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Private/Closed Adventures in the Kanto region!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JayTaku, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    It was around ten o’clock in the morning, and 13 year old Taichi Yamada from Pallet Town was all ready to leave the house, and that was because today was the day would be starting his Pokemon adventure and the day he would receive his starter Pokemon from the famous Professor. Oak.

    “Taichi!!” Shouted his mother from the living room. “Your bag!” She let him know as he then dashed down the stairs, ecstatic to leave the house. He then made his way into the living room to see his mother with his bag and hat. “Thanks Mom!” He exclaimed grabbing both of the items as he the out his cap on and then his bag. As he then began to run towards the front door, his Mom called out to him. “Taichi before you go, please remember to call me as soon as possible! And give your siblings a call too.” She said as she began to tear up a little. Taichi then looked back at her with a huge grin and a wave. “Don’t worry I’ll call you up whenever I can Mom. Ok then I hope I’ll see ya soon!” He said as he left with a little wave.

    He made his way towards the Professor’s lab excitedly. He was still unsure on which Pokemon he would choose as his starter at the moment, but he knew he would know the one when he arrived there.
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  2. Tyler took his time on route one, as he had arrived at Pallet town that morning. He loved the tree and the fresh air. All of thr building were smaller then what he was used to, but that did not mean anything. The place was still breathtaking. Wind had blown his hiar around him and Lola. Who was nestled on his shoulder.

    Lola was his best friend, she is a shiny buneary, who looked to be in the same state that Tyler was in. Frost was nestler in the arms of the short teen. She loved to nap with her trainer holding. Frost is an alolan vulpix, who was sweet and kind unless made to take action.

    In front of the new trainer was a small eevee. This is Sky, was a gift from his grandmother. Who met him when he landed in Pallet town. Sky was happy to be sitting with her new trainer, and would gladly walk with him everywhere. She grew fond of the blond haired coordinator.
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  3. *Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!* *Smack!* Went Hisato's leafeon alarm clock as he quickly smacked the button shutting it off for the day. He turned his head towards the alarm clock to see the time was now "5:00AM" He grinned as he realized what day it was turning his gaze towards the bedroom door, "Dad! Daad! dad!! DAAAAD!!! Guess what day it is!!" Hisato yelled. His father ran in with a fire extinguisher in one hand ,and a bat in the other, "What?! whats going on?!?! Are you hurt?! wheres the fire?! Is there an instruder?!?!" His father yelled, "NO! I'm getting my first pokémon today!" Hisato yelled. Hisato looked at his goofy grinning son with a deadpan expression dropping the bat ,and fire extinguisher, "It's amazing that my blood pressure isn't through the roof yet..." He said before walking off in a slumped motion. He quickly turned around, "right! almost forgot! It's also surprising that me and your mother a month ago agreed to letting you go on an adventure" His father said recoiling for a moment.

    Hisato shot up quickly dressing ,and headed down to see his favorite breakfast; srambled eggs with a side of oran berry preserves on waffles ,and a side of sitrus berry juice. His brother looked at him, "Can you send us postcards? or letters? or emails? or... *Haiyato briefly pauses to look around* a picture at the Lavender Town Poké-Cemetary? They say the ghost of a marowak haunts the place... and drags mean trainers that mistreat their pokéon to the distortion world! muahahahaha- *cough* Haiyato said before abruptly stopping as he choked on his breakfast. "Haiyato that story was lamer than the time you thought you saw a mew sitting in our garden... Stop hanging around those older kids! They aren't nice ,and tone down on the horror movies too. Last time you watched "poké poltergeist you peed your bed ,and slept in my room for a week!" Hisato said. Haiyato turned his head to embarrassed too embarrassed to make eye contact, "That was like a year ago... stop bringing up ancient history... You used to have a security blanket until a couple months ago..." Haiyato said begrudgingly. "Both of you two are goofy kids! I visit you guys like once a month from my time adventuring as an amazing contest queen ,and I see you two clowns afting the fool! Ain't nothing changed between you two" Akiya said scoffing them like a spoiled persian turning down day old cat food. Hisato and Haiyato both look at Akiya with dumbfound epressions as they continue to ignore what their sister had to say, "But seriously though! They say if your at the Poké-Cemetary and you hear crying... It's too late!" Haiyato said. Akiya facepalmed herself, "Don't know why I even bother with you kids..." Akiya muttered under her breath before taking a bite of breakfast.

