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Adventures in Saffron

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Anonymous, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ooc: This RP doesn't follow an organisation with an evil plan or trying to calm down a rampant pokemon. This is an RP for having fun and battling, and if needed, we can introduce rampant/evil plans elements later ^^ I also hope there aren't too many mistakes in this opening.

    It was an unusually quiet day in Saffron City. In the streets that were often full of strangers and citizens alike, there was barely any life. There had even been more activity when Team Rocket's operations were in place all those years ago, where barely anybody had dared to come out in fear of being attacked by the organisation's pokemon.

    But despite all that, there was one girl who wasn't affected much by the emptiness of the day. She was simply sitting outside her house, on the raised cement step, with pots of flowers either side of her. Larelle hadn't been in Saffron City for that long, so had barely experience of the place, but she had plenty of experience with flowers, despite moving from the rather space-obsessed Mossdeep City in the Hoenn region. She was sad to leave those she knew, especially Tate and Liza who she'd grown up with, but she had been too excited by the opportunities Saffron City would bring her to get too upset.

    She had her father to thank for the move; a businessman who didn't wish to have anything to do with the unusual creatures inside and outside his habitual city. But this kind of attitude didn't run through the family. Larelle had just one pokemon, who she loved very much and spent many years of her life with.

    At that moment, said pokemon had approached her, rubbing it's unusual head against her knees. Larelle usually wore longer dresses but today she had opted for a white mini dress with khaki shorts, and now she was wishing she hadn't. The tickling sensation caused the trainer to laugh, as she bent down to stroke the tangled pokemon gently on one of it's many purplish vines.

    “Hey, Tangela,” Larelle said, smiling. “What do you want to do today?”

    Many would have thought her ridiculous to expect her Pokemon to answer but years with Tangela meant that both trainer and pokemon understood each other perfectly. Many had also thought her ridiculous not to allow her Tangela to evolve into a Tangrowth, but Larelle had always followed the philosophy that “bigger isn't always necessarily better”. It was a value that had also caused quite a few arguments between herself and her father.

    Not uttering a single sound, Tangela continued to tickle Larelle's knees, it's eyes closed in a happy way. It was a rather cute sight; pokemon and trainer would have actually had some resemblance if Larelle dyed her messy brown hair purple to match the grass-type's vines.

    “Saffron's such a big city,” she pondered, looking around the streets once Tangela had stopped tickling her. “Just where is everybody?”
  2. OOC: Can I please join you?~ (: this sounds like a fun RP~

    BIC: Kasumi was lost.

    Well and truly, utterly and completely-well and honestly lost.
    She stared from left, then to right in desperation to try and recognise her wherabouts.
    But it was impossible-Saffron was one of the biggest cities in Kanto and without a map or indeed, her latest travelling companions who were as good as any sat-nav.

    "Maaaaax? Souuuuul?" she whined, dodging around another particularly tall, and dreary building.

    She was anxiously pacing a quiet street when something dawned on her.
    Every street was quiet. Dead silent- and there wasn't a person in sight.
    Why was that?

    Kasumi managed a frown, her baseball boots were begininning to rub her feet.

    "This town is usually bustling. How can it be quiet? It's not even a Sunday~"

    Brushing a strand if her sandy blonde hair from glittering blue eyes, she suddenly noticed what seemed to her as a godsend.
    A girl about her age was seated upon a concrete step, outside a rather nice looking house, but with the only her bedraggled Tangela for company.

    "Life! Another human being at last!" she sighed, dashing forward, and waving a hand wildly to attract the soul's attention.

    OOC: Can't wait to hear what else happens!~
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ooc: The RP's here for joining, silly! ;D Of course you can!

    Larelle couldn't help turning round, noticing the other girl approaching. Tangela did the same; it's vines bobbling wildly as it moved. Both pokemon and trainer couldn't help staring for a while, but Larelle remembered to speak as to not creep out the other female too much.

    "You travelling alone?" she asked, brushing away one of her many straggly brown locks from her eyes. The other girl seemed to be pokemon-less, or if she did have any travelling companions, she wasn't daring to show them. It was all Larelle said for the moment, awaiting a reply from the stranger.
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  4. OOC: My posts will get better- I hope I don't get too lazy~! Yay~

    BIC: The girl met her with bright, curious eyes as well as a slight laughter in her tone.
    To Kasumi, she seemed liked exactly the type of person she would click with instantly.
    And to top it off, she had glorious hair.

    Don't touch, don't touch, don't touch! thought the blonde, grinning widely inspight of herself but thankfully the other girl received it as a friendly smile.

    "You travelling alone?" she asked in a flowing voice, smooth as chocolate.

    "Err, well I have my Pokémon if that's what you mean... But,uh... I seem to have misplaced my friends." coughing, she felt her chheks darken a little at how silly she must sound- like toddler who's Driftloon had slipped from their fingers.
    "A boy, with dark hair and a girl in a huge white cap...but..."
    She darted to the side and gazed in satisfied awe at the bristling grass-type behind the brunette.

    "... I wouldn't mind battling you if you're a trainer?" her grin spread and she let out a musical laugh. "I'm Kasumi Slater."
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  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    "I was kind of meaning both," said Larelle, chuckling slightly at the girl's enthusiasm. "But if you can't find your human companions and you're itching to battle with your pokemon companions then I'll be more than happy to accept. By the way, the name's Larelle, Larelle Jonas."

    She looked back at Tangela for a quick second before turning her attention once more to Kasumi.

