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Private/Closed Alabastor: The Age of Heroes (Sign-up/Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Gamefreak1996, May 22, 2020.

  1. It is the year 542 AE, a dark time in the world of Alabastor. Wars have broken out all across the four continents over territory and , and famine sweeps over once rich and fertile fields. A plague has swept across the land, only adding to the suffering and death. However, it is in these most trying times when great heroes are destined to emerge. On the battlefield, in quiet studies, and even out at sea, these heroes are the ray of hope cutting through these dark times.

    This is just one of a collection of Alabastor RPs to come. Well, I say RP, but in truth, there is no one plotline in particular. Everyone is free to pursue whatever goals they feel their characters should, so long as they follow the rules. I myself will be RPing here, of course, but this is mainly a freestyle RP. I will, however, be on the lookout for rulebreakers and provide weekly updates on the current events of the world at large.

    A Bit of Lore
    Alabastor has gone through three ages before it's current one:

    The Primordial Age (PA)- The age that begins with the creation of Alabastor and the Universe, and ends after the first ever war between sentient races. During this time period, the first generation of Elder Dragons, the deities that created the universe, aided the first humans by teaching them how to use the planet's mystical energy of Astra (more on that later) so they can fight back against the technologically advanced and oppressive Celestials. The war ended with the Celestials leaving the planet to seek new homes in outer space.

    The Dragon Age (DA)- The age when human and dragon lived side by side, beginning with the defeat of the Celestials and ending in an apocalyptic war among the Elder Dragons. During this time, the second and third generations of Elder Dragons would be born, as well as the first mortal dragons. At the same time, the first Drahkyn, a human-dragon hybrid race, were born. The Beastfolk, Giants, Sihde, and Elves would also be created during this time, and the first nations with them. This age ended when one of the Elder Dragons, Umbra, questioned the importance of the races in the world, and even if it was safe to let them evolve as much as they did. This question divided the pantheon, and that division eventually led to a war so cataclysmic, the face of Alabastor itself was changed forever, and 90% of life on the planet was destroyed. The surviving dragons left the survivors out of shame, vowing to never again interfere with their affairs (at least unless it was necessary, and indirectly at that).

    The First Mortal Age (BE)- An era where the races ruled over themselves, and the Drahkyn split into three separate races due to geographic and cultural differences. However, this era is also known as the "Age of Unity" or "Age of Conquest", all due to a single man uniting all of Alabastor for the first time in it's history, and quite possibly the last. This man, Severus Insignius, is known as either a great hero or a bloodthirsty warmonger, depending on who you ask. Regardless on personal opinion, it was an age of peace and enlightenment up until the discovery of the Azoth, a powerful artifact that could grant any wish to those who find it. This scholar, Xavius, vanished after having been captured by three different nations in their attempt to reach the Azoth, and eventually, war broke out again. The unity was shattered, but the worst was yet to come. A cataclysm known as The Great Eclipse occurred, and Alabastor tore itself apart this time through enormous natural disasters all hitting at once. Islands sank, volcanoes endlessly belched out lava, rock and gasses, the sea itself seemed alive with fury. All while Umbra, who was sealed away in the moon after starting the Dragon War, threw chunks of his shattered prison down onto the surface of the planet. Once more, life was nearly ended then and there, and the continents and seas became drastically different, but fate had other plans. Once more, Civilization had to reset.

    The Second Mortal Age (AE)- The second and current era, where now, society is picking up the pieces of their predecessors' shattered remains, and forging new cultures, nations, and identities.

    The Four Continents

    Alabastor is comprised of four continents, separated by vast oceans. They are: The Dragon Contient of Atlasia, the Phoenix Continent of Shen Yao, The Kraken Continent of Kukalitabi,
    and the Lion Continent of Yebus.

    Atlasia: Atlasia's kingdoms and nations are based on those you would find in Europe. It's got temperate forests, mountains, some tundras and taigas here and there, plains, and grasslands.

    Victoria- A hybrid of England, America, and France in terms of culture. They are ruled under a monarchy and parliamentary council.

    Norvos- A country based on Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Provinces of the country are ruled by Jarls, while they are unitedly ruled by a High King chosen among said Jarls.

    Cordellia- A Landryn Country based on the Byzantine Empire, along with some Eastern Europe thrown in there. with a social hierarchy and meritocracy. Those who prove themselves can find themselves among the nobles, and prove even eligible to be the next king.

    Skydryn Islands-An Isolationist empire hidden in the islands floating above the clouds. Their culture is a mix of Russian and Incan societies. As the name might suggest, this is the place many Skydryn call home.

