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Open Age of the Dragons Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by EeveeBlueSisters, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. What if the world was flipped around you and you wake up to discover a big lizard that breathes power of any of the elements standing in front of you. You suddenly don't remember anything at all not even your own name. You are very confused on how you got there in the first place until the dragon tells you that there is a reason why you have lost of memory. The dragon explains that it's to prevent your memories from being corrupted as you gain them back slowly and make new ones. Will you be able to regain your memory back and remember who you really are?

    -General Pokecharms rules
    -Crushes I allow(but keep it PG)
    -All dragons will be at least three years of age
    -Any type of dragon species is allowed

    Water: Long Yan/Yan-Yan/Xiao Mei @Willow Tree
    Earth: Destiny/Magi/Sarah @KiuryosuMizuko
    Electric: Nebulite/Thunder/Storm @Rowan Tree
    Ice: JC/Ezra/Everest @LunarSilvally
    Poison: Athena/Chloe/Jewel @KFC-Torchic
    Shadow: Shadow/Crow/Raven @LunarSilvally
    Darkness: Bellamy/Stiles/Aster @Shadow_Pup
    Light: Snow/White Lotus/Kirin(twin) @Clite of Dragonbow
    Death: Lunero/Black Lotus/Umrtia(twin)@Clite of Dragonbow
    Void: Laby/Twinkle Soul/Nisha @Rowan Tree

    Just as the name stats, they breath fire. There body structure can either be slim or a bit bulky with strong legs and tail. They have average sized wings that are webbed with the end of their tail mostly pointed with spikes starting at the neck to the end of it's tail before the point. They have four head horns at the back of it's head with average sized black claws of it's feet. They can have a long pointed horn in the middle of their head. Their coloring ranges from a dark red to almost brown color almost looking gold. They can have either gold or orange eyes, sometimes both which is rare. Their gems are placed at side on its shoulder radiating either a gold or firey red-orange color. They mostly live in hot areas either near a volcano or crater with a lake of lava. They have a hot-headed and rash personality forgetting to think straight most of the time. Weakness towards them is Water and Earth dragons

    Volcanic Eruption: Summons a large amount of fire power from it's gem to its breath and claws unleashing burning lava from it's mouth and claws able to destroy anything in its path as it deals massive damage to the ice dragon

    Fire Breath: A normal breathing attack

    Water dragons breath water as their body structure is only slim. They don't have wings like their other dragon species. They have a webbed point at the end of it's tail with webbed feet. Instead of spikes they have short fur that starts at the neck to the end of it's tail before the webbing. They mostly have shiny scales all over it's body. They have no horns just ears at the side. Their coloring ranges from a sky blue to ocean blue sometimes even a turquoise color. They have either sea blue, light blue, or emerald eyes. They live either at sea or in lakes. Their gem rests at the end of their webbed tail radiating a light blue or sky blue coloring. They have a quiet and gentle personality have the abilities to heal injuries. Weakness towards them is electric and earth dragons

    Serene Nado Blast: Summons a strong blast of raging water that gives a slight burn to the touch before it forms a rapid tornado cutting off air supply to the dragon before delivering a shattering blow

    Water Life: Able to heal its injuries quickly even severe ones

    Earth dragons breath Earth mostly light green as their body structure is very bulky but also a bit slim and more heavy then the other dragons. They have large wings to help support their heavy weight. They have rocky rough skin that look like rocks covering it's whole body with a very bulky tail with a rocky point. They do have four horns at the back of it's head curled slightly at the end. They have either light green or silver eyes. They live in a rocky area with greenery or on a mountain mostly inside of it. Their gem rests at the middle of it's forehead radiating a emerald green or light green color. Their coloring ranges to a dark earthy green to an almost light tan to dark brown coloring. They have a brave, tough, and strong personality and aren't afraid to show who is the strongest. Weakness towards them is ice and poison

    Thorn Petal: Summons it's rough scales that sharpen to a dangerous point before unleashing it at it's opponent like sharp blades

    Venus Trap: Summons a live eating plant with long pointed vines wrapping it's opponent constricting the dragon injecting a bit of poison to paralysis it temporary

