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Ask to Join Adventures of the Silver Archmage: Quackosaurian Invasion (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cmeriwether, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. (Link for Discussion is in the word here)

    On a small Island nation in the center of the Continent of Islandor, a good ways away from Axlandor (Setting of Mages of the Eastern Corridor), lived a fifteen year old, blonde haired, green eyed, well developed female, of the nation's royalty, well when she wasn't traveling with her boyfriend.

    "Travis, honey, what's going on?" The girl asked a brown haired, orange eyed boy wearing a captain's coat.

    "I just got a message from the King of Quackosaur Island that The Four Lords of Death have been sighted near the island," Travis, the boy explained, "Natalie, sweetheart, we need to go back and help them, I can call upon the Dragon Island Navy, they would be a little later, but they'd help."

    The girl, Natalie, nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek before she headed below deck. Travis wrote a letter to John Lance, The Silver Archmage, requesting reinforcements at Quackosaur Island. He then sent a Pigeon to deliver the letter.


    On a Large black ship, was a man with Silver hair and red eyes, commanding his crew to head towards Quackosaur Island.

    "Hahaha!" The man cackled, "I will now rule the Quackosaurians!"

    The ship pulled to broadside to fire its cannons at the nearby Port of Airmich.

    ""Quackosaurians, I am Alain of the Darkness of the Four Lords of Death, and I will now be ruling your..." The red eyed man was cut off.

    The blaring of royal trumpets could be heard as a man of light brown hair with grey streaks, and blue eyes wearing heavy armor and a crown walked onto the port's dock.

    "It is time to meet again, Alain of the Darkness!" The man yelled.

    "King Douglass of Quackosaur Island, you are an idiot to think you could take on the Navy of the Four Lords of Death!" Alain sneered.

    About eighty more ships appeared behind Alain's ship, intending to back up the lone flagship. The Quackosaurian Fleet arrived to protect the docks. A cannon fired from one of the ships, but they couldn't tell who, and thus started the Invasion of Quackosaur Island.
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  2. A blonde-haired 15-year-old girl was sleeping on a high bough of a pine tree. She awoke to the sound of cannon fire, and grinned. Fingers stiff with sleep fumbled with the knot that secured her to the tree, and as the rope fell away from her stomach, she leaped off the branch. A cushion of air billowed up around her, slowing her fall, and she landed lightly, silently, like a cat.

    Creeping closer to the edge of the woods, Taylor peeked around the trunk of a tree as she flipped a butterfly knife between her fingers. She'd go to whatever side didn't try to kill her first, then figure out if they needed someone to die. Then she'd go to the other side, figure out if they needed someone to die. Then she'd kill for whichever side would pay her better.

    A small smile ghosted across her fine features as the freelance assassin headed towards the battlefield.
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  3. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Shaun sighed "Four Lords of death? Could they be more edgy?"
    His attention shifted to the oncoming cannonball.
    "Uh oh, danger." he quickly ran toward it and put his hands forward. A brilliant light blast came forth, sending the ball upward. With another light blast to the floor, Shaun launched himself after it, and, with a light-boosted kick, sent it toward a random enemy ship.
    "Special Delivery!" he laughed as the shining ball headed toward his target.
    He already felt exhaustion, but his body was automatically absorbing the light around him for energy, so it lasted for only a second.
    Thank whatever god there is that these guys didn't attack at night.
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  4. Narga was watching as ships were shooting cannon balls at one another. Then he saw some bright light and saw that someone sended cannon ball back at them.
    "It... It gonna hit us!" someone yelled and Narga shouted at them "You there, give me your knife!!! Now!"
    After he received a knife he walked up to the edge of a ship and... Cut cannon ball in two. The cut parts fall into the water and sinked.
    "Why you are so afraid of some small balls flying at you? Just catch them or break them" he looked at the knife, broken.
    "Hmph, what a useless blade... But they don't want from me to use Yggdrasil here"
    Nis happily ate his breakfast, that he had in the inn. Young barmaid, with a little blush on her face asked "Umm, Do you like it, Mr. Mage?"
    "Yum~my" said Nis with puffed cheeks, full of his meal, with sweet little smile of his face. He enjoyed his meal.
    "How long will you stay here, boy?"
    "Umm.. Two weeks probably" he answerd to another client of the inn, still with full mouth. He almost choked on his food as he heard cannon fire.
    "What the...."
    People start to panic and nobody notice that Nis left the inn. "Is that only my luck, or every single city that I visit is at war, natural disaster or something else.."
    "At least it's never boring"
    ".. I really would love to be bored sometimes.." Nis sighed "Why people, always, always, just always have to fight" he puffed his cheek, but now it wasn't becouse food filled them.. His sweet smile dissapired and he was 'a bit' serious now.
    "Well, maybe my charisma will persuade them to stop! Its worth a try at least. They may kill someone by accident. Demon aspect, Fire wings" said Nis and on his back appeard wings made from black fire, then with those wings and fire exploding under his feets. 15 years old mage flew to the battlefield.

