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Open Adventures of Sinnoh! RP Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Dunwalde, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Hello, I am interested in running a Pokemon adventure RP based in the Sinnoh Region! The entrance to said RP will be this: Professor Rowan has sent out invitations across the world for young trainers to partake in a Pokemon adventure! You are one of these trainers for now I will have 5 slots open for people to join for now, I may open up more slots later. The young trainers will be told to explore around the region to gather Pokedex entries of the native Pokemon for study. While Rowan is too busy to lead you all around the region himself he has tasked two of his assistants, Jason Cedar and Molly Reed, to travel with you and to aid you on your journey while they follow their own research goals. The trainers will be exploring the region and competing against one another to collect all the gym badges. Team Galactic is still a part of the story as Pokemon thieves the story of this RP takes place shortly after the events of D/P/Pt, so while you may have heard of the legendary pokemon they won't be taking part of this RP (This may change depending on how the story goes also depending on Mod approval, but as for now they wont be apart of the story).

    Jason Cedar, My OC, is an assistant interested in the Legendary Trio of Sinnoh and their ability to cross dimensions. Molly Reed is @LilMsJester 's OC, an assistant who is studying alternate coloured Pokemon (Aka Shiny Pokemon).

    Admitted list:
    Victoria Rose

    The rules of this RP will be about the same as any other
    1. Trainers can start with 1-3 Pokemon either given to them by Rowan or someone else (Only one starter), These Pokemon must be Pre-evolutions so no one starts out with an unfair advantage.
    2. No Legendary Pokemon, Mega Evolutions, or Z-Moves.
    3. No excessive violence
    4. Keep swearing to a minimum if possible.
    5. No one liners! Be creative!
    6. No God-moding/Autoing! Make sure you have permission with another player before acting for them or defeating their Pokemon etc. Wild Pokemon on each route will go by the game so either start with your favorite from another area/gen or catch whats available (Search on bulbapedia if you're not sure).
    7. All trainers will start their adventure in Jubilife City so make sure your backstories have you heading there!
    8. All Trainers will start with NO badges, you're just starting your journey so you'll all be at an even level
    9. To make sure you've read and agreed to these rules write "Sinnoh Adventure!" in the Additional info part of your admission form post
    10. Most Importantly, Have fun!

    Fill out the form for admission and post it in this thread and I'll get back to you ASAP

    Trainer Form:

    Starting Pokemon: (Trainer Card optional, but suggested)
    Additional Info:

    For example here's mine:

    Name: Jason Cedar
    Age: 20
    Hometown: Canalave City
    Backstory: Grew up in Canalave city admiring the Gym Leader there, Byron. He loved visiting the Canalave library and was very interested in pokemon research, after reading through a book about the Legendary Trio of Sinnoh he devoted his life to researching the travel between dimensions. When he was 17 he joined Rowan's team of researchers in his lab, and now 3 years later hes setting off on his own adventure around Sinnoh to learn more all while challenging Gym Leaders with Rowan's other assistants. While he has already beaten Roark he promised to guide the new trainers in their new adventure.
    Pokemon: Prinplup, and Magby
    Additional Info: Sinnoh Adventure!, Wears Glasses, Almost always wears a black suit with a red dress shirt underneath unbuttoned at the neck.
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  2. Name: Molly Reed
    Age: 19
    Hometown: Hau'Oli City, Alola Region
    Backstory: Molly Reed decided to trave from her home region in order to grow not only as a trainer but as a young woman. She started in Kanto where she was gifted the Pokemon Eevee by Pokemaniac Bill who claimed - "If you're going to be journeying through all the regions, you'll need a Pokemon who can adapt. Eevee is the most Adaptable pokemon out there!". And so the two travelled through Kanto together and took on every gym. It took a long time given both her inexperience and hesitance.

    However, when she journeyed to Johto, she soon found her purpose after she was gifted a mysterious egg that had been left behind by a trainer. As the egg hatched, it revealed an alternatively coloured Bulbasaur! Fascinated with this new found phenomenom, Molly continued her journey with a newfound energy - to study and document alternatively coloured pokemon that have also been nicknamed shiny by those who have been fortunate enough to see such a rarity because of how they sparkle. Her first case study was the mysterious Red Gyarados that was found at the Lake of Rage.

    With each new region, Molly challenges herself to start fresh in an effort to best understand different pokemon and the regions they are from. The only Pokemon she usually takes on her battling journey is her trusty Eeevee who has grown protective of the young researcher.

    Starting Pokemon:
    - her trusty companion that has been with her since she started her journey through the regions.
    Turtwig - gifted to her to start her journey in Sinnoh, choosing Turtwig because of her comfort with grass type pokemon having been raised around them.
    Pachirisu - first discovered when trying to steal food from her satchel, it became the first pokemon she caught in the Sinnoh Region.