    Electric dragons breath the lightning element coming out as a shocking beam. They have a very well built body with a couple of horns at the back of it's head colored gold as two of it's horns go straight up but curve in a swirl at the end with claws also the same color. They have regular sized wings with very sharp spikes from the back of their neck to the end of it's tail before the point. The end of it's tail has a very sharp point able to cut cleanly with sharp spikes placed together on each side of its tail. They have either silver to Ruby red eyes even light blue almost both. Their coloring ranges from an elegant dark blue coloring to black. Their gem is at the chest radiating only a shiny light blue color as they bodies will always glow brightly at night. They live in areas where it storms a lot where lightning occures. They have a stern and wise personality but have a hard time trusting other dragons quickly except for the ice dragons due to their calm and pure personalities. They have no weakness to the other dragons and rival over the fire Dragons due to that being the ice dragons weakness.

    Storm Blast: Summons a strong amount of electricity through its horns unleashing a shocking blow to its opponent and summon thunderstorms to raise it's power

    Lightning Heart: Locates the heart of the dragon giving a painful shock immobilizing its opponent temporary

    Ice dragons breathe the ice element as they range from slim, well built, or slightly bulky. They have four ice colored horns at the back of their heads, two above and two below that are slightly curled pointed straight out. They have well good sized wings with regular sized feet and white sharp claws. They have either two pointed horns more out to the side of their head or a shield armor pointed up slightly to form a triangle or an ice pointed horn in the middle of it's head. Their coloring ranges from ice blue, a light turquoise, dark blue, and even all white or just a mixer of both. They either have ice blue, light blue, turquoise blue, or silver eye color. They have no spikes but a long strong tail with a sharp armor point at the end covered completely in ice as mostly of it points out a bit then bends up in an "L" position. Their gem rests at the middle of it's chest only radiating the color light blue. They live in mostly cold areas like the Arctic. They have a calm and pure personality having the ability to heal injuries and even their own health. They are the most understanding of dragon species which is the reason why electric dragons have more respect towards them. Weakness to them are fire Dragons and are immune to Poison dragons.

    Arctic Healing: Heals even the severe injuries even it's health

    Arctic Zero: Drops the temperature below -20° with its own body making it's eyes glow summoning a brutal blizzard to freeze it's opponents completely

    Poison dragons are the most deadly dragon species due to have a lot of toxins in their body even at the point of their tails. They have only well built body frames to be able to handle the toxins living inside of their bodies. They breathe toxic breathe that can kill any dragon except the ice dragon and Electric dragon. Their coloring ranges from dark purple to black, sometimes both with a toxic bright green pattern. They have light wings and a long slim tail with a toxic point. They live in areas with radioactive toxins with the trees and ground dead and bones scattered around from previous dragons. They have either medium lavender or toxic light green colored eyes. They have a sharp and selfish personality due to being too territorial to home grounds and food rights. Their gem rests at the side of it's head glowing only in a dark lavender color. Weakness to them are ice and electric dragons due to the immunity towards them.

    Toxic Wing: It's wings glow purple building up deadly poison to hit it's opponent

    Deadly Fog: Releases a deadly purple fog that is hard to see through cutting off eye vision and if absorbed gives a slow and painful toxic death

    Shadow dragons breathe the element of Shadow as it's breath is colored in a dark purple to black coloring. They have very slim builds but, not starved but will a bit of muscle. They are mostly either completely black with dark purple horns, claws, and inside of wings and at the point of it's tail or dark purple with black horns, claws, inside of wings, and at the point of it's tail. They have silver or dark lavender eyes and may have a mix of both. They have four wings instead of two with sharp spikes going along it's neck to the end of it's tail before the point. They have sharp claws as it's gem rests in the middle of it's pointed tail only glowing a dark purple color. They have four horns at the back of it's head with smaller ones at the back part of it's jaw as it points straight out as the bottom ones are flipped upside down. Their scales glow a radiant rainbow color when shined in light. They live in areas where shadows appear more frequently with large rocks surrounding the areas. They have an overprotective, finicky, and loner personality. They are immune to dark dragons but have weakness to light dragons.

