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Private/Closed After You.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Blonde, May 2, 2018.

  1. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    new beginnings and a welcome back roleplay between me & @kageyama

    reminder— I’ve been off pokecharms and rps for about two years so I’m a little rusty, notice in advance.

    {camera slowly zooms in thru a nest of clouds}

    We beginning our story in the city of Judilife where our main characters have already begun their day at school. This is an exciting week for our young travelers, because it would be the last week of classes for the summer. Their journey will no doubt be full of non-stop action, learning with maybe a couple of bound-filled moments. As new adventurers there is no doubt they’ll encounter friends, enemies and creatures beyond their wildest of dreams.

    {the camera pans downward onto a beige school that slowly becomes bigger as it approaches. It makes its way to a significant window where it centers it’s self on a young boy}

    We’ve begun our story with a young boy from Judilife city named Santana. He’s studying to become a great trainer one day

    He leaned his head against the window, the hot air that had risen from outside clashed with the dense glass window, slightly stinging him on his ear. His face had scrunched up slight at the sudden pain but he begun to relax as If the feeling had subsided. Santana Symeon was his full name, but his peers called him Ant because he was shortest one in the group. His skin was a rich dark sun-kissed caramel and his eyes were light brown; hazel when they touched the sun. His long black braids scattered messyly around his head, but from a distance they look as if they were perfectly placed evenly around his freshly hair cut scalp.
    He was athletic built; he wore blue vintage washed jeans that had a small bright yellow thunderbolt on the lower left hand pocket and a pair of white mid top court sneakers. He wore a blue and white rugby long sleeve shirt; it was thin so even tho it was hot outside he was mildly comfortable. His shirt had rose slightly off his hip, which exposed his three poke balls attached to a beat up old black belt.

    Ant stared deeply at the clock, he caught every tick with his eyes. The long stressful day often caused him to zone out during the last block of school. Every tick mark got louder, while everything else around him slowly had become a muffled sound. “I just want this da-.. no this week to end already” he said to himself. Ant’s two closes friends, Jeromy and Anastasia were assigned the seats furtherest from him because they would always get in trouble when they were grouped together in the back of the classroom. He stared at the side of Anastasia’s face as she strongly focused on his book, the ticks of the clock got louder and begun to echo in his ear.

    Santana.. SANTANA!” Shouted the teacher. Ant didn’t realize it but the teacher had picked him out to answer a question that was on the board. He quickly stood up in embarrassment. “Yes Sir!.. ah.. uhm.. what was the question..” he replied back with a blank face on. The teacher shock his head in disappointment and authorized him to sit back down and pay attention next time. Instead he called on the girl next to him.

    Ant looked to his side at the girl, his eyebrow slightly cocked up. He feels like he’s never made conversation with any of his classmates. His face slightly slightly lightened up when he saw her smile at him so sweetly as she stood up to answer..
  2. An ever so sweet smile was slapped off of a young girl’s face as she whipped her gaze to the teacher, who softly flinched.

    Enter: Toby Pierce.

    Father always wanted a son. Nine months later... well, let’s just say Father was disappointed. But, oh no, he wasn’t changing the chosen name - despite his wife’s concern. Anyways...

    Toby was a small, thin young lady, with fair skin and long black hair, that shone with blue highlights in the sunlight. It was Dutch braided in two, one in each side. However, they stopped rather early and were tied into buns, with sideswept bangs to the right. The girl wore a grey tank top, who’s collar wrapped around just below half of her neck, that buttoned down the front. Starting at just below her ribs, she wore a black pleated skirt that ended a couple of inches above her knees. Lastly, besides the three pokéballs neatly adjusted on her hip, she wore bright yellow sneakers. Her final and most distinct feature was her unnaturally pale eyes. They were a soft grey, with bright flecks in them.

    Toby cleared her throat. “The answer is ‘x multiplied by y to the third power’.” Math was a strong suit for the lady, which, luckily for her, was the class they partook in at the moment. The teacher paused before rubbing the back of his head. “Ah, correct...” he looked at the clock, seeing his many students gazing at it longingly. “Only a few minutes left,” he began, shuffling papers on his desk as Toby seated herself once again. Many would agree that she had an intimidating personality, even with her actual appearance. This didn’t bother the girl at all, because it meant she wouldn’t get any unwanted attention.

    After several painful seconds, the bell began to ‘screech,’ and students began leaping from their desks before an assignment could be given. The entire class had sprinted from the room - all except for Toby and one other male, who sat near her. The teacher sighed. “Well... I guess there’ll be no homework from me... again...” Toby only shook her head as she grabbed her books, sliding them into her bag, which was then neatly slung over her shoulder.

    One more thing about this particular girl - people tended to call her Bee. Many people joked around in the class that they had two insect-nicknamed students in their room, which was far more than any other room. It could have been a coincidence to most, or... it could have been fate.
  3. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Ant watched as the girl with her shiny black hair packed her bags. His eyes gazed at every move she made, he couldn't help but cock a smile when she looked at him while answering the question a few minutes back. He looked around seconds later to find himself the only one in class and quickly shuffled up out of his seat to only trip slightly over his own feet; but he caught himself and tracked out the door. He looked side to side, the hustle and bustle of the hallway left him a bit disoriented. Ant's eyes darted back and forth, from face to face to the back of someones head. He smiled, and hastily approached Toby as she made her way to the first floor.
    H-Hey wait a minute! Hey you-.." he shouted. Ant slightly lost his train of thought as he dodged oncoming traffic in the halls towards Toby. He felt the slight tug of his shirt slow him down from his objective. The girl had slowly but surely disappeared from his sight and was engulfed by the sea of students. He pouted, Ant turned his head to see his two friends who had held him back, but when he saw them his partially disappointed attitude was uplifted and he completely forgot what he had chased.

    "What's wrong Santana? what were you chasing?" asked Anastasia. Anastasia was short compared to Jeromy and Santana. Her hair was long, it always hugged her neck and lightly kissed her back. It was the colour of the morning sky when twilight had approached; Ant's favourite time of the day. She wore a white crop-top and a short red skirt, black stocking that squeezed her thigh and red sneakers to match. Her skin was cream, when the sun hit it nicely she glew. Anastasia Had her hands on her hips and her head cocked to the side, she had never seen Ant so excited about anything that wasn't vacation, Pokemon battles, food or sports so she had been interested in his response. "What were you chasing!?" she repeated again with a hasty tone. The young girl was always impatient, sometimes hot headed. "I f-forgot I guess.." Ant replied. He placed his hand behind his head and begun to rub it bashfully. Ant sometimes had a short attention span and that would always drive Ana crazy.
    Anastasia scuffed the floor and blew her cheeks out, she almost looked like JigglyPuff when it got angry. Ant couldn't help but bust out in a laugh, he held his head and gut together, his knees slightly bent to give him more support.

    Jeromy who had still had a grip on Ant's shirt also busted out in a big laugh with his friend. Jeromy was a few inches taller then Ant, his skin was dark and his hair was a platinum blond, with super slightly lose curls. He was portly but in a good shape, his eyes matched the colour of the seas during the summer; Crystal blue. Ant was always jealous of his eye colour. Jeromy wore white shorts that stopped just above his knees, the shorts had a nicely crafted orange drawstring that hung low. Tights slowly followed after his shorts but stopped just around his calfs. His shirt was the same colour as the strings around his pants; a summer orange with a small pocket on the side that was engraved with the symbol of Jeromy's family. Jeromy came from a prestigious line of Pokemon artist. Jeromy himself was a quirky kid. Him and Santana have a long history together.
    "HAHA! your face! " he blurted out as the tears slowly drip down from his eyes.

    Stop laughing you two! GOD! take me seriously!" shouted Anastasia. Both Ant and Jeromy slowly stopped their laughter and looked at eachother with big grins. Ana couldn't help but smile at them. Their conversation carried on until they were the last of a few to actually leave the building. "So for real Ant what were you doing before we stopped you? you looked like you had been following someone" she asked again. Anastasia had quickly made it to the front of the group, she swayed her body around and kicked her feet as she walked backwards. Her gaze had set deep on Ant. The young boy cupped his chin and closed his eyes as he walked. He thought long and hard until a small vision had popped in his mind. A small image of Toby had faded in and out of his mind. He opened his eyes and softly clapped his hands. "Oh right, I was chasing after a girl..!" he exclaimed. Both Jeromy and Anastasia looked at them, then secs after looked at each other, "Ah girl?" they both said questioningly. "Yea the girl who sits next to me in class.. what's her name again.. t-taylor..tomi..." after a couple of secs of random guessing "Oh right! Toby" he said. Jeromy chuckled to himself "Oh you mean bee? yea she's actually really nice.. just quiet so no one talks to her. Also there is something about her that make people not really wanna talk to her" he said. "Come to think about it, you really haven't noticed her before Ant?" he questioned. Ant shock his head, he proceeded to look down. He's pretty oblivious when it comes to people he hasn't bonded with, Ant's feels slowly turn from desire to guilt for his lack of interest.

    The group later parted ways at a fork in the road, Ant walked home by himself, he loved silent walks with nothing but the breeze, as it wrapped around him and gracefully let go as it made its way back towards the mountains in the distance. The ball in the very front of his belt begun to shake, the whirling sound of the pokeball screeched into the afternoon air and the flash of light came at an instant. Rai Rai! Ant's raichu, stood before him. The electric rodent quickly ran up to him and held his leg in a big hug, The boy caressed the Pokemon's head and face and smiled. "couldn't wait till I got home huh.. let's take some time to ourselves and do some training together before dinner with pops huh?" he said. Raichu and Ant made their way towards route 203.
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  4. Bee was a well arranged girl, and had left the school with no homework. Engulfed in the swarm of fellow students, she convinced students to move out of the way with a sharp glance, directly in the face. Of course, the sea would part, and Bee happily walked right down the empty line. She found herself outside of the school, squinting at the enthusiastic rays of the sun.