    Drakeld- An archipelago that consists of the "flames" of the dragon continent. Based on Sweden in terms of culture, they value knowledge and tradition over military might. Don't underestimate them, though, or your armies might find themselves below the waves before you can get them on land.

    Fionn- A small island nation based on Ireland and Scotland. It's people are hardy and tough, and it's become a popular stop for traders and sailors.

    Isle of the Sidhe- A small island just a few miles east of Fionn, and home of the elusive Sidhe people. This island's ecosystem is very bizarre, full of out-of-the-ordinary flora and fauna.

    Seracles- A nation inspired by Greece, taking up the tail tip and tail spikes of the continent. Just like Greece in ancient times, their cultures vary from region to region.

    Remulus- A nation based on Italy, both in Roman and Reniassance times.

    Yebus: Yebus's nations are all based primarily on the Middle East and Africa. It's north half is dominated by a desert dotted with oases, with some savannah and grassland in the east, while it's south half is covered in dense rainforests with trees taller than any manmade tower.

    Saphys- A nation ruled by a Sultan based on the Ottoman empire. Fierce rivals with Emeryl and Rubaal, they frequently war with them over land and resources.

    Rubaal- A nation ruled by a Shah and council based on Persia. They are very tolerant of other races and treat them all as equals.

    Emeryl- A nation based on Ethiopia, known as the "Jewel of the Splintered Tooth Gulf". It is a strong presence in said gulf, and thus has vast trade networks expanding across the world.

    Ramsei, Kufu, and Tutankhen- Three nations ruled by Beastfolk Pharaohs and with a strong alliance between the three of them. Their culture is similar to Egypt.

    Musali- Based on Mali, this nation is considered the trade capital of northern Yebus. It is known not only for it's immense wealth, but also it's collection of great works from scholars long past.

    Shakala- Based on South Africa during the Zulu Empire, the Beastfolk people of Shakala are ruled under a monarchy where the king is chosen by putting the candidates through a trial by combat.

    Lokuzwe- Another nation ruled by Beastfolk, this nation values diplomacy among other nations, but isn't afraid to take up arms themselves should they be threatened. The Ginsawa Tower, the largest religious structure on Alabasto, was built by this race to honor the Elder Dragons.

    The Badlands- A small wetlands on the northeast tip of the lion continent's "mane" inhabited by criminal gangs of all kinds. However, even a collection of criminals can act like society when the conditions are just right.

    Shen Yao: Shen Yao's nations are mostly based on Asian countries and civilizations. It's geography consists of tropical and exotic flora, cold steppes, numerous mountains and marshes, and rolling hills.

    Jiang Shi- Based on China, Jiang Shi is a country rich in culture and knowledge, with a unique form of monarchy where the next emperor is chosen by the current emperor out of the nobles or their sons and daughters. However, there are whispers of how they bully their neighbor nations into submission with threat of invasion should they not comply.

    Dobutsu- Based on Japan, the people of Dobutsu follow a monarchy in theory, but in truth are split into over a dozen different districts all at war with each other over the seat of power.

    Ma-Eum Jigu- Based on Korea (before the north/south split), this is a beaurocratic nation that holds sway over the golden breast bay with their navy. A century of relative peace has left them wealthy from trade, but soft against aggression.

    Altan-Tal- Based on Mongolia, the steppes of Altan-Tal don't have geographical borders between it's rulers. It's inhabitants, instead, are all nomadic clans led by Khans. Once a year, they gather in their sacred ground to discuss policy and settle disputes peacefully.

    Sidtajra- Based on India; This is one of few countries that actually work as a democratic republic in this time. It's council's 15 members are voted on by the public, and discuss policy and legislation.

    Baksai-Yok- Based on the Khmer civilization, the people here are ruled by a single king. It is a nation famous for it's unique architecture and conquering of the monsoon seasons that would have drowned any other civilization.

    Kepulauan- A collection of islands off the east coast based on Indonesia. Here, a monarchy is established, and they have a tight grip on trade coming in from the Dragon Continent since they have to pass through their archipelago. They also produce a hefty amount of the world's spices and incenses, and have one of the strongest navies on Alabastor.

    Sikhara- A mountainous island southwest of the mainland continent ruled in a similar fashion to Altan-Kal, though united under a single ruler.

    Pulo Nglangi - A fish-shaped archipelago where Seadryn homeland begins. Their culture is based on Austronesian societies.

    Kukalitabi: Kukalitabi, the Kraken Continent, is split among countless islands and a massive mainland. However, most of the mainland is a mystery, as that is where the giant race call home. And they're not very fond of outsiders in their territory.

    Giant Territory- The entire mainland of the Kraken Continent belongs to the giants. So it has always been. These giants live in clans, with kings ruling each one. Disputes are to be settled with combat, or an honorable battle between clans.