    After some time, he could see the battle. "Hmmm... Now... How to stop them.. Burning those ships to the ashes sounds like terrible idea. Oh, I know!"
    He set his hand in fire and shot it into the sky, making huge explosion.
    "Hellfire Fireworks!!! Now, I just had to catch their attencion!" he said and smiled like proud of himself little child. "Excuse me! Can you like... Stop fighting?!"
  5. "You must be Shaun, nice reflexes versus the Cannon ball!" The King responded, when the sound of cannon fire blared.

    It wasn't Quackosaur Island that was attacked, it was The Four Lords of Death!

    "FLEET'S BOMBARDMENT!" A male voice roared.

    Alain had heard the cannons and immediately after yelled, "WHAT THE HELL!"

    "Sir, a lone ship has appeared nearby." A crewman explained.



    "Captain, park the ship so you can counter Alain's cannons, we're needed on Land." Travis commanded.

    The Captain understood his orders, and parked the ship so that Travis and Natalie could get off the ship get ready to fight. Travis had his Giant Cannon on his shoulder, ready to fire. When a boy flew up into the battlefield.

    "SHOOT HIM DOWN!" Alain roared.

    More ships friendly to The Four lords of Death arrived. All fired more Cannonballs between the Quackosaurians and the boy floating in midair.

    "Natalie, prepare the soldiers for a land assault." Travis whispered.

    At that moment, forty ships meant for landing beached on the coast, letting their troops out.
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  6. Taylor skidded to a halt, cringing as she saw more troops deploying onto the sand. How am I supposed to get one-on-one with someone in a position of fire without looking like Swiss cheese? She grit her teeth. So much for Plan A. Dark Lords over here are having some issues. I think they'd appreciate my services more without questioning my motives. Time for Plan B. Plan B was solidify air into a hovering disk for her to sneak onto a ship with. Better than her original plan, actually. Let's set this thing in motion. She stowed the butterfly knife on her belt with the rest of her arsenal before mounting a Frisbee-shaped chunk of solid air. (Does that make any sense? lol)

    The disk of air took her up to the hull of a ship. Taylor didn't want to be spotted just yet; she wanted a guaranteed audience first. She let a stream of air lift her up and over the railing around the ship's edge. She crept along the deck, then leaned against a bulwark before letting out a low whistle. "Soooo..." she said flippantly. "How's the conquest going?"

    (OOC: just FYI, she's on Alain's ship)
  7. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Shaun gave a salute "Thanks mate. I hope they'll just give up after tha-nope, now they're attacking on land. Dangit."
    He then realized that there was a boy in midair, asking them to stop fighting. "I would if I could. But I prefer not to have my home taken over by the edgelord crew." he yelled up to the boy, then freaked as he saw the volley of cannonballs aiming for him. "Watch out!" he called, before running at the advancing enemy.
    He was curious about how durable their ships were.
  8. Alain turned around as soon as he heard someone talking on his ship.

    "Wait a second," Alain thought out loud, "you look familiar from the wanted posters, I commonly find yours right next to my own, you must be the infamous Rager, am I correct?"

    Natalie noticed the troops on land and immediately headed to cut them off.

    "Natalie, are you..."

    Natalie's eyes turned Serpentine, and she immediately went to take out some of these soldiers. She pulled out two daggers with the names Meteor and Twister.

    "Someone tell Alain that The Green Reaper has returned!" One of the soldiers yelled.

    Another soldier ran for the deck of Alain's ship, and got aboard with a message.

    "Lord Alain of the Darkness, The Green Reaper has returned home!!" The soldiers yelled fearfully.

    "About your question, Interesting turn of events, The Green Reaper, youngest child of the Queen of Assassins, came to fight." Alain explained.
  9. Nis listened to an older boy that was on one of those ships. "I still don't see a problem, aren't your lips created to speak? Why always fight is an option... Jist becouse two rich pigs decided to take each others teritory... Sorry for 'pigs'... but 'land' is no reason to 'kill' " said Nis and saw flying cannon balls at him. He shot equal amount of fire balls and destroyed them all. "Ugh... What a bother... You first destroy my trip and now this, also..."
    His thone of voice has changed and temperature in the air did too. "Seems that one side doesn't want to talk so...I will make you to... Interfectis igne mortalibus occiderent. Volo aeternum!"
    "Hellfire! Rain of Fire" Nis shot a small balls of fire in great amount.. Like falling rain, they hit some of the Lords of Death ships and set them in flames. One of the ships that was set in fire, was the ship where Narga was.
    "We can put down those flames? What is this demonic fire?"
    "Magic..." whispered to himself Nagra and Devilish smirk arrived on his face. "I thought this soldier with light is strong, but this boy... I want to kill him..." as Narga talked to himself, one of the soldiers walked up to him "Master Narga, we must to leave the ship! We can put down this flames" Narga sighed "Alright, take the launches and head to the Lord Alain for now" ordered Narga and they left the ship.

