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Private/Closed Ahnoah: Pokemon Contest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Silver-Solis, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. (Discussion thread http://pokecharms.com/threads/ahnoah-pokemon-contest.14423/)
    “Ah, Lumiose City. A fine city of wealth, culture, and some real nice food.” Ahnoah said taking a bite into a Lumiose Galette. The rest of Ahnoah’s Pokemon had a Galette, while Stardom also had a pink pokepuff being held up in her ribbons. Ahnoah sat down at a table on Autumnal Avenue and his team crowded around that table with him.

    It was 3:30 PM, and the streets were just getting ready to make way for the afternoon buzz. Shops preparing their items in tip-top shape in hopes of getting some people to buy their items, while the restaraunts prepared for the afternoon influx of people. The juice shop was cleaning their appliances. Everything seemed to always be moving in Lumiose City, and that’s what Ahnoah liked about it.

    Ahnoah turned to Zehriyah, the most responsible one out of his team. She was good at managing everyone, and most of all, she could talk, and make other Pokemon around her talk too using her illusions.

    “So, Anything else we got to do before we got to get ready for Stardom’s Pokemon Contest?” Ahnoah Asked.

    “Well, not anything in particular...but we got a lot of time. We could do something, we have until eight to get there, and it starts at nine. So we have about 4 hours.” Zehriyah Responded. She had a low but feminine voice, that suited a Zoroark.

    “We could just hang out here or browse the shopping district, we could find something for either you or Stardom there that could help us in the contest.” Autumn replied. Autumn had a bit higher voice than Zehriyah, but with a more faint sound to it.

    “What about getting dinner now? I know we just got a snack, but we might as well. We got the time” Caesar responded. Caesar had a masculine voice, though it had shy tone to it.

    “What if, we just went to the Contest Hall now, and practiced? Is that fine?” Stardom said, she had a childish voice, though is a bit louder than the group.

    “Well, we would be practicing for a long time, and by the time the show starts, you would be worn out.” Zehriyah replied.

    “Oh, ok momma.” Stardom said.

    “Besides, it’s not like we can do anything while we're there but watch you guys. I can’t handle 4 hours of that. I would rather see a play or something.” Reina said. She had a more rough tone to her voice, but not too rough, more tomboy-ish. Though she isn’t a tomboy, just dramatic.

    “Well we got nothing, what about just walk the city? We could stop by the shopping district, and then get something to eat. Then we could arrive at the contest hall at around 7 to practice a bit. Unless Tiberius has any suggestions” said Ahnoah.

    Tiberius just grunted, which was a sign of a no. So Ahnoah and his team got up from the table they were at and began walking down Autumnal Avenue.
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  2. "Oh jeez, Lumiose City is way big," Tormey said, comparing it to his hometown of Snowbelle City in his mind. "I didn't think it would be this big. Did you, Melissa?" He looked at his PokéDex, and a Porygon was sitting inside it. "No, I did not. I knew the exact size in many different measurements down to the decimal. In short, I knew what to expect" He looked down at it, unsurprised. "You're no fun. What about you, V- Oh yeah. He's not allowed out because of all of the electronics...anyways, what do we do here? Just walk around?"
    "That seems like the best course of action. You definitely are not ready for the gym yet." Tormey sighed, and looked up. "Good Arceus, look at that giant Arcanine!" He said, pointing at said giant Arcanine. "I would not recommend doing what I think you're about to do, Tor- Oh, you're doing it anyway." Tormey, being the way he is, sent out the rest of his Pokémon, carried Angel, and fast-walked up to the Arcanine to started petting it. None of his others petted it though, mostly out of fear and also out of not being able to move. "You have a really cool Arcanine, sir! It's so big and fluffy!"
  3. Tiberius being the natural defender jumped back from the sudden touch, while letting out an ear shattering set of barks. It sent everyone into a bit of a daze, except Ahnoah who had to grow up with it.

    "Dear Arceus Tiberius! What did I say about doing That!" Immediately after Ahnoah saying that, he noticed exactly why he was barking.

    "Ah, it's just a kid... well I can't say that I wouldn't be surprised. Hey kid, can you please not disturb him? If you can't tell he is a bit protective and well, sensitive to touch." Then Ahnoah muttered under his breath "Why does it always have to be Tiberius, why not Autumn, or Stardom..."

    Caesar began to regain control, and his air sac immediately filled up to max.

    "Float, floatzel...Float?" Floatzel said confused.