    Shadow Blade: Uses it's wings to unleash dark purple wing blades at the opponent in a swift motion

    Shadow force: Vanishes under ground before appearing behind the opponent slashing them with it's sharp claws taking its soul ending its life

    Just as the name stats, dark dragons breathe the breath of darkness colored completely dark grey to black. They have well built to slightly bulky body with four light grey horns at the back of it's head pointed normally with spikes on its neck, back, and end of tail. It has an arrow pointed tail with medium sized wings shape into almost a diamond. They have only silver colored eyes and live in mostly caves not daring to see the light. Weakness to them is the Shadow dragons due to the immunity as they are strong towards the light dragons but also a weakness towards them.They have a stubborn, rude, and snappy personality as their gem is at the lower part of it's stomach between it's front legs glowing a dark grey coloring.

    Night Wing: Absorbs a large amount of dark power in its wings like a Solar panel reflecting back the dark power from it's wings at the opponent

    Dark Oblivion: Summons a large hole behind itself with a galaxy view within it before a large blade rings appear causing the dark dragons eyes to change a bright purple color trapping the opponent within the rings that surrounds them draining their power energy weakening the dragon greatly before being slammed to the ground.

    Light dragons breath the light element in a blinding white beam. Light dragons have unique features unlike the rest of it's dragon species. They have a well built body with four white feathered wings instead of webbed along it's back. Instead of spikes, it's long fur from the top of its neck to the end of it's tail before it's furred end point that is gradually long at the end. They have four white horns at the back of it's head with ears at the side of it's head. They are only white in color with only gold and light blue colored eyes. They have white sharp claws on its feet. They live mostly in the clouds were light is mostly present and never dare to enter the darkness or even see it. Their gem is placed just above the chest in a golden-yellow coloring.They are immune to Shadow dragon and are strong against the dark dragons but also a weakness towards them.

    Holy Crown: A blinding crown is summoned boosting the light dragons power before striking the opponent down in a crown like shape

    Angel Judgement: Blinding chains immobilize the movement of the dragon even on around it's neck before holy swords stab the dragon repeatively with blinding pain

    Death dragons are the close relatives to the Shadow dragons as they have the element of death breathing a fluorescent glowing purple to almost pink colored breath that glows within it's body when it's about to be used. They are only colored in black with bright lavender eyes. They have sharp spikes from neck to the end of it's tail but no point armor at the end. They have medium sized wings with sharp edges with three claws that look like a hand in the middle of it's wings at the top to be able to grasp things easier or hold it's weight up better. Just by the touch of it's breath can incinigrate the dragon into bones except ice dragons and light dragons. They live with dark dragons in a cave but more deeper in with bones surrounding the area. Weakness to them is ice and light dragons.

    Death Dream: The dragon is immobilized by heavy binding chains that has dark power surrounding the chains before a nightmare about death appears in its head messing them up temporarily leaving them bloodshot

    Death Blood: Uses it's claws to snatch blood from the opposite as it's claws glow red before striking again with extreme power delivering pain as the more blood it has the more painful it will be.

    These dragons mostly live alone due to being cursed. They range from Navy to dark blue purple and even midnight black in coloring. They have very curly horns with a sharp point at the end of their tail. Their eye color ranges from purple to Royal blue. Their body figure is very hard to clarify due to hiding away alone from other dragons due to its curse. They breath smoke to escape from others colored purple. If they are hyper they can summon black holes. They have a tiny silver scale at the end of it's eyes. Their gem rests at the back of their necks. They can make themselves look ghost like as if it's dead or floating and give actual form just like any other dragon. They wings are normally big that are completely Galaxy colored with white stars to give a bright look to them.Weakness to them are light and electric dragons. They live in the most darkest of places like a bottom of an abyss to prevent from being seen.

    Breath Escape: Breathes out smoke to escape quickly from an danger or hide away but can also create black holes with this ability

    Void Beam: Opens its mouth unleashing a powerful radiant bright purple glowing beam at the opponent that is infected by its curse killing the dragon almost immediately

    Volcano Crater: This area inhabits a live volcano along with a river full of lava. It is extremely hot in this area making an adaptable home for fire dragons.

