at all times.


    Flygon, Kyo:
    Personality: Playful, Spirited, Loyal.
    Appearance: Normal
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  2. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Can we play as pokemon?
  3. So, I'm interested, but wondering if we'll be provided any alternative objectives for people who want a more focused RP? Of course, I understand the premise is to be, no pun intended, a sort of social "sandbox", but I was just wondering what other activities will be provided. Regardless, I'll drop a character here soon just to have it if I do end up joining.

    Name: Saul Bradshaw
    Nickname: Saul prepares to be called simply by his first name in most cases, though others have developed nicknames of their own, which he seems to be rather comfortable with - if somewhat perplexed at the reason for their development.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Age: 15
    Personality: Saul can be described as a generally extroverted, genial person to be acquainted with - he's a friend of many, though has few true companions that be feels truly loyal to. If he feels violated, or detects something that seems instinctually inconsistent to him, he will typically be directly honest about it, as he believes this is the only way to truly resolve what he refers to as 'passive conflict'. He's not very fond of Pokemon, though not in any fear or them - he simply sees them to be volatile creatures that are potentially savage, and have been adopted to an incautious extent by Alolan society as a whole. Despite this, he is in ownership of one Pokemon himself, who he keeps around for secondary company and self defense if the need were to arise. Romantically, Saul is Heterosexual, and is typically assertive and even flirtatious when appropriate.
    Appearance: Saul is a fair skinned boy of average height, with a moderately athletic musculature, and dusty light blue eyes. He has a low hanging frock of light blonde hair, and his nose sticks sharply down, leading to distantly colored lips. (Yeah, I'm not good at making appearance descriptions. Saul stands at about 5'8" feet for elaboration.)
    Backstory: Saul was natively raised in Alola, with little adornment assigned to his upbringing. His family was comfortably middle classed, yet Saul felt bored with the grinding routine of his everyday life, and so resolved to set out on an expedition of his own into the wilds of his home region. When Summer came, this welcome reprieve from his adventures allowed him to find his way to the beaches of Alola to befriend new people and allow himself to recuperate from the constant motion of his journey.
    Other: This RP sounds suspiciously like a b e a c h e p i s o d e.

    Pokemon: (1-3) (Can be simple)

    (Species, Nickname): Aulii (Frogadier)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Loyal and insightful, if somewhat reckless and even overzealous.
    Appearance: Typical Frogadier.
    Other: N/A

    (This took me way too long to make. By all means, tell me if you find any inconsistencies.)
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  4. @Hungry Badass sure, I do not see why not. Just fill out a more completed form of your character as if it was a person bio.

    @Salted_Apples accepted. Welcome to the beach episode.
  5. So, when does the thread go up?
  6. I at least want some more people to join, maybe five total.
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  7. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Species, Nickname): Pikachu, no nickname
    Personality: bubbly and nice, loving to prank , wich can get him in trouble sometimes
    Appearance: a hint of hair on the front
    Other: he is a wild Pokemon
  8. You might as well start the thread so we can get some character interaction and hopefully get more people through there. Just a thought, cause I like this "slice of life idea" and don't want it to die. It'll also give us an rp, even if it doesn't go anywhere. Worth a shot, I guess?
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  9. @Hungry Badass denied. Please fill out a proper form.

    @Salted_Apples I will make the thread soon, I am a little caught up atm because today has been really busy but I can try to get it started.
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  10. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name: Pikachu
    Nickname: none yet
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 15
    Personality: bubbly and very hyperactive, loving to prank people the moment he can
    Appearance: a normal pikachu but with a little bushy hair on the front
    Backstory: it has lived a normal life , it did get in trouble a couple times because of his pranks
    Other: i did what i could
  11. I know that you're under some stress, it's just I've got only one other slow churning RP, and I'm probably going to disregard this thread and use Saul for another RP if we don't get some kind of activity till' Tuesday.