    Na-Okekai- One of two civilizations based on Hawaii, this civilization contains the northernmost half of the islands, while the other, O'Na Mea'ala, controls the south. It is ruled by an oligarchic monarchy where the nobles and king hold sway over policy.

    O'Na Mea'ala- a democratic Seadryn kingdom also based on Hawaii. Their ruler is elected via majority vote, and they are one of the largest exporters of sandal wood and sea monster resources in Alabastor.

    The Currency of Alabastor, called Crowns, is valued generally the same everywhere around the world. Different nations have different designs for this currency, but they all have a general value depending on material, size, and purity, all marked in value at their home nation's banks. They come in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Crown coins. As of now, a 500 crown coin is being discussed in Alabastor, but hasn't been released yet.

    Alabastor's deities, the Elder Dragons, is a pantheon that consists of the first three generations of dragons. While there are numerous Elder Dragons, worship of them is heavily personalized, with individuals honoring two or three of them above the others as their spiritual guides, like a mini-pantheon among the greater pantheon.

    The Elder Dragons are as follows:
    The First Generation
    Prominthus- Elder Dragon of the Sun, Stars, and Fire; the leader of the pantheon.

    Naulia- Elder Dragon of water in all of it's forms, former Elder Dragon of time until she passed this responsibility down to another.

    Atlasia- Elder Dragon of Earth and Land. Created the planets, and is the namesake for the dragon continent

    Kirijuro- Elder Dragon of Thunder, Lightning, one of four Elder dragons that can influence weather. The most volatile in nature; constantly challenges Prominthus for title of chief Elder Dragon.

    Cirro- Nomadic Elder Dragon of Wind and Sky; wanders because he ticked off both Prominthus and Kirijuro one too many times.

    The Second Generation
    Lunaru- Elder Dragon of the Moon, Light, Purity, and Healing. Firstborn of the second generation; daughter of Prominthus and Naulia

    Umbra- Elder Dragon of Darkness, Knowledge, Secrecy and Shadows, he observes the pasts, presents, and futures of all timelines simultaneously from his unknowable realm; Created from Lunaru's shadow. Adopted son of Prominthus and Naulia.

    Validor- Elder Dragon of War, Courage, Justice, and Strength. Some whisper Severus Insignius was a descendant or avatar of him in some way. Son of Atlasia and Kirijuro.

    Vitania- Elder Dragon of Life, Harvest, Fertility and Hunting. Hunters, Farmers, and those intertwined with nature receive her blessing should they please her. Daughter of Atlasia and Kirijuro

    Grimmoire- Elder Dragon of Death, Destruction, and the Afterlife. He comes to mortals when they die and personally ferries them to the afterlife. Depending on their deeds, he appears to them as a somber gray-scaled dragon, or a hidious, half-rotted, undead one. Take a wild guess who gets what appearance. Son of Atlasia and Kirijuro

    Cumulo and Nimbus- Twin Elder Dragons, with Weather and Climate being their charge. They are mischievous in nature, but kept in check by their stepfather, Prominthus. Sons of Cirro and Naulia, the Wind Dragon having tricked Naulia into it.

    Kronesia- Elder Dragon of Time and Seasons, always bringing change to the world through the passage of time. Daughter of Prominthus and Naulia.

    Celeste- Elder Dragon of Space and Dimensions, and the one you'll most likely see interacting with mortals, as she frequently takes the form of a young girl to play with the children. Daughter of Cirro and Atlasia; same story as with Naulia.

    The Third Generation
    Dystyne- Elder Dragon of Language, Communication, and the Arts. Merchants and Artists tend to hold her in high regard in hopes for inspiration or coming up with a good sales pitch. Daughter of Lunaru and Validor

    Drethus- Elder Dragon of Chaos, Change, Revolution and Revolt, whether it be justified or not. Created by Umbra after the Dragon war as one of four curses upon the mortals (The others being Sanctus, Elvior, and Plaegius).

    Vex- Elder Dragon of Beauty, Seduction, Deception, and Conspiracy. Loves nothing more than toying with the minds and hearts of mortal males. Daughter of Umbra and Vitania.

    Sanctus- Elder Dragon of Desires, Indulgences, Vices, and Bargains. Merchants warily honor this elder dragon, while trying to avoid the many traps and trials he leaves for mortals. Created by Umbra after the Dragon War.

    Syndragor- Elder Dragon of the mind; Thoughts, Dreams, Visions, Sanity, Mental Health, Memory. Unknowable in emotion or motive. Son of Umbra and Kronesia.

