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Aisha's Gallery~

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by AishaNeko, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. ATTENTION: This post has been turned into my main thread. Flip through following pages for more artwork
  2. You do know that you can edit post titles and post content, right? Its just that your other thread was fairly recent and it'd be a tad practical if we could keep track of your lovely art in a single thread. :3

    And my, what lovely art it is! Those chibis are just adorable. Tentacool and Flareon especially. But is that some sort of special Pikachu there or perhaps some sort of alternate evolution? Why not use some of those adorable little things for your list?
  3. Ack you're such a great artist. That Chibi sheet makes me happy ^^

    Anyway, here's a nice list of Pokemon that (I think, anyway) would look good with that picture : D (It is that would look good with that, right?)

    1.Spinirak or Ariados. A bit creepy, but Spinirak can be made cute : D
    2. Tailow. Birds are cool, right?
    3.Milotic. She just seems like the kind of trainer that would have one.
    4. Alternatively to Milotic, Charizard/Ninetales. She seems to need that "guardian" Pokemon. But of course, you're the artist, not me ^^
    5. Furret : D
    6. Kecleon

    But seriously, you're the artist, not any of us. And you're a great one. ^^
  4. Vexen: OTL *facedesk* you know -- i have to say, i never even thought of editing my former post. I'll remember that from now on xD;; sorry, sorry. ahh, and Pikachu's just pikachu xD. I suppose I tend to morph a lot of the pokemon i draw to be a bit more feline, the yellow little rodent being a fine example of it. and i would snag a few from that list but i really want practice with a wide variety of pokemon -- especially some that might be considerd hard to draw. All of those down there are fairly easy/ common.

    Cody: thanks! and thats basically it. As i just said I want to practice on a wide variety of pokemon. I'm considering doing Milotic as one since i've always had bit of an issue with drawing them, but also i find them so pretty xD
  5. If you're looking to challenge yourself regarding drawing Pokemon, I would suggest the following subjects:

    2. Leafeon
    3. Blaziken
    4. Nidorina
    5. Tangrowth
    6. Vespiquen

    These Pokemon are rather detailed and oddly shaped, thus a bit of a challenge. Hope it helps.
  6. i might try vespiquen :] thanks for the suggestions!

    Updated it again :0
  7. 1.espeon
    3.red gyrados
  8. Well, you already have Banette as she's made out of awesome, so may I suggest Persian?

    Well, for a list:

    Your Trainer strikes me as a Kanto/Hoenn type for some reason, I have no idea why. Not many critters from, it's usually hard to find ones that go with a trainer's personality. I only added Persian because I like them.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ooo... You have a really nifty coloring and shading style. Nice soft colors... The lineart is very nice, too. ^^

    Hrm... Looking for a challenge, eh? I'm not sure how well these Pokemon would fit the picture above, but I think they'd certainly be a challenge to draw...

    1. Steelix
    2. Armaldo
    3. Golem
    4. Kangaskhan
    5. Metagross
    6. Empoleon

    Any Rock/Ground or Rock/Steel-type can be a good candidate for tougher artwork because they're so craggy. Your shading also has to be pretty good to show off their metallic sheen. I hope at least one of 'em interests you~
  10. ~liking the espeon and misdreavus...i might just have to put more than just ten pokemon in this picture xD

    ~ooh, i love persian and flygon :0 and you're pretty on the dot. Aisha's home town is Fuschia city in Kanto xDD

    ~ooooh Armaldo .0. I nearly forgot about that guy! *has a pretty, shiny card of him somewhere lost under her bed xD* I might try yo draw him or, uhm, or Golem I think. thanks for the suggestions!
  11. I'm not too good with ideas, but heh, I can try.

    Some sort of Eeveelution? I could see a Vaporeon curling its tail around her leg.
  12. Umbreon would work perfectly because it compliments the Ariados and Banette.

    I also think a Pichu would look perfect near her left leg because it's small and innocent. Maybe hugging her leg for protection?
  13. add flareon, scardy cat pichu, and drifloon and spinda for the lulz.

    thanks guys .3. im going to try and fill up the left side with medium - small guys and then the right will have a rather big pkmn, like infernape, flygon, or charizard possibly.
  14. Thank you so much for using my idea! Lol. I just feel good about myself cause someone used it. Pichu looks wonderful in this. The Drifloon and Spinda are my favorite part though. Good job!
  15. haha no prob xD It was such a cute idea. So far my favorite part is the infernape i drew-- which you'll see soon .3.

    see the first post for the full thing ;D

    That is just absolutely, unabashedly beautiful. And enitrely too adorable. Spinda and Flareon need to be hugged to death because they look so fluffeh.
  18. Anything with Spinda and Drifloon together in it is amazing. Especially thiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss.