    Bee ended up walking home, which wasn’t a serious trek if you were up for the challenge. Her home took many twisty paths and bumps to get through. However, she’s been doing it for so long that it was a piece of cake, and she found herself home before she knew it. The girl had told herself earlier to train her Pokémon companions later in the day, preferably around Routes 203 and 204. So, hastily, she threw her school bag in the house - nobody was home - and grabbed a thinner backpack, filled with potions and Pokéballs and the like. Bee then threw that on, and head back outside, mounting on her bike.

    It was much easier to get to the Routes than to school from Bee’s home. She didn’t have to pedal that far until she reached the sign that listed ‘Route 203,’ along with a little footnote with trainer tips. Bee pedaled a bit further in before hopping off and leaning her bike against a tree. She grabbed the middle of her three Pokéballs and tossed it up. Out came a Houndoom, fairly young - only evolving a few days ago. The dog Pokémon wagged it’s tail, yapping with energy. Bee grinned and giggled, revealing to nobody in particular that she had a more enthusiastic, bright attitude that she hardly showed. She cupped the Pokémon’s face in her hands, scruffily running her hands through the short fur.

    “Good boy, Flint,” she cooed after the dog spun around in a circle, determined to catch his own tail. “Now, let’s get those statistics up.” Bee snapped her fingers to grab Flint’s attention, and the pair stepped into the tall, grassy area before them. After a few moments of feeling around in the grass, Flint barked loudly, ducked under the grass, and sprinted out into the clear area. In his teeth he held a Starly by its scruff, and he tossed it in front of him, crouching into a battling position. The bird fluttered it’s wings in a frenzy, accepting the battle. Bee dashed behind her partner, ready to command the dog to attack. Starly made the first move - quick attack. The little bird sped towards Flint, who nearly dodged the attack but was drilled into anyways.

    The Houndoom huffed as Starly bounced back into its original position, awaiting a move. “Fire fang, now,” Bee ordered, and the dog leapt forward with flames seeping out of his mouth. He threw his jaws on the bird, who squawked and twittered during the process. When Flint retreated, a burn mark was visible on Starly’s shoulder, where it’s wing started.

    In only a couple of minutes, Flint finished the bird off with a ‘Pursuit’ attack, and happily turned around to his trainer, who in return was just as happy.
  5. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Ant and Raichu had journeyed route 203 deep within the tall grass moments before Bee and her Houndoom, Flint.

    Ant held a pokeball up to his face, a big grin on his face as Rai walked along side him. "haha we got a new partner huh Rai?" he said as he looked down at the electric rodent. Ant had rubbed his finger under his nose with Rai response with a joyous yelp. Minutes before the battle between a Starly and Bee's Houndoom flint, Ant and Raichu battled an Ekans, Rai didn't suffer heavy damage but the Ekans was strong and fast, but what really caught Ant's attention to this Ekans that instead of being its normal purple colour, it was a shade of yellow almost green. He found that to be very odd and wanted to do more research on the transcolour Pokemon. "Alright Rai, what's ne-" Ant hesitated, "Fire fang, now!" he heard in the distance. A small glow of light followed by a flicker of fire burned off in the slightly scarlet orange sky complimented by the glow of the green tall leaves the surrounded him. "Hmm, another trainer? this late in the evening?" Ant could feel his lips slowly creep to each side of his face, until he had a big grin on it. "alright right! maybe we can get in a trainer battle Rai!" he said with confidence. Rai smiled as well, but without hesitation he followed the current of electric pulses in the air, leaving Santana behind. "O-Oh! wait Raichu! don't go without me!" he yelled, he soon followed behind as he pushed dirt up one foot at a time.

    Ant didn't realize yet but this was had been a very special encounter for him later in the distant future.

    As the two partners pushed grass behind them, Ant finally saw a small clearing which gave me a bright light at the end of the tunnel kind of feel. His first glance was at the tail of his best-friend Raichu. He stopped and took in some deep breaths, it was luke warm outside and Ant really didn't like warm weather, he always felt as if his regular body temperature was one hundred degrees so any outer air temperature rising made him melt without warning. "ah.. ah.. finally caught up to you huh!" he said with a well beat from the heat smirk on his face. "Hey you do you want to bat-.." As he picked up his head to face the trainer, he noticed the black skirt and gray tank top that had a collar that wrapped around the trainer's neck. Soon after he recognized the face of the trainer, it was Toby, the girl from class. Santana's face was slightly flustered, not because of Toby's short skirt or her pretty face, but because it was humid, so to her it probably seemed as if he had blushed at her sight when in actuality he was just hot and that caused him to be a little embarrassed. "Hey.. you're that girl from class.. Toby right?" he said with a monotone. Ant held his newly found Ekans ball tight against his palm and close to the side of his leg, his old black rope belt dangled against his thigh, both his Raichu's ball and his extra pokeball hung from the belt. his shirt hugged against his body from the sweat which outlined his athletic physique a little. "I was actually looking for you after class.. I kinda chased after you once you left out but the hallway got so crowded I sorta lost you and well I also kinda lose focus quickly so I forgot why I was chasing when people got in my way.." Ant felt himself as he started to ramble, he hated it. He slowly stopped his useless chatter and looked down at Flint; Houndoom. "Hey you have a Houndoom? that's cool.. I didn't know anyone else had one but my dad" he said as he slowly made his way towards Flint to get a closer look at the Pokemon.

    Soft rumbling noise came from the far north side of the clearing; right behind Bee; Toby. A group of Skunky emerged from the tall grass. They seemed angry, as if they wanted to pick a fight with the two trainers. In a blink of an eye both Toby and Santana where surrounded. "Raichu!.." Ant commanded. Ant was calm, he scanned the situation clearly with his eyes, Raichu synced his eyes with Ant and understood how to react once called. "Raichu, use Double Team, follow up with Light screen!" Ant held his arm out as he gave Rai hes' command. Rai nodded, he dashed his way towards Toby, he defended her backside until she could adjust to the moment. The Electric rodent held his ground, his fur slightly stood up as clones of him made a wall between the trainers and the Skunky, followed up by an actual wall of transparent yellow light that was hard to the touch.
  6. The next few moments were kind of a blur.

    Bee and Flint found themselves facing a student from school, who seemed sweaty and sort of out of breath. Bee only raised an eyebrow as the boy before her began to ramble on for a few moments, before he directed his attention to Flint, commenting on him. “Yeah... I got him awhile back in a different region,” Bee said, ever so defensively. She was unsure what this trainer wanted with her, but she didn’t have much time to ponder the situation as a hoard of Stunky began to creep towards them. Almost immediately, a barrier of Raichu circled the trainers in.

    When she felt the back of the fellow trainer against her own, she nearly flinched, not accustomed to the touch. After freezing for a couple of seconds, she managed to spit out a command to Flint. “Heat wave!” Bee said sort of loudly, as the Stunky were chittering rather loudly. Flint barked before stepping forward, nose barely poking through the barrier of electric mice. He drew in a breath before growling and squaring up. Then, out of his mouth seeped a boiling mass of heat, engulfing a good three/fourths of the wild Pokémon. All of them screeched and scampered about, trying to cool down. Quiet a few of them dashed away, but there were still some of the Stunky who stayed, angrier than before. Bee furrowed her eyebrows, thinking while Flint backed up and pressed himself against his trainer’s leg.

    Bee glanced back at the trainer nearly fully against her back. I could probably use a little help, she wondered, turning her head, back at the few amount of Stunky in front of her.
  7. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Ant leaned his back against hers, he watched as the well trained Houndoom attacked with his high ranking fire type move. Ant begun to flash back to the days when his dad was more in his life, before he begun his conquest of the Sinnoh League. Ant was a small lad, he watched as his Father, Lance guided his Pokemon when he trained. His eyes filled with excitement, he sat at the edge of their Japanese type house. His mother at the time had been in her study, she was in the middle of a conference and told Little Ant not to disturb her during her meeting and that she would play with him after. "Ooo.." Ant said with cheerful delight. "Okay Houndoom, focus all your energy onto the center of the mental spine!" commanded Lance. Ant clapped his hands and smiled "You can do it Houndoom! You're strong!" he said with energy as he stood up in fighting pose. "ARRR!" Houndoom replied and his flamethrower grew wider with more power. The strength of the flamethrower's light burned bright, it reflected deeply off Ant's face.

    Reality had soon made it's way back to Ant's mind, He shock his head and looked down at Bee. "No worries, we got this" he said with a deep smile. "Raichu! Thunder punch!" he said. Raichu had held his place, he nodded his head and retreated his many clones, once the clones disappeared so did the effect on light screen. Raichu stood on his two legs and jumped high into the air, his right arm shined and became brighter, the flow and intensity match that of the setting sun. A quick glance, Raichu had instantly came down from the sky like a Swellow about to use Brave Bird on a fighting type Pokemon. The Skunky that remained Instantly scattered away, after being hit by both a strong thunder punch and a intense Heat Wave they didn't stand a chance. Ant stood tall and rubbed the back of his head. "Jeez, I guess it still needs some work.." he said to himself, with a soft sigh of relief. Raichu turned back to face Ant, he had a smirk on his face and he lifted one arm up to show his muscles to his trainer. "Haha! that's right Rai, you're strong. We still have a lot of training to do tho, so don't get cocky" he laughed with his friend, he almost completely forgot about Bee who was behind him.