    Nis sighed, seems that he had to fight in the end. But king or another ruler of this place owe him a big, sweet cake after this battle.
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  10. "That's me." Taylor grinned as the butterfly knife came out again. She flipped it into the air, catching one handle on the way down before snapping it shut again. “Green Reaper, eh? I can— what the hell?” Flames had begun to rain from the sky. Taylor snarled. “This is ridiculous!” The air around Alain’s ship solidified, working as a barrier against the flames. When the smoke had cleared (no pun intended), the solidification dissipated. She cleared her throat as she slid the butterfly knife back into its pocket. “Excuse me. I have a tendency to explode.” Watchful eyes scanned the battlefield for any more attacks. “Now. Who do you need dead?”
  11. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Shaun skipped across the water with small light blasts from his heels keeping him afloat, eventually he jumped and caught himself on the side of a boat.
    Cool, now I- BOOOM!-what the fu-
    The ship was on fire! As to avoid a fiery death, Shaun slid underneath the boat, in the water. As he held his breath, he thought of a plan.
    Time to see how well made these are.
    He poked his head out of the ocean, and seeing the fire gone, he climbed back again. Shaun held onto the boat and jumped, then stomped on the boat with his light-boosted feet. He jumped again, repeating the action.
    Hopefully with enough hits, he'll make a hole in this thing.
  12. "Great, luckily it's the Admiral Apparent I want dead." Alain explained, "Warning though, the Green Reaper will try to stop us from that."

    Three cloaked figures appeared, one noticed the boy in the air, and fired a giant shadow hand in an attempt to incapacitate Nis, the hand was moving at a blinding speed.


    The letter sent through Travis's pigeon had made it to its destination as a ninety-three year old man along with a man in silvery-gray read the letter.

    "Get as many ships as we can spare, we're headed to Quackosaur Island!" The old man announced.


    Natalie fought through as many soldiers as possible, until she got to one of the ships. The Captain of the ship immediately attacked, but was taken out, and she fought the crew.
  13. “Admiral Apparent,” Taylor mused. “I can do that.” She glanced sideways at Alain. “Fair warning; my services come with a fee. But only after I get the job done. I can already tell that the Green Reaper will be an issue.” From Taylor’s vantage point, she could see that the Reaper had already taken out nearly all the ground troops and was moving onto the ships. Well, that wouldn’t do; she’d just allied herself with the Four Lords of Death, and even though she was still technically a freelance vigilante, there was no way the other party would trust her. So she figured, why not?

    “Point me in the admiral’s direction and he’s as good as dead,” she assured Alain.
  14. Nis suddenly got captured by the mysterious hand "Dang it.. I should be prepare for something like this..." he felt as the hand holds him in thight grasp "Hey! I ate recently and I really wouldn't... Oozie!" Gray Ooze appeard from his pocket. "Expands and help me!"
    Ooze filled the magical hand and forced it to open for Nis to escape his grasp, well that was too close to comfor.. Like really... "And they always told me that I am too carefree..." he looked in the way of three cloaked characters "It was them huh...they seem to be a pain... But, what I won't do for a cake! Yhm, let's go!" he explodes fire under his feets and in huge speed landed close to the cloaked characters "Yo! Do you have time to play with a kid like me for a while?" he said and tried to sound brave, but he was afraid a bit...
    Idiot... Thats 3 against 1...
    Narga get to Alain ship "Hi Boss, seems that not everything goes as smoothly as planned"
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  15. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    The boat's hull finally gave way after about 6 hits. Water was already pouring in, nearly taking shaun along with its current. Luckily he blasted himself away with his heel light blast, leaving the ship sinking.
    While in midair, he noticed he was nearing a ship. With a crash, he landed and sighed.
    "Alright thats one out of the way, now-oh" he paused, realizing he had landed on a enemy ship, with the crew surrounding him. The crew stood silent themselves, dumbfounded at this ballsy kid who just dropped in his enemies ship without a care in the world.
    Shaun clicked his tongue. "Soooo, um....see ya!" in a blink of an eye, he had blasted himself out of the ship, leaving it with a hole on its surface. He sighed again.
    Note to self, when going for a blast flight, make sure to ai-
    He crashed on land.
    He sat up and spat out dirt.
    Note to self: AIIIIIIIM!
  16. "I've noticed, Narga," Alain explained, "The other Lords of Death have arrived."

    He then turned to Rager, "The man with the shoulder cannon is your target."

    Alain pointed at Travis.


    "Kyle, deal with this annoyance." The Cloaked figure with the shadow arm attack told the Cloaked figure with the blue stripe on the cloak.

    "Cerberus, Dorlem, answer my call!" The blue striped cloak yelled.

    A giant three headed dog with snakes around the heads, and a large dolphin like creature with wings appeared in front of him.
  17. Cerberous... Dorlem... Man, I really just have the worst luck.. This guy have to be at least Captain level of magical power.. . Why Ieven joined... I could just stay in this inn. But.. This invasion need to end.