    "I'm afraid I only have my Tangela," she explained, sounding slightly worried in case Kasumi took back her challenge because she didn't want to fight a one-pokemon trainer. If the other female had fire, ice or flying types, then it was obvious who was going to win.

    Tangela couldn't help pouting and making a rather frustrated noise. The grass-type often did that when Larelle spoke about "only having Tangela.", as if it's trainer thought it was a bad thing.

    Noticing her pokemon's reaction, Larelle couldn't help but blush in guilt.

    "I'm sorry, Tangela," she apologised, stroking the pokemon's vines. "I shouldn't have said that."
  6. Tangela was shuffling agitadedly with a comically dejected look on it's face that Kasumi couldn't help but giggle at.
    She could understand where Larelle's worry was coming from, but she was a kind trainer as well as an enthusiastic one as Larelle had already noted.

    "Don't sweat it there, 'Jonas," chirped she, winking with a slight mischievious glint at Tangela who was gleefully taken aback by the gesture. "Tangela looks to me like the best Pokémon you could ever have. I'll use one Pokémon too..."

    She waited a second, considering in her mind the idea that had arose like a Bellsprout blooming in her mind. "... With a grass-type too."

    Having spent the last half hour, lonely, tired and geographically troubled, Kasumi was more than happy to allow any exceptions if it meant social interaction.
    Heck; if Larelle wanted to battle whilst doing headstands and cartwheels whilst juggling bowls of soup she wouldn't mind.

    She adjusted her cap and glanced upwards at the sky.
    Again, the silence engulfed her. It was deafening; pounding the walls of her eardrums and threatening insanity.
    Kasumi couldn't wait until the battle cries of their Pokémon clashed.

    It would put both of their minds at ease, she was sure.

    OOC: I have a feeling this will be such a fun RP~ Ack I've already said that... Ehehe... Old and Senile, old and senile =u=U
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  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Any other trainer would have jumped in at the chance to play on type advantage so to hear the words "with a grass type too" were like music to Larelle's ears. And despite a lack of visible ears, Tangela seemed pleased to hear those words too, and also the fact that Kasumi had practically sung it's praises.

    "Well my grass-type's right here," said Larelle, quite obviously. "Which pokemon's going to have the honour of battling from your team?" She was already thinking about what cool grass-type pokemon Kasumi might have. Sceptile? Meganium? Maybe even a Tangrowth...

    No. Larelle had to stop thinking about that evolution. To be up against a Tangrowth would possibly be the worst case scenario.
  8. "My grass type?"

    Larelle was gazing at her with what seemed like longing and certainly an undoubted anticipation.
    No denying, Kasumi was anxious to meet the standards she was seeking.
    Come on now! she thought to herself angrily as she gazed doubtfully at the pokéball withdrawn from her belt. Stop worrying about what she'll think; Larelle appreciates it just as much as I do...

    So with a determined grunt, Kasumi maximised the ball, pressed firmly the button and a bright beam ejected her beloved grass type.
    Larelle's face lot up with curiousity in the harsh white light and Kasumi couldn't help the small smile of pride etch her features.

    Eve appeared, long leafy ears flapping in the breeze and tangling the wild coarse hair that graced her slim form.

    "Leeeeeaf~" she purred, opening her mouth wide and stretching playfully over the warm concrete.

    "This is Eve, and she's my one and only grass-type."

    OOC: In case my description of her is incomprehensible, Eve is a Leafeon :)
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  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Larelle couldn't help but sigh with relief when she saw it was not a Tangrowth but a Leafeon that escaped from Kasumi's pokeball. But Tangela seemed riled up and ready to fight. Noticing the get-up and go of her pokemon, Larelle was more than ready to begin the battle.

    "Well I know what Tangela wants, and that's to get started!" declared Larelle, punching the air. But then sheer enthusiastic aggression soon turned to politeness as Larelle was staring at Kasumi in quite a controlled, calm manner.

    "As the challenger, I think you should make the first move."

    Tangela gave it's trainer an impatient glance, emitting a mini-version of it's previous frustrated noise, but it was something that her father had always taught her. He believed that politeness was best, and she was simply following one of the few values of his that she actually agreed with.
  10. Larelle had offered Kasumi the first move and her eyes sparkled.
    This politness in trainers was rare to come across- especially since lately her encounter with the Kanto gym leaders had resulted in her interupting a date, school lesson and flower arrangement class, sending bitter glares her way.

    "Uwaaa~ Really?!" Kasumi dashed a good few metres back and stationed herself calmly, legs shoulder width apart and staring straight ahead with clenched fists.

    Before she started, as ever, Eve drifted gently over to Tangela, bowed low and let out a happy yap.
    Kasumi stuck her tongue out playfully and after a small laugh, it was returned from the other girl.

    "Match begin!"

    "Eve, use quick attack!" Kasumi ordered and off her Pokémon shot, a bullet of foliage making a beeline for the bushy target.

    OOC: Hurrhurrhurr~ Kasumi likes battling!~ What a brilliant RPer you are~
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  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ooc: Awwww, you're too kind! ^^

    Bic: It was as Larelle had predicted from an "Eeveelution", as she liked to call them. It was an attack they all shared and knowing Tangela wasn't the quickest on it's feet, Kasumi had commanded the Quick Attack from her Leafeon. The bullet of foliage was moving too quickly for even her pokemon's sharpest Vine Whip to grab hold of, and Larelle was now regretting not teaching Tangela an evasive move like Double Team.

