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Adventures in Skyrim

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Coreysawrus, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. (OOC: Hi, I'm Riley, I don't usually venture the literature boards and I'm don't write often (other than chat) I'm writing this because I've had a sudden urge to write. This first chapter is a little short for a post on here but it is going to be the average size of a chapter. I hope you enjoy this and hopefully provide me with constructive criticism. Just so you know this is based on one my actual character, Azzan, so I won't be taking out my mod usage (as most minus the hair mod perhaps is lore friendly) I'll post a quick list of what is added into my game at a later date anyway for now, bye)

    Chapter 1 - Fear Factor

    Mooring through the rolling mist rode a parade of melancholy filled with crushed dreams and ideals. The end of conflict was nigh. The carriages jolted about as it slowly came down the rocky, uneven downwards path. The passengers sat in silence as the ever chilling presence of death grew ever closer. The passengers looked at each other in despair minus the man who was wearing a dark fur cloak and had been gagged. One man dressed in blue began to speak.

    “Who are you and what are your crimes?” the man in blue said.

    “Lokir, from Rorikstead” a man sighed.

    The man was short and scrawny had short brown hair and wore a dirty, brown tunic which was made of poor quality and had obvious signs of wear and tear.

    “I… I got caught stealing a horse. And you?” Lokir continued with obvious fearful tone.

    The rugged blonde man in blue replied to the dishevelled Lokir “I’m Ralof of Riverwood and a Stormcloak through and through, I got captured outside Darkwater Crossing along with Jarl Ulfric.”

    Ralof nodded his head to the gagged passenger.

    “That is Jarl Ulfric! W-where are they taking us I’m not part of this rebellion” the horse thief cried in blind panic.

    “Calm yourself and face death like a true Nord, like a son of Skyrim” Ralof instructed.

    Jarl Ulfric rolled his eyes at the mess in front of him. Lokir took the hint quickly a quietened down but started to twitch nervously. Lokir and Ralof turned their heads to look at the final passenger while Ulfric with his head hung low glanced across with his eyes. The final passenger was a young muscular Redguard, he had short, glossy black hair which was spiked up slightly down the middle, he also wore a dirty, brown tunic although his was in slightly better condition than Lokir’s. The Redguard was about to speak but the carriage wheel hit a rock and a loud, sharp jolt followed.

    “As I was about to say, I’m Azzan from Stonedale in Hammerfell” the Redguard stated.

    He continued “I got arrested for crossing the border into White-Gold Concordat territory and for attempting to woo two Imperial soldiers. The first one, he shot me down instantly and ignored my advances but the other one, she started yelling something about sexual harassment, I only asked her if she wanted a drink and to go someplace private. That is hardly harassment.”

    Azzan seemed to be angry rather than scared; Ulfric seemed impressed with Azzan’s apparent rage against the Empire and his bravery. Inside Azzan was trembling with fear but tried to keep his cool demeanour to prevent him looking like the coward Lokir.

    “Boy, how old are you?” Ralof asked inquisitively obviously sceptical of Azzan’s amorous activities.

    “Urm, nineteen why you asking?” replied a confused Azzan

    “Aren’t you a bit young for that sort of stuff and do have any idea what is going to happen when we stop” Ralof commented.

    “Not really, and yes when we stop it is the block or the gallows for us” Azzan pointed out.

    Azzan hung his head in a similar fashion to Jarl Ulfric to avoid showing the fear in his eyes it was slowly eating away into his cool demeanour act. A few more sharp jolts hit the carriage and Lokir began screaming and pleading to be let go. The screams of fear echoed through Azzan’s head get ever more irritant but slowly and surely plaguing Azzan’s mind with fear. The Redguard was ready to scream when a stone structure appeared out of the mist.

    “Look like our stop” Ralof declared.

    The stone structure grew ever closer until the vague outline of a large wooden gate door appeared from the vapour and opened painstakingly slow.

    “Helgen” Ralof said in awe

    The parade of carriages rode through the town, the townspeople were in full attendance for the upcoming event. The parade came to a halt in front of the central towers entrance. The guards unloaded the prisoners and marked them off on their lists.

    “Ulfric of Windhelm” a voice sounded.

    “Geilir of Riften” the voice sounded again.

    “Agnete of Dawnstar” the voice cried.

    “This is taking forever, why do they have to prolong things?” Azzan thought.

    As Ralof made his way to the other prisoners, Azzan caught sight of the Imperial reading out the names, a young soldier named Hadvar.

    “Hello there, handsome” Azzan thought to himself.

    “Lokir of Rorikstead” Hadvar read out loud.

    Lokir tried to make a break for it but the guards were prepared and shot him down with only a few arrows. The townspeople cheered and applauded at the first death.

    “You there! Who are you?” Hadvar asked as he checked off the last name on his list.

    Even though the situation was bleak, Azzan worked up the courage to play flirt with Hadvar.

    “Anything you want me to be” Azzan said provocatively even throwing in a quick wink at the soldier.

    He knew it was incredibly cheesy and was worthy of being beaten by a mace for saying it but he couldn’t think of anything else on such short notice. Nevertheless Hadvar blushed slightly trying to withhold any feelings.

    “No..no I meant your name and where you are from” Hadvar responded shyly trying to recover from the flirtatious comment.

    “Fine, I’m Azzan from Stonedale” replied Azzan.

    Hadvar wanted to let the Redguard go and claim he was wrongly captured but a captain of the guards was watching so he had to call her over to which the verdict was given, Azzan would go to the block. Hadvar had a look of disappointment in his eyes as the Redguard was sent with the other prisoners.

    The door to the central tower opened an out came a headsman, a priestess and General Tullius. Tullius walked over to Ulfric and started ranting. Everyone looked fed up or annoyed with how long the rant was.

    “Give them their last rites” Tullius told the priestess.

    The priestess then began giving the prisoners their final rites but was rudely interrupted by Geilir who walked over to the block. The guard captain pushed him down and quickly the headsman cut off his head.

    “Next the Redguard” the guard captain shouted.

    Azzan began slowly walking to the block when an almighty roar sounded.

    “What was that?” Hadvar asked.

    “Nothing” Tullius swiftly answered.

    The guard captain pushed Azzan down onto the block ready for his execution.

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