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Adventures in Unova chapter 2

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starfall, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys, this is the new board from adventures incunova! We are still not accepting to new members.
  2. So um... Lets do this!

    Rp starts in 3 2 1 now!:

    Seph pulled his berry pouch out and mixed some Oran and Rawst berries. He showed Nurse Joy the ingredients and mixture and asked if it was okay to give to Leavanny.
  3. Lets do this!

    Ramona wasn't just impatient she was impatient and worried "Hurry up please! Is he going to be okay!?"
  4. "He's just fine now! Seph said, holding up a healthy leavanny. "My berry health mixture did the job!"
  5. "Sorry I just like levanny so much! I hope he's okay and that there's nothing wrong!" Ramona said about to die loosing her patients.
  6. "Thanks Seph! Your the best!" Ramona sad giving a big embrace to him. Then tickling levanny's tummy.
  7. "Here." Seph said, handing her the Leavanny.
  8. "Seph can we meet up with Lily later? I don't know where she is so if you find her lets meet up some time soon." Ramona said.
  9. "Thanks Seph once again thanks." Ramona put levanny in her Poke Ball feeling bad for all of her Pokémon that their cramped in the small Poke Balls.
  10. "Sure. Lets meet outside the gym." Seph said, walking out the door.
  11. "I have three Pokémon to share my love and compassion with." Ramona said thinking about something then she remembered. "Hey Seph?"
  12. Bolin gave Flygon a Sitrus Berry in a nearby park, he sent various trainers, including Zack, battle requests through the Xtransceiver.
  13. "Okay" Ramona said "But, I want to ask you guys something at the gym, Okay?" Ramona asked Seph and ran off motioning Seph to come with her back to the Gym.
  14. "Okay." Seph said, following Ramona. "What is it?"
  15. " Well it doesn't look like Lily will be coming soon so I just wanted to remind you guys about the charity event for endangered or hurt and wild Pokémon.
  16. "Okay then. I will look to see if there are any hurt Pokémon around." Seph said, looking for Lily.
  17. "Me too, We can do it together with Lily so she wont be left out. I'm like #BFF'S!"
  18. Seph sighed and climbed into the roof of a clock tower. When he looked around he saw Lily under a tree with her Pokémon. He climbed down and ran up to her. "Is anything wrong?" He asked.
  19. ((And now we wait))
  20. Ramona climbed up behind Seph and sat down on the other side of Lily staring at Seph so he could say the first sentence. But, when Seph took to long Ramona asked, "Is there something wrong Lily?"
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