    "We have to wait for Zehriyah, remember, she makes you guys talk" Ahnoah said
  4. Kim continued to look at her map just as an ear shatering set of barks erupted. instinctively, she let go of the map and coved her ears. soon the barks stoped as she picked her map. Kim looked around to see who could have barked and saw a large arcanine with its trainer, other pokemon, and a kid. Kim ,with beging curious, was starting to head over to see what was going on just as tinnyflower sprinted ahead of her to the small group. not less than a second later, Tim chased after her. Kim sighed as she followed the 2 pokemon who were up in everyones faces.
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  5. "Well, everyone is now coming to see what happened..." Ahnoah said. Caesar started to become self conscious and began to back off, going back to his shy self when others are around. He backed away from both the Flareon and group and away from the kid as well.

    Stardom on the other hand seemed glad that others were coming towards them, and with Zehriyah and the others now have their conscious regained, it seemed that it's just Tiberius is attracting alot of attention, which is mostly normal, and right behind him is Autumn with her autumn colored skin.

    "Heya! More friends are coming!" Stardom kind of bounced around, and jumped right into Tiberius' fur, and became hidden beside her ears, tail, and ribbons.

    "Actually, I think they are just investigating why such a loud bark happened. Though they could become your friends." Autumn replied. She tried to act as if she was not in pain, though the loud bark clearly still has her a bit dazed.

    "Tiberius, please try not to be so jumpy, I know we just had a run in with the people who tried poaching Autumn when we first got her, but they said they don't really care anymore. I know you are just doing your job, but please just try to relax." Zehriyah seemed concerned for him, she knows that he has been more on edge do to that, but something else seemed off too. He is a bit to jumpy than normal.

    "Hey! Tiberius, Don't. Do. That. Again. You nearly killed us all by exploding our heads with that loud bark. Just stop." Reina said, she seemed a little pissed off, though you can tell she had a lot of adrenaline running through her.

    "Hey, he's just doing his job, and it is his instincts too, he can't help it." Autumn said back, with a bit of an annoyed voice.

    "Well if he's protecting us then why is he attacking our ears?! If he really was doing his job then he would have bit the kid. At least he wouldn't hurt us in the process." Reina said back

    "Well, if he did then we would be in a lot of trouble! Tiberius could bite the kid's hand off. Were lucky that he didn't!" Autumn shouted back.

    Tiberius began whining, which was a sign of apology, and he hated when the others fought. He was the reason this time, so he felt even worse.

    "Look, you are making Tiberius cry, just stop fighting and calm down, we probably already terrified the kid already." Zehriyah said, taking charge as if she was the teams mother.

    "Yeah, just everyone calm down, and just focus on dealing with the Pokemon approaching us. That and the trainer, which the Pokemon probably belong to." Ahnoah said, concerned
  6. Kim walked over to the 2 pokemon and called them to her. They reluctantly came back. "I am so sorry about them I hope they did not bother you." She said as moon hit tim and tinnyflower on the head with his horn. "Jolt (they are just curious!)" Madi said on kims shoulder. "you guys here for the contest, i assume?" She asked as Tim got into playful mode and circled moon.
  7. "Yeah...we are." Ahnoah said, and muttered something after that.

    Stardom decided to join in with the playful Pokemon and ran along with Tim and Moon. Zehriyah didn't feel like she needed to stop her, so she kept going.

    'Yeah, but we had spare time so we were just going to walk around, but then some kid triggered Tiberius' instincts." Zehriyah said.

    "Shou-" Reina was about to say, but then was immediately smacked by Autumn with her tail.

    "She wasn't going to say anything. I promise." Autumn replied, looking a bit nervous.

    "Hey! What was that for, I star staraptor Star.........." Zehriyah stopped translating Reina mid sentence so she couldn't say what she was going to say.

    "Thank you Zehriyah. That was probably best for all of us." Autumn replied.

    "Uh.......hi." Ceasar said shyly, wanting to start conversation but is to shy too.
  8. (sorry for taking so long to post a replie)
    kim laughed at the pokemon. Athough it would seam wierd seeing pokemon talk even if you knew it as an allusion, Kim had seen to much things to not be startled by it. "We were heading to a bakery to eat somthing before the contest started anyway. If you wanted to join us" She said as she looked back to the playing pokemon. "you should call your Sylveon back. Those two can get a bit tricky". Kim said those words just as Tim started nocking down chairs for fun. Kim sighed as she called tims name in a warning voice.
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  9. (Some of these mistakes seem off. Are you using mobile, or a different keyboard for this post? It seems like a big drop in quality compared to the last one. I suggest putting things into Grammarly.com so you are less likely to mess up.)

    Ahnoah seemed a bit confused for a quarter of a second, but then realized what she meant.