    Ant turned back to face Bee and lightly scratched his face with his finger. "I'm sorry to disturb you.. I really just wanted to say thanks" even tho Ant didn't understand why he had said thank you to the girl, he just felt like he needed too. Ant had lowered his hand and caressed Rai's head and face, he smiled as his young jolly electric type Pokemon murred under his touch. "Okay Rai, time to go into your ball until we get home buddy" he said. Rai nodded and touched the ball with his tail, with a flash he had been sucked up into the ball by the light and gently closed behind him. Ant attached Rai's ball to the end of his belt where the other ball was and held his special Yellow Pokeball in his hand he clinched it, but hide it from first glance from Bee. Santana looked around awkwardly, he didn't really know how to talk to new people so he slowly backed away. "I-It's getting late" he said "I think I should head home, I'll see you tomorrow for the last day of school right? we have a battle exam tomorrow, I hope we get paired up! I like a challenge, I can show you what I got." Ant smiled calmly, he gave the girl a slight wave and off he ran into the tall forest out of Route 203 and back towards his home.
  8. Bee watched as the Stunky scattered, realizing they were at a disadvantage. The boy behind her praised his Raichu with pride, and the corners of Bee’s mouth went up so slightly. She kneeled down, and Flint trotted up to her, sitting down before her. Bee playfully scratched the dog’s chin before taking his pokéball out and pressing the button. When the Houndoom disappeared into the ball, she put it back on her waistband with her other two and stood up. Brushing off her knees, she turned around to face Ant.

    “I’m sorry to disturb you... I really just wanted to say thanks,” he told Bee, who in return pulled a blank, unsure expression. Sure, he seemed nice, but Bee was confused on why she was being thanked in the first place. Seeing his sincerity, however, Bee changed her expression to a gentle smile, holding her arms around her back. After a few moments, Ant spoke again, “I think I should head home, I’ll see you tomorrow for the last day of school, right? We have a battle exam tomorrow, I hope we get paired up! I like a challenge, I can show you what I got.” And with that, the boy dashed away and out of Route 203.

    Bee stood there, still, for a few more moments. She didn’t really know what to think about the boy, except for the fact that he seemed fun. She sighed, turning and looking at the sky, which was fading into orange and then red. I must’ve been here for quite awhile, she wondered while she went back to her bike. She wheeled it out of the entire Route, slowly, before stepping onto the bike and pedaling away towards her home.

    When Bee pulled up to her house, she felt her heart drop, as the lights were still off. This meant another home-alone night for the girl, which she didn’t like at all. Sighing, Bee slid from her bike, rolled it into the garage, and walking into her house, slamming the door behind her. A bright pink sticky note on the counter grabbed her attention. It read. ‘Sorry, Bee! Couldn’t make it home today, the company wanted more designs from me. Love ya!’ Bee read it aloud with disappointment. Her mother was a well known clothing designer, and was getting more popular by the minute. So it left Bee alone, along with melancholy. Bee picked up the sticky note and ripped it into a few pieces before throwing it away. She then stormed into the bathroom, throwing everything off - careful with her equipment - and stepping into the shower. Overall, she thought about school and her mother for the entirety of it, and when she stepped out, it was normal from there on.

    After getting dressed and picking her backpack and Pokéballs from the bathroom, she threw herself on her bed, staring up at the high ceiling with her eyebrows furrowed. Bee merely lay there for many moments, before curling into her side and resting her head on her hands. She already brushed her teeth, so she began drifting off. However, she abruptly woke up, and realized she didn’t turn her alarm on - so she did that, fell back, and once again fell into sleep.
  9. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Santana headed home, he felt his heart slowly come to a regular relaxed pace. His braids swung side to side as he walked. He tied the back few into a small ponytail and left the two in the front lose. He sighed as he made his way into the gates of his home, Ant lived slightly further away from the big part of Judilife, his Father Lance wanted him to be educated but not distracted by the city. "Dad, I'm home!" he said lowly. He closed the gate behind him and begun his walk up thru the path to his door. Ant's dad bought a small shrine just outside of Judilife city, the water lightly flowed into a small pond that was housed by many Magikarp, Goldeen and other Fish type Pokemon. "Hey Dad, are you home?" he said as he peeked his head thru the door. It was quiet and all the lights were off. Pop's Charizard had been asleep in the backyard, the fire dragon had taken the time of quiet to take a peaceful nap.

    Ant smiled and walked over to him, Charizard keen hearing overheard his footsteps and woke up with a smile on his face. Ant smiled and rubbed the snot of the giant lizard and smiled. "Hey Kon, enjoying the quiet and summer sun boy? wheres dad?" he asked the Pokemon. Charizard purred when his snout was rubbed and cocked his head to the side. Ant already knew that meant he didn't know where his father was.

    Ant made his way into the house and before he could return, the sun had already set and the beautiful scarlet violet sky had transformed into its black abyss full of stars. Ant sat at the edge of his porch and watched as Charizard, Raichu and some more of his father's Pokemon greet the Ekan's he caught in the woods. He's always wanted to know, what Pokemon were saying each one of them had a different language in his eyes, but somehow they all knew what each other were saying. Ant sighed and relaxed back against the floor, his stomach was full and the cool breeze of the summer night made him even more sleepier then before. Once Ant stood up Raichu and Ekans followed him, they said their goodnights to everyone. "I guess dad won't be home till late or the next day" he said as he shrugged his shoulders. Ant threw him down on his bed, his eyes were so heavy he didn't feel the urge to stand up to take a shower and decided he'd just take one in the morning. Raichu and Ekans wrapped themselves around Ant, he felt more at ease with his Pokemon around him, even with his newly caught Ekans the gentle snake pokemon took comfort to his new trainer. He turned his head and looked at his many books piled in the corner of his room. Slowly but surely Ant fell asleep snoring softly against the sheets.

    the next morning

    Ant woke up bright and early, took his shower. He felt the warm water against his aching skin. No one at school knew how athletic Ant's body really is. Since Lance was his dad whatever training his dad did with his Pokemon he had to join in when he was younger. The water dampened Ant's hair he ran soap all over himself, he stared down at the water disappeared into the drain followed by the soap suds. "tomorrow's my birthday huh.. I'll be 14 and ready to leave home by myself" he said to himself. As a trainer between the ages of ten and fourteen you have a choice of starting your journey between these ages. Dad has always wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and Ant always wants to find his mother in the Alolan region which would be his first stop on his journey he just needed win his final battles at school today.

    Ant got out of the shower, his hair had come undone in the shower, his soft bouncy curly hair soaked in the water and slowly came over Ant's forehead. He looked at himself in the mirror, He didn't like his curly hair it was always in the way. He begun to braid his hair back in his regular style and tied the back braids into a pony tail. He dried himself off placed on a white shirt, his mid-top shoes and his pants he slide his rope belt around him and slightly made the knot to tie it for his pokeballs, He grabbed his back and made his way to the front door. "DAD I'M LEAVING!" he said. He could lightly hear the soft manly snore of his father in the backyard porch as the sun began to rise into air. "Dad?" he said softly. He made his way to the back and saw his father laid out in porch with his Dragon type team around him, he smiled and brought him a blanket big enough to cover the whole team plus his father. Ant chuckled and made his way out the door. He looked to his side and next to the mail box was a brand new bike Ant's never seen before. He took hold of the bike and used it to peddle himself to school. The bell was about to ring when Ant made it to class, he was slightly running late the bell hasn't rung but his class has already started. He opened the door to the class just as the teacher was about to call his name. "Sorry I'm late, I'm here!" he said as he entered the classroom. He made his way towards the back next to Bee, as he passed some of the girls in the front row giggled at him and some of the guys snickered. His friends laughed and looked at him as well.

    "Alright class ass you know today is your final day, and Your final Exam the one everyone has been excited for" he said as he taps chalk on the black board. "Today will be single battles with the use of three Pokemon each, there will be four blocks, as you know from each grade level of the school" Ant was more attentive then he was yesterday, he smirked as he looked down at the three Pokeballs that hung from his belt. "Red, Blue, Yellow and Green blocks and each one of you will choose a paper from out of this box when you make it to the court yard" he said. "Please line up single file as we make out way out there." Ant quickly made his way to the fourth spot in line, behind him where his two best friends Anastasia and Jeromy. "Don't think you'll win because your the son of lance.. Santana Crynana.." a threatening voice from the back echoed towards Ant. Ant pretended not to hear, but he knew it was Richie. Richie and Ant had also grown up together, they use to be good friends up until Ant's father defeated his dad first round of the Pokemon League long time ago and ever since then his father has slowly spiraled into the world of forgotten trainers. While Ant was praised as a younger child growing up into the kid he is now, he's tried to keep who his father is a secret from everyone except Ana and Jeromy. Richie had slowly begun to resent him because of the tension between their fathers, Ant didn't really care but it hurt Richie more then him and ever since then he's always picked on Ant. Richie was taller then Ant also about a year older, but slower then him and not as nearly talented. "I'm gonna knock you out first round so you better hope we don't end up in the first round together" he yelled at Ant almost the whole room could hear him talk. Ant stared forward ignoring Richie as much as possible, Ana rubbed Ant's back to calm him down. She knew how irritating Richie can be towards Ant.

    As everyone made their way towards the field the sun had blazed high in the sky, this time Ant had a short sleeve shirt on so he was much cooler then he was yesterday. A crowd of students were evenly dispersed between 4 lines were each line ended up in front of a ballet box. Everytime a student would pick a paper their names would be written to the responding block. Ant quickly made his way to the back of the far right line, Jeromy and Ana made it to the line next to him. They never joined the same line when it came to battles because the three friends always want to battle each other and these evened the odds more. Richie made his way to the far right line with his squad of followers.
  10. Bee had woken up bright and early, already ready in a few minutes. She wore a white sundress that fell to her mid-thighs, with tinted cyan patterns scattered about. Around her slim waist was a braided, rope belt. On her feet were a pair of straps, cute sandals that zipped up on the back. Bee figured that she should dress cute for the last day of school, even though she normally wouldn’t. Her raven color hair was tied into a half ponytail - her bangs were braided to the side, and the rest was in a ponytail in the back. Overall, she looked very pretty. After eating a little bit and brushing her teeth, she grabbed her backpack, hooked her Pokéballs to her belt, and head out the door.
    Walking to school was normal. She encountered a few curious Pokémon throughout the trip, and ended up at school rather early.