    Not to lay on pressure.
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  13. I’m tempted to join this RP, I like the potential simplicity it has.
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  14. @Red Gallade I'd suggest you do, seeing as I don't see this kind of just pure character building RP come up a lot - a join from a more well known RPer like you might inspire more activity. Just a thought.
  15. Will we still have shenanigans from Team Skull?
  16. @Red Gallade Not sure, I think that'd be up to OP to decide. I'm guessing it would be light if so, since he clarified this will be more of a slice of life kind of RP?
  17. Just thinking of a character, wondering if I should use an old one or make a new one.
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  18. @DManArt&RP Quick reminder to link the thread in the first post for new people on the thread, and for general easy access.
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  19. You know, I am open to all sorts of ideas, so it actually would be fun to have some grunts running around at times. I am still busy and idk when I won't be because my birthday is on the 28th, so ye.
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  20. I'll try and come up with a bio tomorrow, or maybe I'll bring back an old one, what are the limits on shinies in your party or are they forbidden in this RP?
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  21. @Salted_Apples is going to be co for however long as I see fit, probably permanent. We are still going to share ideas, but if I am not around for a while, he can answer questions and accept bios.
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  22. @Red Gallade I'd say that one shiny per party will be allowed, with discretion as to why and how they were caught - after all, realistically they're going to be extremely elusive, especially for younger or more in - experienced trainers. Of course, I haven't seen a bio yet, so this is all based on assumption.
  23. I suppose I shall have some highly detailed bios after noticing a certain prior post.

    Name: His name is Claud Stor.
    Nickname: N/A at the moment.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight as a green HP bar.
    Age: He is 21 Years old.
    Personality: Claud has a calm, indifferent outlook in life. He does not always like to take a specific side, since a line of morals would be detonated the second he was displaying prejudice towards anything. As a result of being impartial towards all, his perspective towards romance and other social areas is a fine zone of pure neutrality. When confronted by anything uncomfortable against him or his Pokémon, he tends to sport a tranquil defense and quell the disturbance as much as possible with his words and other means of reasoning.
    Appearance: Claud stands at a fair height of 5'4". He has a somewhat pale skin tone, short blonde hair, blue eyes and a slightly muscular build. He has a small scar on the back of his right leg that resulted from a fall in his early life. Claud sports on a midnight black, tailcoat jacket over his short-sleeved, turtleneck shirt in a light cyan hue. He wears gray trousers that are long sleeved, along with a pair of brown brogue shoes that sport a classical leathery finish.
    Backstory: A man born and raised in the region of Kalos, Claud received some education from a newly opened Pokémon school in Lumiose City. After several teachers were unable to tolerate the barrage of spitballs, rude remarks and other forms of slander, Claud decided to educate himself on the field of Pokémon care and contesting. After growing tired of being crossed-eyed from study after study, he decided to explore other areas that Kalos had to offer. When he arrived in Lumiose City for the third time, the first thing that Claud encountered while on his way to a Café in South Boulevard was a lone Mudkip outside. Claud decided to take the little Pokémon into his custody soon after. After working as a judge for a pride contest hosted in Kalos a few months later, Claud decided to spend some more time with the Mudkip. The man decided to head for the Alohan beaches in hopes of finding out more about the Mudkip and his trainer's past, along with assisting him in social interactions.
    Other: He likes to watch a Beach Episode every now and then.
    Name: His name is Myles.
    Species: Mudkip | Mud Fish Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Age: He is 10 Months old.
    Height: 1'0.5" | 31.75 cm
    Weight: 12.6 lbs | 5.72 kg
    Ability: Damp (The Pokémon negates all explosive-based moves in the field of battle by dampening its surroundings.)
    Appearance: Myles is your normal, everyday Mudkip. He is noticeably smaller and lighter than the average Mudkip as a result of his youthful age. He does not have much physical features or identifying marks that would make him stand out as much. The top of his head, both arms and the frontal trunk of his body are snugly wrapped in a modest layering of sterile gauze, bandages and dressing. He is often seen carrying around a cloud white teddy bear that is somewhat bigger than him.
    Personality: Myles is described from his guardian to be a self-effacing infant with quirky behavior that would certainly attract a lot of unwanted attention for the little Pokémon. He tends to shy away from crowded areas and stay near any corner he can find with his stuffed animal, unless if called upon by the caretaker. His morbid fear of anything sharp and pointed, along with an abnormal sensitivity to pain usually results in him frequently avoiding his checkups and other appointments by all means necessary.
    Other: As a result of his Poké Ball being lost and potentially damaged from a fight that his prior trainer had with an unknown group of harassing trainers, any Poké Ball is unable to be used on him by any means. Additionally, his Poké Ball's location is currently unknown.
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  24. Name: Brian Killian
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 21
    Personality: Brian is a kind and friendly individual who rarely gets angry... although when he does, he can be very cruel and terrifying. He cares deeply for his Pokemon as if they were his own children and would do anything to protect them. He also chose to train with only Psychic types like his father who was a gifted fortune teller and through this, has a strong belief in destiny.
    Appearance: Standing at 5'11" with skin between Pale and Fair, Hot pink eyes and smooth Dull dark blue hair that goes down to his shoulders. His attire consists of a Black t shirt underneath a Fuchsia knee long closed trench coat with a White scarf, Dark brown pants, Black boots and a Fuchsia pointed fedora.
    Backstory: Born in Unova between a Female Pokemon Veteran and a gifted Fortune Teller with great Psychic abilities to see the future that his family had for generations. Brian unfortunately didn't posses his father's gift, but he and his mother raised him well nonetheless. As Brian's childhood went by, they began to realize that he was a lot more like his mother; Someone who loved Pokemon and battling with them considering how often Brian battled with his mother's beloved Arcanine. One day he was gifted a Pokemon egg which soon hatched into the Ralts that became his first partner Pokemon. His father ended up having a vision that involved Brian "Reaching a new height as a Pokemon trainer", so Brian decided to travel the world and train to live up to his father's prediction. After several years of travelling, catching Pokemon and making friends, Brian looked back on everything he did and thought now would be a good time for he and his Pokemon to take a vacation and relax, a little Beach episode.