    Tangela was staring intensely at the opposing pokemon, not moving an inch. It didn't like to do anything attack-wise until commanded.

    Larelle had to think quickly and act quickly, wondering which of her grass-type's four moves would be best. Suddenly, the one move everyone had thought her ridiculous to teach Tangela sprung to mind- it was sure to surprise Kasumi!

    Leafeon was getting dangerously close; almost within touching distance.

    "Tangela! Shock Wave!"

    Short pulses of sparks suddenly charged through Tangela's purple vines, causing most of them to straggle around in the air and stand up on end. With a rather efforted grunt, it released a path of electricity heading right towards the grass-type Eeveelution.

    Ooc: Yes, I did look on Tangela's page. It can learn Shock Wave XD
  12. OOC: Woah~ Cool battle moves from Tangela-san!~ Strategy tiem (:

    BIC: Panick stricken by the sudden bursts of electricity from Tangela, beneath her surprise, Kasumi was majorly impressed.
    It was an astoundingly strong electric attack; even if it didn't have the type advantage against Eve the blow would surely strike deep.

    She had to think fast.

    "Tangeeeeel~" Tangela moaned as the powerful lighting engulfed it's body and threatened to burst straight at Eve. Kasumi reacted as fast as she could.
    "Eve; skid!"

    The Leafeon did as she was commanded, her speed slowing drastically and her features coming back into recognition once more. Noticing sharp jolts of electricity escaping from Tangela's charged cloud, Kasumi yelled another frantic command.
    "Eve; sand-attack!!"

    Eve caught on to Kasumi's idea- it wasn't full proof but it provided a good cover.
    Turning her body and grinding her tiny padded feet into the concrete, she kicked up the dust by fanning her tail wildly.
    The electricity, on the whole, was repelled but tiny sparks crawled through and crackled through Eve's skin and she winced.

    Tangela winced too as the gritty sand creeped into it's eyes, rendering it temporarily blind, as Eve leapt above the sand veil and landed infront of the wriggling vines.

    Kasumi sighed in relief.
    Saved- but it was scarce and she had a vibe Larelle had more tricks up her sleeve.
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  13. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    OOC: Guten tag, hope I'm not infringing too much.

    Whilst trainers battled another was due to arrive. Across plains and rocky terrain a technological innovation rocketed across suspended track. It had been a long day and a lot of effort. The small snooze on the speeding white train has served the black haired trainer well. Slouched on the soft couch of the bullet train his pale hand rested upon the back his more than content partner, Cherry.

    The young and eager Quilava had been quite excitable, as evident by scorch marks here and there from him dashing all around and investigating various nooks and crannies but his alignment for his trainer prevailed with the pair drifting to sleep in the serene comfort of one another. Looking at them you wouldn't suspect they'd spend the past entirety of a day performing various tasks for the conductor in Goldenrod for just ONE trip. As the train reached a gentle stop then was interrupted with a regular shudder both trainer and pokemon were shaken awake. The more human of the two gave a complaining whine as he stood up, brushing sleep from his eyes whilst the flame endowed friend of his leapt unto the floor as Karu began to stand, stretching out as his brilliant flames burned even brighter.

    Looking around the trained expected to see other passengers disembark but alas... His over-active partner had frightened them all of into other parts of the train. Even a girl with what seemed to be a precious little grass type caught fire in the midst of Cherry's excitement. "Come on, Trouble." Muttered the still dazed teen, bring his bag up to his right shoulder and strolling out in a mostly empty station.

    He'd been here what... Two times before in his life? It'd been roughly eight years. Surely something was to appeal now he was older and more ... Knowledgable. Walking down the streets memories danced before his mind. Cherry could see his mind working over as he bounded about him, curious to what was going on in there. The trianer eventually pulled out of his daze and realised amongst the somber colour of the city he'd encountered a battle just across the road from himself.

    Nodding in approval the dark haired teen leant against a lamp post, his Quilava perching atop a post box on the corner to study the battle before him. "Interesting, aren't they Cherry..?" The pokemon nodded in small response.
  14. ((OOC: Hope it's OK that I can jump in here. :D))

    The boy and the girl had been traveling together for some time. At the boy's suggestion, they traveled to Saffron City in the Kanto region, the reason being to visit Silph Co. and see if they could bring back some new form of equipment to the boy's former employer, Professor Evergreen, back in the Quintien region. And so it happened that they found themselves walking the streets of Saffron, more likely taking in the sights than searching for the Silph Co. building.

    The boy was wearing a long sleeved purple shirt with a black Pokéball designed, blue jeans, and black sneakers. A purple-and-black knitted cap covered the boy's auburn-colored hair, which also wreathed his mouth in a neatly trimmed beard, and his olive eyes shone behind brown square-rimmed glasses. Clipped to his belt were six Pokéballs of various colors and styles. A small white Pokémon was perched on the boy's shoulder. Its eyes were looking around at the surrounding buildings, and its mouth seemed to be stuck in a permanent O shape.

    The girl was dressed in a white polo shirt, though the collar and the cuffs of the sleeves were colored pink. She was wearing a skirt of the same color, and her sneakers were also colored white with pink laces. Her violet eyes appeared as beacons on the cream-colored skin of her face which was framed by long brown hair that flowed down her back like a cascade. She carried three Pokéballs at her waist, and at her side walked a tan-furred Pokémon resembling a bipedal dog wearing a beret. Its tail resembled a paintbrush, and it held this idly in one paw as it mimicked the other Pokémon's movements.