    As the classroom filled up, Bee patiently awaited instructions from the teacher. When they were given, the ever so annoying voice of Richie rang throughout the cramped room. Bee closed her eyes, letting a sharp breath escape from her nose. He was notoriously loud, and was good at being obnoxious, in Bee’s opinion. After his shouts died down, further instructions were given, and students began filing into the four lines. Bee went to a completely random line, but it was opposite from Ant’s. When it was her turn, she read it to herself. Group: Yellow, Number: 1. Bee blinked at the paper before folding it up and holding it in her hand. The rest of the lines went through, and Bee waited patiently as they did so. She wouldn’t admit it, but she was rather excited for a battle. It was good to train against others, once again, in Bee’s opinion.

    After everyone was sorted, the students arranged at their blocks, and began prepping for battle. The order for battlers was numerical, so Bee happened to be first. She saw it as her chance to prove her worth and strength, not so much to show off. She stepped onto the battlefield, and across from her she found a tall, fit looking male. Bee walked to the center of the field, holding out her hand to shake his. However, he simply eyed her hand and turned his head, smirking. “There’s no point for formal introductions - I’m going to cream you, you... freaky, small girl.” Bee deadpanned, raiding an eyebrow. “Uh... okay? Good luck with that,” Bee replied, sharply turning on her heel and walking back to the end of the field. After a few seconds, the announcement for trainers to begin sounded, and Bee drew in a breath. This would be a piece of cake.

    The boy grabbed a Pokéball, grinned, and shouted, “Go, Breloom!” And sure enough, a Breloom formed in front of the trainer. Bee kept a blank face before smiling with that sweet, unnerving smile. The trainer flinched, softened, and blushed in a matter of seconds. “Alrighty then, Houndoom!” Bee threw the ball into the air, and the menacing dog stood there, squared in an intimidating fashion. The trainer, named Leo, paused before snapping his fingers. “Breloom, stun sp-” before he could finish, however, Bee had already commanded Houndoom to use heat wave. Flint obeyed his trainer, dashing forward and spewing unbearably hot air around the Breloom. Leo gasped as the Breloom immediately toppled over, letting out a weak cry. Kids who were watching gasped or burst into laughter. Bee giggled, actually humored by it all. Leo stuttered wildly while he returned his fainted Pokémon. “Um... um, okay! That was just a.. a, um... test! Yeah, a test!” he stammered, grabbing a different pokémon, and tossing it out. “Your turn, Tranquill!”

    A male Tranquill burst from the ball, fluttering his wings gracefully as he landed on the ground. “Fantastic, Flint, return,” Bee said, reaching for her second Pokéball. “Okay, let’s finish this, Archeops!” Bee’s one flying type flew from its Pokéball, twirling around as she landed. Leo gulped. “Tranquill, brave bird!” The Tranquill obeyed, flapping upwards and preparing into a nose-dive. “Lucy, counter it with a wing attack,” Bee commanded the fossil-Pokémon. Sure enough, Lucy three her wing up, and the Tranquill crashed into her outstretched arm. Of course, Lucy did get pushed back a bit, but it was nothing compared to Tranquill’s crash and tumble onto the ground. “Finish this with rock throw,” Bee urged the Archeops. From the ground, Lucy yanked a rock out of practically nowhere, chucking it with all her might at the spluttering Tranquill before her. In an instant, the rock broke against the bird, who fainted right afterwards. Leo groaned, returning Tranquill. Bee praised Lucy before sending her back.

    Leo sighed with rage. “Okay, redeem us, Pyroar!” Leo threw the ball that contained a female Pyroar, and out she came. Bee grabbed her last, unused Pokéball. She grinned at it before sending it flying, and it broke open in the air. The ground shook slightly as the Pokémon, Aggron, landed and roared. Leo whimpered, already knowing what to expect. “Oh boy. Pyroar, use -” Once again, Bee cut him off. “Earthquake.”

    The battlefield’s ground split in multiple areas, shaking the course. Pyroar was tossed mercilessly against several large boulders, which immediately knocked her out. Leo merely shrugged, returning her after Aggron’s earthquake finished. “I guess it cannot be helped,” he sighed, scratching his head. Bee grinned at Aggron, otherwise known as Rocky. “Absolutely awesome job!” she clapped once, before returning the happy Pokémon. Her cheerful expression faded as she sharply turned to Leo. He gulped once again, and Bee sighed. “Wow, you really creamed me. Don’t be so quick to assume,” she scolded him. The referee held out his flag. “The winner of this match is Bee! Will the next numbers please begin preparing for their battles!”

    Bee turned on her heel, aware that several people were staring at her in awe and amazement. However, she simply walked towards the sideline to watch the next match.
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    Ant slightly picked up the longer part of his belt up. He glanced down at the golden GS ball his father gave me, which now holds his special Ekans he caught in the forest. He smiled and thought to himself, time to see how you fair. Clearly he had faith in all his Pokemon but he didn't have a chance to use his Ekans in battle yet, but thats okay Ant was usually a surprise experience kind of kid.

    The line moved quickly within a couple of minutes Ant was three people behind and he was last in line so it made it even better. He kept his focus, until two shadows appeared beside him. It had been Jeromy and Ana, he smiled and begun conversation with them. "Hey what did you guys get?!" he asked. Jeromy held up his paper with a big grin, on his paper it said group red, number fourteen. Ana held hers up next and hers say group Yellow, number ten. They small group of friends shared a laugh amongst themselves until Ant heard an older female voice call Next. "Oh! I'm next sorry sorry!" he said as he ran up to ballet and reached his hand down into it.
    Group: Blue, Number:6
    Ant smiled and turned to his friends and held the number up. Jeromy gave him a wink and thumbs up and Ana gave him two thumbs. "Okay Blue group, number six, thanks take your place" she said. Whilst the teacher wrote Ant's number down another tall shadow peered over Ant, It was Richie. Richie smirked and held his number up. Group: Red, Number: 15 it said. "Don't lose until we meet I want to make you cry again" he said as he pointed at Ant. Ant looked at him with a deepest of monotone expressions and held his hand out. Richie sucked his teeth and slapped Ant's hand away, he proceeded to walk away. After everyone was sorted, the students arranged at their blocks, and began prepping for battle. The order for battlers was numerical, Ant was sixth in line.

    The first battle had already started in the Yellow group. A group of kids ran past Ant, he over heard them talk about Bee and how she was first up. Ant was interested in her battle and made his way over to the group that crowded the battle field. He made his way threw the crowd he had just made it to see the kid she fought had been interrupted but a quick decision by Bee. Everyone had sneered and laughed at the boy, but Ant.. Ant was focused on Bee's moves and her sync with her Pokemon. When it came to Poke battles, Santana was very observant. He smiled as he watched, she seemed strong strong enough to be a real rival for him. He nodded when Bee won, the boy was obviously overwhelmed.

    The first rotation of Trainers had already started, One after another Pokemon drop, and trainers were declared the winners. Ant had sat against the school building under the shade as he watched from afar. He saw as some of the classmates who talked big games lost one by one. The loud speaker sparked and went off, it was loud, but loud enough for anyone to hear. "Fifth rounds will be starting, Santana Symeon and Jake Saroshi please make your way to Blue Field!" said the speaker. Ant rolled his neck, and rubbed his shoulder before he stood tall and stretched. "AHH! Alright lets show em" he said to himself. He glanced down one more time at his Pokeballs and nodded at them as if his Pokemon understood his energy. As Ant made it to the field he echo'd his opponents name in his head. Jake.. Saroshi.. oh that's one of Richie's goons, he spoke in his head. As he arrived to the middle of the battle field, a large crowded started to appear around them. To think about it clearly, this would be Ant's first debut of his actually trainer skills in the school. There was chit chat in the crowd as we waited for the ref teacher to appear. "I over heard that Ant's the son of Pokemon League leader Lance, he must be really strong" "Haha no way, he's probably weak there is no way that quiet kid is the son of a great dragon type trainer" "I wonder if he has great dragon type pokemon on him" the constant gossip irritated him a little but it couldn't be helped they would have found out anyway when he appears later on tv with his father for an interview. Ant held his arms crossed as Jake made his way towards him with a huge grin on his face. "You're no match for me little man, you might as well give up now" he gestured towards Ant. Ant stared at him and shrugged. That some how upset Jake, his whole attitude changed. The Teacher finally appeared and asked if we were both ready, Ant nodded his head and gave the teacher a innocent smile, which caused some of the crowd to swoon over him, Jake gritted his teeth and walked away. "Let's get this over with I got other kids to make cry" he said as he walked off. Ant stood tall at his position. The Teacher gestured the start of the battle. "LETS BEGIN"

    Jake threw out his Poke ball first "Let's stomp him Gurrdurr!". From the beam of light out came Jake's Gurrdurr, who shared the same personality and appearance of his trainer. Ant cocked his hips slightly to the side and threw out his ball "Let's go Rai" he said as the ball flew high in the air. Rai came out in an unusual starting stance. He held his body high in the air with his tail, his arms were crossed same as Ant he had a mischievous smile on him. To most it seems Raichu was being silly, but in actuality Rai was just ask excited as Ant at this very moment. "Haha what a weak looking mouse!" Jake said followed by a obnoxious laugh, with sorta spread into the crowd a little and his Gurrdurr. Rai was slightly smaller then most Raichu, but that's what makes people underestimate him. "Raichu, thunder punch.." he commanded Rai. With an Instant, Raichu disappeared and reappeared in front of Gurrdurr, his punch connected directly center of the construction Pokemon's stomach. Without a notice Gurrdurr flew as fast as extreme speed past Jake's body and into the school gym, shattered the wall. The destruction of the wall snapped Ant out of his serious mode, he felt guilt. "Oh! Rai that was to hard.." He said to the Pokemon. A bead of sweat dropped from Rai's face as the Pokemon rubbed the back of his head. Rai.. Rai.. he responded. The crowd grew silent and in aw, Jake's face turned from Angry to shocked into fear and nervousness as he slowly turned back to gaze back at his fainted Gurrdurr. The Teacher held the flag up towards Ant's side. "Winner of round one, Ant!" said the teacher. The crowd bursted into an uproar from that attack, they've never seen a Raichu move that fast before, especially one that small. Rai ran back to his trainer and smiled up at him, Ant pat his head and called him back into his ball. Jake hung his head down as he kneed down next to Gurrdurr, he absorbed the Pokemon back into his ball. "Cheap shot! Lucky kid there is no way that's going to happen twice" he said.