    After breakfast had ended Hisato headed out to the family garden to tend to his chores one last time before he would go on an adventure. He smiled as he plucked the berries into the bucket. He climbed the large tree in his back yard to get the best fruit from the top. After he finished he slid down the trunk turning his gaze with a wide eyed expression, "Every time I see you your growing like a weed. Have you kept up with your reading and writing skills?" Erika said. Hisato looked at her with a dumbfound expression, "Yeah totally. My writing skills are spectablulous..." Hisato said clearing lying through his teeth. His two siblings Haiyato and Akiya chuckled in disbelief to what he said. "Your getting a your first pokémon today, right?" Erika said, "Oh yeah! its going to be a amazing pokémon too!" Hisato said chuckling.

    After Erika had left to her gym ,and Hisato had headed it out was roughly around 9AM. Hisato bolted from his home as he went down the street with grass stains that almost blended in with his camo pants. As he ran around the corner within an instance, *Crash!* He bumped into a man causing him to fall to the ground. The man helped him up, "Are you okay?" He said, "Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine ,but be careful mist-" he said pausing as he realized he was talking to Gary Oak, "I'm gonna get my first pokémon! From Professor Oak! in Pallet Town!" Hisato said, "Is that so? I got my first pokémon from my grandpa too... Hard to believe he's still starting people on their journey... Say... would you do me a favor and give gramps this parcel?" Gary said holding out a box neatly wrapped. Hisato happily nodded his head accepting the package as he headed to Pallet Town.

    Hisato ran towards pallet town and as he did he ran through tall grass, jumped over ledges , around bushes ,under tree branches. He eventually was met with the humble little town of Pallet Town when he headed to the professor's lab. Upon reaching the lab he saw a boy outside with jet black hair standing there. Hisato happily decided to approach him believing the boy was probably heading inside, "Helloooo!" Hisato yelled a distance away as he began walking towards him, "Are you going inside? That's a cool hat! Are you a pokémon trainer too?! I'm Hisato Kimura the Third. It's nice to meet you!... " Hisato said cheerfully as he held the parcel under arm carefully so not to drop it.
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  4. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    As Taichi had just arrived at Oak’s lab he noticed another young boy around his age approach. The boy introduced himself as “Hisato Kimura the Third”. Taichi then gave off a confused look as he was then bombarded with words from Hisato. “The Third? You a prince or something?” He asked with curiosity, “Anyways the name’s Taichi, Taichi Yamada. I guess it’s nice to meet you too.” He said as he began to lean against the wall of the lab. “And I’m not officially a trainer just yet, but I’m a bout to be. In fact I’m about to get my starter just now!” He exclaimed with enthusiasm.

    As Taichi looked down he noticed Hisato was carrying something, “Looks like he’s got something? He did say he was a trainer so maybe he’s just delivering something. But he does look around my age, so maybe he’s here for the same reason as me.” Taichi then stood upright from leaning, “So uh...Hisato, what brings you here to Pallet?”
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  5. "No? Ha! Maybe ,but probably not... I do look dashing in a crown though... I think. I've never actually worn a crown before. My name is Hisato the third ,but it would probably just be easier to just say Hisato... my dad is Hisato the second, his father is Hisato the younger or junior... ,and lastly his father is Hisato senior... I'm from Viridian City. I'm gonna become a pokémon ranger! I'm here in Pallet Town cause Professor Oak is gonna give me a pokémon! Also this parcel thingy I'm delivering to. Professor Sam... Sammm... Samuel Oak!" Hisato said cheerfully.

    Hisato despite happy to be going on a journey soon was a bit displeased with the idea of staying away from home for a long period of time as he didn't have his mother's cooking skills. Hisato often times burned himself just trying to make toast. Nor his father's sharp wit. Hisato's wit was about as sharp as a butter knife ,but he had plenty confidence to come this far and for now that was good enough.
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  6. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "I'm going now!" Kris shouted from her room, picking up her bag. "Be careful out there!" Her dad said as she walked down the stairs. "Be safe, you hear me? And don't forget to keep in touch." Kris' mother said to her before giving her daughter a hug. Kris gave a small smile. "I will. Bye!" She shut the door and sent out her father's Pidgeot. Kris had borrowed it to fly to Pallet Town. She was to return it as soon as she could reach a Pokecenter. Kris flew from the quite large Celadon City to the quaint town of Pallet and started to walk to the Lab. Kris was somewhat excited. She was going to pick Squirtle, she was sure of it. She wanted one ever since she saw one on TV. Kris saw two boys near the lab. She figured they were here to get their starters also. She stood near the entrance of the lab silently, waiting.