    Nis sighed and make his usual childish smile, but not becouse he mock his opponent or don't take him seriously. He calms himself down.
    "Mister... Kyle, was it? That magical hand earlier was great. How you guys did it? You have to possess great control over your magical power. Hey, hey, give me some tips" he begged with soft voice. He really wanted to know, as he hoped to get better in his own spellcasting, but it wasn't the only reason he asked this. He was buying time for himself to make his summon, Oozie was defense summon, that mainly protects Nis from any kind of elemental demage, Cerberus was mainly attack summon and Nis couldn't guess a purpose of that dolphin.
    Just a few seconds.. Let my buddy to arrive

    Narga smiled "Are they? This battle is as good as won then. If there are all 4 lords of death.. And me" He said, full of himself as always.
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  18. Taylor smirked, self-mocking. "Got it." Flying would be too conspicuous, she thought. So she promptly dove off the side of the ship, cutting through water like a hot knife through butter. She kept a thin layer of air around her so she wouldn't get wet, also so she wouldn't need to come up for air. When she reached the hull of the admiral's boat, she pulled out her two largest knives.

    One knife sank into wood. The other, a bit higher. The first knife again. The second. Taylor used a combination of upper-body strength and a wind that kept her pressed up against the side of the boat to climb up the hull. Her arms were trembling with effort, but she'd done this same thing multiple times before. Finally, she'd reached the top, and pulled herself up over the bulwark. Immediately, she sprang into a defensive position; when she'd assured herself that she'd avoided notice, she sheathed her large knives and pulled out a throwing knife. If all went well, the admiral would die quickly and she could get out of there before being killed. She lived for the hunt; the hunt existed for her.

    She threw the knife.
  19. Travis noticed a burly enemy attacking several soldiers, and fired his cannon there, causing the knife to bounce off of the cannon.


    Natalie had noticed a knife thrown towards Travis, and immediately went looking for the thrower, on their ship. She instantly turned the other way, killing any enemies in her path between her and Travis's ship.

    "Rager." Natalie sneered as she arrived, "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO HURT HIM!!"


    "This isn't good!" The purple striped man, with the shadow arm, pointed towards Natalie.

    The purple striped man and his counterpart suddenly teleported (across the island).

    "It's going to be you and me." Kyle responded, "Alain's busy, and Von Deathcat and Von Dragovich teleported."


    "Sir, two ships have taken hull damage." A lieutenant responded.

    Alain spotted a boy who had flown from the side of one of his ships into dry land.

    "Arkisias!" Alain whispered.

    Suddenly a cage fell towards Shaun, intending to trap him where he landed.
  20. Dammit. Well. So much for stealth. Taylor grinned wryly at the Green Reaper. “Hurt him? Me? No, honey, I was trying to kill him. There is a difference. I wouldn’t hurt a fly; that there was going for a clean kill. It wouldn’t have hurt at all. Of course, he’d be dead, so...” She shrugged comically. “Guess it wouldn’t really matter.”

    The rational part of Taylor’s mind told her that to stay on the ship would be suicide. The irrational part of her told her that the best part of life was being suicidal and surviving. She solidified the air around her fingers into claws and leaped forwards, every part of her being tingling with adrenaline-soaked, insane, wild joy of the hunt.
  21. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Shaun stood up, adjusting his armour. Somehow his chestplate had turned around completely, and it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world. As he did so, he looked up to see a cage hurtling in his direction.
    "Whoa!" he exclaimed as he jumped out of the way, narrowly dodging the cage. Before he landed on the floor, his soles sent out light blasts, sending his flying like a rocket over the water once more.
    Shaun surveyed the area as he flew across the water. A large group of bad guys were launched off a boat, apparently someone pissed off Natalie. Hats off to the poor sucker who accomplished that.
    A thought crossed his mind.
    I wonder how easy it would be to control a ship....
    He grinned as he blasted himself upward once more, leaving a spray of water from where he was.
    As he rose, he aimed himself at a enemy ship, and fell, his body encasing in light.
    An explosion of light spread from the ship he landed on, sending the crew flying off the ship and tearing up the floor slightly. Luckily, he spread the light energy to his sides when he landed, so the ship itself remained relatively unharmed.
    Including the controls. Shaun thought mischievously.
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  22. "Aww... Really..." said Nis and sounded dissapointed as others teleported. "Seems you won't tell me about that hand... Can you at least tell me, who are you?" He asked and kept saying in mind
    few seconds more, few seconds more
    He looked around and saw that battlefield was a complete chaos right now.
    Narga started to be impatient, he wanted to fight, but they wouldn't let him use Yggdrasil here...Or maybe? "Any orders for me,Boss?"
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  23. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Five stood on the shore and watched the battle, he sighed and teleport over to an area mid battle, he spotted Travis near two assassins fighting each other, appearing next to the man he looked up at him, "hello there, I was watching from afar and thought that you could use an assassin would I be correct in thinking that, if you pay me the right amount, I will kill anyone you desire" he said with a smirk as he turned to watch the Green Reaper and Rager fight.
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  24. Natalie blocked Rager's next attack with Twister, as she planted Meteor in the ground. The crew immediately abandoned ship as they don't want to become splotches on the deck.