    "Oh, I don't use pokeballs, I treat them as family, and they are doing all the work. If anything I should be in there, all I do is tell them to do stuff. Sometimes they even make better decisions than me anyways!" Ahnoah chuckled a bit at the end.

    Zehriyah, went over and picked up the chairs and put them back into place. She felt somewhat responsible, being Stardom's adopted mother, and she was playing with them.

    "They are a bit rowdy...but this is nothing compared to how we get sometimes. No worries" Zehriyah said, giving a warm smile at the end.

    "Wait...they mentioned food...what happened to our food?" Caesar asked.

    "Well, it's on the ground now, that's for sure." Autumn said, looking at the ground below her.

    "S-sorry...I didn't mean too..." Tiberius said with his head hanging low, with a bit of a whine in there too.

    "It's fine buddy, the goal was the taste them, not finish them. As about the bakery, we can go with you guys. I would just refrain from spending money, I am a bit low right now...though I think Stardom has enough to almost buy the whole shop." Ahnoah said, comforting the OG of his team.
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  10. (sorry I was using my mobile)
    "There is no problem being larger than average" Kim said to Tiberius also trying to cheer him up. "The Flareon over there, Tinnyflower, is smaller then average ,yet she has not problems with it and even compares her self bigger then everyone." She finished the statement chuckling slightly. "anyway I am glad that you guys would like to join us!" Kim said as Moon brushed up beside her. He then ,using his horn, pointed to the clock. "ab absol...(we should hurry if we want to make it....)" He said.
  11. Zara came running out of a tree line with Amp, Fawn, and Gan not far behind,
    "Guys, *pant* we are going to miss the show if we don't hurry." She gasped.
    Gan let out a cry and started to fly far ahead, Zara shook her head, "Ugh, why Gan."
    He swooped down behind her and Fawn jumped on his back. He flew ahead again. Zara just laughed and looked back at the struggling ampharos,
    "I can see the city, bab, only a bit farther ok?"
    Amp just looked down and sighed as she kept her pace.
    After a bit they where running though concrete blocks, Zara slowed to a walk. She spotted a group of people and Pokemon. She walked over to them,
    "Um, are you guys going to the Pokemon content? I need to know if I'm in the right place."
  12. (I Promise this isn't a text block. Just a lot of speech)
    "Thanks, we have some time to burn. I'm Ahnoah, come from Jhoto with my family here. The big one is Tiberius, he really means no harm, well unless you threaten us. But for the most part, he is just a big guy with a big heart. The competitor here is Stardom. Funny story, she evolved before I came here to Kalos so no one really knew what she was. Now everyone knows what a Sylveon is with more people caring for their Pokemon even more than before. The Zoroark here is Zehriyah. She is the translator and the reason why I can understand all of them. She is by far the most responsible one of the group but does make mistakes here and there. Also, she pretty much adopted Stardom, as if she was her mother. The Staraptor here who sometimes needs to keep her beak shut is Reina. She is a bit Critical but helps out in tight spots. she understands how the world works, which isn't always a good thing. She has a bit of an Anger issue as well. The colourful Seperior here is Autumn. She is the calmest one of the group. She definitely isn't shy but doesn't speak loudly either. She does happen to be a heavy hitter if needed, so she isn't all flowers and sunshine. Lastly, the Floatzel here is Caesar. He's a bit shy, but only when he knows people are watching him. He is the hardest hitting in the group and one of the fastest as well. He has a special ability called Tension. He also saved my life from drowning is a Tsunami. I didn't even know him at the time, so I thank him for that. He says it was because he wanted to have a trainer, and I seemed nice. Don't know what he saw in me, though. All I do is tell them what to do, and they do it. "

    By the end of Ahnoah's rant, a trainer approached who seemed like they have just come from living in a forest. Ahnoah knew what it was like to spend days and even weeks in the forest so he immediately sympathized with her, well if she did live in the forest. Her question, however, needed to be answered. Before Ahnoah could even answer Autumn spoke up.

    "Yep! We are going to the Pokemon contest. You happen to be another competitor?" Autumn said with her usual warm smile that burrowed its way into even the worst of villains hearts.

    "Even more people? That's great! More people to meet!" Stardom said, prancing around a bit.

    It seemed as if the whole fight about Tiberius never even happened now. Ahnoah and his team already seemed to be back in perfect form. Already Reina was getting along, or at least not causing fights, with Autumn again.

    "You did a really good job at explaining us...though we could of just done the same" Zehriyah whispered to Ahnoah. She seemed proud of her trainer knowing everyone so well.

    "Welcome," Ahnoah said whispering back.

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