    The professor laid out three Pokeballs on a table, before hearing voices outside of his lab. He walked over to the door and opened it, to see three children, who he presumed was here to start their journey. "That's me!" He said as Hisato stated Oak's name. "Ah yes, that package must be from Gary, correct? Thank you for delivering it, I'm sure it was kept in good hands!" Oak said to Hisato while he started to take the package out of his arms. "Now then, you three must be here to obtain a starter Pokemon, I presume? Come in, come in!" The professor said, opening the door and walking into the lab. Kris followed suit.
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  7. Tyler looked to Frost and Lola, and asked. "You guys want to show Sky what we do?" They both cheered happily, and jumped out of Tyler's arms. They took a stnace in front of the blond.

    Frost took the first move, she used ice beam to create a large spiral in that moved up as she went. Lola skated after her laughing and waving her fluff around. "Keep going guys. Now Lola, use tunder punch." Lola's hand crakled with electric power, and sent it into the ice as she skated up the large spiral. When the punch connected, it caused the ice to glow and take on a sparkling appearence. When the two reached the top, Lola let the punch connect. It caused the ice to break, and the two landed with grace in the center, as yellow and blue snow began to fall around the two.

    Sky was excited when she saw the display. She loved the way it was presented. It also caused her to began dancing, which looked really cute when Tyler noticed. He knelt down to his pokemon, who all came over and hugged their trainer.
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  8. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    “You got a long family history huh?” He Sid jokingly before chuckling to himself. Just as that was said he heard someone come right through the door. “Professor!” He exclaimed with an excited look on his face. “Yeah we’re here to get our starters!” He excitedly said again before making his way into the lab.

    He looked around as he made his way in, the lab was fairly organised and there were a bunch of books everywhere, which was expected. “So Professor, where are the Pokemon?” He asked. Taichi really couldn’t wait at all, he’d waited for this day for so long.
  9. "I guess I do... though I guess technically everyone does. The difference is most people name their kids Chen or Tanaka whereas my dad named me Hisato the third" Hisato said chuckling. As Professor Oak came up Hisato happily extended the Parcel out giving it to him. "It was! I didn't even drop it once! I can't wait to become a pokémon master! A pokémon master ranger!" He said excitedly jumping with joy.
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  10. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "Right here!" Oak replied, sending out the three Pokemon while he placed the box on a nearby table. Out came a Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. "Now then, I'm sure that you all know these Pokemon, but if you don't," The Professor turned to Charmander. "That is Charmander, the Fire type starter! That is Squirtle, the Water type starter! And that's Bulbasaur, the Grass type starter!" He explained. "Now, let's start with you." The professor turned to Taichi. "Which Pokemon would you like to start with? Don't forget to take your time!" Kris stood near the two, listening quietly to the professor's explanation.
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  11. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    For a moment as the starters were shown, Taichi looked at all of them, all of them were appealing to him. Squirtle was pretty cute and would be a cool partner, and Bulbasaur also looked really cool. But out of the three, only one stood out from the rest. It wasn’t the Charmander, just by looking at it he could tell it had the right sort of attitude for him, it would’ve been the perfect fit he just knew it.