    Their attention was suddenly called forward to the sounds of a Pokémon battle. Two girls were battling their Tangela and Leafeon in middle of the street up ahead. From the looks of it, the Tangela had just zapped the Leafeon with a particularly fierce Electric attack.

    The boy looked to the Pokémon on his shoulder, grinning.

    "What d'you think, Castform? Wanna check it out?"

    The Castform nodded its head excitedly, letting out a cry of "Popo!"

    The girl looked down at her side; the dog Pokémon was also watching the battle. She could see excitement glowing in the creature's eyes. A smile crossed her features.

    "I suppose we should go as well, Smeargle?"

    The Smeargle barked affirmatively, smiling up at its master, its pink tongue lolling out of its mouth slightly.

    The boy looked to the girl.

    "C'mon then, Belle! Last one over there's a rotten Exeggcute!"

    With that, he ran toward the battling girls, Castform holding onto his shoulder and shouting with glee. He picked a spot on the sidewalk, making sure to take a wide berth so as not to be stricken by a stray attack. The girl, Belle, joined him a few moments later, sighing at the boy. Her Smeargle was panting softly, its attention still focused on the battle.

    "Honestly, Tero, you're such a child sometimes."

    At this, the boy, Tero, grinned at her again, before folding his arms and watching the battle unfold before them.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Sand Attack. It was another move known by the entire Eeveelution family, and it wasn't just Tangela being affected. Larelle had to cover her own face in an attempt to protect herself. When she removed her arm, she noticed two males and a female watching their intense battle. Has she not been in battle, she would have said hello. Had she been the typical, giggly girly type, she might have even become infatuated by the presence of the lads but battle was not the right time or place.

    Turning her attention back to Tangela, she noticed it's temporary blindless may cause problems in the next attack's accuracy. Leafeon didn't seem to be doing anything. Yet. It just stood there infront of the mass of tangled vines, looking quite prepared. So another surprise was in order if Larelle was going to keep up with Kasumi.

    Or maybe that wasn't possible. The rest of Tangela's move set was rather usual for a grass-type. But a grass-type move was instinct- maybe a Sand Attack wouldn't have affected that at all.

    "Tangela, Vine Whip!"

    As best it could, despite the remaining dirt and grit stuck in it's eyes, Tangela unleashed two rather strong, green vines from it's mess of purple, aiming them quickly and quite purposefully at Leafeon.

    Ooc: Yeah, I keep referring to them as it, I'm not being mean, it's just I grew up on the original three games, where there were no genders XD
  16. OOC: Aww, that's totally fine :3
    Tangela is only an ikkle baba ; D

    BIC: Kasumi too, had noticed the sudden sets of eyes that had fallen on her and had to stop herself from getting too pressured by it. She'd never done well with an audience; just then being no different.
    Ignore them, her thoughts spoke calmly. Just focus on the battle.

    Maybe Larelle could see her nerves; she wasn't sure. But one thing she did know was that the battle was seriously heating up. Her attention needed to be centred on that and that alone.

    "Vine whip!" Larelle had ordered.
    The purple vines that struck Eve were tricky to move around, and Kasumi's mind whirred as she rifled through her internal folder of Eve's move pools.

    Something struck like a loud bell in her head.
    "Eve; use protect!"

    Eve curled in on herself and a screen of what looked like strong fibre glass encircled her tiny form, Tangela's vines striking listlessly at it. It hissed in agitation and hopped from foot to foot.
    Larelle looked equally as dismayed, but for only a moment.

    Kasumi admired her mature battling attitude and smiled good naturedly.
    "Alright, Eve, now use grass whistle!"
    Her fluffy head popped up and immediately, the shrill high notes began dripping from her mouth and floating with dreadful oppresiveness directly towards Tangela.

    And with a kind of 'popping' sound, they swirled around the tiny vine mass and caused him to sway dangerously.
    It was now a test of wether Tangela had drank coffee that morning or not.
  17. Tero's Castform's mouth widened into a bigger O as it watched the Leafeon absorb the Tangela's Vine Whip attack.

    Tero watched the Leafeon as it opened its mouth and began to sing its shrill song. He looked to both his and Belle's Pokémon.

    "We'd better cover our ears. Just in case."

    Four sets of appendages covered four sets of ears; it was unlikely the notes of the Leafeon's song would reach them, but it was better to be safe than sorry.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Protect? Protect?! Larelle couldn't help feeling a bit cheated when Kasumi had declared the move, but as the shrill sounds of the Grasswhistle rung through the air, she had to focus on the battle's most current status.

    As for Tangela's status, the mass of purple vines had calmed down and had actually fallen asleep.


    Usually, Larelle's loud shouts would wake the whole neighbourhood up, but as the grass-type still snoozed in the middle of the battlefield, the trainer couldn't help but feel her heart sink. What was she going to do?

    "TANGELA!!" she yelled again, but it was all in vain. Tangela wasn't about to wake up anytime soon.

    Larelle could only look up and hope that if Kasumi was to win this battle, she was one to know the meaning of the word "Mercy".
  19. Kasumi immediately took note of Tangela's drowsiness and Larelle's desperate yells to wake it.
    But Tangela's vines, drooping by it's sides indicated to trainers and Pokémon alike that Tangela's attacks would be postponed.

    "Allright, Eve." Kasumi murmured gently and the song ceased.