    Xalvorr- Elder Dragon patron of the exiled, the ostracized, those rejected by common society. His name is a combination of two words from a dead language; "Xala", meaning "banished", and "Vorega", meaning "Patron". So, roughly translated, it means "Patron of the Banished". Son of Umbra and Vitania.

    Elvior- Elder Dragon of Dominance, Authority, and Influence over others. Considered by many to be the cruelest and most evil Elder Dragon. Created by Umbra after the Dragon War.

    Atria- Elder Dragon of Spirit, Emotions, and Willpower. The most empathetic toward mortal strife. Daughter of Lunaru and Validor.

    Plaegius- Elder Dragon of Disease, Pestilence, and keeper of all things taboo or repulsive to life. Necromancers and Cannibals consider him a patron, and he revels in their attention. Created by Umbra after the Dragon War.

    Labrynian- The Judge of deceased mortals' souls and divine affairs, Elder Dragon of Balance and Order. Daughter of Validor and Lunaru.

    Astra: The "Magic" of Alabastor
    Astra is a mystical energy that flows throughout the universe, and those who can learn to use Astra are capable of superhuman or supernatural abilities, such as controlling the elements, creating weapons out of energy, summoning powerful creatures to assist them, or altering the aspects and properties of themselves or the world around them. However, Astra, and mortals interacting with Astra, fall under a set of "laws", much like how the laws of momentum and gravity affect the physical world. These "Laws of Astra" are as follows:

    1) One can gain access to Astra through months of training and meditation, or by being exposed to enough Astra for the body to adapt and surviving*(1)

    2) Astra can also be used by the general populace when crystalized, though there is a limited amount of Astra in these crystals, and they shatter when they run out.

    3) The basic activation and harnessing of Astra alone doubles the harnesser's strength, speed, and durability. This boost can grow overtime, as the body becomes more adept at using Astra.

    4) Astral Components, of which there are seven (Alteration, Construct, Destruction, Elemental, Illusion, Restoration, and Summoning), each max out at a score of 10. These scores act as both inventory space for techniques*(2), as well as an indicator of skill in their respective component.

    5) The combined scores of Astral components cannot exceed 30.

    6) Astra Techniques can take up to three points from a component, though they can also draw from multiple components to function

    7) The more power a technique is, the higher the Astral Score cost.

    8: Mark II conditions are optional, but a technique with a condition is generally stronger than one without.*(3) The stricter the condition, the more powerful the technique becomes.

    9) The body's Astral Balance System causes it to automatically regulate the amount of Astra flowing within the user, but can be outpaced (either by using too much Astra too quickly, or drawing in more than the system can handle).

    10) The ABS's Standard Limit (SL) is the amount of Astra the user's system maintains generally. The Absolute Limit (AL) is how much they can keep within their bodies without suffering from Astral Overload*(4).

    *1: The likelihood of having your Astra unlocked via exposure is very low, as is surviving the procedure.
    *2: Let's say for an example that an Astra user has 7 points in the Construct component of Astra, and he wanted to learn a technique that required 3 points from that component. He would have 4 left to dedicate to other techniques.
    *3: examples of conditions include but are not limited to a technique that is stronger during the day and weaker during the night, shedding a certain amount of blood, being able to only use the technique a certain number of times during a given period of time.
    *4: Astral Overload is a bodily condition where so much Astra is being contained within the body it begins to break down and be destroyed by it. It has the potential to be crippling, or even lethal.

    Races of Alabastor
    Alabastor has a very diverse collection of mortal races roaming it's surface, each of which have their own general strengths and weaknesses. These races are:

    Humans- the first mortal race to exist, and the most basic to grasp and understand.

    Drahkyn- Split into three subraces by adapting over generations to different areas, these are the humanoids that have the blood of dragons flowing through their veins. They often resemble humans with curved and pointed ears, slitted pupils, occasional horns, tails, and patches of scales, and taller built.
    -Landryn: The Drahkyn from the heartland or other continents, look exactly as described above.

    -Seadryn: The Drahkyn living on the coasts or on islands. Often have fins on the sides of their heads
    that pick up vibrations and work as ears, gills on the neck that allow them to breathe underwater, fins and webbed hands to navigate underwater, and darkvision.

    -Skydryn: The Drahkyn living on the landmasses floating in the skies, the rarest of the subraces. Paler than usual with more slender, aerodynamic frames, lungs that can absorb more oxygen thanks to living at higher altitudes, and resistance to cold.

    Sidhe- (pronounced Shi) This child-like race of humanoids have a strong connection to nature, able to communicate with wildlife. They often retain their childish appearance throughout their whole lives, and sport white or green hair, can float without the use of Astra, and sport a birthmark which, according to their culture, manifests as their "spirit animal".