    "You're cute, thinking you could kill Travis." Natalie snarled, "But I still won't let you, and I will show why the dagger in the deck is called METEOR!!"

    The next moment, Meteors fell towards the deck of the ship.


    "That hand was not my doing, I am a Summoner, and this is THE END!"

    At that moment, bones started forming above his ship, forming a what seemed to be a sea dragon.


    Alain looked over at Kyle's ship and saw what was happening.

    "Kyle's accidentally summoned a Dracolich, we could use this to our advantage. NARGA!"


    Travis had fired his cannon at the burly man, and realized that The King needed cover. He fired a cannonball in the kings direction before noticing a shorter man with child like looks.

    "I'm having no luck finding General Melvin Seville, find him, and bring me his head." Travis warned, "I'd stay out of the two Assassin fight over there, they'd kill us both."


    The fleet of two hundred and seventy eight ships under the command of the old man had left Dragon Island.
  25. “Woo-hoo!” Taylor screamed in a combination of rage and ecstasy as she flew between meteors. She slammed back to the deck on her feet, sending splinters flying with the impact. She still had a job to do; eliminate the target. The Reaper wasn’t her main priority. She pulled another throwing knife and threw it.

    A falling rock struck her on the shoulder as the knife left her hand, messing up her aim. The knife stuck in the deck a half-foot or so from the Admiral. Taylor hissed our a breath through her teeth and whirled, one of her longer knives outstretched in a vicious backhand. Her shoulder burned, but it wasn’t anything she hadn’t dealt with before. She was more worried about her dwindling supply of handmade obsidian throwing knives. Three left. I can’t mess up again. I need to slip past the Reaper and get a decisive strike in.
  26. Narga smiled, his Viper-like eyes turned as Alain said at Kyle's ship. Dracolich, or in other words pile of bones that can fly. Narga wondered why Kyle used already such a strong summon. "Aye, aye Boss" Narga replied to Alain.
    Nis inhaled and exhaled "I see... Guardian of Fire, spirit of the Element. Hear my call and come here, Efreeti!" a huge column of fire appeard close to the ship and after a while, it revealed an Efreeti. Around 4-5 meters tall, demonic monster with long horns and lion mane. Being was muscular, surrounded by flames. "You little!!! Why you summon me again!" Efreeti said loudly, his voice sounded like burning wood in bonfire. "Believe me Efreeti, you consume so much mana that I would rather not summon you, but.. I need your help with this invasion"
    Efreeti snorted and Nis turned back to Kyle. "You were right, Mister! With the very moment my preparation to summon Efreeti were complete, your end has started!" he said, his wide smile dissapired from his face and Nis added "But.. Maybe I won't need to hurt you, if this fight stops"
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  27. Travis had noticed the meteors, and returned to his ship when they went off, a knife landed a half a foot in front of him.

    "Something's happening on my ship," Travis turned to the main mast, "Rager."

    IDIOTIC THAT YOU WOULD ATTACK MY FUTURE SON-IN-LAW!" The King roared, throwing a battleaxe at Rager, the battleaxe lit on fire as it was thrown.


    "Help Rager, deal with the King!" Alain commended pointing to a man who just threw flaming battleaxe at Rager.


    "We'll be arriving in the middle of the night." The man in grey responded to the ships on their way to Quackosaur Island, "it's almost Sunset."