    Coral Sea: Many ocean life live in this area as the temperature varies. Many fish also live in this area making a good snack and adaptable home for water dragons.

    Enchanted Forest: A lot of greenary is grown here, mostly tall trees and rocks. Large birds also live here as Earth dragons inhabit in this area.

    Voltage Plant: A lot of electricity is attracted here even the ground as Electric dragons inhabit here. A tall steel tower stands in the middle of the habitat generating electricity.

    Arctic Circle: Tall glaciers, Frozen ice and a cold sea is presented here. It's extremely cold in this area making an adaptable home for ice dragons. A light blue orb rests on a frozen craft pillar stand that gives the ice dragons their healing ability along with maintaining the extremely cold temperature.

    Toxic Pillar: This is a very dangerous area for all dragons except for ice dragons as here lives many toxic elements. Two pillars stand just at the entrance to prevent the toxic elements from escaping even protecting the water florishing there. Poison dragons inhabit in this area.

    Shadow Plain: A lot of shadows can be created in this dark area as only large rocks are present. Shadow dragons inhabit in this area.

    Arch Cave: These caves are extremely dark that don't let any sort of light in as Bears and left over scraps are left in there. Dark dragons and Death dragons inhabit in his cave area feeding off the bears and bones.

    Angel Feather: A floating habitat is presented here along with birds and fruits with vegetation and clean water coming out of a waterfall. A statue of the light dragon outlined in gold sits in the middle. Light dragons inhabit in this area.

    Dark Abyss: A very dangerous place believed to be cursed and it actually is. This isn't a problem for the Void dragons that inhabit here and dragons who try to find them end up not returning but you have to be lucky to get out of this habitat alive

    Abandon Ruins: A place where all dragons come together looking for answers from the Dragon god


    Fire dragons: Lava rocks, Boar
    Water dragons: Fish
    Earth dragons: Large birds, Vegetation
    Electric dragons: Electric eels
    Ice dragons: Frozen ice, Fish
    Poison dragons: Anything rotting in poison, bones
    Shadow dragons: Elk, dead caresses
    Dark dragons: Bears and left over scraps
    Light dragons: Birds, Fruits
    Death dragons: Bones, dead dragon cargesses
    Void dragons: Remains of dragons that never had a chance to escape due to the curse the void dragon has

    Temporary name:
    Dragon Chosen:
    Crush: (if any)

    Stage(Juvenile, young adult, adult):
    Gem location:

    Name: JC
    Temporary name: Ezra
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: She is a light-skinned young lady with a well feminine build standing at 5'3 in height. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail with light blue eyes, right completely blind as her bang covers it. She wears a black tank with a shirt over it only showing her right shoulder as her tank strap is only visible on her right shoulder as in the front it says "No Judgemental Comments" in light red, light green, and light blue coloring. She wears black Caprice with bandages around her wrists and ankles with black flats on her feet as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears glasses upon her face with a black and silver cross necklace around her neck
    Personality: Quite distant, slightly stubborn(mostly), stern, understanding, gentle, strong, brave(only acts the part)
    Dragon Chosen: Ice dragon
    Parents: Kaun(M)(Father)(Deceased), Sherri(F)(Mother)(Alive)
    Siblings: Shadow(M)(Alive)(Older brother)
    Crush: N/A
    Other: Wears a white wolf blue-streaked mask upon her face with a black hooded cape.