    Elves- Masters of the arts, engineering, architecture, and philosophy. Like the Drahkin, their ears are pointed, but unlike them, their ears are straight.

    Giants- Like humans, but much bigger. And bigger size means they're usually stronger and tougher than most other races. Like the Sidhe, they rarely travel out of their homeland on the Squid Continent.

    Beastfolk-The most varied of the races, they can be bipedal or quadrupedal, and have features of or resemble any number of real-life animals. Their appearances or abilities vary, but they all share keen senses and nightvision.

    Dragons- Despite sharing little to no relation to the races (excluding the Drahkin), they are considered a race for having the sentience and intelligence of a human, their own culture, and immense power. Sighting a dragon is extremely rare, and talking to one even more so. They will share their knowledge with those they deem worthy, but they will not fight wars, they will not intervene in politics, and they will not conduct trade with or for mortal races, due to the vow their race took post the Dragon War.

    The Astral Components:

    Alteration: Changing the aspects or properties of one's self, allies, enemies, or environment (boosting someone's strength or speed, or lowering an enemy's, telekinetic abilities, changing the properties or chemistry of metals, etc.)

    Construct: Creating tools or objects out of Astra, from the simplest tools to the most elaborate devices (making a sword or shield to defend yourself, or tools to get a repair job done).

    Destruction: Using Astra to destroy in every manner of the word. (dissolving something within your grip, firing kamehameha-esque beams of Astra to blast away obstacles)

    Elemental: turn your Astra into an element, and manipulate the elements around you, so long as it matches the element you're trained in. (Fireballs, Lightning Bolts, Conjuring blizzards and water, reshaping the ground, etc)

    Illusion: Bewitch the mind, ensnare the senses, and trick your opponents with these mental arts (creating an after-image or visual halucination, telepathic abilities, playing with your opponent's senses)

    Restoration: Restoring what was damaged, tainted, or lost back to it's former state. (Healing, purifying water from blemishes or pollutants, repairing a broken weapon)

    Summoning: Calling forth creatures and tools from the Summoner's Ground, an alternate plane of existence, to aid you.

    NOTE: The Elemental Component is the only one split into sub-categories (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, and Earth), and only one can be chosen should a user invest in it.

    RP Rules and Character Sheets

    1) Please make sure you are familiar with the site's rules and to follow them: https://pokecharms.com/threads/general-role-play-rules.123/

    2) RPing as a dragon is prohibited. Reason being as much a part as they play in Alabastor, they're too OP to consider RPing as.

    3) Nothing breaks the atmosphere of an RP more than a Deus Ex Machina or Mary Sue/Gary Stu character. In other words, someone who's perfect in every way and can clear a story's obstacles with no major drawbacks or problems. It's uninteresting, it's cheap, it's PROHIBITED in this RP.

    4) Feel free to get creative with Astra techniques, but be sure to follow the laws listed in the Astra Section of the Lore Dump (Sorry about that, by the way. I tend to get carried away a bit).

    5) "Sandwiches" is the keyword to show you have read and accept the rules of the RP. feel free to work it into your profile however you like, or state it outside of the profile.

    6) If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to ask.

    Personality: (Optional)
    Appearance: (Optional)
    Faction/Guild (If any): (Feel free to make one if you wish)
    Other: (Optional)

    Astral Components
    Elemental: (Make sure to list which element you've chosen)

    -If your character has only unlocked Astra without training in any components, simply say so.

    Astra Technique List:
    -Technique name (Components/Cost) - [Brief description of the techniques general uses]*
    *Example: Roaring Sun (3 Destruction, 3 Elemental)- The user hurls a large fireball packed with explosive astra at the target, the projectile exploding upon contact*
    Gamefreak 1996 (Baoithin Dornain)
    Spoiled Bread (Kokonoa)
    Shadow_Pup (Forsythe Greenhardt)
    Shen: King of the Mist (Gom)
    Mango137 ( Michi Naoki)
    Grand Master Koop (Mina Tusk)
    Godjacob (Zane)
    Sentorus67 (Ben Diolo)
    kyuuketsu (Charlotte)
    Mystic Zander (Marik Myorik)
    Crimson Sun (Kaesar Adiolyn)
    Spot Reserved for Ayoi
    12 Spaces Remaining
    RP Thread- https://pokecharms.com/threads/alabastor-the-age-of-heroes.22549/
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  2. Allow me to introduce you to my own character, as an example.
    Name: Baoithin Dornain, "The Roaring Star Paladin"
    Race: Human
    Age: 41
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Proud and confident of his own power, it takes a lot for that confidence to waiver. However, he is also very jovial, approaching strangers with a smile unless they wrong him in some way. Baoithin is also an honest and honorable fellow, never fighting those too weak to hold their own, or at least not with his full strength, and never lying.