    Natalie immediately saw what was coming, and ducked, blocking Rager's next attack after she got Twister out of the first one, pulling Meteor from the deck, which was the closest thing to the ground.
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  28. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Okay, so if I do this...got it." Shaun flicked the wheel, turning the ship. "Wow! This is awesome!" he exclaimed joyfully as he cruised along the water.
    Suddenly he heard a loud, gruff voice yelling,The King.
    Wow, now the king's pissed...I wanna see.
    Shaun turned the ship, heading toward the king and his own ship. As he neared, Shaun took note of the people on it. The King and Natalie were having a fight with someone, a girl with a distinctly maniatic expression, as well as freaking knives!
    An assassin?
    Travis was talking with someone who he didn't know, probably a new soldier, or something. Shaun tried to slow the boat to the best of his ability, which unfortunately did not end well. His ship bumped the King's ship, not damaging it but jostling both boats. Shaun considered helping them with the assassin, but she was outnumbered, they probably had it under control. As of now, he may as well get orders. He waved at everyone around.
    "Hey guys! I got a boat!" he said with a grin.
  29. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Five nodded at Travis' instructions and teleported around the battlefield, listening out for mentions of the General, eventually finding the man he smirked and teleported onto his ship and slowly slaughtered the crew using his clawed gloves until finally coming face to face with the General, "Sorry about this mate, but I'm gonna need that head of yours" he said with a grin and the teleported behind the General, disarmed him and then used his own sword to cleave his head from his shoulders, "yeah, yeah I know, it's only a figure of speech but I like to be precise, you know?" he said to the severed head as he picked it up and teleported back to Travis' location, "hey, Travis, one head for you, now about payment, if you need my assistance more then I guess you could pay me in bulk after this battle is over" he said raising his eyebrows as he threw the severed head at the man's feet.
  30. Taylor hissed in barely controlled rage as she pulled up a shield of solidified air. The battle-axe slammed against it, and she skidded backwards, unharmed, but mad as hell. She drew several of her less valuable knives and threw them, altering the air around them to make them go faster. She was tiring fast; generally her assassination went quietly, stealthily. But once someone knew you were trying to kill them, they'd never let their guard down, and she wouldn't get another chance. She kept pressing the attack, sending blades of air after the knives in a vast radius, hoping that it would keep the Reaper distracted and that a stray blade might find its way to the Admiral's heart.
  31. "That old man is a king! He have to be strong.. Or at least better than those random soldiers around!" said Narga and happily rushed forward in great speed.
    "Maybe stop being a babysitter for your so called 'son-in-law' and play with me a bit, Old man!!!" Narga yelled to the king, as he reached the ship, he was about to catch that axe, but he kinda didn't feel nice enough to rescue some girl, if she even wouldn't be able to avoid it "Start praying that you won't bore me! I hate boring things!" Narga said with evil grin, his eyes tried to pierce through king soul "Let's bet to make it more interesting! I won't use any weapon... To kill you, Old Man!"
    "Efreeti, take down that flying bones, overgrown mutated dog and that flying... Something" Nis told him.
    "Don't threat me like a servant, you little brat!" Yelled Efreeti angry.
    "Sorry, sorry... But you could help me friend" said Nis and smiled to Efreeti, who snorted again and turned back to Kyle.
    Summoners specialises in summoning powerfull allies... They aren't good in any kind of powerful offensive or defensive spells... But that amount of summons... It may be troublesome... My magic control isn't as good as his too... I can summon and somehow control only two in the same time.. Okay, We can do it.
    "Oozie, Armor!" Oozie jumped at Nis and slowly started to take shape similar to his clothes shape. "Lord Efreeti-..."
    "Oh,its Lord now?"
    "Help me, defeat his summons!" Nis yelled and Efreeti quickly get behind Dracolich. "Fine.." Efreeti sighed and giant burst of flames rushed at Dracolich "Burn to ash..."

    Meanwhile Nis rushed forward at Kyle. He needed to break through and defeat him. Summons shouldn't be as dangerous, when summoner gets knocked down.
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  32. The Dracolich flew up, as the Dormel fired a spray of water at the fire attack, creating a whole lot of steam. Kyle sidestepped out of Nis's range as the Cerberus started attacking with its snakes. The Dracolich roared at Efreeti, and immediately responded with a breath of Lightning.

    @Clite of Dragonbow


    The king got off his horse, noticing a man calling out to challenge, at that moment, his Axe was returned by a soldier.

    "So, you're the seventh of the Four Lords of Death, this will be interesting, especially with my two greatest fears on the way." The King responded, as he pulled out a second battleaxe.

    Let's just say, he wasn't affected by Narga's attempt at piercing his soul. He prepared for a strike.

    @Clite of Dragonbow

    "Sounds like a plan," Travis noted as he then ducked, since Rager threw daggers, one landed not far from his foot, he shot down most of the others in his crouched position. He then fired a cannonball towards Rager.


    Natalie immediately disappeared, and reappeared right behind Rager, with a strike aimed for her back, right around where her liver would be, with Meteor, as she prepared for any plans Rager may have.

    @Night's Shadow


    A young man had shown up from the nearby town, and immediately went to Shaun's taken over ship, giving this statement.

    "Shaun, I am Prince Leonardo of Quackosaur Island, you are to help me find Lords Von Dragovich and Von Deathcat, they seemed to have left... What's this, Those two went east, Shaun, as I said you're with me, and we're needed on the other side of the Island.



    Lord Von Dragovich, with the purple stripe on his cloak, and Von Deathcat, were heading a eastern Invasion force, facing off against some minor officers.


    "Alright guys, we're almost there, when we arrive, we're to split, Admiral, you go with Wendy, Aric, Ruth and Alyssa, with half the forces, I'll Take Matt, Harry, Drake, and The Shi no Hiryu with me, along with half the ships, Admiral, go to the west, I'll take the east." The grey cloaked man explained.

    "John, please don't die, I love you." A tall red haired, blue eyed woman with heavy armor and a large sword called out in worry.

    "I'm not planning on it!" John announced.