    Species: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He cares about Brain as if he was an older brother to him, his loyalty to Brian is unquestionable, but he tends to do his own thing from time to time, most of which still comes as a benefit for Brian. He has strong feelings for Brian's Gothitelle.
    Appearance: A normal Gallade with a ring on the middle finger of his right hand.
    Other: He was with Brian ever since he was hatched.

    Gender: Female
    Personality: She acts like a mother figure toward most Pokemon and cares deeply about Brian's Gallade.
    Appearance: A normal Gothitelle who wears a ring a lot like Gallade's.
    Other: The first Pokemon Brian ever caught before they left Unova to go and travel, the entire time they traveled, she was head over heels for Brian's Ralts and eventually confessed sometime in Sinnoh.

    Gender: N/A
    Personality: Although loyal to Brian, they have a rather stoic personality and relishes every chance they could when it comes to battling.
    Appearance: Unlike other Metagrosses (whatever their plural is) this one is shiny.
    Other: Back in Hoenn, they were a notoriously strong Metang who defeated many trainers that attempted to catch them. When Brian came along, they sensed something different about him and after a long and hard battle, they eventually decided to join Brian's team.
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  25. @Kiraru Accepted!

    @Red Gallade Accepted, but that Metagross background feels a bit, cliche? Regardless, I don't want you to go overboard, so just keep it as is. As long as it's special properties don't extend past the appearance, it's accepted, I trust you'll give an addition of good writing.
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  26. It was either that or I unintentionally go overboard, still trying to extend my backstory creativity. I won't give any more treatment to the Metagross other than being a different color and I'll do my best in terms of writing, it might take a while between posts, but I will try and find ways to make my posts as long as the rules require them to be, perhaps I'll add tiny portions of their past within posts.
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  27. Fair enough. Everybody is clear to make introductory posts when they're ready.
  28. Does this require them arriving to Alola or something? If not, I'm likely to have Brian relax at a nearby cafe.
  29. If they have lived there, you really don't have to do too much of a description in that notion, but if you were arriving from somewhere else you can but it's not necessary in detail.
  30. This sounds interesting, I probably will put two in here ^-^
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  31. Sorry, actually there are two things wrong with your bio @Red Gallade and I am sorry about that. The rules state you may only have three Pokemon max, you have four. Your other mistake is the code found in the Notes section of the thread. Once you fix these minor problems, you may continue to post.
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  32. Utmost apologies, the code thing slipped my mind. I'll edit ASAP.
  33. Yeah I overlooked that when accepting the bios. My bad.
  34. I hope this is okay.:p