    Name: Everest
    Gender: Female
    Age: 3
    Stage: Young adult
    Power: Ice
    Appearance: She has a well built slim build with regular sized wings. She has light blue eyes with a pure white icy coloring on her body. She has four white horns pointed straight out slightly curves on the back of her head with a long pointed ice horn in the middle of her head. She has sharp white claws on her feet with a long tail and a sharp point at the end ice completely covering it as white fur somehow seemed to form around the point giving a sparkling appearance. Her gem rests on her chest colored light blue. She formed a fur bang covering one of her eyes
    Gem location: In the middle of her chest
    Ability: Arctic healing- Heals injuries including her health
    Personality: Calm, Gentle, Pure, Sweet

    Name: Shadow
    Temporary name: Crow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: He is a light-skinned young male with a well masculine build standing at 5'8 in height. He has jet black hair that is slightly longer in the back with light-blue-gold eyes as his bang covers his gold one. He wears a plain black buttoned down shirt with a tank underneath and black pants with comfortable shoes. He wears a black cross necklace around his neck with a bandage only on his right wrist with a black watch woren on top of it.
    Personality: Brave, Strong, Overprotective(of JC), Calm,
    Dragon Chosen: Shadow dragon
    Parents: Kaun(M)(Deceased), Sherri(F)(Mother)(Alive)
    Siblings: JC(F)(young sister)
    Crush: N/A
    Other: He wears a black wolf gold-streaked mask on his face with a black hooded cape.

    Name: Eclipse
    Gender: Male
    Age: 3
    Stage(Juvenile, young adult, adult): Young adult
    Power: Shadow
    Appearance: He has dark purple skin along with his scales with four black horns, claws, inside of wings, and on pointed tail. He has four wings presented on his back with black spikes along his neck to the end of his tail which is sharply pointed. He has silver-dark lavender eyes. The gem is colored a dark purple
    Gem location: In the middle of his tail point
    Ability: Shadow Nightmare- Just by the touch of its breath, it can cause trouble for the other dragons and give them drastic nightmares except for light dragons
    Personality: Overprotective, Finicky, a loner, but has a gentle heart if you can get there


    Finally done xD I'll tag to start

    @DevVoid @Clite of Dragonbow @Shadow_Pup @Willow Tree
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  2. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Reserve the water spot for me plz before anyone steals it-

    And thanks for the tag~
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  3. Can you please reserve the poison dragon for me, i'll be making my sheet soon
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  4. Can you reserve the Earth spot for me please? I’m going to make my sheet later.
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    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Name: Long Yan
    Temporary name: Yan Yan (or Yanny)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    [​IMG] Long Yan have a really light blue hair that is pale enough to nearly resemblance white if seen from a distance. Up close, to anybody, it'll just look blue. Matching with his hair, his eyes too, are blue, but a lot more deeper shade with a gentle glow in them. His clothes mostly consist of white, which confuse people into thinking his specialty is more of ice than water. The arm cuff is somewhat of a lighter brown with darker brown together, so it's usually the easiest to make out from his clothes, though it's mostly almost always covered up with his sleeves.
    Personality: He's an overall softie with the personality of a grandma. He loves kids of any age and always somehow seems to carry snacks around with him to share whenever need be. At first glance he looks all high and mighty with his head held up proudly and steps that mimic those with high entitlement. Reality though, it's just how he is, and his actions never really define his reaction to things, so Newton's laws towards this guy wouldn't matter. He's pretty sweet once you know him long enough and he is always ready to help others even if they're strangers. He's oblivious when it comes to love and never particularly took interest in it, but he is a devoted man and would sacrifice his everything for his lover if they ever come to confess. He's usually not the type of guy to say no, so the mass mojority of the yes and no questions you asks him ends up as a 'yes'. But even with that soft side, this guy also holds a bold sturdy part of himself. He let's himself get push around, if that meant they could avoid conflict, but he knows when things can get too far and will step up when it does, so usually people don't bully that guy much. He loves animals of all kinds, and own a songbird for himself to own as a hobby.
    Dragon Chosen: Water
    Parents: Lychee(Mother)(Alive), Rambutan(Father)(Alive)
    Siblings: None
    Crush: Depends, may develop during the rp but Idk yet
    • His name means "Dragon Eye" if you were to translate it back to english, it is also a type of fruit
    • His entire family have fruits names haha
    • He's sometimes easily mistaken for a girl by others, so much that he himself have doubt that he's a boy
    • He adores children, bring him one and he'll pamper them to death
    • He likes to "go with the flow"
    • He enjoys tea of any kind and is a fan of hosting tea parties whenever possible with his friends
    Name: Xiao Mei
    Gender: Female
    Age: 2
    Stage: Young Adult
    Power: Water
    Appearance: A slender water dragon that holds quite the number of fins and webbed limbs. She likes to fluff up her fur whenever she feels cold from emerging out the waters and loves cuddling with them. Turquoise and blues of different kinds glitter on her scales and changes depending on the angel you're looking at it from. Emerald eyes graces her figure, adding more luminosity to her than it already is. The gem rested in the middle of her webbed tail shaped like that of a goldfish, wavy and slightly transparent.
    Gem location: In the middle of her tail
    Ability: Water Ripples: She's able to heal physical wounds along with mental instability. More effective if bodies of waters are nearby.
    Personality: She can be upbeat and loveable, ironically bubbly. She just can't seem to stay still sometimes and can infuriate those who aren't patient. But through the eyes of others she is shy, timidly avoiding others whenever possible, which is always. The happy stage can only be reached if she truly adores you and know you well enough. She tends to lick anyone and everyone she likes, whether it be romantically or just because they're friends, tackling is also one thing she torments her buddies with so they rather stay as far as possible. She cries easily, sometimes for no reason. She said it lift weights off her chest.
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  6. Name: Athena
    Temporary name: Chloe
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Most people view her as a "Freak", because of her obnoxiously long blonde hair, and especially her eyes, she has "Heterochromia" means her eyes are of two different colors, with the right pupil being Brown, and the left one being Deep blue. She is a light-skinned lady, standing 6'0 in height. She wears a light pink blouse, paired with a beautiful white skirt, she wears purple flats, and a quite expensive pearl necklace.
    Personality: Athena can be pretty defensive about her family or friends, and she doesn't like being forgotten, she is quite judgemental, and a little short-tempered.
    Dragon Chosen: Poison
    Parents: Bertrand(M)(Father)(Deceased), Amelia(F)(Mother)(Deceased)
    Siblings: Adrian(M)(Little-Brother)(Alive)
    Crush: Shadow/Crow
    Other: Athena has a scar on her left cheek, due to an accident when she was young