    At that moment the fleet split in half, one part headed for the east, the other, the west.
  33. Narga smiled and was ready to destroy the new toy that battlefield gave to him.
    He noticed as Travis send cannonball at Rager. He saw sword laying on the ground, held by some soldier corpse and took it, then he throw the sword at cannonball changing it direction and sending at the sea. "If you are so ready for fight, Mister. Then wait until I get care of that old man of yours" he whispered, looking at Travis, then turned to the king and slowly walked up to him. Without taking any particular stance, he slowly make his way to his new prey.
    Efreeti sighed, why they have to try fighting him, it is really annoying when some kid summon you from the middle of nowhere and tells you to help him and fight. "Ugh, can't you just die..." that dolphin was a problem with water manipulation, as it is clear that it's here to protect the rest, Efretti need to deal with him first. Then He noticed dragon's attack and blocked it with fire shield. He decided to deal with dolphin first, he rushed at it in high speed and grabbed creature wings.
    Nis was at first worried about Efreeti, but he quickly remind himself that Efreeti is strong. He won't lose to some summons.
    Focus on your enemy, stupid kid
    Nis saw a snakes attack, he destroyed some snakes with his fire and took another bites at 'Oozie Armor'.
    Kyle seemed to keep his distance, then Nis got an idea. A little line of fire went from his leg and borrowed under the ship. Nis was preparing himself again, Cerberus hold him in place. He could kill the dog, but summoner can summon new creature and he will be stopped again.
    No, Nis needed to deal with him from this place, he needed to be careful and patient.
  34. (OOC: Eventually, I’m going to have Taylor beaten badly, just have her strength whittled down to nothing, though it would be nice to have a couple of strikes connect)
    BIC: Taylor caught movement from the corner of her eye. A cannonball! A sword hit it and knocked it into the water. She turned to find the thrower. Narga? Sudden realization struck; she’d been distracted. Where was the Reaper? She whirled.

    Too slow! The Reaper’s blade sliced skin, but didn’t penetrate any deeper. One second later and Taylor would’ve been dead meat. Her shirt had been torn by the knife, and blood spread in crimson rosettes on the fabric. She hardened the air around the wound, trying to stop the bleeding. Can’t stop now. Fight to the finish, Taylor. If there was one thing your mother taught you before she died, it’s to fight to the finish. Never. Give. Up!

    “I won’t!” she screamed, as if to her mother in heaven, or hell, wherever she ended up. “I won’t give up!” She drew a machete and a smaller dagger and held them with practiced ease. Time to get serious. The style of espada e daga had always been her favorite knife skill. Sword and dagger. Even if I die today, I will die happy, knowing that I did my best to get the job done.
  35. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Shaun sighed "All right here we go." he would've honestly preferred to stay and make sure no one dies. But more people would die if he just let the others go.
    He went to the controls at moved the boat slowly toward the other side of the island as directed. As he went, he called out to the prince.
    "Oi! Royalty dude! Keep an eye out, will ya? I can't defend and control at the same time."
  36. "Understood, Shaun." Leonardo responded.

    Leonardo's help got to the weapons, which included a giant harpoon like weapon that Leonardo armed himself.



    The Dormel fired a water stream towards Efreeti's Face, allowing for the Dracolich to fire lightning at the troops. It then broke free from Efreeti's by flapping its wings and flew some distance away in an attempt to lead Efreeti away from the Dracolich. The Cerberus kept up with its attacks on Nis.

    "Alright," Kyle used a spell to detect other magic on the ship.

    The King

    @Clite of Dragonbow


    Natalie's power increased as she sealed off most of her sanity, with only one thing in mind, to protect Travis from Rager at all costs. Natalie immediately prepared for her next move, as she threw Twister past Rager's head into the mast, causing a twister to form in the sky.

    @Night's Shadow


    Alain noticed that Rager was failing, and decided to try and help. His red eyes glowed, and all of a sudden, an Island appeared behind him.

    "My forces, End this!" Alain yelled.

    In the east of Quackosaur Island, the same thing happened, and what seemed to be an island appeared. In both locations, troops unloaded from the islands.

    "This is bad," Travis noted, "When will..."

    At that moment, lightning crackled through the sky. One hundred and thirty nine ships pulled towards the Four Lords of Death ships, revealing a ninety-three year old man at the helm of the lead ship.

    "Alright, Fire!" The man ordered.

    When Alain's troops unloaded in the west, a tall red haired, blue eyed woman with armor and a giant sword dropped down in between The King and Narga.

    "Narga, the Seventh of the Four Lords of Death, Your..." the woman was cut off.

    "Wendy Star, you're to die here!" The burly man from before yelled.

    "Your Highness, deal with Narga, a

    Wendy immediately noticed Rager, seemingly in a duel with Natalie. She then went to deal with her target, who had killed over eighty of the Quackosaurian soldiers.

    Aric immediately went to help support the Front lines of the Quackosaurian forces, as Alyssa went to the Triage point, which was in the town Square. Ruth immediately saw a foreigner facing off against Kyle, deciding to deal with the Dracolich.

    "Yohoo, giant undead Dragon," Ruth taunted.
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  37. The blade of the Reaper whizzed past Taylor’s face and stuck in the mast. At first, she thought it was a screw-up; a miss. Then she realized it was an enchanted dagger, like the one that sent rocks hailing from the sky. As a twister formed in the sky above the ship, she could see any remaining vestiges of sanity in the Reaper’s eyes wiped away. All that remained was primal instinct. Taylor grit her teeth in barely suppressed fury.