    Sandra Howler
    Nickname: Usually "Shy girl" or "Mute queen" or "Book face"
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Age: Fifteen and six months
    Personality: Sandra Howler is your typical shy blob that attends the same school as you. She rarely speaks to strangers, due to her fear of making other people feel uncomfortable, or displeased, or making them feel bad in general. That also applies to people she already knows, which earned her the nicknames "Shy girl" and "Mute queen". She really loves reading history books, which is basically her favourite activity, right below writing. She keeps a journal with her at all times. But alas, these actions have earned her the nickname "Book face". She takes a while to warm up to people, because she wants to know a lot about the person before she calls them her 'friend'. She's not the smartest, so she could buy a lot of lies, but can handle herself just fine. Overall, she's a really sweet person that only wants the best for her loved ones, who can be quite sensitive at times.
    Appearance: Sandra is really short, about five inches shorter than most girls her age. Her long hair is a milky blonde, which is tied into two small pig tails. She has a pair of pink glasses, which cover her hazel eyes. Her top is a rose gold knitted sweater with a white collor. Her bottoms are a pair of dark blue jeans and her shoes are a solid white. She is a little chubby, but she has some muscle, which many don't seem to notice. From her shoulder is hanging a pink bag, where she keeps her things.
    Backstory: Mr. Howler is a famous journalist and Mrs. Howler is a famous writer, which both come from Sinnoh. Because of their jobs, the married couple had to move from one region to another every year to get new material to work with. Even when Sandra was born, they didn't drop that routine. So, every year she has to get used to her new environment, even though she has been there in the past years. But this year, something changed. Due to her parents' issues regarding their books, Sandra has to move to a new region all by herself. This year, the region was Alola. So, she has to write the events of her journey through Alola in her personal journal and bring it back to her parents. She is scared to do this alone, but there's noting a Beach Episode can't resolve.
    Other: She hates Pokemon battles.
    (Species, Nickname): Shinx,Ward
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Very playful at almost every moment of the day, but he would still get really mad if someone were to upset his trainer.
    Appearance: He's a regular Shinx, but he has a beige shirt with blue flowers on it.
    Other: He's Sandra most closest confidant, who has been with her since she was five years old. He's still a Shinx since Sandra doesn't allow him to battle.
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  35. @Tudor21G Accepted! Feel free to make your intro post whenever appropriate.
  36. (I'll use her for now and add her older brother in a bit later)

    Name: JC Wolfa
    Nickname: Masked Trainer
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 20
    Personality: Brave, Strongwilled, Gentle, Stragetic, Slightly stubborn, Understanding, thinks before acting
    Appearance: She is a light skinned young lady with a well feminine build but light. She has dark brown long hair that is pulled up in a ponytail with a bang covering her right eye appearing slightly blind. She has light blue eyes, right slightly blind. She wears a black tank with a purple and black plaid shirt over it with black shorts. She wears bandages around her wrists and ankles with white open toed sandles on her feet secured by her ankles. She wears glasses on her face with a silver and black cross necklace around her neck with a rubric like cube that is gold and black attached to her belt.
    Backstory: As a child she and her brother Shadow were moving around from region to region because she had the ability to understand Pokemon. This was considered rare to evil organizations such as Team Flare. They eventually settled in Alola to live peacefully but in hiding from them until she was able to take care of herself. Shadow was always there to protect her from harm's way so she relied on him a lot and created a bond with each other.
    Other: She wears a white wolf blue streaked mask and black hooded cape to hide her appearance. She can understand Pokemon language but also by feeling. She was born with this ability as she didn't know she had it until she developed this ability. She came to understand that by hearing the cries of all the species of Pokemon she can understand them completely. She has severe asthma that leads to her medical condition(Tuberculosis), "Beach Episode"
    (Species, Nickname): Umbreon,Blue
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Brave, Strongwilled, Gentle, Swift
    Appearance: She is a shiny Umbreon with gold eyes and blue rings
    Other: She wears a Blue and black flower on her right ear

    (Species, Nickname): Primarina,Delta
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Brave, Gentle, Sweet, Vocal
    Appearance: She is a normal colored Primarina
    Other: She wears a white Levi with seashells around her neck

    (Species, Nickname): Flygon, Gem
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Brave, Gentle, Strongwilled, A bit Protective
    Appearance: A normal colored Flygon
    Other: She wears three red gems on her tail close to her lower half
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  37. @LunarSilvally You're missing something. Look back over the rules and edit your bio.

    Also, could you explain to me the mechanics of being able to speak to Pokemon? Was she born with this? Is it something she learned? Is it unnatural? Through what mechanism can she speak and understand them? Why does she have this ability to understand them among other people?
  38. Oh I see what I had forgotten I'll fix is now
  39. @LunarSilvally You haven't included the 'Beach Episode' code word, unless I'm missing something, but I'll accept it anyways - it's clear you're aware of the rules.

    (If you have and I didn't see it for some reason then it's fine. Regardless, it looks fine.)
  40. (Just to help you I placed the word in other in my bio ^-^)
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