    “You know what Professor, after thinking about it...my choice will be Charmander!” He proclaimed looking right at the fire type with a huge grin, Charmander then gave a smile back.
  12. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "Great choice!" Oak said to the boy's decision. The professor then gave Taichi Charmander's Pokeball and turned to Kris. "Now then, who would you like to choose?" He asked. "I'd like Squirtle, please!" Kris politely asked. "Then he's all yours!" Oak replied, as he gave Kris Squirtle's Pokeball. Kris smiled at Squirtle. Squirtle then gave a wave to his new trainer. "Bulbasaur seemed to be the only Pokemon left, so I hope you wanted one!" Oak gave Hisato Bulbasaur's Pokeball. "Now then, to start you all off, here are 5 Pokeballs and a Pokedex each!" He said, digging through the package and handing the three items. " Your very own tales of grand adventures is about to unfold! Good luck to you all!" Professor Oak exclaimed. Kris had taken Squirtle off the table, and the Tiny Turtle Pokemon spun around Kris in his shell. The girl had a small smirk on her face as she watched her first Pokemon.
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  13. From the moment Professor Oak released the pokémon from their respective pokéballs Hisato met eyes with bulbasaur. He knew this was the pokémon he wanted. He grinned at it to which the pokémon grinned back. Hisato clapped his hands cheerfully as Taichi claimed his first pokémon. Hisato stepped forward, "I choose you!" Hisato said pointing torwards the bulbasaur. "I'll call you Kyon(derived from the Japanese word kyūkon 球根 meaning bulb)" Hisato said. "Buulba" the bulbasaur said happily being picked.
  14. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    The Charmander jumped down right next to Taichi, as it then looked to the other two starters with a toothy grin. Charmander, much like his trainer, was ready to go and get started on this adventure. Taichi then proceeded to take the pokedex and pokeballs that we’re being offered to them by Oak. “Thanks!” He exclaimed as he grinned at the Pokemon Professor. Taichi looked at the other two trainers, “So she chose Squirtle huh? And Hisato went for Bulbasaur. Looks like I got the best pick haha.” He thought to himself as he looked down at Charmander.

    “Hmmm...I wonder where our first stop should be?”
  15. Hisato lifted his Kyon off the ground excitedly, "Thanks Professor Oak! First place? If were going on an adventure don't forget to say bye to your family! Theres no telling the next time we come back to Pallet town" Hisato said cheerfully. Kyon sat calmly in Hisato's arms looking around feeling the wind blow against its face. Hisato looked towards Taichi and his charmander as well as Kris and her squirtle. "We should also take into consideration where we are gonna eat when lunch time gets here. Which is a couple hours from now but still..." Hisato said putting his hand to his mouth looking up as he pondered food ideas. Kyon looked up at Hisato extending its vine ,and imitiating Hisato by putting his vine up to his mouth and tilting his head upwards jokingly.
  16. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    “Hmmm yeah I guess going home first would be nice, I didn’t give my mom a proper goodbye to be honest.” He said with a little bit of shame as he looked down. “Besides introducing Mom to Charmander seems like a good idea.” He thought to himself as he looked down at his starter Pokemon. Charmander went over to Kyon waving at it and then showing off the bright flame on the end of it’s tail. “Char-Chaar!” Charmander shouter as it still tried to communicate with Kyon.

    Taichi then looked over to Hisato, “Anyways Hisato what you planning to do?”
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  17. "Me? I'm going to go on the road to Viridian City to show my family Kyon. This is actually my first time traveling to Pallet Town by my self so this is going to be a new experience. How about you guys? Do either of you have plans?" Hisato said looking at both Taichi and Kris. Hisato enjoyed coming down to Pallet Town as it had many trees dotting the landscape due to the town being so small.

    Kyon looked down at the charmander before wrapping its vines around Hisato so he could carefully lower himself to the ground, "buulba... bulbasaaaur!" went Kyon cheerfully greeting the charmander.
  18. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    “I’m just gonna go back and say goodbye to my Mom, properly. And after that I’m just gonna set off.” He said as he made his way to the door. “I think the first place I’ve gotta pass through after the are around Pallet is Viridian Forest and then the city, so we may have to end up going the same way y’know.” He announced as he got the exit of the lab with Charmander. “Anyways see ya later Professor Oak!” Taichi shouted as Charmander followed suit, “Char-Charmander!”
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  19. Hisato turned to Samuel and kris having before following Taichi outside. As he headed outside Kyon used his vines to wrap around Hisato to pull himself up to his back. Hisato placed an arm around Kyon insuring he wouldn't fall off. As he looks outside at the treeline he turned to see Taichi walk home. Hisato stood outside a moment taking a deep breath of air, "So this is what being a pokémon trainer feels like. Just as cool as I expected! I can't wait to show mom and dad. I suppose Haiyato and Akiya too" Hisato thought to himself. Hisato decided he'd go ahead ,and start walking on the road to Viridian City.
  20. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Taichi began to sprint back home as fast as he could as Charmander followed beside him, surprisingly being able to keep up.