    Appearance: Tall and Muscular, fair-skinned, and with long, messy red hair and a beard, making him resemble a lion, Baoithin often wears a full suit of golden plate/chain mail armor with large shoulder pauldrons over a red tunic emblazoned with a golden sun and trousers. He also wears a gold-flame patterned red sash around his waist, though where he got it is unknown.

    Faction/Guild: None
    Other: Prefers smoked pork Sandwiches with onions, lettuce, and tomato for lunch, along with a good mug of alcohol. Former Paladin of the Victorian Military

    Astral Components
    Alteration: 5
    Construct: 0
    Destruction: 9
    Elemental: 10 (Fire)
    Illusion: 0
    Restoration: 0
    Summoning: 6

    Roaring Sun: (3 Destruction, 3 Elemental) Baoithin's signature attack; the user gathers their Astra into a sphere and ignites it, creating a powerful fireball. This attack is strongest during the daytime, when the sun is at it's highest point, and weakest at night.

    Titan's Boost, Sun: (3 Alteration, 2 Elemental) A common advanced Alteration technique, but Baoithin has added his own flare to it to augment his fire attacks. While in use, his hair and beard become a mane of fire. This technique's effects last only a minute, though.

    Roaring Flare: (3 Destruction, 3 Elemental) the user unleashes streams of fire at their target. This attack cannot be used consecutively (once it's used, another technique must be used before it is used again). Like Roaring Sun, this technique is weakened at night.

    Solar Storm: (2 Alteration, 3 Destruction, 2 Elemental) The user raises and condenses chunks of matter (i.e. Stone), ignites them, and hurls them back down to the earth. However, as they burn, the projectiles will get smaller as they descend. The rate at which they burn out is dependent on the material within them.

    Summon Voluundrun: (3 Summoning) The user summons a one-handed battle axe called Voluundrun. This axe emits intense heat from it's blade with each swing, and augments fire techniques, boosting their power.

    Summon Jatayu: (3 Summoning) Baoithin summons Jatayu, his armored Blazelion (a red lion with a mane of fire, and can breathe it) and mount.
  3. Looks interesting!
    Name: Kokonoa Wickleberry, "The Mophead Peddler"
    Race: Sidhe
    Age: 25
    Gender: female
    Personality: Outgoing, adventurous, cunning, cowardice.
    Appearance: She's 1 meter tall(3'3). Wears multiple layers of robes, a scarf and a tall pointy hat, making her looks like a walking cone of clothes. She poses long wavy white hair and grey eyes, which earned her the nickname of mophead.
    Faction/Guild: Merchant guild, Astronomer guild, Painter guild and OutSidher organisation.
    Other: she likes her sandwhiches filled to the brim with mayonaise.

    Astral Components
    Alteration: 10
    Construct: 2
    Destruction: 3
    Illusion: 1
    Restoration: 4
    Summoning: 4

    Astra Technique List:
    • Shrink (2 alteration) - shrink objects down to the size of a grape, can't be used on living being. Revert back to their normal size when 100ft away from the caster or when the caster wills it.
    • Pocket Dimension (3 alteration, 2 summoning) - Make a spacious personal space on an alternate plane. Used to store stuffs.
    • Portal Craft (2 alteration) - Open a teleportation portal to a spot somewhere within the caster's eyesight.
    • Spatial Slash (3 alteration, 3 destruction) - Launches a shockwave that cuts through the space itself, cutting clean anything on its path and ignores physical defense.
    • Crystallization (2 construct) - compress the astra in the surrounding environment into small crystals.
    • Mend (1 restoration) - restore small objects to its previous state.
    • Time Lock (3 restoration) - launches a magical projectile, when hit it creates a transparent afterimage of the target that records the target's condition. After ten seconds or when the caster wills it, restore the target's condition and position back to the recorded state. Stamina and astra can't be restored.
    • Self alternation (1 illusion) - creates up to three clones of the caster. Vanish when attacking, getting attacked or wandered too far from the caster.
    • Summon: Dodobo (2 summon) - Summon a medium-sized flightless bird dodobo. Mostly as a mount but its kick can break spine.
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  4. I really like the concept, I just worry that everyone would be too adrift.

    Not having a core plotline to either vaguely follow, or ignore entirely makes it hard to keep interactions meaningful.