    Tangela's eyelids were drooping, sure enough, but it wasn't over yet. Kasumi made sure that it still had enough of an attention span to keep track of the battle and ordered Eve back; she complied happily and swishes her tail patiently.

    "Tangela has great bone structure~" She complimented.
    Larelle's look of surprise was comendable. "I guess that's... Relevant?"
    Kasumi laughed. "It's praise- I have the bone structure of a Cornish pasty~"

    Suddenly, Eve launched herself into her secon quick attack which struck dead centre. Tangela fell backwards, it's HP damaged harshly.

    "Your move, Larelle." Kasumi nodded, her Leafeon falling back into the same position, poised to dodge or strike, dependant on whether or not Tangela could move.

    Kasumi waited- because to strike a foe who could not strike back was as bad as cheating.

    OOC: It is possible for Leafeon to learn protect- I've just never put it into play in a RP before (:
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  20. Tero and Belle both winced as Leafeon struck the snoozing Tangela.

    Belle spoke softly, "Oof, critical hit. This one might go to Leafeon, unless Tangela has another trick up its sleeves...er, vines, I guess."

    Tero looked to the Castform on his shoulder.

    "If only you were in that battle, little buddy. If that Tangela had Leaf Guard and you were using Sunny Day, it wouldn't have fallen asleep. That's just how the cookie crumbles, I guess."
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  21. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Cherry hummed softly to itself to avoid some horrid malicious side-effect of the singing. The trainer himself watcjed the battle unfold, it was amusing. Grass 'n grass was hardly a dream battle but he supposed it gave them a fair fight as opposed to all the type crunching and STABing that danced about nowadays.

    Smiling to himself the teen toyed with hissilver bracelet, spotting another trainer some ways off. Maybe a battle was due after he'ddone some exploring... Maybe even the gym was to be interesting. Such things would have to wait until he'd finished with Johto though, of course.

    Washing thoughts of home from his mind he tickled the chin of Cherry in a mocking way, as if he were still a childish Cyndaquil. The Quilava nipped his finger, prompting a chuckle and shrug from his blue eyed trainer as he leant now upon the postbox where his pokemon perched.
  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ooc: I know Leafeon knows Protect. I was just trying to be different about it. XD

    Bic: Falling back may have drained Tangela of some substanial health, but it was enough to wake it up. It shook it's head quite groggily, as if it was really trying to perk back up. Tiredness then turned to an intense stare at it's opponent.

    "Tangela, Poisonpowder!"

    Tangela suddenly released a cloud of purple powder, but in such a suggestive manner that it made Larelle giggle.

    "Maybe you should have been born a Stunky, Tangela!"

    She wasn't being mean, but Larelle was such a child at heart that the fact it looked like Tangela was farting was just too much. She soon stopped though in fear of what Kasumi would think of her antics.
  23. OOC: Ah~ Alright then~ :3

    BIC: It was too much, and biting her cheeks couldn't contain nor supress the helpless fits of giggles that had crawled their way up Kasumi's throat.
    She knew she was going to burst, but by judging Larelle's already chirpy laugh filling the street; she wasn't the only one.

    Coughing, to choke back the laughter- but grinning nonetheless mind you- Kasumi ordered Eve to use Magical Leaf and Quick Attack.
    The grass type was used to this strangely effective technique, and after sending the sharp pointed leaves at Tangela, began to quickly encircle them with Quick Attack.

    The jumble of Pokémon and leaves began to remind Kasumi of a blending machine, but it was effective- Eve's Quick Attack encircling at top speed caused a tornado type effect and Tangela was becoming discombobulated due to the spinning.

    Eve finished the attack, panting heavily and next to her Tangela crashed face first. Despite this, the spunky little grass type got back to his feet- only trembling slightly and fully awake now.

    Kasumi's grin had now reached her ears and she apologized. "I'm so sorry; it was just... T-Tangela's poison powder... Ehehehehe..." she chuckled, a little pain in her stomach forming from holding it in too long.
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  24. At the comment that the Tangela should have been born a Stunky, Tero looked oddly at one of the Pokéballs on his belt. He scratched his head curiously, and the Castform on his shoulder tried to mimic the gesture.

    Beside him, however, Belle had placed a hand over her mouth to stifle a fit of giggles. Tero regarded her curiously, and when he asked her what she found funny...

    "It's just...hehe, the Tangela...it looked like it was...hehe...farting!"

    Tero stared blankly at her, before turning his attention back to the battle and sighing deeply. Perhaps the time he had spent learning about the Pokémon that inhabit the world would have been better spent learning about the opposite gender instead.
  25. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Karu gave a heavy sigh and ran his hand over his face. Even Cherry growled lightly with hot flames licking at the air from his mouth. "Well..." He began with a slightly disappointed, part strained tone. "Evidently not everyone has some degree of maturity yet. Come on Cherry."

    The pair strolled off downthe street, Cherry's flames burning with some degree of irritant anger. Extracting from one of the various pockets of his bag Karu pulled a shopping list, Apparantly Saffron Department Store was much more prepared than Goldenrod but nowhere near the same prices, not in the good way either.

    Giving a shrug the trainer stepped through the sliding glass doors and set about purchasing necessary goods.
  26. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Larelle was slightly confused at the fact that everyone seemed to be finding her joke funnier than she did, but she couldn't let it linger on the mind for too long. Tangela was looking quite worn out and Leafeon barely had a scratch. If she was going to win this fight, she would really have to concentrate and just go for it more than ever.

    But it was rather hard to concentrate when the sun had decided to come out from behind the clouds and shine right in Larelle's face. However, this was more of a blessing than a curse.