    Name: Jewel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 3
    Stage(Juvenile, young adult, adult): young adult
    Power: Poison
    Appearance: She has a well built body frame that can handle the toxins living inside her body, her body streaks the colors of dark purple to black with a bright green pattern, she has light wings, a long slim tail, and lavender-colored eyes.
    Gem location: At the side of her Head
    Ability: Deadly Fog - Releases a deadly purple fog that is hard to see through cutting off eye vision and if absorbed gives a slow and painful toxic death
    Personality: selfish, rude, protective, casually spreads wings to assert dominance

    (i don't know how to put spoilers so... yeah)
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  8. Yes lol @Willow Tree I was just reading through to make sure you guys didn't forget anything and @KiuryosuMizuko if not all the spots for the dragons fill up I will make JC's/Ezra's older brother to help Athena crush on if that's ok but if does fill up then you can choose who to crush on XD but both accepted
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  9. I'll reserve electric for now
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  10. oh cool, thanks, i really wanted Athena to have a crush on someone, since i'm going for a bratty annoying girl who has a crush on someone(tsundere) kind of character:D
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    @LunarSilvally I was surfing through the rules earlier and apparently only one dragon are allowed per person? And since you already have the ice dragon, I assume the electric dragon should still be available? Cause I had my eyes on it for a while and already started on the form, I really don't want it to go to waste.
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  12. Oh shoot forgot I added that @Rowan Tree well your lucky I reserved it so yes you can take it ^-^ but I'll take that rule out since I did a favor to @KiuryosuMizuko since I originally was going to place Darkness and Light dragons possibly even Shadow dragons but they won't be up yet until I added descriptions of them. Thanks for see that ^-^
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  13. Can I reserve darkness and light?
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  14. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Bellamy
    Temporary name: Stiles
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: 6'8", muscular, decent looking, ice white hair and green eyes. He has a scar across his chest and a wolf tattoo on his back. He wears black jeans, a white tank-top, black boots and a red and black overcoat.
    Personality: He is kind and protective, he can get easily frustrated but tries to stay on everyone's good side. He finds it hard to open up to people and is afraid of heights.
    Dragon Chosen: Darkness
    Parents: Deceased
    Siblings: None
    Crush: None yet
    Other: None