    Round two of fight one was about to begin again, this time Jake threw out Granbull. BUUUULLL!!! as his entered with fire in its eyes and immense strength. "Let's show them Granbull, revenge for Gurrdurr!" Jake shouted. Ant held his GS ball in his hand and held it towards him, he throws it up in the air. "Come on out Ekans!" he said, the light was different then most Pokeballs, this one had a tint of pink to it. Out came Ant's yellow green shiny Ekans. "WHOA WHATS UP WITH THAT EKANS!" someone shouted from the crowd, "ITS NOT PURPLE" a girl shouted out in reply. An uproar again happened as Ekans took the stage. "Here you go again with this cheating stuff, I'll show you! no one cheats me!" yelled Jake. "Now Granbull Crunch!" he commanded his Pokemon. Granbull carried out a fierce yell before squatted down, he charged up power in his knees before he dashed out quickly towards Ekans as his mouth glowed. "Quick Ekan's dodge" he said, Ekan's slithered out the way, but it was close. Granbull bit hard into the ground, he dug up a generous amount of ground in his mouth before he spat it out. "Quick Ekan's recover with Poison tail!" replied Ant. Ekans circled around and threw itself into the air, it twisted it's body to get more momentum in its swing, before he slapped Granbull in the stomach which flung him back a couple of feet. "Stand up Granbull, headbutt!" Grandbull did not hesitate and before Ekan's could recover he was hit with Granbulls powerful head-butt, but it wasn't enough. Ant smirked, "Ekan's quick use Bind, wrap yourself around Granbull!" Before Ekan's could fly off, he wrapped himself around Granbulls head and neck and gave it a tight squeeze. "OH NO! SHAKE EM LOSE" Yelled Jake. It was already to late Ekan's got a good grip on Granbull's head. "Let's finish this use Poison Fang!" Ant commanded. Ekan's held it's head back and bared it's fang and clamped down on Grandbull's head. The giant pink bulldog's face went black, then his eyes went hollow and soon after he fainted.

    Jake fell to his knees and peered over at Ant, he seemed much taller to him now, much stronger. He was afraid of humiliation again at the hands of this kid. Jake held his hand up before the third round could start and declared he quit. The teacher held the final flag up towards Ant and exclaimed and "the winner of this match by forfeit is Ant!" he said. The crowd cheered for Ant. Ant smiled and walked away to find his friends before anyone could ask him any questions.
  12. Bee found herself staring straight ahead at the battle before her. It was between Ant and another fellow who Bee couldn’t be bothered to care about. Of course, she wasn’t surprised when Ant wipes the floor with him, or when the white flag flew up. She merely smirked and shook her head, clapping along with the rest of the crowd.

    Round after round, Bee swept her competition off their feet. At the moment, she found herself facing her opponent in the semifinals: A tall girl with a relaxed expression. Bee, too, had a calm expression, but her heart was thumping rather wildly in her chest. The whistle blew, and the battle had begun. Tens of students gathered around, and all of them were on edge. Bee had a feeling that this battle wouldn’t be so easy. The girl, name Sierra, cleared her throat, and grinned with a drastically changed aura. It went from serene to determined and thirsty for the win. Bee’s eyes flickered with shock for a second, but depleted as she returned her own smirk. Sierra threw her first Pokéball. “Scrafty, take her out!” she shouted, and the fighting-type Pokémon burst from its capsule. It uttered its cry with confidence, puffing out its chest. Bee thought for a second before grabbing a specific ball. “Okay, Rocky, lets do this!” she spoke as she threw the ball forward. Rocky let out a bellow of his own, making sure that he wasn’t going down easily.

    Sierra went right at the battle. “Scrafty, use power up punch!” she fired, and the Scrafty began dashing towards Rocky, fists glowing. “Quick! Counter with iron defense!” Bee shot back. By no means would iron defense protect Rocky, but it would certainly deplete the damage done. Rocky did so, and his armor appeared shinier and tougher within seconds. The punch collided into Rocky’s side, making the Aggron grunt and the Scrafty grunt louder. Scrafty was thrown back, fists scuffed and sore. “Rocky, low kick!” Bee yelled, and Rocky flung himself at the scrafty. Just as he landed, he swung his heavy, armored leg out and under the Scrafty, knocking the wind out of the opposing Pokémon. Sierra grunted. “Scrafty, back on your feet! Use crunch!” The Scrafty forced itself up, throwing itself at Rocky’s arm and biting down, hard. However, Rocky hardly felt a thing, shook the Pokémon off of him, and obeyed Bee as she once again told him, “Low kick!” The super effective move knocked the Scrafty out, and left Sierra fuming. Bee sighed with relief. “Rest well, bud,” she said, returning the Aggron.

    The announcement of the round 1 winner rang out before round 2 started. Sierra took a deep breath, and swung her arm forward. “Alright, finish this, Vaporeon!” The ball flew up, and Vaporeon fell down onto its feet. Bee pondered the situation. All of her Pokémon were at a type disadvantage, but she could make it work, somehow. “Okay, go, Archeops!” Bee sent Lucy out, who ruffled her feathers in anticipation. “Too easy,” Sierra cackled. “Vaporeon, water gun!” The Vaporeon trilled before opening its jaws to shoot a tough stream of water out directly towards Lucy. “Use fly!” Bee shouted, and Lucy shot up just in time. “Shadow claw!” Lucy dove towards the water dog, avoiding the jet streams of water being shot past her. She flew right above Vaporeon, digging her talons into her before flying back upwards. The Vaporeon let out a shriek. “Rock throw! Rapid fire!” Bee knew it wasn’t an effective move, but it was part of her plan. Lucy swooped down, picking up rocks and hurling them at Vaporeon, nearly getting hit with water every now and then. Sierra cackled once more. “Really? Rock moves against a water type?” Bee simply shrugged with a smile. What Sierra didn’t notice was that the air in Vaporeon was getting knocked out with each hit, even though it wasn’t hurting it. “Finish this with wing attack!” Bee commanded, and Lucy once again swept down. She scraped and slapped Vaporeon repeatedly until the Pokémon fainted. Sierra’s eye twitched and she stomped her foot. Lucy flew back towards Bee. “Wonderful job, girl. Heal up,” she smiled softly, returning the Archeops.

    “Ready for round three?” Bee taunted. The adrenaline was starting to get to her, as she awaited Sierra’s Pokémon choice. Sierra frowned, rate in her stature. “Monferno, go!” she violently tossed the ball forward, and a short-tempered appearing Monferno appeared. Bee immediately sent out Flint with a few words of encouragement. “Right away, throat chop!” Bee shouted. Flint sprinted side to side towards Monferno, who merely grunted louder and louder as Flint came closer. Sierra was yelling for the monkey to move, but it simply wouldn’t obey her. Flint did a 180° turn right before reaching Monferno, and shot his legs right into the monkey’s neck. Monferno screeched and crumpled back, but didn’t faint quite yet. Sierra fell to her knees, a disappointed look on her face. She knew that Bee had already claimed victory. “Finish this with fire fang,” Bee simply told Flint. Flint growled at the scampering Monferno before charging at him with overheated fangs. Eventually, after chasing him for a few seconds, Flint bit down on the Pokémon, who fainted in return. The whistle blew, the crowd erupted into cheers, and Flint trotted back to Bee. “Great job, buddy. Relax a bit now,” she told the Houndoom, pressing his Pokéball’s button and returning him. It was official now. Bee was in the finals, and simply had to wait for the other champion to arise for her next battle. Sierra returned her fainted Pokémon and stood up, clearly full of negativity. Bee simply shrugged, and stepped off the field to get further instructions on the finals from the teacher.
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    Ant found his friends moments after his battle, they hadn't yet gone yet but they will soon. Ant held his arm up and placed his hand on his muscle and grinned. "You guys can do it, remember all our training" he said to them. Jeromy chuckled, "I won't lose, not all of us can be geniuses, ay Ant" he said with a smile. Jeromy and Ana were the only people to know that Ant wanted to become one of the best Pokemon researches on top of being the best trainer to prove he's better then his father. He had a strong love for Pokemon, more then most and he seemed to bound with them very easy. Ana ran up to Ant and smiled at him which turned into a childish smirk, "So I saw Bee and You checking out each others matches, not to mention ya'll are kinda matching today. tehehe." she said with a snicker. Ant's face quickly became slightly flustered and he jerked some distance between him and Ana as she snickered her mischievous girly ways. "W-What do you mean!? I hadn't notice" he says with a bead of sweat as it caressed the side of his face and fell off onto the hot ground. Beep, Boop! Next group of fighters report to your field! Beep, Boop. The teacher came on the announcer. Jeromy and Ana looked up then at each other and laughed. The three friends searched each others faces for encouragement smiled at each other and went their separate ways till later.