    Additional Info:
    Sinnoh Adventure!! Molly enjoys creating a variety of teas - all of which have different effects on both Pokemon and People. If Molly were a pokemon, she'd best be described as Timid in nature with the ability Klutz. She can often be found lost in thought and can become so involved in her work that she loses track of time.
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  3. @Victoria Rose Accepted

  4. upload_2016-12-12_20-52-11.png upload_2016-12-12_20-53-3.png
    Full Image -- Credit to the original artist.
    Birth Name: Ekiko Hokkido
    Acculturated Name: Anastasia "Anna" Ravenette​

    "No! I'm not 'Anna'! I'll never be 'Anna' again!"
    Hometown: Suitopi Village, a time-honored place whose inhabitants live traditionally on the outskirts of Snowpoint City. On official documentation, it will say "Camphrier Town, Kalos".​
    Backstory: She can recall her past life rather vividly—the ivory landscapes, bleakly-beautiful, intercepted by light showers of diamond-dust. Ekiko remembers the bright-eyed strangers who felt like family with skin as dark as hers, a sight she rarely experiences, and even then those people can't seem to begin to empathize from whence she has come: a beautiful village with a beautiful way of life that contradicted what was considered acceptable by those who looked up to something different. The Arceatic [ar-see-atic] religious movement is as subtle as it is systematic. The mayor of Snowpoint swore to not explicitly harm the youth "escorted" out of Sinnoh during the "relocation project" which she swore, again, was in the best interests of everyone involved, and yet Suitopi's heart was shattered that evening when the children were stolen en mass, shipped away to faraway regions—Kalos and Unova—they could barely visualize. Ekiko wonders if her family wept the moment she became "Anna".

    Anastasia was a contorted caricature of little Hokkido, one birth by the aristocratic Ravenettes whose royal heritage translated in modern times to considerable wealth and living conditions in an antique villa just south of Hotel Camphrier. Anna was warmly welcomed as their "foster daughter", despite having perfectly capable parents back in the Sinnoh region. The "relocation project" had seen to it that Ekiko, with her arbitrary "promise", receive foreign experience and education, an opportunity unlike anything she would ever have in Suitopi, and yet this "project" also seemed set on her forgetting that her name was ever "Ekiko" at all. The obsession with Arceatism had consumed Sinnoh ever since the disbandment of Team Galactic revealed to both believers and non-believers abound that the Three truly did take physical forms. And yet, Ekiko had the nerve to refuse to believe "Arceus" was anything more than an ever-powerful Pokemon, or even than an Arceus existed at all! It was the Suitopi people to blame, clearly, as they practiced spiritual belief in, Arcues Herself forbid, human gods! The poor, bewildered girl had even said to Mrs. and Mr. Ravenette at supper one evening, verbatim, "No one has ever really seen, nonetheless caught an Arceus before, so why is it considered a real Pokemon at all?" The insubordination immediately earned her a lashing and cost the rest of her dinner, but Ekiko was never given a justification for either punishment, as the Ravenettes were not known to be particularly religious. It was almost as if they had been told to react in that way.

    It wasn't as if the Ravenettes disrespected Miss Hokkido. They treated her relatively like a daughter. Albeit, she was typically performing chores alongside the housekeepers, but they did allow her to wear her traditional gowns on some occasions—those occasions being whenever house guests arrived so that she could make a show of her exotic little dress, dances, and songs. So, in truth, Ekiko really did not feel as equal as had been promulgated, and she certainly did not feel in-control of her future. However, a chance has reared its head, and Ekiko has quietly seized the opportunity to swerve her direction towards that of her homeland once more. Professor Rowan, past his stoic exterior, is a truthfully sensitive man, and Ekiko has realized, in her two years time in the acquaintance of the Ravenettes, that she is quite adept at playing towards a person's softer feelings. Additionally, she has discovered that she is actually quite intelligent. Perhaps not "book-smart", though she has read plenty of the informative sort on the subject of Pokemon, but perceptive and the type of elusive child as easy to latch onto as a handful of ice cubes. And, at last, referring back to Pokemon, Ekiko cannot deny that she has a excruciating fondness for the creatures, as many do. It is also, however, a naive fondness. She sees Training not as a responsibility but as an unconditional privilege, the sort of full-time occupation where her only task is to care for adorable and powerful little organisms from dusk to dawn. And thus, this opportunity has laid itself out perfectly for Ekiko: a chance to "Train"—or carry around even more cute critters than she currently does, which is certainly appetizing—while under the "guidance" of two assistant researchers—she would allow themselves to think they could ever reign her in—on a journey that would eventually lead her up Mt. Coronet and back at the place where she truly belongs.

    Age: 11
    Starting Pokemon:
    Snorunt (f) - "Yukiko" was not a name implanted by Ekiko. In truth, Yukiko herself is technically not Ekiko's partner and is more so victim of a forced estrangement between Ekiko and one of her friends from the village. As, upon reaching the docks of Kalos, the children were being forced apart, the older girl tossed to Ekiko an ancient holding capsule and tearfully exclaimed, "You better take good care of my Yukiko while you're away!" and that was the entire exchange. Therefore, technically, Ekiko is more of a nanny to the Snorunt than a genuine "owner". The two's relationship is rather inconstant anyway with Yukiko being overwhelmingly capricious at times for Ekiko's patience.