    My question is, how do you plan to keep interactions flowing and the rp kicking?
  5. @Spoiled Bread Interesting Character. But maybe give the Spatial Slash a small nerf and have it bypass only physical or Astra-generated defenses. This as it is seems a tad op at the moment.
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  6. @Mystic Zander Among the updates to current events, I plan to host events that involve all of it's players. As of now, I simply want to establish the "Normal World" of Alabastor currently. I essentially want this to be a world for people to RP in, first and foremost.
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  7. Oh! This looks excellent and perfect and the best place to explore my World conquest fantasies, however, I do have a few questions.

    Would you be able to provide a more definite time period for gaining Astra?

    Right now it's months of training, I'm roughly guesstimating that you can gain a bit more than 1.5-2 Astra with a year of training?

    Its headcanon based on the ages of the two character sheets I've seen thus far. Your own character at 41 has the full 30 while Spoiled Bread, at 25 has 27 Astra.

    I'm asking because I want to set an age for my character where she could reasonably have 15-20 Astra or so, since I do want to develop her other abilities throughout the RP, and I'd love for this to last at least a couple of years in RP.
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  8. @kyuukestu Months just to unlock the use of Astra itself, yes, if you dedicate yourself to it. Primarily it all depends on the time and effort the character puts into it, like any sort of training. Typically, the average age to max out your Astral Score is roughly 27-30 years of age. But there are records among the world of younger folks doing so because they dedicated so much time and effort into learning it.

    And this might be a bit unrelated, but I think it's important to note: the physical fitness of the body can also play a part in how much raw Astra can be contained and utilized in their body. An adult would have an easier time than a child in most cases, for example. Another way to raise your Astra tolerance and limits is to simply expose yourself to large enough quantities of Astra to raise your AL.
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  9. Having it bypass physical defense only makes more sense so I will take that.

    Also, I removed astral gum.
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  10. Alright, that spells sense.

    I am serious about the World Conquest plot though, so I am interested to know more about the current status of the world. I noticed you didn't state any established nations, would it be correct to assume that there are no established nations as of yet?

    If the above is correct, then I'd love to know the basic Geography if you already have an idea for it.
  11. Since I'm playing a merchant. I want to know about the basic economy of the world too.
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  12. Updated the intro to cover those topics. I'll have a visual map up on each continent as soon as I update the ones I've already drawn to match the current time (The ones I have now are from 500 years in the future.)
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  13. I see, I see. Then I only have one more question (for now).

    Since the continents are separated by vast oceans is there a continent in particular that will be the focus of the RP? If not, (and also assuming characters end up spread across nations and continents) how would traveling to or otherwise communicating with other continents be handled?
  14. The technology of Alabastor at this time is medieval in nature. bows and crossbows, swords, caravels and frigates using sails, carriages and carts pulled by beasts of burden, stuff like that.

    As for whether or not to focus on a single continent, I haven't yet decided. I'm thinking of starting with Atlasia before expanding the map's limits to the other three. It might limit start positions at first, but it'll allow for a more compact area, increasing likelihood of interactions between characters. Furthermore, it's not like you can't make more characters. And to add to that, newer players can hop in with more options. What do you fellows think?
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  15. I’d like to reserve a spot. I’ll likely have a sheet up by tomorrow.
  16. I think starting with smaller scope is good.
  17. I do think starting in a more condensed area is better, because if there are only 3 characters on a continent to begin with then it could be pretty hard to gather traction for the story.
  18. I’d say just go the expected route. Start everyone on the same continent unless an rper would like to start his/her character somewhere else.

    Also, I’m heavily considering a hybrid race. If you don’t mind, I’ll pm you the details once you have free time. Don’t wanna spoil any ideas just yet.
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  19. Can't confirm I will join this yet...but it is quite interesting and may be too tempting to pass up if I can work it in my schedule. I do have a question though.

    I am currently debating between having a "professional fighter" vs. a "treasure hunter" and well I suppose my main question is do any of these Continents/countries/kingdoms have any sort of professional like combat or martial arts tournament or stuff where that would be valued? Or some gladiatorial arena thing? Shakala is more of a tribal right of passage kind of thing from what I read so clarification here would help me make a decision if I committed.
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  20. There you go, the ampitheatre of bloodbath!
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  21. I’m unsure about point consumption when a spell is used, would you become unable to use any of your Astra abilities when you use up your points? How does one recover their points after using them?
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  22. The way I understand it, the score doesn't refer to a mana-pool but more like the maximum number of spells you can have.

    For example the maximum Score is 30 which can be seen here:

    5 + 9 + 10 + 6 = 30

    and you use those points to create your spells:

    If you count them all up, all the spells will add up to 30 as well.