    Because she had a plan.

    "Tangela! Wrap!"

    Usually, the time it took for Tangela to unleash the vines and find it's opponent would have been more than enough for Leafeon to dodge and cause more damage. However, with the sun shining gloriously, Tangela's Chlorophyll ability was sure to kick in, and little would Kasumi know how dangerously fast Tangela could get with a little help from Mother Nature.

    The two emerald vines amongst the pokemon's mess of purple were now tightly wrapped around the leafy Eeveelution, who was struggling rather badly. It kept pawing at the vines in a vicious manner, but to no avail, as Tangela wrapped more tightly with each bat of the paw.

    "Now, Shockwave!"

    Thanks to the close proximity of the two grass-types, there was no way Leafeon was about to escape Tangela's clutches just yet. As the sparks pulsed through it's body, it let out a rather drawn out, hurt yelp. Not one to want to cause unecessary, excessive damage with a single manouvre, Larelle then commanded the mess of vines to release Leafeon, who looked rather worn out. The match, in Larelle's eyes, was looking more even now.

    Maybe she had a chance after all.
  27. From his position on the side of the street, Tero raised his eyebrows.

    "That was a fierce attack. I wonder if Tangela might actually have a chance to win this after all."

    Belle, who had overcome her giggles, merely nodded her head.
  28. Kasumi blinked, her laughter dead in her mouth. Eve staggered backwards, mewling dejectedly and she blinked again.
    Behind her, she knew that there was the lack of one spectator, and the silence of two more.

    And yet; all that she could do was blink.

    Clorophyll was an extraordinarily effective ability in Tangela's hands (err...vines); and though she did have a few vague ideas of ability advantages, and her own strategies, she relied on offense more than anything.
    It wasn't that the blonde was ruthless, it was just the best technique that worked for her.

    Taking a deep breath, she realised that was the best thing she could do now.

    "Great combination of attacks,Larrelle." Kasumi breathed calmly. This was going to be a very quick fire battle, and it was impossible to predict who would come out on top. Both girls wanted the title of winner; that was just how things went. But Kasumi smiled. I don't need to win. This has been the best battle since I left Johto! It'd be an honor to even lose, Larelle is a great trainer.

    So stepping forward a little, and pulling on a confident grin, she played the battle on; just to end it on a high.

    "Alright; Eve use synthesis!"

    The Eeeveelutuion began to sparkle and glow green, her ears and tail raised to absorb the healing energy. She was rooted to the spot, as Kasumi knew until her health had recovered, but she had trained Eve to absorb only a certain amount. This both made it quicker for her to attack, but also gave the opponent a better chance of a critical hit.

    Time for Kasumi to put her age old technique into play.
    "You ready?" she whispered, Eve's big sensitive ears picking up the sound as the pulsating green glow ceased. Her head bobbed in a nod. "Eve, use Leaf Blade, quick!"

    Darting forward, her tail began to reflect the light like sun on metal, and she leapt proudly into the air, landing gracefully on four paws, and, with blink-and-you-miss speed, slashed at the vines covvering Tangela's small body.
    This caused heavy damage, but Kasumi wasn't taking chances. Eve knew this too, and hopping left and right, unleashed a volley of rainbow shaded leaves, just as Kasumi commanded. Again, they struck with deadly accuracy and Tangela squeezed it's large eyes shut, skidding back and (if a Tangela could) panted.

    Kasumi's fist had clenched, and she had worked up a sweat, but she was enjoying the battle evn more now. She noticed the calculating look on Larelle's face and with an even broader smile knew she would retalliate with another series of awesome attacks.
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    Ooc: Please don't take this the wrong way. :( But are you aware that Leafeon has had six moves in the moveset? (Sand Attack, Leaf Blade, Protect, Quick Attack, Grasswhistle, Synthesis)

    Bic: It had been a devastating combination on Kasumi and Eve's behalf, but despite the fatigue of both trainer and pokemon, Larelle and Tangela weren't about to give up yet.

    Especially when Larelle could see her father peering through the window of their rather grand-looking house. The female pretended not to notice but she knew her businessman relation was judging her every minute. And if that was the case, the outcome of this battle was more important than ever.

    The sun was still shining brightly in the sky but Larelle knew another reliance on the Chlorophyll ability and Vine Whip would be too predictable. Tangela was looking rather tired so she realised it was a do or die situation.

    "Tangela! Full Power Shockwave, and make it count!"

    With the remaining ounces of it's strength, it unleashed the largest pulse of electricity towards it's opponent, almost as if electric attacks were second nature. But most pokemon could learn Shockwave, so it really wasn't that impressive once one really thought about it.

    Looking on, Larelle hoped the attack wouldn't be in vain, and at the end of it all, that her Tangela would be the one left standing, and her father wouldn't have more reason to put her down any more than he currently did.
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  30. Sem

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    Former Administrator

    Time out really quick.

    Just letting you guys know that we battle a bit different here in Charms PRP. You don't just launch an attack and have it automatically hit another RPer's Pokémon. That's pretty much what we call autoing. You launch an attack and give your opponent time to react in their next post, even if you use an "always hits" move like Magical Leaf or Faint Attack. That way they can decide what happens to their own Pokémon and not you. From there they can feel free to block/dodge the attack or allow themselves to be hit. The only problem is is that it's up to you guys to make sure you're not dodging every attack that comes your way. Just be fair.