    After a bit of running his house was in sight, but for some reason his mom to be outside, talking to someone? As he continued to run his mom turned with a wave and a smile. “Taichi! Look who it is!” She shouted joyfully as a young brown haired male met eyes with him. It was his older brother Renji! With what seemed to be a new Pokemon. Taichi ran even faster than before now that he knew Renji was there. “Ren! You’re finally back!” He said with a huge grin. “Renji smiles back at him as he then looked down at Charmander. “Heyyy what’s this? You finally got a Pokemon?” He asked while patting Charmander on the head, which he quite enjoyed. “That’s right! This is my Charmander. Mom I’d like you to meet him too.” He said as he picked Charmander up and passed it over to his mother. “Wow! You really made a good choice with this one. Look how cute he is.” She said while playing with his face, Charmander started to get a bit irritated so Taichi made the choice to move him away before it got ugly. “Anyway, Renji, is this one of your new Pokemon?” He asked while pointing to a grey elephant like Pokemon which he had never seen before. “Ah yeah. This is here is my Donphan. Caught him on my adventures through the Johto region!” Renji explained he stroked it on the head. Taichi then looked up at both his mom and Renji. “Anyways I came back to properly say goodby to both of you before I go. So that’s really all I’ve got to say. I best get on with my adventure now...” As Taichi was about leave his brother grabbed his shoulder and then stuck his thumb up firmly, “Just remember to stay safe out there Tai! I hope you do well for yourself!” Taichi then smirked back at his brother and stuck his thumb up back. “I will! Alright I’ll call you both as soon as I can! See ya!”
    “Char-Chaar-Charmander!” And with that they were both off on their Pokemon adventure.

    Taichi then ran off in the direction of the first route, heading in the direction of Virdian City, much like Hisato.
  21. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Kris shortly left the lab, Squirtle, following suit. She started to walk across Route 1 and made her way to the nearest Pokemon Center. Once she did, Kris gave back her father's Pidgeot through the PC and said a quick goodbye. After this, Kris went onto Route 2 to train Squirtle for the journey ahead. She saw the two boys as rivals, and they seemed to be in Viridian City. Kris was somewhat happy that she was in the lead. She then realized that her starter needed a name. "How about... Tidal?" She asked the Squirtle. Tidal responded with a nod. Kris gave a smile and centered most of her attention to aid Tidal defeat the wild Pokemon in the area.
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  22. On his way to Viridian City he battled a couple wild pokémon with vine whip becoming a quick signature move. As Hisato battled predominantly rattata and pidgey he eventually came across a nidoran(male). It quickly charged at Kyon which he managed to dodge fairly easily vine whipping it as it missed. The second attempt Kyon wasn't able to dodge it as the nidoran expected it hitting it in the side. Kyon push it off at it.

    As the battle continued kyon eventually managed to get a defeating blow. Upon defeating the wind pokémon he made sure to put them in safe places where they would be able to rest until fully healed. Before he would head home he would need to visit the pokécenter, "Kyon you did great today! After a day like that we should rest a bit before heading to Pewter City.
  23. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    After a while of making his way through route 1 Taichi battled many Pokemon, and Charmander seemed to be a really competent and overall good battler. His ember attack packed a punch as well. All the Pokemon he fought just went away after they were defeated, so they were hopefully fine.

    And after another while of trekking through routes and eventually Viridian Forest, it was finally in sight. He could see Viridian City right before him and he felt a surge of excitement all through out his body, he was away from home now, he was officially on an adventure. While he was looking over the city he noticed a Pokemon had just landed right next to him, a Pidgey! This was his chance to finally catch something before it got away. He pulled a Pokeball from his bag and enlarged it, so he would be ready to catch this thing. “Alright then let’s go!” He then lobbed it straight at the Pidgey. It was inside, the Pokeball then shook once...twice and finally...it broke free! Being a novice trainer Taichi reallyforgit to battle it before he tried to catch it, he just thought going straight for the catch would be quirk. “Ah noooo!” And with that the Pidgey was off straight towards the city. Taichi was now determined to catch it. “Come on Charmander!” The tow then ran towards the city and Pidgey got further and further away. Uncatchable at this point.