    So points are used to create spells and how you allocate them determines how many spells you have and their strength.
  23. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Forsythe "The Fox" Greenhardt
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Forsythe is loyal to noone but his guild and any close friends, he serves no king unless paid handsomely. He will kill anyone for the right price, except women and children.
    Appearance: 6'8, athletically built, white hair, yellow eyes, tattoo of a fox on his back, tattoo of the word sinner on his neck as well as a scar from when he was hung after being caught (he was rescued by his guild). He wears the traditional attire of an assassin (like the armour of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim) under a long black coat he also wears a black plain mask that covers his entire face.
    Faction/Guild: Assassin Guild
    Other: He started training in Astra when he was 6. He is a famous Assassin. Sandwiches.

    Astral Components
    Alteration: 2
    Construct: 0
    Destruction: 3
    Elemental: 10 (Ice)
    Illusion: 5
    Restoration: 10
    Summoning: 0

    Astra Technique List:
    - Ice Touch (3 Elemental) - Whoever he touches becomes frozen solid, this only works on those who haven't trained in any Astra, if they have trained in Astra it only works for a very short time, if not it is permanent.
    -You saw nothing (3 Illusion) - he can make people forget that they saw him and they forget who he is entirely.
    -Assassin Step (2 Alteration, 2Illusion) - Makes any movement he makes silent until the spell wears off.
    - Ice Spike (3 Destruction, 3 Elemental) - Fire a spike made of ice from his hand at his enemy. It can pierce through most armour but not shields made of Astra.
    - Frost Heal (2 Elemental, 3 Restoration) - Stops bleeding and the spread of poison, it basically freezes a wound.
    - Brain Freeze (2 Elemental, 2 Restoration) - Block any mental attack for a short time and heals any damage done to his brain.
    - Healing Hands (3 Restoration) - Heal someone's wounds, can not be used on himself.
    - Restore (2 Restoration) - Fix a broken item.
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  24. Interesting.... you know even if the RP doesn't kick off this is pretty great worldbuilding. Are there any religious aspects, such as any type of deity or mysticism?
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  25. But Kyuu, there's this part.
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  26. Character accepted. Welcome aboard.

    @Spoiled Bread While I'm at it, yours is as well.
    @Grand Master Koop In this case, kyuu is correct. When I say that, I mean he has four points in that component left for creating new Astra techniques.
    @Godjacob There are local tournaments held in some countries, but yes, Remulus is the most popular spot for Gladiatorial combat.
  27. Feel free to.
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  28. Ah I see, thanks.
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  29. Alright one more question (I should have asked this the night before but stupidity) is there some hypothetical "mythic" treasure or something of great value in this world? Like something in old legend that is mostly believed to not exist? Like the proverbial One Piece or City of Gold or something that would be worth an epic quest over.

    Just for consideration if I do the treasure hunter.
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  30. Indeed there is. There is the Azoth, an artifact that supposedly could grant any single wish to whomever finds it. It was discovered by a scholar, but shortly after knowledge of it's existence caused the golden age of the first era to end in war, fire, steel and blood as nations fought to claim it. This scholar, Xavius, then vanished, along with his staff and journal, which are according to legend the key to finding the Golden Gate leading to the Azoth. However, there MIGHT be some clues left somewhere in the world...
  31. Alright. I think I am gonna settle on Treasure Hunter and go for this. Since it seems to be a solid plot outline for my character and give good excuse for him to explore the world/other characters along his/her journey.

    I'll make a bio ASAP. Thank you for answering my probably stupid questions lol
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  32. [​IMG]

    If you ever want some political connections or need a vast sum of resources to fuel your journey for the mythical azoth, then you know which royal court to join :v
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  33. A Treasure Hunter eh, if that's the case then you might run into my character who is a Lore Keeper.
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  34. I guess one thing that would help is which continent would be the "best" place to set up where I am. My initial plan is basic: Have my character frantic about "proof" he/she has to finding the Golden Gate. Get laughed off/rejected by a local town/state governing body and then find some ally/backer (Either an NPC, someone I make or one of your characters if it fits) who would be swayed by what my character has on hand and has to say and provide the means he/she needs to begin the quest.

    Either that or I steal a small boat and just take a small boat to begin searching lol
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  35. I think I'll be able to finish my character sheet once I know which continent we'll be starting in. I need to know for backstory and all. Are we voting on it or do you already have a continent in mind @Gamefreak1996 ?
  36. How many elements is someone able to harness?
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  38. I originally wanted to have at least 2 elements for what I wanted but I have found a way to work around only having 1.
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  39. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Hello! Any chance I could reserve a spot? This rp looks super cool and I’d love to get a bio out
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  40. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    I have a quick question before making an OC:
    Are there any species that is more blessed to have more Astra than others? Like would a Sidhe naturally be born with and adapted with more Astra compared to a human? This is in regards with no rigorous training or meditation processes yet.
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