    Name: Aster
    Gender: Female
    Age: 3
    Stage: Young adult
    Power: Darkness
    Appearance: She has a well built, slightly bulky body with four light grey horns at the back of her head pointed normally with spikes on her neck, back, and end of tail. She has an arrow pointed tail with medium sized wings shape into almost a diamond. She has silver colored eyes.
    Gem location: At the lower part of her stomach between her front legs
    Ability: Shadow travel - can travel distances by melting into shadow and hopping from shadow to shadow.
    Personality: Stubborn, rude, and snappy
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  16. Thanks, Shadow. I need to think about whole new character now :@.
    Nah, I am not mad. I just had in mind Twins Ocs.
    Well, I may live without them.
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  17. Ok, finally done...

    Name: Destiny Kaimana
    Temporary name: Magi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Straight

    Appearance: Standing at 5'8", Destiny is slightly stronger than the average 21-year-old girl and usually spends her early morning with a quick walk or run around the block. She can always be seen wearing brown or tan earrings shaped like a rock. Her black hair has been cut short in the front with a few strands dyed brown and brushed slightly to the right. For the most part, she can be seen wearing a tan hoodie with a picture of Europe on the front, jeans), and some brown sneakers. Destiny has a tattoo shaped like a star underneath her right eye and varies between tan, white, and clear glasses. She also wears a necklace with a tan and white marble on it from her father, and two identical bracelets with brown beads on them.

    Personality: Destiny’s shy, but if someone tries enough, she'll open up to them. Most times she prefers to be alone. Since she lost her memory, she doesn’t trust anyone but her dragon.

    Dragon Chosen: Earth

    Parents: Jonas Kaimana (deceased) and Marthina Kaimana (whereabouts currently unknown...)

    Siblings: Only child.
    Crush: None yet...
    Other: N/A

    Dragon Bio:
    Name: Sarah

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Stage: Young Adult

    Power: Earth

    Appearance: She's pretty bulky, but she can move a decent speed without having to fly. Sarah's wings are quite big, so she opens them in open areas and when no one's around. Her skin is tan and cracked like a really parched ground, and her tail is like an iron club. She has horns, but they're at the back of her head and not really noticeable, and they curved upward. Her eyes are light green, and her gem radiates a light green color. Whenever she's hit by ice or poison, however, her gem radiates less, and she surrounds herself in stones to protect her from any further damage.

    Gem location: On right her forehead.

    Ability: Drought: When the sun is strong, her power doubles.

    Personality: Gentle, but will be rough if needed. She’s calm and won’t panic in an emergency.
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  18. It's good just add the dragon sheet of you element and then your accepted @KiuryosuMizuko and then your accepted @Clite of Dragonbow no one has yet to take fire so if you want it you can have it unless you want me to make a death dragon for you after I place a description of them
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  19. OoO Death Dragon
    It's not that I don't like fire, but... I used fire so, so, so many times.