    Also, note to Caterina. In Charms PRP your Pokemon aren't limited to four moves like in the games. They can use any move that's available to them.

    Time in.
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    Awwww darn! And there's me being real careful into which moves I select!
    *stands in the corner because she feels to stupid*
  32. OOC: I feel kinda stupid for 'autoing' xD;; But I wrote this so...~

    BIC: It was the strongest electrical outburst Kasumi had seen in a long time- and Eve was on the receiving end which, in Kasumi's opinion, was never the best place to be at a time like this.
    But Larelle was pursuing relentlessly, her enthusiasm and determination for the battle making the battle more and more exciting.
    Kasumi didn't shrivel under the heat either, and nodded at Eve to meet the attack head on.
    As said before- if this battle was to end in her loss; she would make it a glorious one.

    It would've been easy for Kasumi to simply order another Protect, but her wild streak provoked her into being just a little crazy.
    Why not, when her opponent had such great battling techniques of their own?

    "Eve, use sand-attack- but spin whilst you do it."

    With a battle cry and shimmy of her leafy body, Eve began to scuff up the dirt, as her hind legs scraped against the baking hot brick road, with every spin the tiny sand barrier rising.
    It had covvered half of her tiny body when the lightning struck.
    Kasumi had a very hard job of trying to time it perfectly, but saw what she grasped as the best moment to strike and called out to her Pokémon.

    "Allright Eve; once more- Leaf Blade!"

    The grass eeveelution was slow, but quick enough to deliver the blow Kasumi wanted upon Tangela's thunderous attack. The impact of her tail colliding with the stinging electricity caused a deafening crackle and the ground to split all the way back to where each training stood, as the abandonned sand billowed out and choked the air with grit.

    Kasumi brought an arm up to shield her worried azure gaze from the dust, but when it fell back to her side and revealed the damage done she nodded.

    A few feet away, stood Eve, her fur covvered in the signs of battle and legs shaking dangerously.
    Her breath came in close, ragged pants as her stare became unfocused.
    The disturbed brickwork beneath her feet didn't help her balance, and as her eyelids fell heavy over her big brown eyes, Kasumi was there to catch her.

    Cradling the bundle in her arms, with the soft- still slightly crackling from the electricity- wiry hairs tickling her arms daintily, Kasumi smiled boldly and honourably.
    "Well done!" her voice chirped as the dust settled back down. "You did it Larelle."

    OOC:Is this really the end of the match? >.> Probably xD I just had to ask the stereotypical 'to be continued' question :3 kekeke
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  33. Tero and Belle, and their Pokémon partners, clapped enthusiastically as the dust settled.

    Tero turned to Belle and said, "Bet your grandmother never had battles like THAT in her gym, eh?"

    Belle smiled. "Maybe in her glory days...but probably not for a while, no."

    The two then headed into the street to congratulate the two trainers on their battle.
  34. Anonymous

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    Usually, the taste of victory was sweet for Larelle, but she couldn't help feeling really down despite her win. Had she really wanted the battle to end that way? She glanced at the window but her father was no longer peering through the curtains.

    "Typical," she said, almost spitting the words out in loud disgust. "I win and he still doesn't respect me."

    Tangela was staring at the window rather intently along with it's trainer. It had been the one to put up with most of the verbal abuse over the years, with Larelle's father asking why his daughter couldn't have at least chosen a valuable and strong pokemon like the Salamence her best friend had owned back in Mossdeep.

    She was so caught up in her own history and hate for her father that she was barely taking notice of Kasumi. The fact that the other female had spoken had snapped her out of it.

    "Yes, I did. If the did was beating your Leafeon."

    She was being nice enough but all the while Larelle was still staring at the window to her grand-looking house, as if she was silently daring her father to peer once again.
  35. "...If the did was beating your Leafeon."

    Kasumi flinched at these words, but her smile did not waver. She stood, and slowly made her way over to the brunette, who was paying more attention to the window of her house, than the fainted Leafeon in the arms of the blonde, or indeed, the blonde herself.

    "Larelle?" she asked, her face a mask of slight curiosity. "Something up?"

    She brought up Eve's Pokéball and with a red beam, it whisked the grass-type into it's tiny cave to rest. With her blue eyes twinkling with pride, she silently thanked Eve for fighting so well. Especially against such a tough opponent. She would have to encourage Larelle to battle her again someday; give her her number and they could arrange a date.

    Suddenly, Kasumi became aware of two approaching figures; the observers of the battle and she welcomed them with a broad smile and a wink. One was a boy, the other a girl and both had Pokémon of their own.
    Her attention was once more adverted when Tangela stirred by its trainer's leg, and Kasumi looked at it in question.

    OOC: Hooray for end of battle occurences!~
  36. Anonymous

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    Noticing that the two observers had approached, Larelle was more than happy to make more friends. But her socialising was cut short when the door opened in a rather beckoning manner. When her father appeared at the doorstep, it was best not to keep him waiting.

    "I shouldn't be too long, guys." she said apologetically, nodding to Kasumi and the two observers. She made her way inside the house, with Tangela plodding after her, and shutting the door carefully behind her. All was hush for a while, until her father broke the silence first.

    "Larelle, you have to stop this ridiculous trainer nonsense."

    Had her father not watched the ending of the battle and her victory? This was the reaction she expected if he caught her losing.

    "But I won. And you always said, even though I don't agree with you, that winning was everything."

    "That is true but you won.....with that...thing." He sounded disgusted as he referred to Tangela in his usual way.