    As he made his way down to the city’s ith disappointment he noticed a familiar face, “Hey that’s that Hisato guy.”
    Taichi then decided to run over to him and Kyon to see how he was doing. He then shouted over to him to get his attention, “Hey what’s up!”
  24. Hisato turned his head as he heard his name called out. He smiled when he noticed it was Taichi of Pallet Town. Hisato cheerfully waved at him, "Heya! Things are great! I was just about to head to the pokécenter just over there, how about you?" He said pointing at the center. "Bulbaaa!" Kyon went as he saw charmander. He continued walking, "Looks like you've finally made it to Viridian City! One small step down a long journey. One big step for the brave young hero from Pallet Town" Hisato said grinning referencing favorite gym leader Gary Oak.

    "Your charmander looks more confident now! If that's even possible" Hisato said chuckling. He eventually arrived at the entrance, "I was just about to head to my family home to introduce Kyon to the family" Hisato said happily. "saur!" went Kyon just moments afterwards. Hisato was also hoping to bum some quick food he could take on the road with him. Preferably food that wouldn't spoil any time soon so it would last him a while. He knew his mom liked stuffing her kids with more food than they could eat so he was confident he would get something good to take to the road.
  25. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    “Hehe...well I guess you could say I’m ‘Pallet’s brave young hero’.” As Taichi said that Charmander gave him a cold glare, “Char-Charmander.” He uttered beige snickering and giving a condescending look. Taichi then looked back at it with a dirty look.

    After Taichi gave Charmander a glare back he noticed Hisato said he’d be going to the pokecentre, “I mean I may as well come with you to the pokecentre. Charmander could use a little rest.”
  26. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Kris thought Tidal had done enough training for the day, and headed for the Pokecenter to heal her Pokemon. She could see the other two trainers talking near a house. Kris continued on to the Pokemon Center, where she healed her Squirtle. She then sat down herself, who seemed to be thinking, and was lost in her own random thoughts that flooded into her mind. Tidal could be seen near his trainer, attempting to grab few attention from others, and spun in his shell in a rhythm.
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  27. After Nurse Joy had healed Kyon he thanked her before carrying him. He gave a friendly innocent smile when Taichi accepted the roll of "Pallet Town Hero", "That's the spirit! The Palet Town Hero and the Great Green Ranger set out on a world famous adventure!" He said excitedly. His eyes twinkled like a starmie's jewel on a sunny day.

    He then noticed Kris walk by ,and waved accordingly. He still didn't know the young girl's name ,but Hisato assumed she was a nice girl cause she likes pokémon ,and that alone was enough reason for Hisato. Hisato was a simple boy who rarely over analyzed things. Hisato was still planning on stopping off at home before continuing his journey. He smiled to the thought of getting a bag full of preservable food.
  28. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    “Okay your Pokemon is fighting fit! We hope to see you again.” Nurse Joy did as passed Charmander back to Taichi. “Thank you very much.” He replied as he then made his way out of the Pokemon centre. What Hisato sis dance him laugh a little, “The great green ranger has a really nice ring to it y’know.” He complimented as he then stuck his thumb up.

    Taichi also noticed that other new trainer from Oak’s lab, the one with the Squirtle. “Wonder if I should try talk to her, hmmm...nah. I’ll just stick with this Hisato guy at leat I know he’s friendly.” Taichi then put his arms behind his head in relaxation while he was walking, “So Hisato you said you were gonna stop by your house right?”
  29. "That's right! I was just about to head that way! Wanna come along? My mother makes the best rice balls..." Hisato said cheerfully. He saw the squirtle spin with such amazement, and remembered the girl was over there. He looked to the girl wondering if she had food or money ,and being the type of guy who always liked to help was more than happy to ask, "You wanna come with? Hisato asked as he didn't like the thought of people going without food.
  30. Tyler decides to take his time in Viridian. He wanted to get a couple of things for Sky who was new to his team. Sky would need a few things for contests, as he had nothing that fit the evolution pokemon. He held up a small blue cap that would fit the small fox like pokemon. "What do you think of this Sky? You think you want to wear this?" Sky was ecstatic she loved the hat, and picked out a couple of things herself as she gathered them in a small shopping basket that Tyler had on the floor. "That what you want to get?" Sky noded, so Tyler picked up Sky and let her ride on his shoulder. "There you go, lets go pay for these and then we can go to two square." Sky paid for his purchases and left the store. He came to a fountain in the town, and pulled out his violin.

