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XY/ORAS ( AGAIN)Need of a Tepig! Please someone help me D: !

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by MexicanJoas, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. I'm sorry if you sent me a reply to this i was unavailable, forgot my password for this account.
    If you have a Tepig or any one else
    of its evolution line. could you trade it to me please here's my friend code.

    Friend Code : 1220 - 7991 - 6904

    Reply soon with your friend code and a offer and i will see what i can do! I dont specialise in legendaries but i have alot of pokemon from gen 1 to gen 6 and gen 5. And all the starters apart from tepig the rest i have please help a Pokemon Buddy.
    Thanks , MexicanJoas
    P.S : If you are willing to trade im form UK so the time will be different.
  2. Kurokaze

    Friend Code:
    I should have one in my Pokébank, and if I don't I can for sure breed one for you ^_^
    In return, any Pokémon you have in your box that you don't want anymore is fine~
    My FC is 4871-3562-8528, ingame name is Hotaru.
    I'm from the Netherlands so time difference won't be a huge deal ;)
  3. iJay

    Friend Code:
    I'll give you 20 Tepigs. My FC is in my sig, Have a rotom by any chance?

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