    The twister wouldn’t be a problem; it was of her element, so there was a high possibility she could use it to her advantage. As long as she could avoid being sucked into it... No. Not gonna risk it. I’m going it with my weapons, my instincts, my tactics, and... yeah, that’s all I’ve got. She grinned wryly as she advanced on the Reaper, flipping her smaller blade to negative grip so the flat side of the knife was pressed up against her forearm, hidden from view. The tip of the machete drew circles in the air, held in an almost loose grip, and Taylor kept a low stance, proper for all styles of kali.

    Without warning, the girl lunged! Her larger blade was deceivingly outstretched, and the first strike was a backwards slash with the knife against her forearm. Next she went in for a stab to the stomach using her machete, then a high strike, another low strike. All in the space of a few seconds. Surely the Reaper won’t be able to dodge them all, she thought desperately. I don’t... I don’t want to die. But... She bared her teeth as she disengaged. Her resolve would not be shaken. Had any of her strikes connected?
  38. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Five nodded swiftly, "you and the Green Reaper seem to have this covered, I'll go see where else I can help out" he said before he teleported around the battle eventually ending up on a ship, he turned to the two people aboard, "you two look like you got room for one more, mind if I tag along" he said giving a small bow to the prince and a salute to the driver, "we appear to be going east, that seems like a fun idea, I am definitely staying here" he said as he examined his clawed gloves making sure the claws were still sharp.
  39. Narga looked for a second at the woman that called for him, but she was too busy with a Hannibal. "No matter how many of you would come flies are just flies... But seems that I won't have time to play with you so..." he dissapired, in place where he stood were small lightnings.
    Narga appeard behind king "I just gonna kill you" he embraced king and started to crush his bones in a deadly grab "Nothing personal... I just need to kill all of that your reinforces.. And you too, old man"
    Nis sighed as Oozie blocked another of mutated doggy attacks. "Efreeti, stop playing with them"
    "But.. I don't want to actually try..." Efreeti snorted.
    "I. Don't. Care" said Nis, his hands embraced in great black fire, he shoot it at Cerberous.
    He noticed Ruth and that she want to take down this pile of bones.
    Efreeti didn't seem to be much hurt by water attack. Well, if every water attack could hurt him, then it could be a big problem.
    "Little dolphin, think before you attack me again. This will be the last think that you will do"

    Nis looked at Kyle, as he saw that summoner was casting something "Detecting magic?.. Nice try... But this spell takes a lot of preparations... Magic control.. Demonic element power.. And a lot of mana.."
    "I will teach you now... One really powerful spell... But the drawback is that you have to focus on it, don't leave space where you begin to cast it, it takes lot of your magic power and opponent also can't move from his place.. But once captured"

    ".. If you have moved instead of casting detect magic spell.. You could dodge it.. Hellgate"
    Chains of black fire captured Kyle, Nis slowly walked up to his opponent, blood was dripping from his left hand. He wasn't completely unharmed after this all. "Stage one: chains... Don't even think about casting magic of some sorts, as those chains will drain it and speed up casting second stage of the spell. They will also hold you more tight and won't let you escape, when you will to move in any way.. *ekhu*" Nis coughed and split blood.
    "This spell have a drawback... If 'he' isn't the one casting it, I receive great pressure on my body.. But it is a low price for getting rid of you" said Nis.
    Behind Kyle slowly started to form gargantuan black gate.
    "Second step...Gate"
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  40. "I detected this," Kyle noted, "so I could have cover."

    Alain noticed this, and all of a sudden, Alain prepared a counterspell for the Hellgate.

    "Arkisias," Alain whispered, attempting to Lock Nis in a Cage.

    All of a sudden, a strange Seal, kind of looking like a ghost, appeared under Nis.

    "Insight of Ghostly Power: Banshee's Wail!"

    A ghostly woman like creature appeared and screamed, with the intention to seal all magic power in the western area.

    @Clite of Dragonbow


    "Hehehehehe!" The King cackled, "Most think Natalie inherited the Green Reaper from her mother, they're wrong, it was me she inherited this ability from."

    The King broke free from Narga's grip, and immediately attempted to Turn the tables, using his Axes to prevent Narga from regaining grip.

    @Clite of Dragonbow


    Leonardo noticed one hundred and thirty-nine ships headed towards the Four Lords of Death's forces on the east, a young man wearing grey headed one of the ships, with a much older man prepared for battle.

    "Shaun, be ready, it seems we have help." Leonardo noted, then turned to Five, "My guess is that you are the assassin hired by my future brother-in-law, Travis Dragonfountain?"




    Two strikes barely pierced her skin, both on right shoulder, as she leapt back then over Rager, grabbing Twister from the Mast and returning on her left side, aiming for her hip, in an attempt to disable her. She had her other one aimed to kill Rager.

    @Night's Shadow

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