    Sky jumped down as Tyler began to play. Lola and Frost both began to follow the eevee's lead and dance. The three were actually doing surprisingly well for being their first day together. Tyler joined in while playing the violin and begun a routine with them. It may have seemed rehearsed to people, as it was so well timed and put together, but it actually looked really good for their first time working together.
  31. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    “Sure, I’d love to come along!” He said with glee, he really liked rice balls, especially ones with a nice beef filling, like the ones his mom used to make. “In fact it would be good for me to tag along considering I’m not sure if I even brought any good or even anybody sort of snack along with me. Sorta forgot...” He said as he shamefully laughed to himself. He then looked down at Charmander who seemed pretty hungry too, “Is there by any chance, food for Pokemon at your house?”
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    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Kris returned back to reality and saw Hisato wave at her, but thought nothing of it. "I'm good." Kris simply replied to Hisato. She shortly then got up and had Titan walked near her as she exited, giving a dramatic bow as he left. Kris decided to go to Viridian Forest, walking up Route 2. Shortly after taking a few steps through the dense forest, Titan had gotten electrocuted by a Pikachu, a grin on it's face. Tidal, enraged, retaliated with Water Gun. The mischievous Pikachu used Thunder Shock yet again, and Tidal used Tackle. Kris threw a Pokeball at the Mouse Pokemon. It went in, and Kris kept the Pikachu's Pokeball in her hand. Right now, she had carried Tidal in her arms for the duration of the forest. Kris attempted to avoid as many battles as she could. Too bad there was a Scyther near the exit, and it didn't look happy. "Just my luck."
  33. Hisato silently nodded at Kris's remark respecting her decision. Hisato smirked at Taichi's comment before chuckling for a few seconds. He paused for a second before completely bursting into laughter for a whole minute, "Mhm. My mom makes some of the best poképuffs in town seeing how much the pokémon can't seem to get enough of em. She primarily gives them to wild pokémon these days as she no longer performs contests ,and doesn't give out as many as she used to. Be careful how you ask her for some though... she will tell stories so long that you will need a couch and snacks cause once she starts story telling your there until shes done! And there ain't no interruptions or questions till after her stories are done... you have been warned!" Hisato said. Hisato was excited to give Kyon some puffins. Looking back Hisato realized he may have somewhat taken after her in that regard. He eventually decided to head to his house, "it's just down this road here! Look! I'm not sure if you can see it with those hills ,but the Victory Road lies on the other side ,and if you look even further you can see Mt. Moon..." Hisato said.
  34. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Taichi listened to Hisato’s warning, “I’ll keep that in the back of my mind.” He said as he then put his hands in his pockets while continuing to walk. He then heard his comment about Mt. Moon and Victory Road being on the other side. “Really?! That’s awesome!” He exclaimed as he then looked down at Charmander, “We’re gonna make it to victory road aren’t we Charmander!”
    “Char-Chaar!” Taichi grinned due to his Pokemon’s enthusiasm. “That’s what I like to here.”
  35. As soon as they neared the house he paused to, "moooom? Daaaaad? I'm home!" He said ,but was only met with silence. He calmly cleared his throat, "Dad! Dad!! Daaad!" He yelled. Within an instance the door slammed open ,and his father came out with a bat in one hand and a first aide kid in the other, "What? What!? What!?!?... Oh... it's you again... honestly I swear im this close to taking herbs!" His father yelled. He got down on one knee with a disappointing look, "Son did you give up on your journey already? I understand it's hard work and all" he said, "Your father is right. Theres no shame in calling in the towel early" his mother said. "Ah shoot! I was hoping when you gave up you could tell us interesting stories like the one about the crystal onix!" Haiyato said. "You guys do realize he has a pokémon right? It's more likely hes just getting started... morons" Akiya said while reading her magazine completely unfazed by her family's reaction.

    The entire time Hisato stood there with a dumbfound expression. For a moment he was completely at a loss of words, "No. I'm just starting today ,and well... *Hisato's stomach growled*... there lies the problem" Hisato said. Both parents profusely apologized.

    Hisato's mom went inside to get some riceballs that were still warm ,and fruit juice as well as a bag of preserved food ,and smaller bag with puffins. She happily handed them food, "He's such a cute... pokémon... If you need me I'll be inside" his mother said heading back inside to watch her favorite show as she wasn't going to miss "Galar's got talent" ,and his father claimed he needed to get some work done in town ,but in reality he was just headed down to the bar to ease the stress from a long day dealing with his family. Haiyato sat on the front porch playing his gameboy ,and Akiya couldn't bother to look up from her magazine as she was completely infatuated with reading an article about her in the contest section.