    Piplup (m) - The less-than-distinct nickname of Pip is understandable based on his relative recency compared to the rest of Ekiko's team. As the girl found herself in cahoots with the Professor Rowan, he offered her access to one of his more battle-accustomed starter Pokemon, and never to turn down a new creature, Ekiko accepted to a pluck a Piplup from his collection. Surprisingly, this sprightly little ball of fluff and down is more accepting to human affection than the species tends to be, though Pip shouldn't at-all be mistaken for a domesticated Eevee or Pikachu. He very much exhibits Piplip's characteristic arrogance and sass despite being considerably well-mannered.

    Espurr (f) - On the more perplexing side of things is the unnamed Espurr. A unique moniker would be wasted effort on this Pokemon as she rarely answers to anything at all, merely coming and going as she so chooses with the same, unflinching stare throughout. She appears to have "chosen" Ekiko and often drifted to her doorway or bedside while the girl resided in the Ravenette household. Espurr was one of many, a litter birthed of a Meowstic bred for battle that Ekiko has only seen on on occasion and, thusly, Ekiko assumes this particular Espurr will not be missed if her role as a neglected household pet changes into that of a travelling companion. For despite all of Espurr's hair-raising eccentricities, she and Ekiko are the closest of her little trio, and the seemingly-innocuous creature Ekiko swears retains a silent sense of understanding and sagacity unbeknownst to her or anyone else.

    Additional Info: SINNOH ADVENTURE... [exclamation mark failed to render]

    (Background is really the main event there and I may even have slacked off there in some respects, regarding little grammatical things, maybe some tense-swapping that could make it difficult to understanding, or maybe my diction is a little too turbid, haha god forbid. And this all might extend to the Pokemon section too. Really, I'm awfully tired now so I won't be able to proofread it all myself. But, yes, behold my app!)
  5. @Sportacus...? This was a great read! Accepted!
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  6. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Mind if I join, if it isn't already to late that is. :nom:

    Name: Yonnie De Carlo
    Age: 11

    Hometown: Po Town, but because of the spread of violence and his mother's influence on his father, former team skull leader, He currently resides in Pewter City, Kanto.

    ( my roleplay Where did you go? would take place after this )


    The boy's past is a strange one indeed. His mother and father met after his Mother left her first husband; his older sister's father. His father was once the leader of Team Skull, but retired and left it to Guzma after meeting his mother. They moved out of Poni Town after Yonnie was born. His mother didn't want their child to grow up around criminals and his father, on the other hand didn't see any problem with him growing up around skull members. Which resulted in his father teaching Yonnie about being tough and fighting. The boy didn't enjoy fighting but he had true talent for it. So at the age of eight, Sunny, His father took him back to his hometown to meet some of his old friends and teach him about where he came from. When Yonnie was exploring the town, some of the kids jumped him not knowing he was the son of the ex-leader. They left him pretty beaten and when he returned to his father and told him what happened, his father simply laughed and dusted him off reminding him to always be alert and that would be his greatest lesson in life. Yonnie from that point on he trained his awareness and always had this determined look on his face.

    At the age of 10 his sister returned from her first journey. Yonnie by the time had taken a liking to Pokemon battling, Trials, Gyms, Contest; anything that had to do with Pokemon. His sister noticed his change, and became concerned. So one day while he was outside with her Pokemon she took a small trip to the closes Pokemon center to retrieve the gift she had for him. When she returned she held a Pokeball out to him and smiled. She told him that "this gift will always be close to him and that with its help he'll always have a piece of her with him when he needs her most"

    That was the last time Yonnie ever saw his sister, until he learned she was spotted somewhere in the Hoenn region five years later. Before the spotting Yonnie trained every day, and worked hard so that when he finally felt ready to go he could do it, to find his sister.

    More of his backstory will develop the more good role-plays I find
    Starting Pokemon: (Trainer Card optional, but suggested)

    Chimchar (m) - Name: Hao,
    While playing soccer, Hao ambushed Yonnie because he wanted to learn how to play. Ever since then they've been together. Has a hasty nature, tends to run into battle without having a form of thought or plan. Is quick on recovery but lacks hard defense.
    Honedge (m) - Name: Tio
    One of the Pokemon that followed Yonnie home, on his way from training. As he sat at the bus station waiting for the late bus, It began to rain. Yonnie grew sleepy from his tired muscles, he laid his head on the bench and felt the icy steel touch of honedge.
    Additional Info:
    Yonnie could have an extra Pokemon, if you allowed Leafeon as like a beginner Pokemon since it kinda just needs to.. train near a grassy rock? ya knooow so o;
    also.. he has a fear of water and water Pokemon, (not a great swimmer)
    but he has the personality of "Mori" from Ouran Host Club (if anyone watches)
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  7. I'd be fine with letting you have a leafeon since the Rock needed for it to evolve isn't too far into the region(Before the second gym even if I recall correctly). Accepted.

    I will most likely make the RP thread tomorrow since we have enough people to start, I'll leave this thread open in case someone wants to join later.
  8. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    awesome, can't wait to start.

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