    "That thing has a name, you know! And you can't deny that Tangela's been the best thing that ever happened to me! I beat my friends back home in Mossdeep. Even Malone!"

    "You beat Malone by sheer luck, and you know it!"

    Larelle could feel her eyes prick at that moment. Everybody knew that she'd beat Malone fair and square by skill. But after all this time, her father still refused to believe it.

    "I bet you still have that stupid little pebble stuck to it so it doesn't evolve!" He was laughing at this point, knowing he was getting to his daughter. Maybe a little humiliation would break her down and make her accept the truth. Well, he was the kind of man to declare his word law.

    "It's called an Everstone. Some people get attached to their Pokemon and don't ever want them to change."

    "I don't see why you can get attached to that snivelling, diseased, weak little mess of--"

    This time he'd gone too far. Before he'd realised it, Larelle had whacked him with a short, sharp slap. There were a few silent moments as he tried to take it in, with Larelle slightly sniffling as she tried to hold back the tears.

    "Did you just slap me?!" he demanded, even though he perfectly knew she had.

    "No one insults Tangela like that. Do you hear me?! ESPECIALLY NOT YOU!"

    With that, she rushed out of the house, only to slam the door quite viciously before sitting right against it. She hasn't wanted to make a spectacle of herself infront of the trio outside her living quarters but now she had to let it all out. Tangela was trying it's best to calm her down with a tickle behind the legs as usual, but the only reaction it got was a bawling, clearly upset Larelle who seemed to keep chanting "I hate him."
  37. Kasumi had only heard it; the yelling, the slap, the vicious slamming of the door, but as soon as Larelle burst out, the thick tears welling in her eyes she didn't care what she'd heard; because it was happening again.
    All of those years ago, curled up in her bedroom, shouting and crying whilst the screams from below echoed through the house. Her mother's cries of despair were the loudest.

    But right then; it was most certainly nit about her. She bounded over, the bottoms of her long shorts brushing her shins as she ran.
    When she reached the anxious Tangela and muttering trainer, Kasumi fell to her knees and put a hand on Larelle's shoulder.

    Her head stayed plastered to her knees, not moving and Kasumi had to look to Tangela for help. But the little vine Pokémon looked a little too shaken itself, and even whined a little for Larelle.

    "I hate him. I hate him." came the angry muffled words.

    Kasumi sighed, swivelled and sat herself on the step next to her. She kept close and Tangela wriggled onto her lap to nudge at Larelle anxiously.

    "Dad, huh?" her eyes were distant, but her hand didn't stop soothingly rubbing the brunette's shoulder.
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  38. Tero and Belle were on the verge of introducing themselves and commenting on the spectacular battle they had just witnessed, when one of the girls entered a nearby house and came out not long after, in tears and quite clearly upset. The Castform on Tero's shoulder frowned in sympathy, and the Smeargle fidgeted idly with its paintbrush tail.

    Tero scratched the back of his head, clearly unsure as to how he and Belle ought to proceed.
  39. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Larelle looked up, remnants of tears streaming down her face.

    "He never wanted me to get involved in Pokemon," she began, quitely. But as she became angrier, she became louder. "Even though I was one of the trainers back home with the most potential. And he hates Tangela. Because he believes that winning is everything and the winners are only the strong pokemon like Salamence. But when I do win, he hates me. Because I'm proving him wrong about Tangela."

    She didn't say anything for a while, as she stared outwards with her head on her hands and her hands on her knees. Her attention was diverted when there was a sudden knock sound of rock against grass.

    Tangela was happily chasing after a pebble that had rolled from it's vines, trying to kick it like a football.

    "No, Tangela, don't lose that!" cried Larelle, quite worriedly. She broke out of her sitting position to persue her pokemon and the pebble, only to trip up after a couple of paces. She found herself, moments later, trying to haul herself up. There was dirt all over her white mini-dress and she could taste mud in her mouth as she spat out a few stray blades of grass.

    "Owwwww..." she quietly moaned, before trying to get an eye on Tangela again. The grass-type had managed to catch up with the pebble and was now tossing it between it's two Vine Whip vines in a rather playful manner, but when it caught Larelle's gaze, it stopped. With a rather saddened look, it hid the pebble within it's mess of vines for safe-keeping.

    Relieved, Larelle turned to the three trainers present, looking rather apologetic.

    "I'm sorry about that. It's the only Everstone I have. And the only chance I have of keeping Tangela a Tangela."
  40. "You and Tangela..." Kasumi spoke thoughtfully. "You're both really close,huh?"

    Kasumi bent down and began to admire Tangela's wriggling little body, and stroking it with admiration for the tiny grass-type. It was true, Larelle did have a lot of potential.
    Being a small league champion herself Kasumi realised this and became angry with her father, but said nothing out loud.
    She did however, hiss urgently at one of her Pokéballs that began to twists and bob on her belt at the word, 'close'.

    When she stood again, she handed Larelle an embroidered yellow hankerchief, to wipe the dirt from her face and smile sympathetically.

    "Larelle, have you ever thought about leaving on a journey before? I mean, like us free lancers?" she signalled to the other two trainers who were standing a little awkwardly behind her, but they seemed to smile and nod to show they understood.

    "Hi, there." she eventually said after slapping at the wriggling Pokéball once more. "I'm Kasumi Slater. Who would you two be?"

    She already had her eyes set on the glossy coated Smeargle and whispy Castform. Kasumi had a sixth sense when it came to Pokémon.

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