    Ant defeated each trainer he came up against with just Ekans and Raichu, some where anxious to find out what his third Pokemon would be. Slowly but surely as every made their way, Ant made it to the semi finals. However and friends lost a couple matches back. Ant waited for his Semi match, he realized he would be faced off against Richie. He had held a damp rag against his neck and over his head, As the sun rose higher in the sky the more hot it got and the more irritated Ant was, but the cool water on his neck dampening his shirt cooled him off well so he just needed to relax now. He had let out Ekans and Raichu too to cool off in the water and sun. Some of his fell classmates had made their way over to him and watched to get a good look at Rai and Ekans. Ant smiled as he watched the Pokemon play with some of the kids, He sat there and looked deep at Ekans. He couldn't think of a name to give him yet but he will soon.

    Ant watched as Richie made his way towards the battle field, he knew it was time to go. Ant flexed his legs and stood up, he walked over to his Pokemon and smiled down at them before he called them back into the Pokeballs. The group of students stare at Ant and smile, they all gave him thumbs up and cheering as he walked his way to the field. Ant smiled and kept the towel over his head, Richie knew that Ant didn't like hot weather and he smirked at him, "still can't handle the heat huh? still a little frightened by fire Pokemon?" he said low in his breath and snickered. Ant stared him down and smirked back.. "we don't have to do this you know Richie" he said to him. Richie's expression turned serious and he held his first ball in his hand. "Are you ready, to pay?" he said to him, Ant shrugged and held up his GS Ball, "Whatever you want" replied Ant.
    Let the Battle begin!

    Ant and Richie both threw their balls in the air, On Richie side, Golem and on Ant's side, Ekans. Of course Richie changed his team last minute to counter Richie's first two Pokemon but a good trainer always had moves to back up their ability. Richie nodded his head and threw his hand out "Golem Rollout!" he commanded, Golem let out a loud yell and jumped in the air, he curled around his body and tucked his head in, with momentum he charged quickly towards Ekans. "Quick Ekans dodge to the side", Ekans moved toward the side, he slide a little further against the dirt. "Now use Iron Tail against the floor" he said. Ekans spun in the air and smashed the floor, the earth slowly cracked and then busted up separating the distance between Ekans and Golem. The crowd cheered in excitement. Richie sucked his teeth, he knew deep down the Ant had always been a challenge no matter how much he denied it. "If you're not gonna move then I will" he said to Richie with full confidence. Ant held his hand up quick "Ekans use agility!" "follow up with Iron Tail" Ekans speed increased as he slithered sprinted towards Golem, he proceed to smash his tail against Golem's skull. The tough rock type Pokemon stumbled backwards, fell to one knee then dropped to the floor and knocked out. The crowd cheered in the defeat of Richie's Golem. Richie walked up the Golem and pat his head, he called him back to the ball and held his second Pokemon in his hand.
    Battle 2 begin!

    Richie proceeded to call out his second Pokemon. He launched his ball into the air and out popped out Dewott. Dewott came out confident, Ekans looked a little tired but it wanted to continue. The blue otter Pokemon charged towards the snake and and smacked him with a shell smash. Ekans flew back onto his back and fainted. Ant sucked teeth but took a deep breath he proceeded towards Ekans and held his head up in his arms. He looked down at the hot tired snakes face and smiled. "Thanks Ekans you did well, you deserve a good rest" he smiles and proceed to recall him into his cool ball. Ant sat up and looked over at Richie and Dewott. "Rai! come out!" he threw the ball high into the air and bounced out Raichu. Rai was well rested and ready to fight. Ant had a full type advantage, but you couldn't factor out how good Richie actually was. Dewott and Raichu charged at each other with almost the same speed but about the same power level. They clashed shell to thunder fist each time. One after another, second after second until each Pokemon ended up on their side distances apart. "Rai Thunderbolt!" he said. Rai crunched himself up and held electricity into his cheeks and released it in a powerful yell. "Dewott dodge, dash towards Raichu!" commanding Dewott perfectly. Ant smirked "Thanks for that!" Raichu stopped his Thunderbolts instantly "Okay Rai quickly Iron tail!" Raichu jumped over Dewott carefully twisting its body and smashed his tail into Dewott's back. The otter slapped into the ground arm "Now follow up with thunderbolt" Rai followed Ant's directions perfectly, and down went Dewott. Richie sighed and called back his water Pokemon. "You've gotten lucky so far but I'll come out with a win!" he said.
    Final battle begin!

    Richie threw out his final Pokemon, Pupitar. The Pokemon came out fully inspired by his fallen comrades, he bounced around. Rai kept his cool and watched as the Pupitar full of energy bounced up and down at the field. Ant smiled and and was ready for the last battle. "Keep your guard up Rai!" he said to his Pokemon.
    RAIIIII!!CHUU! he replied. "Pupitar use tackle!" Richie commanded. Pupitar charged head first and bashed Raichu deep in the gut, it sent the electric type flying backwards. Raichu recovered and landed on his two feet. "Rai return the blow with Quick Attack" which connected as well, it sent the Pupitar sliding backwards towards his trainer. Blow after blow was exchanged until both Rai and Pupitar were exhausted. Even Ant and Richie were exhausted from the fight. "Alright we'll end this with the final blow" said Richie. Even Ant had to agree with him, this was the last battle, He didn't believe Rai could continue anymore so one final blow was necessary . "Okay Pupitar Rock slide!!" yelled Richie with full force. "Rai! Dodge and use Iron Tail!" Ant counter. Soon after both cast a cloud of smoke had appeared as the Pokemon moves collided at the same time. As the smoke slowly dissipated, both Raichu and Pupitar at stood staring at each other. Seconds later, Pupitar had fallen to the ground and the teacher held up the flag towards Ant.

    And the winner, proceeding to the final battle. ANT!!

    The crowded cheered. It was clear that this was an intense battle between young rivals and passionate trainers.
  14. Bee had to admit that watching Ant’s battle was tense in the audience. She couldn’t help but cheer along, quietly, that is, with the other students. Although she was watching carefully, Bee wasn’t surprised when Ant had finished off Richie. She actually felt a pang of sympathy when Richie stood before his final fainted Pokémon. However, it faded as a new emotion - determination - began rising in her. This last battle meant that Bee and Ant would be competing in the finals, and Bee didn’t even know Ant’s third Pokémon!

    Determination faded into worry, into relief, and back into determination. “Whatever happens, happens,” Bee mumbled to herself, closing her eyes for a couple of moments. The next thing she knew, she stood on the edge of the field, awaiting as the few minutes before the battle counted down. “Trainers, please greet each other!” a teacher’s voice shouted over the commotion of excitement in the students. Bee clenched and unclenched her fists once before walking towards the center of the field, where she waited for Ant to do the same.
  15. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Ant made his way towards the field, once his match had finished with Richie, he quickly ran for some water. It was still very hot and he needed a lot of water to keep him calm. Trainers, Please greet each other! said the instructor. Ant and Bee made their way towards the middle of the field, the uproar for the anticipated battle was deeper and full of energy. Ant looked around at everyone as they cheered both trainers on. His attention was directed back at Bee, he held her a smile and extended his arm, he cocked his hand up. "Let's both do our best Bee, I'm ready to see your moves" he said to her. Ant was excited to finally fight Bee, he couldn't keep his energy within much longer.

    Each trainer made it to their own side of the field, Ant held the GS ball up first and smirked. “You’ve seen it plenty of times, you know whose first Bee” he said with a smirk and confidence. “COME ON OUT EKANS”, he threw the ball high in the sky, the beam fell to the floor and the Ekans uncoiled itself, he let out a fierce yell. The shiny snake waited for his opponent.

  16. Bee nodded, hand hovering over her Pokéballs. After a second, she grabbed one, threw it up, and it burst open. “Rocky, go!” she shouted as the Aggron roared on the ground. Although she didn’t know the Ekans’ moves very well, she knew that Rocky had a type advantage against the snake. Any poison moves would do nothing.

    “Rocky, use iron defense!” she commanded her Pokémon. Sure enough, the appearance of Rocky seemed to grow harder and more secure. “Now, earthquake, and if the snake tries to come near you, low kick it!” Bee told Rocky. The ground began to shake, splitting open with huge, sharp rocks growing out from them. Rocky was preparing to swing his leg at the Ekans with all of his might.
  17. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Ekans stood its ground as the Iron armor Pokemon's body shined, as the sun was it's highest in the air the Pokemon's body reflected more like almost as if he took on the characteristics of the sun itself. Bee's Aggron clenched it's hands and soon after, the floor begun to erupt in a massive shake. Little by little a path of brown surface made it's way towards Ekans. Ant watched carefully, he knew Ekans would have a type disadvantage against Aggron, also his Ekans was still a newly discovered part of his team. He knew what moves Ekans had and which moves would be not so affected by the Pokemon but they had to give it their alls anyway or it wouldn't be a match.

    Ekans stood is ground till the last second, "Okay Ekans, Use Iron Tail, smash the rocks and send them straight to Aggron!" As the earthquake got more intense, it sent Ekan's into the air where the disturbed Earth begun to rise and break even more. As each Pillar made it's way up, Ekans would dodge, he send small chunks of rocks towards Rocky, but Ekans was slightly vulnerable to close combat hits when he's concentrated on counter attacks or so that's what Ant wanted Bee to think. Ekans continuously dodged rocks and countering the back at Rocky as they battle carried on. Ant wondered if Bee would actually fall for his decoy, if she did it would give Ant a actual chance to for not so power packed hit but a hit good enough to put a dent in Aggron's Iron Defense.
  18. Bee didn’t fully understand Ant’s plan, but she did know that being hit with boulders would probably knock Aggron down a bit. “Use the low sweep on them!” she yelled. The low sweep the Rocky had been preparing went out in action, smashing all lower rocks that came near him, and stepping to the side or kicking up to avoid ones flying higher. “Rocky, stop your earthquake,” Bee ordered, and the ground began to calm down.