    Can I reserve Death then?
    (I probably will wait with posting light untill death will be made. As I want to post both of them. YaY, there will be those two. I hope that you will love them)
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  20. Hehe lol yes I can reserve it for you @Clite of Dragonbow don't want your head to explode on thinking of another character. Once I do a description of them ^-^ and also guys I'll explain on how the characters will meet once I make the roleplay
  21. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Great! Finally someone is telling us how to start off! XD You don't know how helpful that is to me.
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  22. Clite *fangirl noises*
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  23. Omg lol @Willow Tree that is what you are supposed to do to not be confused and @Clite of Dragonbow you can make your sheet since I finished putting it up and I did add the habitats they live in
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  24. I will post the roleplay up tomorrow guys don't have the time today
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  25. Ok, added my dragon bio...
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  26. Dragons can't be human so she has to have an appearance of the earth dragon @KiuryosuMizuko if you are confused just look at my dragon bio example
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  27. okay, @LunarSilvally can Athena/Chloe have a "crush" on Shadow/Crow?, i mean if that's okay with you
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  28. Of course lol and Jewel can crush on Eclipse if she wants to @KFC-Torchic
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  29. Name: Snow Tsukoyomi
    Temporary name: White Lotus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20,5
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Snow is 6'3" tall, slender young adult. He has quite pale skin, Violet eyes and white hair with tuft of hair Violet. He usually wears black shirt and white jacket.
    Personality: Snow is a childish and compassionate youth. He has a strong sense of morality and justice that will not be compromised. He believes that if he has a possibility to protect someone, then he just have to do this. He may be a bit closed, but he loves contacts with other people and will probably try to befriend you.
    While he is incredible intelligent, his childish personality hides this perfectly.
    Dragon Chosen: Light
    Parents: Odium (Deceased, when Snow was 2 years old), River (Died after she gave birth to her sons)
    Siblings: Lune (Twin, 5 minutes older)
    Crush: Maybe in close future ♥
    Other: He is going to give you a suprise hug, when he will see you sad. So big No, No to being sad (Unless you want to be hugged). Also, he is ready to fight for others, don't let his childish nature deceive you!
    Name: Kirin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 3
    Stage(Juvenile, young adult, adult): young adult
    Power: Light
    Appearance:He is a well-built medium sized dragon with four enormous white feathered wings. He has long fur from the top of its neck to the end of it's tail before it's furred end point that is gradually long at the end. He have four white horns at the back of his head. Kirin scales are snow white.
    Gem location: his gem is right in the middle of his neck and shines with strong white light.
    Ability: Solarion-He can store the power of Light in his body. If he storage maximal amount, his wings will shine with rainbow collors. If he use the stored light to his breath attack, he can unleash a light beam of powerful force. He can also decide to use this light to heal others wounds {but it isn't as good as other healing Abilities} (To possess max amount of Light. Kirin need to store it for around 2-3 days)
    Personality: Kirin is extremly serious, gentle and strong.

    From Sweet Guy ^w^
    To mean guy >:)

    Name: Lunero (Lune) Tsukoyomi
    Temporary name: Black Lotus, Nova
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20,5
    Sexuality: right now aromantic
    Appearance: Lune is 6'3" tall, slender guy. He has quite pale skin, scarlet eyes and black hair with tuft of hair light red. He usually wears white hoodie and gray jacket. He has black skull mark under his left eye.
    Personality: He is an opposite of his brother. Serious, sometimes mean, he is ready to hurt others to achieve his goal. The only person he wanted to protect was his brother, but he forgot about him with the rest of memories. So he is basicly now a mean and dangerous guy.
    Dragon Chosen: Death
    Parents: The same thing with Snow.
    Siblings: Snow (younger twin brother)
    Crush: None and it won't change probably.
    Other: N/A

    Name: Umria
    Gender: Female
    Age: 3
    Stage(Juvenile, young adult, adult): Young Adult
    Power: Death
    Appearance: Black Dragon with lavender eyes, she has 50 centimeters long spikes from neck to the end of her tail and huge pair of massive and strong, sharp wings. She has 4 black horns.
    Gem location: Purple Gem is between the dragon's eyes.
    Ability: Danse Macabre- Umria's body can emitate the black mist that is slowly and painfully killing anyone that made contact with it. But, if the victims will be healed by other dragons, then you can get rid of this danger quite well. On Ice and Light dragons it works way slower.
    Personality: Cruel, Sadist, Loyal to Lune, Mean.
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  30. Oops, I actually was a bit confused, but I think I got it now. Form edited...
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  31. Alright I am going to place the roleplay soon once I have the chance and @Rowan Tree are you going to place your sheet up
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  32. Willow Tree

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    Rowan Tree is a bit busy due to not being able to access any form of technology. She said you can start without her.
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    @LunarSilvally Er... why are you tagging me in the rp thread of this discussion thread when I'm not in it?
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  35. Oh sorry @DevVoid I got a lot of tags from roleplayers
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