    Normally Hisato would find himself climbing trees in the backyard or running in the fields barefooted without a care in the world. However he had to hold back the urge to take his shoes off as he was now planning on being a new man. He sat by the picnic table to eat. Concerned how his adventure was going to go ,but even more so what Taichi was thinking. Hisato's family acted like this more often than not ,but that didn't help defuse the current situation. Hisato happily gave Kyon some pokéfood as well as a puffin. He made sure to leave plenty for charmander as well as a puffin.
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  36. JayTaku

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    Taichi smiles pretty awkwardly, “Quite the interesting family he’s got here...” Taichi thought as Charmander approached the Pokefood and began to eat it. “Char-mander!” He exclaimed as he began to dance and jump around. “Seems Charmander likes the food.” He said as he turned to Hisato. “So Hisato do any of your family have any Pokemon of their own?” He asked with curiosity. “It would be really cool if one of them had one like my brother.”
  37. "My dad has an ariados that mostly just sits in trees making webs all day, a ledian that that pretty much just flys around going wherever it pleases, a cranky beedrill that just sleeps all day. do not wake it up by the way. I didn't call it cranky for no reason ,and lastly his trusty first pokémon parasect. Its over there sleeping in the garden *Hisato points over to it* The fact that he likes bug pokémon pisses mom off so much. the fact that most of them are poison type doesn't really improve the situation ,but he loves them all. Mom has a farfetch'd that usually tends to the garden ,but she must be with mom watching her lame tv show. then theres exeggutor ,and sunflora who usually just sit outside in the sun all day. and I couldn't forget my sister Akiya I guess. Her pokemon are starmie, mr. mime ,and xatu. starmie and mr. mime are probably in the house with Akiya ,and xatu is probably either on the room or sleeping inside somewhere. Shes probably going to leave soon She's already a well known contest professional in Kanto. I think she said she was heading to Johto or somewhere real soon. My brother Haiyato over there is pretty much the only person in the family now without any pokémon ,but he will probably get one in two years what with him being two years younger than me" Hisato said concluding his family's pokémon. As soon as Hisato finished his meal he happily stood up to see Kyon had eaten all of his food as well as his poffin and was now just relaxing in the sunlight.

    Hisato placed the bag of poffins in his bag so the pokémon could enjoy them later ,and put the food in as well as that would definitely come in hand seeing as Hisato had little in terms of money. The only question he wondered now was sleeping arrangements when they had left his home. Hisato had been to the Viridian Forest with his father many times ,but this was a first time to go there without the protection of his father or his father's pokémon. Hisato was now with his own pokémon ,but atleast he wasn't alone as he was with Taichi who had his very own pokémon as well. Things were kinda looking up. Probably not really ,but things seemed to be looking up.
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    “She’s going to Johto? Neat.” He said with a little chuckle. “Funny enough my brother just got back from Johto. He was competing in the silver league actually! Pretty cool huh?” He asked with a smirk.

    Charmander was just there eating his food as he then looked up to Kyon. He waved to him as he finished his food, “Char-Char.” He then proceeded to show off his scratching skills, scratching the air. He would’ve showed off ember but Taichi warned him not to do that inside.
  39. "Cool! your brother sounds neat! My dad has a picture on the fridge of himself and parasect when he was younger ,and none of his hair was turning gray at the silver league" Hisato said chuckling. Hisato smiled when he saw how confident charmander was using his scratch attack. Kyon simply sat there watching. "Have you ever been to the Viridian Forest before? Theres all sorts of pokémon there. My dad said he thought he once saw a pikachu there. He likes the place cause there are a lot of bugs there" Hisato said cheerfully.
  40. JayTaku

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    “Loads of bugs? It sounds pretty cool then. As much as most bugs are looked down on as weak, I think they’re actually pretty cool y’know. My brother has quite a few of ‘em too.” He said as he then heard Hisato mention his Dad may’ve saw a Pikachu there, “I hear Pikachu are pretty rare, but hopefully i manage to find one someday.”

    “Anyways then Hisato, what’ve you gotta do then? Just grab some food? Or you gonna take some time to sit down too?”

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