    Everything is adorable and Gastrodon is like whaaaaat it's so awesome. I like this a lot :Y

    Bannette is also really shiny like a new plastic toy or sumthin'. Growlithe goes limp when held
  19. @.@ *dies from compliment overload* th-thank you guys
  20. G-g-g-gor-geous! So awesome, I can't say it! It's simply *sounds to self* gorgeous! There I can. Great job! I love it! You should do more. It is simply amazing. I love the Gastrodon.
  21. >w< thankyouthankyuothankyou!

    gastrodon was a betch to color though Dx i hate shading large things with little detail, bleghh.
  22. Okay. Aisha. Wow.

    You're an incredible artist! Everything about that picture blends, perfectly in my opinion. I can't get over how adorable the Furret is draped on her shoulder. It just screams "squee at this" to me. : D

    The Spinda dancing on the Drifloon is also pretty awesome. You make me wish I could draw! : D

    Incredible, in short.
  23. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I must say, that is one of the cutest Spinda I've ever seen. The combination of it standing (if not dancing?) on Drifloon's head is just far too adorable. Almost makes me want to train a Spinda on one of my future teams XDD

    The end result of the picture looks amazing with all of the different Pokemon and poses. Oddly enough however... I'm absolutely in love with your Gastrodon, and it's not even the version of Gastrodon I tend to like most! Wonderful coloring and shading with its body... It makes the body actually look like it'd be a bit slimy.

    The little touches to the background of the image are great accents. Subtle, but nice. It really brings it out to complete the picture. Very nice indeed ^__^
  24. ;D; thanks so much you guys
  25. In my opinion, your style doesn't look completely cartoony. In my opinion, the poses, shading, and colors somehow keep it from the land of Sugimori, and nicely as well.

    I have a list of Pokemon to challenge you as well.

    1. Empoleon (have fun with that frilly 'vest :p)
    2. Giratina
    3. Frosslass
    4. A more realistic Mareep
  26. ^-^ thanks~

    ok, im just going to turn this into my srs artwork thread. and, since i cant post this tomorrow, here's just a little something for you guys!

  27. Awwwwww Jirachi! It's so cute :>
    The background is also really cool. I like the greeny circley circles. It's fun.

    Happy new year to you too, Aisha!
  28. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    happy new year aisha
  29. thanks! hey, you guys wanna see a sneak peek of something im working on, thats not all that pokemon related? xD


    it's a member of the Talos named Franz. I was inspired to make this species via the Avatar movie which ive yet to see .w. they're a fully anthropomorphic race and some sort of mix between a cat and owl xDD
  30. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    she looks kind of sablye like with the ears and blue eyes
  31. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    That is absolutely beautiful. I'm incredibly impressed - and I look forward to seeing more of your work :D
  32. thanks you two xD And franz is actually male xD The Talos look very androgynous.

    here's a clearer look at it -- [​IMG]

    i could go into the anatomical reasons why he looks like a she and how it all works in the end, but im gonna save that until the final picture xD

    once the base shading is done on his fur, im going to add some gear and accessories.
  33. ahh, seems i'm not gonna be able to finish the picture up there...i got bored of it xD though i did make a ton of progress, its just gonna rot in my files. but now, MORE arts unrelated to pkmn~


    you always see those guys with their "click my dragonz" and stuff, right? Well ive got my own adoptables~ these guys just happen to be from the "My little demon" series i'm making.

    SPOILER SHEETS: http://aishaxnekox.deviantart.com/art/My-little-Demon-part-1-148859079
  34. [​IMG]


    sorry i havent been on guys! i know you've missed me /sarcasm.

    thought i'd update on some pokemon gijinka. Here's my lovely infernape .3.

    done in a paintchat (real-time oekaki board with other people!)
  35. [​IMG]

    someone suggested doing a raichu porygon mix...lol
  36. Nice drawings.

    Me, having no knowledge about that, can not say anything constructive XD

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