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After The End

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Rex, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Private between Rex, Psycho_Monkey, and Tailon

    The world as we know it is over. It’s been devastated by a series of natural disasters. Mt. Chimney blew. And so did the volcano Sootopolis was built over. The tidal waves and earthquakes devastated Hoenn. And they didn’t stop there. Cinnabar Island and Stark Mountain went up too. The ash cloud alone threatened to destroy the world and kill us all.

    Somehow, Unova has remained relatively untouched, or so the rumors go. A save haven, a place we can live in relative peace. We’ll go there. Somehow, someway. We must make it.

    We start in Fallarbor Town. The goal is to catch a boat in Slateport to take us to Unova. Unfortunately, Mt. Chimney’s eruption destroyed Routes 111, 112, and 113. Thus, we are forced to take the long way: Route 114, through Meteor Falls, down 115 to Rustboro City. Rustboro’s still going, somehow. But we can’t stop there, the local government is unstable at very best.

    We’ll take a break there, and then continue. Down Route 116 and through Rusturf Tunnel. Verdanturf is likely devastated, but we’ll go through it anyway. From there, we’ll go to Route 117, and enter Mauville City. Then south, down Route 110 and into Slateport.

    Sign Up:
    - Strength:
    - Perception:
    - Endurance:
    - Charisma:
    - Intelligence:
    - Agility:
    - Luck:
    - Nickname:
    - Species:
    - Gender:


    Name: Brendan Rustici
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Description: Brendan is a red haired young man of above average height. Lack of sunlight due to the ash cloud has left him fairly pale, and a lack of food as left him somewhat gaunt. He wears a dirty green dress shirt and slightly ripped gray pants. He carries a small backpack which is filled to the brim with supplies. He carries a 9mm pistol, though he has long since run out of ammo for it.
    Past: Brendan was visiting Hoenn when the disaster struck. In the chaos, he was separated from his comrade, Landen, and lost most of his Pokemon. At the same time, he ended up with Landen’s own Dewott. After searching Hoenn for some time, Brendan came to the conclusion that Landen had left the region. It was easier then facing the possibility that his friend might be dead. His current goal, as such, is to locate Landen’s new whereabouts, find him, and return Tommy to him.
    - Strength: 6
    - Perception: 7
    - Endurance: 6
    - Charisma: 3
    - Intelligence: 6
    - Agility: 7
    - Luck: 5
    - Nickname: Radek
    - Species: Haxorus
    - Gender: Male
    - Nickname: Tommy
    - Species: Dewott
    - Gender: Male
    - Nickname: Roi
    - Species: Simisage
    - Gender: Male
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Yup. This is my first time RPing as a female.

    Name: Marie Atkins
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Description: Marie stands at 5’4” with an athletic build. She has grey-blue eyes and long black hair tied in a ponytail with her bangs hanging over her forehead. After the world went to hell she has been wearing greyish beige cargo pants, black running shoes, and a navy blue tank top.
    Past: Marie was born in Lilycove City, Hoenn. In school she played soccer and tennis while still doing well in her studies. After graduating high school, Marie started travelling the region with Light, her Staryu, catching a Doduo and Slakoth along the way. She reached Fallarbor Town via Route 113 just a day before the disaster struck. Fallarbor has been isolated and the people there stranded ever since thanks to all the damage done to the surrounding area and the toxic fumes polluting the air from the eruption. No TV or radio broadcasts can reach the town due to the loss of all of the service towers which also renders all cell phones useless. Marie has been keeping in shape in the athletic center in the town’s Pokémon Center hoping to one day leave Fallarbor and return to her family in Lilycove unaware of the disasters that have also befallen Hoenn’s eastern side.
    - Strength: 6
    - Perception: 3
    - Endurance: 7
    - Charisma: 7
    - Intelligence: 8
    - Agility: 7
    - Luck: 2
    - Nickname: Light
    - Species: Staryu
    - Gender: N/A

    - Nickname: Ozzy
    - Species: Doduo
    - Gender: Male

    - Nickname: Bridget
    - Species: Vigoroth
    - Gender: Female
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Name: Gregory Ryder
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Description: Just slightly below average height and rather thin, has dark hair and eyes. He has tried to keep up appearances since the disasters, wearing a business suit a large majority of the time while he is in town, which is always. He also wears black rimmed, rectangular glasses and carries a knife for utilitarian purposes and protection.
    Past: Gregory was in Fallarbor itself when the disasters struck, competing at the Battle Tent located there. As news came in Greg became increasingly disturbed and decided that the relatively untouched town was his safest bet.
    - Strength: 3
    - Perception: 2
    - Endurance: 5
    - Charisma: 8
    - Intelligence: 10
    - Agility: 7
    - Luck:5
    - Nickname: Samson
    - Species: Machoke
    - Gender: Male

    - Nickname: Gloria
    - Species: Nidorina
    - Gender: Female

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