    “Iron defense will only drag this battle on,” she mumbled to herself.
  19. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Ant smirked as Bee canceled her earthquake. Ekans jumped back to his original position. "Alright Ekans let's go in, jump high and use Iron Tail" he said in a rush. Ekans with its body contracting off the floor, clutched the floor and slithered its way towards Aggron with great speed. Before he could get close, he stops in mid movement to jump high into the air, the snake stretched it's body long, and soaked in the sunlight into his tail, he begun to glow with immense power. Ekans clutched itself tight and spun, the momentum added more power to his attack. Ekans swirled it's body as it spun down towards Aggron, his intensions were to grab hold of Aggron with his Pokemon's flexible body and smash Iron Tail against his head. The more Aggron struggled to easier it would get for Ekans. With knowledge of snakes type Pokemon, Ant felt he was one step ahead.

    He didn't want this battle to drag out any longer or he could really lose this fight. "Okay Ekans grab hold of Rocky's arm Bide, followed up with Iron Tail" he commanded
  20. Bee was slowly beginning to get frustrated. She had a feeling this battle would belong to to Ant, but that didn’t mean it was over. “Brace yourself!” Bee ordered, and added a quiet, “I’m sorry..” Rocky must have heard her, because he turned to look at her with cheerful eyes. Bee softly smiled at the Pokémon, who planted his feet as the Ekans had tightly wrapped himself around his arm. As the iron tail was thrust into Rocky’s arm, he let out a grunt. The lesser armored spot of his joints was hit, and he violently whipped his arm around, throwing the snake off.

    He stumbled backwards, pain shooting up his arm before he slumped down and passed out. Bee sighed, as she expected this. She was almost surprised to find herself disappointed in herself. But the surprise faded as she returned Rocky and hooked his ball on her waist.

    Bee bottled up and kept all of her stress and anger to herself while she grew up. She was taught at a young age that crying was a sign of weakness - a terrible thing to be taught. Her father was an infamous outlaw who scattered around different Pokémon-stealing steams, usually becoming the gang leader before narrowly escaping the law. That meant that Bee hardly grew up with either of her parents, as her mother was constantly out of town to create famous pieces of clothes, and her father was constantly getting in trouble with the police. It made her childhood quite rough, especially when she was eleven, not even a couple of years ago. At this age, Bee’s father had been shot in the side, almost killing him on impact. However, he managed to pull through after lying about his identification and getting medical help. Afterwards, he fled immediately from the city, and has been wreaking havoc everywhere he’d go. On almost impossibly rare occasions, Bee would come home to see her father passed out on the couch, but gone the next day. All of these problems in her life shaped her into the seemingly emotionless girl that she was. However, there was more under her surface than she let on.

    Redemption began to bubble up in Bee, and she sought for the way to win round two. She figured that his next choice would be Raichu, so she grabbed Flint’s pokéball and stared at it with determination. With a deep breath, she turned and tossed the ball out. Flint emerged and landed onto his feet as he began nearly fuming. He could sense some negativity in his trainer, and he certainly didn’t like it. The dog snarled, and huffed steam from his nose defensively.
  21. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Ant smiled when Ekans managed to dig his tail into the soft spot of the Aggron's armor. With a strong whip like force, Rocky threw Ekans back to his side of the field. The two partners watched as the Iron blooded Pokemon stumbled backwards, each footstep shook the floor, until his collapsed to one knee; then the other. The Pokemon had fainted, and that, the first round belong to Ant and Ekans. The crowd cheered for the first victory of belonging to Ant. Bee's face had turned from determination to sadness as she held the ball of Rocky out towards him. He could see the disappointment in her eyes, he knew that all to well.

    Ant was the son of Dragon Master Trainer Lance; Elite Four Champion. His mother was a top researcher in the Alolan Region, currently the wife of Professor Kukui. His mother and father split back when he was only six, his mother couldn't take the constant disappearances from his father. His dad was madly in love with Pokemon, of all kinds all regions; mostly dragon types of different shapes and origins. At a time him and his mother both shared this love together, but as the years when by his mother felt as if she had been replaced with this stronger love of Pokemon. Every other two years, Ant spent with his mother, and the corresponding two years he spent with his father. He really didn't know what a real home was. Ant was always compared to his father when growing him, constantly, he hated it, almost like flame. His eyes were that of his mothers, Hazel but they burned with a fiery passion like his dad. He used to watch from the side lines as he father battle, every person he ever met would ask him the same question. "
    Are you going to be as strong as your dad when you become a trainer?" was the question that haunted him everyday in his childhood. Ant never wanted to become like his father, a man who couldn't split his love. Everyday he ever spent with his father was rough now that he thought about it. He was never easy on Ant, whatever or whenever he'd ask for help his father made it ten times worst. "Nothing can ever be done easy" he always said to Ant. It was trained into Ant so much, that he always took the difficult was instead of the easy path even tho he always knew the easy path; he was very quick at reading on his feet. But no matter how much Ant disliked his father, he enjoyed his time with him as much as he could because he never really knows when his dad is just going to disappear for good.

    After today, after this battle Ant would leave his home for good to start his adventure on his own and become a trainer thats better then his father and make his own name for himself without the legacy attached to him. He stared down his Pokeball then peered over to Bee. The passion in her eyes to win had grown so much stronger in the last couple of minutes, but the disappointment still lingered. Bee tossed her next Pokeball into the air. Out came her Houndoom, Flint. Ant had encountered Flint yesterday in the forest, He was excited that he could actually have a battle against him, and he knew the perfect Pokemon for the job; he was sure Bee knew as well. "Alright Rai time to give it all we got" he said softly to the ball. Ant tossed the ball into the air; Rai broke free of the golden lights glow.

    The wind softly blew against the back of Ant and Rai as the stand down between Him and Rai, Bee and Flint was about to begin. In his eyes it seemed like an old western movie, where the cowboy and the villain would face off at the end. Ant looked down at Rai's back, this position took him back when him and Ant first met. Rai was actually a gift from his grand father, who currently lives in Snow point City. Ant held Rai's ball in his hand before he let him out, at the time he was no more then a small Pichu who was to small to be taken seriously, he also had a anger issue. But over the years him and Rai battled and grew together with the help of his fathers intense training and their bond.

    Ant and Bee, eye to eye stared at each other. Flint, Bee's Houndoom, snarled when it glanced at his trainer's expression, that gave Ant the signal that they were heated. "Let Battle 2 of the final match begin!" said the teacher. "Let's make the first move Rai, Thunderbolt!" Ant commanded. Rai bent down on all fours, his tail high in the air. The electric mouse, curled it's front legs and started to tense it's body up, before his cheeks glew a bright yellow followed but a crack of lightning from it's body that forcefully sped towards Flint.
  22. “Flint, roll out of the way!” Bee yelled, and Flint narrowly escaped the crackle of electricity. “Toxic!” Flint reared his haunches before shooting forward the poisonous waste at the Raichu. Right after the poison left Flint’s mouth, Bee commanded, “Encase the field with heat wave!”

    At the time, Bee’s father was suspected to be in Team Skull, partner-leading it with one of his good pals, Guzma. It hit Bee hard every time she’d turn on the news, and see her father’s name with a heavy reward for his capture. Bee didn’t want her father to go through it all, and didn’t understand his lifestyle. However, she still looked up to him, and and currently does to this day. She didn’t necessarily want to become a criminal, no, she wanted to become more in control, and harness her past into giving her strength. That’s why that after this day, Bee would head out for her journey. She wasn’t fourteen yet, but would be in a couple of weeks.
  23. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Rai, dodged the Toxic attack, but was still scratched on his side. The slight burn from the Moon caused Rai to flinch a little before he landed on his feet onto a Heat Waved field. The air around Ant and Rai became hot, Ant hated to heat. He could see Rai as he took deep heavy breaths, as if he couldn't breathe himself. The trainer had to think fast, or he could lose in a couple of minutes, then it clicked. "Alright Rai use Light Screen!" he commanded. Rai nodded, he begun his yell. A Pinkish screen appeared before Rai's side of the area. Rai demeanor begun to change back to relaxed and cool. The status move lowered the damage from the special attack move, and even tho it lowered it's damage to Rai, Ant had still been suffering from the immense heat it emulated.

    Ant took deep breaths, the towel he had around his head; the one he had against Richie, was wrapped around his neck to catch the beads of sweat that ran fiercely down his face. He smirked, he didn't realize how strong of a trainer Bee really was. He enjoyed this fight, he didn't want to win so easily today. It probably would have bored him more.

    Ant looked upon Rai and saw that the move toxic had actually hit Rai, his Pokemon was lightly fidgeting at the legs. Combined with this Heat from the Heat Wave and the Toxic cut, Rai might not make it through this match if they continued any further. He softly chuckled to himself, enough that really only person who would notice was Rai. His Pokemon turned to him and smiled slightly, it looked weak and tired. Ant looked back at him, he said in his head I'm sorry Rai, you did good, lets go in for the attack. Ant gazed upon Houndoom, he knew he wanted a rematch, but even with his knowledge he had slight hope that they could still win this battle.

    "Okay Rai, use Thunder Punch!" Rai's hind things bolded, then clenched. Bee has seen how quick Rai was when it came to his Thunder Punch. The Pokemon kicked off it's hind legs and as fast as Extreme Speed dashed off with an electric filled glowing fist towards Flint, but.. Ant saw; saw how Rai's body couldn't handle the speed, The Pokemon had hesitated with the take off from the pain of the toxic, it left an opening for counter.
  24. Bee began to brighten up, though she didn’t show it. She felt a bit embarrassed that she had gotten so down about losing the first match, but she brushed it aside. Bee also noticed Ant and his Pokémon’s dislike for the heat, which made her smile a bit. The young girl had her way of keeping cool, as if she was like her own ice pack. “He’s weak, Flint! Counter him with throat chop!”

    Bee had focused on Rai during the entire battle, and she knew that the toxicity and heat combined in the atmosphere would drag him down quite a bit, which is exactly why she was going to tak the opportunity for the counter. Flint barked, and instead of using his back legs this time, he thrust his horns forward as Rai sped towards him.
  25. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Ant nodded as Flint took off towards Rai. He knew from the way Rai took off that Bee had won this battle in a heart beat, and he was looking forward to the rematch they'll have some years down the line. Rai, collided with Flint's horns. He was sent flying back towards Ant, slide across the floor and landed right in front of him. Rai's eyes had gone silent, he had fainted. Sometimes, Pokemon battles don't last as long as Ant would like them too. It's as if the world had stood still at his sight of Rai's exhausted face. He bent down and cradled his Pokemon, he held his head up and stroked the top of it. "You did good Rai, well get our rematch next time" he said.

    The teacher held his flag high on Bee's side of the field. "Winner of the round, BEE!!" A sweep of chilling screams came from the crowd as they cheered for Bee. Ant kept his attention on Rai, who had finally awoken from his fainted state. He cewed under the soft rub of his trainer, Ant proceeded to hold out his ball and called him back in. Rai nodded and took embrace to the sweet light of his Pokeball.

    Anastasia and Jeromy watched on the side-lines. Ana's eyes filled with a soft touch, she had been worried for Ant since the start of this tournament. She knew how her friend got once people begun to see his true strength, as for Jeromy, he was really only worried about Raichu.

    Ant stood up, kicked his foot in front a little and rubbed the back of his neck. He took two deep filling breaths before an attractive grin appeared on his face towards Bee. "one win each huh? I knew you were good. Haha I'm glad we met yesterday" he said towards her. Ant held up his last Pokemon beside him, his posture seemed more confident now, more relaxed and unwavering. It put a slight chill in the air.

    Richie and his goons had been spectating from the other side of the field. Richie had his arms folded, "This girl is gonna have a hard time now" he said to himself. Jake; the trainer Ant beat in the first round, had over heard what his boss said and looked up at him. "What do you mean Rich??" he asked Richie. Richie, looked down at him then back at Ant. "We might not be friends anymore, but I know the Pokemon Ant's been keeping this whole time, it's strong" Richie replied back to Jake.

    The teacher held his flags high in the air. "Final Battle! Winner takes all!" he sharply waves the flags down.

    Ant threw his ball high, the ball opened, the light hurtled down to the floor and bounced up slightly off the ground. It took shape of the Pokemon, the light begun to curl and move abruptly like fire, it spread from four corners, and one big one down the middle, almost like a candle, a four container candle. The light disappeared off the Pokemon, and out came Chandelure. The ghost fire type, swayed back and forth. The flames from it's containers danced with such fiery.
  26. Ant’s grin left Bee with a sort of perplexing feeling that she’s never felt before. Heat rose to her ears, and she found herself getting slightly flustered. Sure, people had complimented her strength all the time. But this time, it seemed different.

    She attempted to brush the feeling aside, and focused on the battle. Bee noticed the mood change that scattered in the crowd, and knew that she was going to be up against something difficult. Bee grabbed her remaining pokéball, and drew a deep breath. “No matter who wins, I’ll be proud of you,” she whispered, and closed her eyes. When she opened them, her icy eyes held a fierce flint in them, and she tossed the ball onto the field. Lucy broke from the ball, and screeched as she ruffled her tough feathers. Several people in the crowd cheered for her. Bee simply turned her head over her shoulder, and smirked, before turning back. Now, these several people found themselves blushing and cheering once again.

    Bee wanted Ant to fire the first move, to see what this Chandelure could do.
  27. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Ant was clearly focused on the match that he drowned out all of the noise around me. He looked at his Chandelure, it's been a while since him and Violet battled together. Ant's Chandelure, Violet was actually his first ever fully evolved Pokemon, but she never listened to him much when he was littler. Ant smiled and held his hand out, he squeezed it hard, you could see his bicep raise up a good bit, the strength in arm symboled the strength in Violet. "Alright Violet let's show her what we got." he said with his confident grin. Violet clentched her candles together, the pulse of energy from the surrounding plants made a sphere in the middle of her candles until a strong visible ball, that glew as bright as the sun with a tint of green formed in the middle.

    Violet hovered a little more off the ground and with pure power pushed the energy ball towards Lucy with great speed.
  28. “Be on your guard!” Bee ordered to Lucy. The Archeops took note of the incredibly quick energy ball that flew at her, and attempted hop to the side didn’t go quite as planned. Instead, Lucy’s left side received the blow, and it threw the bird off balance. There was no way it didn’t hurt the Pokémon, but she toughened it out with a huff and shook her wings out. Planting her feet, the Archeops awaited an order. “Alrighty, rock throw - hit ‘em fast!” Bee shouted.

    Instantly, Lucy began digging up rocks with immense speed, and after she gathered a pile, she began forcefully throwing them rapidly in the direction of the opponent.
  29. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    "Quick Violet Dodge!" without hesitation came the order from Ant. Violet, begun to shadow dance around the rocks carefully planning each careful move, each dodge with precision until she fully dodged each rock untouched. Ant smirked and crossed his arms. "Come on Bee, bring out the fire!" he said towards her. You could feel the heat that emulated off Ant, burn more intensely then the sun outside that beat the earths floor. Ant looked at Bee's face obsessively "Okay Violet, follow up with Will-O-Wisp, circle around Lucy" he commanded. Violet begun to screen it's voice, small figures of flames appeared around it's head, they danced up and down, while Violet bobbled side to side like an actual light design. The fire-ghost type Pokemon, lunged back and threw the flames towards Lucy, the scared into the air almost the same way as Rock throw, but they didn't move ass face. The downside to using Will-O-Wisp was that, Violet had to channel the flames and hold them for a certain period of time before it could move again which left her wide open for an attack.

    Ant's heart raged with excitement, this was a good fight hes had in a long time and to be honest he didn't know whether or not he was going to win it all, but he didn't care at this moment. All he wanted was the make this battle, the battle that will decide he end of the school year fate. He didn't want his classmates to only associate him with his father and he didn't want them to see him as well for going up against Bee. It was just right.. so right that all of the cheering became silent, it was just him and Bee on the field, in a dance of strength and skill.
  30. Bee clenched her fist, nails digging into her palm. When she let her fingers fall, her hand was red and blood began trickling down from the marks. Nothing new, Bee reminded herself as she shook her hand, droplets decorating the ground. Ignoring it, Bee paid full attention to the battle. The fire began to surround Lucy, however, Bee wasn’t having any of it. “Put them out with fly!” Bee shot. Lucy took huge flutters with her wings, and the quick air began to deplete the flames. When she found the opening, she shot from the circle and into the sky.

    “Bring it down - use shadow claw as fast as you possibly can!” Bee yelled. Lucy sped down with incredible speed, right towards the Chandelure. Shadow claw had a type advantage over the opponent, but Bee was unsure if it would affect much of the outcome of the battle.
  31. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Chandelure hesitated a little when Lucy easily swept it's Will-O-Wisp away. Ant bite his lip a little, but cocked a smile. He watched as Lucy fluttered it's wings with great speed then rose to the sky. Ant looked up, far up, Lucy had fly right into the sun, she looked beautiful high in the air like that. Ant squinted his eyes hard, he could really only see the shadow of the bird. "Use Shadow Claw!" said Bee. Ant slightly slide backwards, he had to think fast or that move will land and do some serious damage to Violet. His mind race and his eyes stayed stuck on Lucy. "Okay Violet, Use Flame charge!" he said. Violet's body swarmed with blue and red flames, the Pokemon cocked back a little to regain it's stance then charged straight up at Lucy. It was like as if they watched a bird fight between two planes in the air. Both Lucy and Violet, smacked head to head against each other. Until they both ended on each other's side of the field, panting, exhausted.

    Ant had felt a little exhausted himself, it was high noon and the heat and risen a little more. He begun to pant, but kept a smile on his face the whole time, the beads of sweat dripped down from his face faster then usual and the towel around his head became damp with sweat. The crowd became rallied up, they know it was getting down to the final moves and everyone was at the edge of their seats. He slowly felt himself go down to one knee. The teacher hesitated but rushed to him, asking if Ant can still go on. He nodded and used the teacher as Anchor, what no one knew was that Ant was really just sensitive to heat ever since he was little, it was a condition he had but didn't wanna feel the pity of others down his back. he panted heavily now and gave it a hard smile at Bee "Hey now are you ready to finish this?" he stood up with the last of his strength, Violet felt her trainer become tired, she herself was tired as well. "Okay! one last time Violet, give it your all! FLAME CHARGE!!." he yelled, Violet mustered up every last drop of her energy and charged straight at Lucy in a blazing finish.
  32. Bee simply studied the field and the fatigued Pokémon that occupied it. After Ant seemed to wobble with the heat, his final call for flame charge let Bee know that he was ready to end the battle. “Hm. Shadow claw, all you’ve got!” Bee commanded of her Archeops. The fossil-bird screeched and shot up, then nose-dove towards the fiery Chandelure. In mere seconds, the two collided once again, only with much more force and dust shooting up to surround them.

    When the clouds of dust cleared, they revealed the two Pokémon, rather far from each other, and both were fainted. The crowd gasped, and began to clamor. Bee was somewhat at a loss for words. “It’s a draw!” the referee shouted over the noise, but he himself was truthfully just as surprised. Bee stood in her spot, quiet and a bit solemn. She grabbed Lucy’s empty pokéball, returned the fainted bird, and clicked her back into place. Soon, a smile crept onto the girl’s face, and she sighed with a hint of amusement. “Well... that was exhilarating,” she murmured to herself.

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